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Pennington future not decided until March

On the same day the Dolphins will board their flight for Charlotte to meet up with the Carolina Panthers, former starting QB Chad Pennington will be on his way to Birmingham, Ala. to see his doctor.

Pennington said Tuesday he has completed the first phase of his rehabilitation from season-ending shoulder surgery -- his third such surgery -- and now must map out a recovery program for the next six weeks.

At this stage, Pennington said, he's not certain he'll play again. He might not make that decision until March. But regardless of what that decision is, the chances of him playing for the Dolphins again are quite slim.

The Dolphins, you see, are moving on. They have a starter in Chad Henne. They have committed time (this entire season) and resources (a second-round pick) on making backup Pat White a success. They also have Tyler Thigpen under contract.

So where does that leave room for Pennington?

It doesn't look, at this point, like it really does.

Obviously, it is way early to make a call on this, but if Pennington decides he wants to play again, he will almost certainly want a chance to compete for a starting job and be ready to settle in as the backup if he loses the competition.

Well, the Dolphins have a starter in Henne and definitely don't want a competition that might have the potential to split the locker room with one side backing the youngster and the other backing Pennington. So that's not an option.

I suppose if Pennington is willing, he can come in to compete with White for the backup job as long as everyone -- including the public -- is aware the fight is for No. 2. But it's hard to fathom Pennington, being the competitor he is, wanting to do that. 

I know that isn't the Hollywood script that Pennington's career should follow at this stage. It's not what should happen to the good guy that Pennington is. And if you measure the appreciation and respect the Dolphins have for Pennington, one has to figure he would get another chance in Miami.

But professional football is a business, not an admiration society. So ...

The Dolphins cannot, and will not commit to anything.

“We all know the business, we understand that there’s a part of the business that sometimes gives you what you want or doesn’t give you what you want in some of those situations," coach Tony Sparano said. "I will say this, I would miss the guy a bunch, I really like Chad Pennington being here. He’s a tremendous leader, he’s great for our young players, great. But more importantly, this is a guy that every player on the team voted for for captain. Not one player did not vote for this guy.”

That's all very well and lovely. But all that hasn't kept Sparano himself from treating Pennington no differently than he treats other players that are out for the year. Pennington is welcome and encouraged to rehabilitate at Dolphins camp every morning. He is welcome and encouraged to continue leading through conversations with younger teammates -- I witnessed one such conversation between Pennington and Davone Bess on Monday.

But Pennington is not allowed to travel with the Dolphins on road games. And he is not welcome to be on the Land Shark Stadium sideline on game days. That's the rule for everyone else and it is the rule for Pennington.

“It is something I have really wrestled with a little bit, to be honest with you," Sparano said, "but I don’t think so right now. Consistency is important in that decision right now. There have been some other injured players that I have not let down there and it is just part of my philosophy that is not a good thing to do. Just part of my philosophy that it is not a good thing to do.”

Basically, Sparano doesn't want players in other players' ears. He wants active players to be listening to coaches. He does not want the message to be filtered or altered or somehow changed. It makes sense, really.

“Sometimes it can be a distraction," Sparano. "In [Pennington’s] case, he has great knowledge, but sometimes that is not the case. It depends on the player, it depends on the position, it depends on any of those things.

"But rather than have six set of rules, there is just one rule. The players understand it. I think for the most part they respect it. In a lot of situations it doesn’t pay to travel the guys that are injured. You leave them back here, you let them get a little bit extra treatment, get some of those things. There are a just a bunch of things that go into it and that is what I am used to.”

I think it's the right call. I think one does not make exceptions for one player over another. Sure, Pennington would probably be of great help to Chad Henne, imparting experience and so forth.

But Miami's rookie corners could similarly argue that Will Allen should be allowed on the sideline to impart his experience. And then the tight ends might want David Martin imparting his experience. And pretty soon the sideline has a lot of chiefs and not enough indians.

Sparano is doing the right thing. And Pennington isn't complaining about not being on the sideline now. Whether he'll ever be on a Dolphins sideline again, well, that's another matter.


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If this team is serious about being a contender in next year and beyond, a vet like Pennington is essential.

