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Pennington future not decided until March

On the same day the Dolphins will board their flight for Charlotte to meet up with the Carolina Panthers, former starting QB Chad Pennington will be on his way to Birmingham, Ala. to see his doctor.

Pennington said Tuesday he has completed the first phase of his rehabilitation from season-ending shoulder surgery -- his third such surgery -- and now must map out a recovery program for the next six weeks.

At this stage, Pennington said, he's not certain he'll play again. He might not make that decision until March. But regardless of what that decision is, the chances of him playing for the Dolphins again are quite slim.

The Dolphins, you see, are moving on. They have a starter in Chad Henne. They have committed time (this entire season) and resources (a second-round pick) on making backup Pat White a success. They also have Tyler Thigpen under contract.

So where does that leave room for Pennington?

It doesn't look, at this point, like it really does.

Obviously, it is way early to make a call on this, but if Pennington decides he wants to play again, he will almost certainly want a chance to compete for a starting job and be ready to settle in as the backup if he loses the competition.

Well, the Dolphins have a starter in Henne and definitely don't want a competition that might have the potential to split the locker room with one side backing the youngster and the other backing Pennington. So that's not an option.

I suppose if Pennington is willing, he can come in to compete with White for the backup job as long as everyone -- including the public -- is aware the fight is for No. 2. But it's hard to fathom Pennington, being the competitor he is, wanting to do that. 

I know that isn't the Hollywood script that Pennington's career should follow at this stage. It's not what should happen to the good guy that Pennington is. And if you measure the appreciation and respect the Dolphins have for Pennington, one has to figure he would get another chance in Miami.

But professional football is a business, not an admiration society. So ...

The Dolphins cannot, and will not commit to anything.

“We all know the business, we understand that there’s a part of the business that sometimes gives you what you want or doesn’t give you what you want in some of those situations," coach Tony Sparano said. "I will say this, I would miss the guy a bunch, I really like Chad Pennington being here. He’s a tremendous leader, he’s great for our young players, great. But more importantly, this is a guy that every player on the team voted for for captain. Not one player did not vote for this guy.”

That's all very well and lovely. But all that hasn't kept Sparano himself from treating Pennington no differently than he treats other players that are out for the year. Pennington is welcome and encouraged to rehabilitate at Dolphins camp every morning. He is welcome and encouraged to continue leading through conversations with younger teammates -- I witnessed one such conversation between Pennington and Davone Bess on Monday.

But Pennington is not allowed to travel with the Dolphins on road games. And he is not welcome to be on the Land Shark Stadium sideline on game days. That's the rule for everyone else and it is the rule for Pennington.

“It is something I have really wrestled with a little bit, to be honest with you," Sparano said, "but I don’t think so right now. Consistency is important in that decision right now. There have been some other injured players that I have not let down there and it is just part of my philosophy that is not a good thing to do. Just part of my philosophy that it is not a good thing to do.”

Basically, Sparano doesn't want players in other players' ears. He wants active players to be listening to coaches. He does not want the message to be filtered or altered or somehow changed. It makes sense, really.

“Sometimes it can be a distraction," Sparano. "In [Pennington’s] case, he has great knowledge, but sometimes that is not the case. It depends on the player, it depends on the position, it depends on any of those things.

"But rather than have six set of rules, there is just one rule. The players understand it. I think for the most part they respect it. In a lot of situations it doesn’t pay to travel the guys that are injured. You leave them back here, you let them get a little bit extra treatment, get some of those things. There are a just a bunch of things that go into it and that is what I am used to.”

I think it's the right call. I think one does not make exceptions for one player over another. Sure, Pennington would probably be of great help to Chad Henne, imparting experience and so forth.

But Miami's rookie corners could similarly argue that Will Allen should be allowed on the sideline to impart his experience. And then the tight ends might want David Martin imparting his experience. And pretty soon the sideline has a lot of chiefs and not enough indians.

Sparano is doing the right thing. And Pennington isn't complaining about not being on the sideline now. Whether he'll ever be on a Dolphins sideline again, well, that's another matter.


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YEAH RIGHT. He's not a good player and I would love to see ANYBODY and ARMANDO included to name 1 QB CHAD HELPED be good.



What do you call a QUARTER BACK with NO ARM?



