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Porter talking to the talk but bumbling the walk

Trash-talking has its place in the NFL because, to a certain degree, it is entertainment. It turns up the volume on games and individual matchups. It piques the interest of the otherwise disinterested.

But trash-talking should be like a baton leading an orchestra. The words should be biting and true and sharp and, ultimately, should be backed up with action. Used that way, it sounds great.

Joey Porter uses it like a hammer banging on drums. It often has no rhyme, reason or rhythm. Lately, it is rarely backed up with on-field production. Coming from him now, trash talk sounds like noise.

And that's not all of it. Porter has throughout his Miami career made statements that give pause, and when he fails to back up those statements during games, he often disappears afterward. That's what he did last week when he ripped the NFL and Tom Brady, had a bad game, and then didn't speak with a crush of waiting reporters afterward.

Porter hung a bull's-eye on himself before the game, but dodged the bullets afterward.

So Porter's trash-talking ways, entertaining and even interesting when he first arrived in 2007, have grown old and tired. And the fact that Porter this year is not backing up his words with production on the field makes his trash talk a smelly, rotting pile of garbage.

That pile began to collect when Porter boldly predicted a victory over the Oakland Raiders in 2007. The Dolphins lost as the Raiders rushed for 299 yards.

He infamously called out the NFL and then-Jaguars receiver Matt Jones last year because the player was still performing after having been caught with cocaine in his car during the offseason. How could the NFL allow such a thing, Porter growled on a national conference call.

Except he didn't know the NFL had already issued a suspension for Jones and the reason Jones was still playing is he had appealed the ruling. Oops.

Last year he called out Matt Cassel.

Last week he called out Brady and the NFL.

He called out the Jets before the first meeting between the teams this year. The Jets lost, but that was because the offense had a great night even as the New York offense lit up Porter and the Miami defense.

Before the second meeting this year, Porter said he was focused on putting Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez on the sideline "wearing an icebag." 

Porter didn't get close to Sanchez and didn't have even one tackle.

Fact is, even as Porter has continued to be one of the loudest voices in the Miami locker room, his production has dropped to a whisper. He is 15th on the team with 12 tackles. He is fourth on the team with 2.5 sacks. And he has not had a full sack since September, meaning October was a pretty bad month.

Last week Porter questioned the NFL and Brady. He suggested Brady is afraid of being hit and when he is, can basically call for an official to throw a roughing the passer penalty. And I guess one can say those things, questioning Brady's toughness and impugning the NFL's fair-mindedness, if you prove your point on game day.

But on Sunday, in a game the Dolphins needed to win to stay in the AFC East race, Porter didn't contribute a sack. Or even a tackle.

Someone working at Gillette Stadium decided to mock Porter for his big mouth and puny stats by showing the defeated player on the losing sideline as the final seconds ticked off the clock. Porter's statistics, or lack of them, accompanied the shot.

It was a bad move, as I wrote in my Monday column, because it showed very poor sportsmanship -- mocking an already defeated opponent.

But the reams of e-mails I got from Patriots fans basically made the point that Porter deserved it. And while I don't agree anyone deserves such treatment, Porter certainly set himself up for it with his big talk before the game and bumbling walk during the game.

So where do we go from here?

Well, it would be nice if Porter tipped the scales more toward tackles than talk, more toward hurries than harangue, more toward sacks than smack.

Talk the talk if you must, Joey Porter. But please walk the walk.


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Seriously on the team front Joey's age is showing. JT, though still playing at a high level, ain't far behind.
If we're building for the future, Wake HAS to see more playing time.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but who else on the roster is a better prospect for replacing our aging OLB's?

Let's not forget guys big Jason fergeson was out and so was crowde. We have basically 3 rookie db's back there and one of them on a hall of fame reciever. Come on!! Would love to see more of wake have screaming about him all year and I still want to see thigpen in the wildcat.

I find it interesting that the two players on the Dolphins who talk more trash than anybody else (and it's not even close), Joey Porter and Channing Crowder, have failed to make any sort of an impact on defense this year. I'm not saying their sub-standard play is a result of their limitless and incessant trash-talking. What I am saying is that after so many failed attempts at delivering on what you boast you're gonna do all week long, why not save a little face and address the media after the game rather than play hide-and-seek? Even a quick one-sided response like, "Yeah, I talked trash, I don't regret it. It is what it is, they got me this week," will suffice.
J-Peezy and Crowder need to focus on making their games right as opposed to trying to piss people off by going off on I'm-tougher-than-you-are monologues.