Tyler Thigpen should not hold up Pennington coming back.

They need to bring him back if he's willing. Pat White sucks.


Easy way to fix that -- make CP a coach. Problem solved.

Why wouldn't the Dolphins consider offering Chad a quarterback coaching position?

Thanks Chad for getting us to the playoffs last year. Good to know that the rules do not let injured players on the sidelines, hear a lot of people on these blogs asking why these injured veterans aren’t on the sideline helping develop the young players. Guess we have our answer now. Thanks Chad but with the utmost respect, there’s a new Chad in town.

"Easy way to fix that -- make CP a coach. Problem solved." Completely agree. He might want to play though, so trade him some where competitive that needs a qb, do him a favor, wish him the best-- BUT be sure he knows he has a home here to become a coach in the future. The guy is extremely smart, we need brains like that in the dolphins organization one way or another.

He should be a coach, he would be worth millions for his knowledge. I don't think the body is up to it but his brain is top notch. We will be stupid to let him get away. But if he wants to play, then he has to make that call.

I really don't think he is a tool like favre. (yes he will crash and burn) Give him time.

Armando, the chad pennington article is also in the ny tabloids (love reading the blog of the enemy) and from what I gather, Chad may be willing to accept a backup role in Miami. He couldn't imagine going elsewhere but it depends. If that is true, that's good news as he would be a great help in Henne's development in the coming year. But I don't doubt that if the right starting position opened up, he'd be gone!

Really believe we are moving forward with Chad Henne. Pennington would be a good addition to the Coaching Staff. We are 0-3 this year with Pennington and 4-2 with Henne. There is a good argument to be made that if Henne would have been the starter going into the season, getting the lion-share of the first-team reps, we would have won 1 or 2 of the first 3.

Have to agree with "Omar" & "Harvey", Pat White does suck. Everytime he goes in, it's a wasted down and lost yards. Henne might as well spike the ball. That way, they wouldn't lose yards and momentum.

po whit trash ,

some insulted you the other night and signed GOpats and that wasn't me .

as for chad.p ,he gor a lot of money and insurnce to cover the lost years ,no worry there .

shaggy, how much time you want to give favre to crash ? he's already in the playoffs .why don'y you worry about the fins who are crashing for 11 years now giving company to the dirty jets.


Know that, Thats why I did not respond, was not your style.

Never crossed my mind. Thanks.

I would take Pennington back quickly. He is simply better than Henne at this point and might continue to be. The "big arm improvement" has made 1 long pass since he took over. I don't remember Ginn having a that many drops last year, guess he can only catch the "really slow balls" thrown his way.

may the dolphins try to sign tom brady ,he's coming up for a new contract .

Don't know GO, Brady is gettin up there in years.


Back to your point about Ricky being less than happy about talking to the press. Why should he be so happy, when he can't be honest anyway. He's getting paid to be the good soldier, and to his credit he is one. Do you love having all that pressure on you and your body -- 25 carries a game -- at thirty-two, Ricky? Is he allowed to say, no, and I don't like the limelight either? No. Honesty is not allowed. Porter couldn't be honest either about how he felt about being benched, so he just shuts up. It would be one thing if the press were giving these players an opportunity a chance to say what they really think, but since they just have to voice the party line, why not make it short. Anybody could have given you the Ricky quote. Hell, make it up yourself, as you already know what it's going to be. Back when Ricky was being run into the ground by Wanny, could he say, you know I'd rather not be beat into the ground before age thirty? No again. Yes, he is bright, and that's why he has a harder time spewing the bs then some other players. Frankly, I've always thought Ricky was refreshing.

AGREE,the funny thing is ,if ted ginn and fasano caught the football instead of droping it ,henne would be the star for real .

Brady is going to do what Marino did, what Manning will do and Farve should have done, retire with the one who gottem there.

Would lose respect if it came down any other way.
Respect and fondness are different animals though.

po,favre played most of his years for pocket change and that's why he didn't retire 5 years ago when the money for a qb became huge.he did the right thing not retiring .he's 60 million richer .brady will do the same .

ps....eli.M signed 100 million contract meanwhile marino played for hunderds of thounds a year .

aloco, do not deny. farve is a selfish tool.