Injured players aren't allowed on the sideline...that has to be the worst team rule I have ever heard!! As a player you work hard and just love playing the game...for most players the game is their life.It doesn't make sense to brush an injured player off to the side when his teammates and football are how he gets through everything.The last thing an injured player wants to do his be away from the field and his teammates on Sunday...way to hit these payers,like CP, while they are down.I just don't see how this is a good rule.Sparano wake up because these players got hurt playing hard as a Miami Dolphin, and deserve to be on that sideline cheering on teammates.

much love phin fans...Best wishes to CP...Ronnie hurry back

having pennington as the vetran back-up is the insurance policy the dolphins should maintain, to avert disaster in 2010 should henne become injured. this should be the plan.

I don't buy into the Pat White to back up in case of an injured Henne. This year we have no choice. Next year, I would rather have Penny be the backup. If Henne goes down, our championship year is still on track. I think a team in 72 used a Vet as a backup and it worked out for them.

I will forever appreciate what Pennington did for this team last year but realistically his time with the phins is over. This is Henne's team now and if he should not succede (I think he will) it will be on to the draft or trade for a QB who the phins can develop. Pennington is now a year older and coming off a 3rd surgery on his shoulder. The trifecta wants Henne to succede, they don't want a QB controversy and Pennington is unlikely to just accept a backup role. I agree that the phins need to upgrade the backup QB spot as I am not comfortable with White in that role but it will not be with Pennington, it will be with someonoe who is clearly a #2 QB and not the former starter of the team who was an MVP candidate. There is just too much possiblity for splitting the locker room.

I support Henne the Hero and coach Pennington

Penny Back, ROFL...That was a GOOD JOKE!

Here's my joke:


I hope none of you guys really believe Pat White is the back up QB here.
If you remember, when Penny went down Henne was listed as the No.3. That was strictly for allowing White to come in and out of the game. The wildcat option that's it.
White never passed up Henne on the depth chart. He never established himself as a viable option.
You might not like to hear it, but Thigpen passed up White the day he signed his contract. After a few weeks of practice, it's a no brainer.


Posted by: JUSTIN CREDIBLE | November 18, 2009 at 07:42 AM

Hit the bricks? Kick Rocks?

We used to play in London years ago, they use the phrase: "Out on the tiles".

Either way, it doesn't matter, Penny has donned a Dolphin uniform for the last time.

Thanks Chad P, 2008 was Da Sheet!!!!

QB coach. A no brainer.

Hey Justin you got no love for Chad P? Remember you were the one backing him up when the arm strength issues were brought up here. LOL

what's so great about chad to be a coach ?

first once upon a time he played for the jets and that's enough .be smart guys and don't be like SHaggy the drunk guy , i rather have ace for a coach at least he's a good angel and smart football brain .

QB coach. A no brainer.

Posted by: dolfanSF | November 18, 2009 at 12:26 PM

I agree.
The problem is, I don't think he's ready to throw in the towel on his playing days.
More than a few teams will be interested in signing him. They'll offer him a chance to compete. Worse case scenario, he'll be what I think is a great back up.

Look at a team like the Jets for example(snicker). They NEED a guy that can "steer the ship" until they can find a true starting caliber QB!

Odinseye would make a great conditioning coach .


I coached for 7 years.

Of course it was at the Freshman level

So......thanks but no thanks, I'm basically retired.......sorta.

I'm just kickin back enjoying the workouts my "personal trainer" puts me through!

Some observations:

1) I passed my notary public exam. I had to wait for my citizenship before taking the exam. I intend to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations governing notaries public in my state. For instance, when notarizing an affidavit, I shall ask the affiant: "Do you swear that the contents of this document, while perhaps not completely true, and perhaps kind of vague in a Ricky Williams kind of way, are close enough that, while you could be sued, it's not like you're gonna go to jail, or at least it's not bad enough to get you sodomized in jail?"

2) I had left over stew (made by my wife in a crock pot) for lunch today. It actually tasted better today than when it was first cooked.

3) I don't know how long Ronnie Brown will be out for. But he was certainly on pace for a 1,000 yard season, and Williams is just a few yards away from being on pace for a 1,000 yard season. Shades of 1972 (Csonka and Morris), 1976 (Harris and Bleier) and 198[?] Tyler and Craig. (Didn't Tyler and Craig both rush for 1,000 yards in the same season in S.F.? I know Craig was the only back to rush and catch passes for 1,000 yards in the same season.)