Porter's ABSOLUTELY correct on the two main points he made. Just the same, almost everybody already knew it.
They were "sanctioned" for cheating and we've all seen the "Brady Point".
I just don't like the fact that a LB who is not producing, was dumb enough to put it out there in a way to help motivate an arch rival. To low life scum like the Cheatriots, truths like this just serve as a moral boost.

The level of stupidity in Joey's actions are becoming redundant. I don't even want to hear about it anymore!

Joey, dummy up, dummy!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Lets face it Taylor and Porters age, wisdom and experience are starting to lose battles to youth and enthusiansm of those there matched against.

Soiled :)

I thought OLB was going to be the position addressed with the most intensity last year. I love Vontae's and Smith's future but I was a little more than surprised when the Dolphins passed on Everette Brown last year.

Mind you, Cameron does look very good too and can be one of the bookends at some point.

Greg Hardy of Mississippi looks like an answer in the 1st round of the draft.

Porter is gone after this year, his job was secure as long as the produced, but now he is not even doing that.

This year is not over, it's not looking good either, they got to pull the team together and stay consistant.

Someone mentioned Bryan Cox in a negative way earlier.
I just want to say I loved the guy. In his first season he saw a Cincinati defender take a cheap shot on one of our offensive players on their sideline. Our defense was on the sidelines and he ran all the way over to Cincinati's side and challenged anyone that got in his face.
I think that's what we really need. A dominating inside presence. A Bryan Cox or a Zach Thomas. That and true star WR and this teams special.

Patsies fans are morons.... bandwagon frontrunning phonys...

This is so effin retarded. Joey Porter never talked any trash nor what he said should be any "motivating factor" for a team to play better. So he said he thinks Brady gets his ways with calls from the refs, so what? That's not talking trash, that's just him sayin his opinion on how Brady can get a ref to throw a flag. It's not like any other wide receiver who tries to get a flag thrown for PI.

What the Jet's have been saying before and after our games counts as trash talk. Porter just said one small thing about penalties and it gets blown up because you reporters don't have anything else to cover.

Forgive me fella's

I have to temporarily turn the blog into my own personal "personal's".
I have the sweetest hottest young hottie(or at least I did)that I've ever had in my entire life(She lurks here a lot). After Sundays loss, she won't take my calls.

Here goes,

Honey I'm sorry for the things I did and the way I acted. It was just an unstoppable combination of Bud Ice, Dark Barcardi, and losing to the Patriots.
The last of the "Party" stragglers" are gone. I fixed my front door and the railings on the porch.
The good news is, the Sheriffs Dept. cannot press charges on me for malicious destruction of my own personal property, nor the damage to my own vehicle.
Think about it. I wouldn't say this in front of the blog and everybody if I didn't mean it. I miss you more than I miss anybody else.

PS: Stop By........SOON!!!!

I'm sure Bill came down and had
some words for him.

The problem with using Roth on runnung downs and Wake on passing downs against a team like Pats is that they pass the ball most of the time no matter what the down. Wkae needs to be able defend against the run as well.

Mando, where is Patrick Turner? Is he alive? He can't be that bad. Scouting reports rated his hands very high. He is not fast, but should be a good posession receiver. Maybe, bacause all our receivers are possession guys, except Ginn (he can't catch), that is why he is not getting a chance. I remember earlier in training camp he looked pretty good. I am no pro scout, but is looked like he could catch to me. I attended training camp 5 times. With a Guy that big axact routes are not as important. Let's try giving Henne a Big Target to throw to.

Isn't this trash talk?

I am not sure what has happened to joey this year but I like having a guy that is pissed off before the games. May be they should not start him for a game and see what happens then. I like joey remember the 17 and half sacks last year when the year started I thought we would have the best pass rushers in the Nfl but that is not the case or even close something has to be done to save the season there is still time bring wake in somehow damit scott from delaware

turner>>>>>slacker & disappointment at USC; same here; forget about him

Play JT, Wake and Roth

coach shula- are you crazy? Brady trash talking with manning, and swinging at the ball,hahaha. Only you see things that dont exist.