Wish I had Favre's pocket change.
What twisted set of values when you make millions and someone can call it pocket change. And don't you remember Marino's last contract? He was talking then about how those millions would keep his family in good stead for decades to come, as it no doubt has.

shaggy,HE's not SELFESH tool if by doing so his family benfits.in fact the nfl is better by favre still playing .ask the VICKINGS .

Understood, But, He made his bed with vacillation, year after year..

Football is the consummate TEAM sport bigger than ANY individual; Do get the premise of money talkin and bullsh*t walking but….

Coming from a Po man and not knowing the experience of wealth, other things seem more important than the all mighty $

Loyalty, creed, namesake and legend. Those outlast mammon.

Oh cry me a freaking river. favre is a selfish tool, and i am sure his family is just fine with the money. a real man would take care of his wife with breast cancer.

Bretts whole motivation is revenge and ego. Sad.

One thing I will say is none of us can say what we would do until that choice was immediate and ours to make.

Bretts next mission will be to go back in time and give George Blanda more interceptions. Classless redneck.




One thing I will say is none of us can say what we would do until that choice was immediate and ours to make.

Posted by: Po White Trash | November 17, 2009 at 09:05 PM

I would be chilling on a beach taking care of my family, and not worried about drama.


I take credit for that post go.

Mine was right.

you can go to the beach anyy day but you can't make millions any day ,only when you can SHAGGY PATATA .

time to go watch fargo the movie

As I always say everything is a matter of degree and context. Loyalty to an ideal, a perceived but maybe etheric principle, something not base. He is a world Campion and brought much joy to a proud team and fan base. I understand needing to reach a pinnacle, but once achieved do you need to prove it again and again. I do not want to sound naive but what is really really important? I think Marino knew and he didn’t even win a Super bowl. He will forever have our “as fans” love.

Don't know him nor do I read many post so everybody who feels the way they feel who cares.
Black people used slang for decades and white people start to use them to. It seems to bother him that white people follows black people trends more than creating their own.

AS for what he said about HIS PRESIDENT it's sad when people who has wittnessed history act as if this isn't an important time in AMERICA.It's sad that people dislikes this STRONG MAN becase of his POLITCAL PARTY or his BROWN SKIN.

BUT THAT's why OUR COUNTRY is SOOO GREAT. So they can look like the BIGOTS they are.



Posted by: JUSTIN CREDIBLE | November 17, 2009 at 07:12 AM

Justin was responding to Killer Dolphin's statement about the President being a monkey last night.

you can go to the beach anyy day but you can't make millions any day ,only when you can SHAGGY PATATA .

Posted by: ALoco | November 17, 2009 at 09:23 PM

Drink another one.........

Pennington (& Allen, for that matter) should be allowed - - no, ENCOURAGED - -to be on sideline, meeting rooms & travel w/ team.

Their guidance would be invaluable.

Sparano's refusal to see this is yet another example of how he has lost the plot & the season.

His insecurity is costing the young'uns valuable mentoring.

The great braylon edwards 1 fumble and a big drop of a 2 point conversion last week. LOL !

Watching that video clip makes you appreciate Henne's arm.

Sparano is the coach. It makes sense. Waffling is never good with any rule. As for whether Pennington will be a Dolphin next year will depend on alot of things. It doesn't seem like it'll be as a player, if at all. I love Pennington and what he's done for this team. Henne is doing an accecptable job. No, he's not Pennington, but he has a much stronger arm. One is the future, the other was a bridge to the future. The future arrived sooner than expected. I'd love to see Penny as a back up. Just don't see it happenning. Now, what would be nice, is to get a deep threat for Henne. No one will be able to gauge Hennes' value until that happens.

perspective, bridge to the future is here quicker than we expected. Its hould work out in the end. GO PHINS

I see justin is back.


Posted by: GOpats

Gopats, the dude's name in the movie was Hymen Roth. I hated that old little bazzztard in the movie. Doesn't Hymen also mean something else????

Always nice to see the Patsies go down guess that Manning and Colts comeback agianst the Dolphins was something Manning does, just win games no matter who's defense hes playing.
But we need them to go down and the Saints before the end of the season soo we keep our only undefeated team to win it all! They will.