4) The great thing about capitalism is that when High Definition, flat, big screen TVs first came on the market, it would cost you - what - $2,000? Now you can get 'em for $250 - $300.

5) The other evening my wife wore a tank top and I got so hot and bothered that we had relations while she wore her tank top. I still see her in it. You know it's funny. Only three times have I seen a body that good - Sophia Loren, my wife, and Veronica Lodge from Archie Comics.

Odinseye's personal trainer is his right hand... if you know what I mean. Ok just kidding Odinseye. LOL


You just made me think of something.
I'm trying to flip the scrip sorta speak.

Do you think Gin and Juice would go well with Thursday Night Football?


You are right about Sophia Loren. There is just something about her you know.

Odinseye, try Wild Turkey and coke. It has been bery bery good to me.

Odinseye's personal trainer is his right hand... if you know what I mean. Ok just kidding Odinseye. LOL

Posted by: Ace | November 18, 2009 at 01:01 PM

Thanks Ace.

I was thinking about mentioning my favorite workout.
I do an awesome left handed 12oz curl while simultaneously right handing a two stroke pump.

I thought maybe I should keep it to myself...so....ah....Thanks for just putting it out there buddy!!!!

Nathainal, You are correct on the tank top.....


You are right about Sophia Loren. There is just something about her you know.

Posted by: Ace | November 18, 2009 at 01:04 PM

It figures you would pick Sophia over Veronica lodge. Are you crazy?

NOTHING compares to spending some little hottie's daddy's money!!!!


I agree. Tank tops rule.

Spaghetti strap tank tops just rip right off. It's like a sexy tear away jersey!

Odin, my suggestion for thurs.nites game is, start off eating, then consume some beer(a six pack will do) and then right before Kick off start off with Bacardi and coke, now if at half time the mighty air breathing mammals are trailing, drop the Bacardi and go straight to Wild turkey in shot glasses,that way if the mighty air breathers stumble(God forbid)into a lose you'll be primed to dispense of that pesky hamlet down the road, and maybe you could also plunder a couple more villages that you may detest.... :) either way have a great game nite....

Finally the Phins will have to play the whole game tomorrow from the pro set.
They will have to depend on Henne to probably throw 40 times.
I excpect him to complete 25-30 of those and go over 300 yards for first time.
Last nationally televised game (vs Jets 1) he had a rating of 130.

Price, you must be glad that there will be no "Back door" football that makes chad(neck fat)Henne look like a H0m0 huh??


You pretty much have the right idea. All except for the plundering part.

I've got Odinseye on a quaint little Indian Casino>


i bet my whole family on it ,Nathaniel is better than odinseye w/ his hand .

Guys dont be shocked if Tampa pulls out a win vs the saints this sunday....

The wait has been tortuous but time has moved quickly.
I actually had an epiphany last week when I realized that what the 'Phins were trying to cover up is that Ronnie is not effective running the ball in the manly style and is barely adequate running the backdoor wildcat.
I believe now that running Henne on and off the field 12 tgimes a game, and making him look like a h0m0 in front of his peers was just an unintended consequence.

If Pennington were willing, I gotta believe the Dolphins would be ecstatic with having him come in next year as a back-up. His experience and knowledge can only help Henne, and in the unfortunate event that Henne were to get injured, Pennington can come in and keep the ship moving. Pennington is the ultimate professional, his presence can only help the Dolphins.

How many of you believe that the NFL is in collusion with the New England pats wanting them to be the flag ship of the NFL????


sophia over any woman of today.she was a pure peauty withouth the make up and and the plastic .i am you love the women of based on the way you speak like inmate not like me and nathaniel .

cuban is a man of great taste .

i am sure you love the women of today based on.....blh blh

Let's face it guys , if it wasnt for there you know what, men would be hunting females.....any one disagree??

HEY BACK TO FOOTBALL I think Ginn is afraid of being hit from the blind side and from behind. That's why he does well at kick-off returns. Wide recievers need to catch the the ball even with the threat of being creamed in the process. THEY GOTTA MAKE THE PLAY OR DON'T BE IN THERE!

the honor system CUBAN . CRAMER GAVE IN FIRST .