How many times have you watched a game where the referee states "The clock has expired, it's Halftime/or that's the end of the game!" How or why didn't the refs converge and at least discuss it while the Patsies field goal unit came on.

"It was a bad move, as I wrote in my Monday column, because it showed very poor sportsmanship -- mocking an already defeated opponent."
It's the Cheatriots. They're not exactly know for their sportsmanship.

As far as the clock goes, it is controled by an` offical on the field.

Why didn't we sign Chambers? I guess we couldn't use a veteran reciever around here? Pathetic!

What is the point of this article? Armando I don't ever give you crap, but come on man this is pointless, why even mention it? Porter is done almost everyone here knows that. He runs his mouth and hasn't backed it up all year. That is not important, what is important is what the heck is this team doing to fix all the problems on the defense. Have they finally admitted that they were dead wrong about their WRs? That the kind of stuff I want to read, not whether Joey Porter or Channing Crowder or who ever is running their mouths and not back it up.


On your post about Cox against the Bengals. Was the cheap shot on our kicker Pete Stoyanavich? I remember Cox standing up to those fools. Agree with ya.

The problem with using Roth on runnung downs and Wake on passing downs against a team like Pats is that they pass the ball most of the time no matter what the down. Wkae needs to be able defend against the run as well.

That's really not a problem. The coaches say he has to get better against the run, so I'm assuming they have been working on it.
Play Roth on the run downs Wake on the pass downs.
If they do run on pass downs, sink or swim, we have to find out if he can adjust and become a complete OLB in the NFL.
.....or we can just continue on business as usual. 3-5 and counting.

Porter is probably hurt and has been playing hurt all season. He hates that semen guzzling QB and the rest of that cheating organization and thats good enough for me.

LMAO@cocoajoe for "seamen guzzling" comment


I can't remember for sure. I do remeber him jumping right into the middle of all of them.
Even after they got him back to our sideline, it took Shula to calm him down.
Right then I said yeah, that's my kind of baller!

Hey Armando...

how bout a suggestion for the coaches....bench J Porter, move JT to his old spot ( which he is more comfortable ) and start Matt Roth at the other outside Line Backer...

it will make us much stronger against the run and we can bring in porter and Cameron Wake off the bench to rush the passer ..


"Someone working at Gillette Stadium decided to mock Porter for his big mouth and puny stats by showing the defeated player on the losing sideline as the final seconds ticked off the clock. Porter's statistics, or lack of them, accompanied the shot."

Was this the same someone who decided to stop the clock with 1 second left in the half while the ball was still in the air, changing the momentum of the game? Probably the same person who gave the Pats an extra 2 minutes against the Steelers a few years back to give them a chance to score at the end of the game. Hell probable the same guy that video tapes opposing team's signals too. Damn classy organization we can all look up to. Their motto: Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.

Why didn't we sign Chambers? I guess we couldn't use a veteran reciever around here? Pathetic!

Posted by: Phinatic | November 10, 2009 at 04:00 PM

He was claimed by the Chiefs who have a worse record than we do. Even if we put in a claim for him, they would've had him. Hell, we could've tried to get him but it doesn't matter because that's how it works on waiver claims.

Hey Armando...

how bout a suggestion for the coaches....bench J Porter, move JT to his old spot ( which he is more comfortable ) and start Matt Roth at the other outside Line Backer...

it will make us much stronger against the run and we can bring in porter and Cameron Wake off the bench to rush the passer ..


Posted by: FZB | November 10, 2009 at 04:32 PM

What do I think? WHAT DO I THINK!

I think it should have been done already.
I think it's ridiculous it hasn't been done already.
Especially considering the fact that he's been playing hurt and having minimal production.
I think this has been a major coaching goof!

Negetative Mando,

Your blogs have been really depressing lately. Lifen the blog up a little bet. Something exciting has to have been going on.

Let me get this straight .....Tom "the princess " Brady said Joey Porters comments motivated the Patriots efforts on the field last Sunday during the Dolphins game,but Plaxicos comments before the " Super Bowl " of all Super Bowls,didn't affect their performance then.Tom is an ass.

Joey has to learn to be a little less quiet. Everyone learns to ignore barking dogs and when something bad happens to them, not a person misses them.
I wouldn't mind seeing some more effort. I watched Maroni run past him about 8 times. If he is playing hurt, he is being selfish and hurting his team.

