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Pats lead Dolphins 24-17 in final quarter

FOXBORO, MASS. -- The Dolphins dominated the early part of the third quarter with a 10-minute-plus drive to take a 17-16 lead.

And the Patriots answered with a 71-yard completion from Tom Brady to Randy Moss for a TD. They two also combined for a 2-point conversion.

And so we start the final stanza at 24-17.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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The defense is going come up big today

3 and out would be nice.

they HAVE to.

Need a turnover here to stay in the game.


correction....3 and out without a TD would be nice.

This pat white Bs has got to go. It throws the rhythm of the offense off

Come on d

The Wildcat throws the rhythm of the offense off. Oh and D making Maroney looking all-world.

Is this where NE put Miami away? Ugh..why do watch

The difference in this game us that new england has great wrs and we have average ones. We need a wr sooooooooooooo bad.

COLTS ARE IN TROUBLE. 73 phins safe another year?

I'll called it like I have seen it every game from the Dolphins defense this year...

The D gives up another TD Pats go up 31-17. Now go and prove me wrong Miami.

Need a turnover and a BRADY SEASON ENDING INJURY

I hope we get some good hits on Brady..

And why are they called "New England". Why can't they be the "Boston" Patriots. New England is archaic and colonial, reminding everyone of a time of Imperial governments and slave trades.

The Dolphins have average WRs? That's being kind.

yall fans kill me when a wild cat type play works yall call the coaches and players genuises when it doesnt you bmc....... dont you ever think that maybe we are setting the defense up for something big

finsgo, the saints are still undefeated too.

That is being kind

Momentum is a better word. It throws the momentum off. It's ridiculious

There is no Miami WR that would start on any of the other three AFC East teams. Not one.

No pressure on Brady, we need a sack.

We could change the Dolphins' name to the "Cocaine Cowboys" Dolphins or something so we can be offensive, too.

U right jeff!

Their offensive line is blowing us off the ball.

Think you are right Mando....

D looks winded and uninspired

We need a Nose Tackle.

Not another 4th QTR collapse on D please! Stop the run and get the ball back!!!

wow at least the D is only giving up 7 yards per carry now. nice job.

I agree..I see the defense giving up a td..

i cant believe we are letting NE run on us

phinsfan6453 soo right

new england wants to run clock now. they probably dont want to take chances in the air

Are 99 and 55 playing? I haven't seen them all game.

the dolphins should be allowed to play 12 men on D so we can get some pressure on brady

Maroney looking all-pro. Matt "Groin" Roth on the corner.

Smell a playaction bomb attempt coming

Cmon D!!!!!! Dammit!!!!!!!!!

Even with 12 defenders we can't stop them.

Porter had a few plays. Jt taking every other week off.

Good lord we r pathetic

holding please?

wow nice job Defense

lol defense wasnt ready for that snap

Can we stop the run???

When is the Miami media going to start to call out Coach P? When!

Lets stop wishing injury on people, thats what jet fans and tortured souls do. Lets just kick some ass.

hahaha...i called 12 men on the field!!

come on defense. maybe they got cold sitting on the bench for 12 minutes in the third quarter. should have plenty of fresh legs. They haven't played yet in second half

Any Patriot points now and this thing is over.

Dolphins D looks confused now. Guys looking at the sideline. Guys coming on the field late. Terrible.

I hate watching Dolphins D

after all the talk D is getting man handled...

Are the WR's on D'fense.

oh yea! Stuff em Torbor!!! Porter!

Finally now Brady will throw a screen

Porter = zero tackles
nice stat line.

I predicted NE 31 Miami 20 , with miami winning the rematch while going 5-1 in the division. So far my scoreis holding up. I hope i'm wrong .

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