Donkey, I'm not going to lie to you. Before marriage, I spilled enough seed to populate Columbus, Ohio. I had a consecutive streak longer than Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken put together. To this day, my periodic cramping is a reminder of a venal sin according to the Catholic Church.

But now, I am proud to say that those days are far behind me. My complexion has cleared and my formerly matted hand has fully shed.

P.S. Tube tops are amazing, too. OH! And a strapless bra!

for our sake nathaniel stick to your writing like that and never get politics in the middle .your brain is more creative when the subject matter is new and different .now a question;

would you be able to have love if you know that ODINSEYE lives next door to you ??????

Yes, with a few caveats:

1) No peeping
2) No flatulence
3) No Tony Sparano going for 2 points when the Dolphins are up by 11.


sophia over any woman of today.she was a pure peauty withouth the make up and and the plastic .i am you love the women of based on the way you speak like inmate not like me and nathaniel .

cuban is a man of great taste .

Posted by: donkey | November 18, 2009 at 01:33 PM

Blah blah blah is right. That's the sounds your making.
Slice it dice it, anyway you want it, the point is I love women. Today, tomorrow, even yesterday. I would do a threesome with Helen Keller and Amelia Earheart if I could time travel.
If this planet were ever invaded by aliens, my only concern would be how hot are the females!!!!
As far as me speaking like an inmate? I f$ck like one too, one that's just been paroled if you know what I mean.
If you're not sure, just ask your girl, she looks for me every time she tells you, "I'm going out with the 'girls' tonight"!!!!

Spoken like a pure warrior....

Yes, with a few caveats:

1) No peeping
2) No flatulence
3) No Tony Sparano going for 2 points when the Dolphins are up by 11.

Posted by: Nathaniel Dodsworth | November 18, 2009 at 02:00 PM


If you were my neighbor, assuming turnabout is fair play, I'm sure we would get along just fine.

Mila Jovovich or Mila Kunas????


I'm sure of it. A fraud, a conspiracy of epic proportions has been perpetrated against us by the NFL.

The JFK assassination pales in comparison.

911-The Patriot Act-The patriots win three superbowls. You see the pattern developing here?

Mila Jovovich or Mila Kunas????

Posted by: cuban menace | November 18, 2009 at 02:08 PM

Excuse me if I sound like Ted(duh)Ginn at a press conference, but the Warrior in me says: BOTH!


Carolina's offense is similar to ours. Strong run game no pass attack. Camarillo and Bess have better numbers than Smith and their other reciever. I know that may be hard to believe, but it's true.
On defense we have the upper hand, hands down!
Again, they play the pass about as good as we do. Run D is the big difference. They're atrocious.
I know how I would be game planning for this one.

PS: Does anyone else think it's great that instead of smoking weed, Ricky's smoking defenses?

PSS: Hey all you talking head media types(ARMANDO!) how about that for a headline.

Rex Ryan cryin?

Hey Buddy, you need to punch junior in the face like you did Jeff Fischer.

Rex Ryan cryin! Priceless!!!!

I was just thinking. I believe that longest tenured Dolphins are A. Ricky B. Bell C: Jason Allen. Allen has been through multiple regimes and there's been tons of movement in the secondary, and although he's not a starter, he hasn't been cut....Yet. With that said..Doing my terrible math, it must be a contract year for him. What gives? Why does he stick around, and if he's good enough to stick around, why can't he surpass Wilson...

Again, spoken like a TRUE WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

We go back to Pennington, we go back to short yardage, no big plays and much more wildcat. Yeah, he is a true professional, a leader, bla, bla, bla, bla... The guy has no arm strength, and it was proven throughout all his playing years. He took us to the playoffs, but there was no chance to make any further as it was put in perspective by the Ravens.

We gotta thank Pennington for his good year and change with the Fins, but it's also time to say fare well.

...and has anyone actually sat down and called Roth out. He quietly slips back into the lineup and we forget what happened?

did that slob ryan really come to tears? i keep hearing this but have not seen anything. been out of the loop.

I, for one, will lose no sleep if I never hear Penny's name again...

Yes, Ryan cried...In front of his team. Then implied he might call the Tuna for advice...

" why does he ( allen ) stick around ". Because he's a great ST PLAYER.

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