Joey Porter talks trash??? Really, he talks trash???Seriously, he talks trash???.......Dam, i thought he was the quire boy of the NFL.


I DVR every game I can. He's nowhere near 100%.
He takes plays off and I haven't seen him chase anything down from the backside all year.
I admire a player that plays through an injury, but your right, if he can't do it, he can't do it.

I liked porter last year and like porter this year but I think we all have to agree his time has come and gone. I'll continue to think this until he actually starts showing up in games.

Talk is cheap Joey. As a child I was taught "don't let your alligator mouth out run your Jack rabbit ass". We need production for entertainment, not your trash talk.

why no one is talking about the 60 MILLION DOLLARS MAN.............................MR LONG

True dat! Long has been far from consistent. Still looks like a rookie at times.

ALoco, you act like Jake Long is bad player or something. He has struggled a little at times this year but all players do at some point. He is a good tackle and made the Pro Bowl last year. I don't agree with you.

We have issues all over the team but some are worst than other and here are what I think in order

1. WR's can't catch the ball!
2. Safties can't cover elite TE's
3. Lack of a consistent Pass Rush
4. Lack of Pass protection

What do you guys think and what would you list if you don't agree with mine.

porter is the teams mascot, he does alot to get u hyped up for the game, but then he turns into pure fizzle during the game.

As much as I hate to say it, I think Sparano has made at least three huge mistakes that most likely have contributed to at least a few of our losses, and they all have to do with personnel evaluation. They are an indictment on the coaching staff's inability to either accurately identify certain characteristics of players which would make them a better alternative than others that they have chosen to play, or they are indicators that there is perhaps an element of fear so as not to hurt the feelings of the team's more volatile personalities...such as Porter.

And here they are:

1) Turner over any one of several active receivers. That he had as good a pre-season and training camp as he did yet is denied activation due to more mundane reasons such as other options better suited for special teams, in spite his superior height and above-average hands. While virtually every other active receiver on the roster has been dropping passes left and right, at the expense of losing games, it is an amazement that Turner has not been given a chance.

2) Wake over Porter, especially on obvious pass-rushing situations. Porter has under-produced while Wake has gotten almost super-human results on the few plays he has been in. And if they want more pass-rushers on the field at the same time, why not shift Roth inside and have two of the three pass-rushing specialists on the outside with the third shifting to End.

3) And lastly, Clemons over Wilson. Clemons is clearly better at playing the pass, and opposing TEs have torched Wilson, but not so much Clemons, who has the speed of a corner and can hit almost as well as Wilson.

4) Finally, regardless of the fact that the Fins like to build through the draft, a philosophy I agree with by the way, why in the world have they never pulled the trigger even once in a blue moon on a free agent acquisition at receiver, when Roy Williams, Braylon Edwards, Chris Chambers or a handful of other veterans who would be a clear upgrade over our current crop presented themselves on the open market?

With our receivers dropping passes in the most critical times of respective games, and with many of those dropped passes otherwise putting our team in a position to win had they been made, this coaching staff has not identified the right times to break away from their conservative approach and roll the dice.

Blunders on defensive scheming, such as going prevent against New Orleans in the second half when our aggressive scheme in the first half clearly had Brees flustered, were allowed to carry over to the NE game and others in which constant pressure would have served better than the conservative approach. We have been allowing very good opposing QBs way too much time when we have the personnel to create some real havoc if we employed the right aggressive scheme.

As the weeks go by and the losses continue to mount, it may be construed, justifiably or not, that some aspect of evaluation is amiss within our coaching staff, and I believe it is in the talent department.

I think Long is progressing well in his second year at the most important position on the OL.

At this moment I think our most pressing need is a true bonafide, dominate ILB.

After that WR, and then an OLB suited for a 3-4 D.



Like I wrote 3 weeks ago it's time for JP to stop running his mouth and start running his motor on the field. Please put JT at his natural spot. Punish JP make him play the middle so he gets hit hard. He's playing like a Pansy this year if he's hurt get him off the field! Throw Wake and JT both from the left side!

Josev, I concur.




LMFAO, Hope you getter back....


I also concur, put JT in his normal position, Bench Porter.


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Opinions are like buttholes every ones got one and most stink. As for the jail thing, never been convicted.70's Weren’t to bad though, we did have the perfect season.

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