Always nice to see the patsies go down!

Anybody know a link to the Belicheat Blunders post game press conference?

I want to save it for posterity's sake.

Thanks in advance.

I just saw the replay of Dolphins vs Patsies and we are close those long drives one for a TD in the third that was a 16 play 10min drive was beautiful, only problem is Randy Moss made a play only Randy can make, again Davis is young and needs to understand angles and not give up anything more after the catch. On 4 and 15 Ginn needs to make that catch, what else is new, truth is we need someone else making that catch. Trojanfinfan said Turner would have made that catch I agree. I agree.

Belichet is losing it, its going and the tide is turing in the favor of the Dolphins. And if Brady goes down look out. Where are all the pat fans today? They where out in full force all weekend till the patsies got spanked by the Sheriff, as the refreshing Chucky called him referring to Manning.

Anyone noticed that Chucky is better than Jaws on MNF? I mean hes put some distance as a anouncer chucky is doing well at least I think what does FLPD think? Or Odinseye?


I'm sure you're a very busy man. I can just picture you, feet upon the desk, gazing over your monitor. The Miami skyline just beyond your garrish french doors.
Ah...excuse me, I was just bitterly digressing.
Anyhoo, I would just like too make a suggestion.
I was thinking it would be nice to get a weekly blog on our upcoming opponets. The 411 on power rankings, Off,/def. rankings/yardage. Strengths weaknesses, match up possibilities, etc, etc.
As I said earlier, I'm sure you're very busy. However, in my humble honest opinion, I believe the addition of said blog, would be the absolute CAT's AZ$!!!!

PS: If anybody else agrees with me, please let Armando know.


Im in!

Anyone noticed that Chucky is better than Jaws on MNF? I mean hes put some distance as a anouncer chucky is doing well at least I think what does FLPD think? Or Odinseye?

Posted by: Sunday Silence | November 17, 2009 at 11:58 PM

Patsy fans silence? GOLDEN! Make that PRICELESS!

Tirico's Cool

Jaws too old school

Gruden's great

Ask Marino if liked having Strock on the sidelines to help him during his early years. Ask the Mark Bro's if Nat Moore was helpful. This is the dumbest thing I heard.

Ask Marino if liked having Strock on the sidelines to help him during his early years. Ask the Mark Bro's if Nat Moore was helpful. This is the dumbest thing I heard.

Posted by: stewart | November 18, 2009 at 12:31 AM

I never heard anything about Strock being helpful to Dan. He apparently didn't hurt him any.
I don't know if Moore was a help on the sideline.
On the field however, Moore lining up in the slot helped Dan, Clayton and Duper tremendously. I think they were one of the best reciever trio's of all time.

Good Luck Penny!! Class act when he was with the loser Jets and same class as a Fin. We need to move on. Most likely, he will not accept a backup roll.

I was watching some of last year's games and saw Ginn actually catching a few balls. They seemed to come in softer and were easier for him to catch. Does anyone think that maybe Henne strong throws are too much for him? And before everyone jumps all over this, I HAVE seen him drop the Indy Ball etc....

Bess has the drops too, only person who seems to catch Penny and Henne is Camarillo.

Marino always gave Strock a ton of credit for his advice. Marino spoke with Strock after every series on the sideline before speaking with the OC or any other coach.

Moore tutored Clayton & Duper, just like Warfield tutored him

They have all said so,frequently & recently. It goes WAY beyond having Moore on the field at the same time.

Armando...thanks for the info on the rule reguarding injured players being on the sideline. I was wondering why I hadn't seen Penny out there. I'm not sure I agree with it but that's the way it is.

The Marino - Strock and Duper/Clayton - Moore comment is not comparing apples to apples. Those players were not injured at the time.

Agree or not, it is the coaches decision to make.

Secondly, Pennington made a statement tonight that implied he is not willing at this point in his life to coach because of it taking too much time away from his family. So, reading between the lines, if he were to come back any time soon it would have to be as a player.

This is crazy! Every time I click on an article it asks me to register to become a member. This paper is not ESPN news. I know I will change my local reading to the other local paper.

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