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Porter talking to the talk but bumbling the walk

Trash-talking has its place in the NFL because, to a certain degree, it is entertainment. It turns up the volume on games and individual matchups. It piques the interest of the otherwise disinterested.

But trash-talking should be like a baton leading an orchestra. The words should be biting and true and sharp and, ultimately, should be backed up with action. Used that way, it sounds great.

Joey Porter uses it like a hammer banging on drums. It often has no rhyme, reason or rhythm. Lately, it is rarely backed up with on-field production. Coming from him now, trash talk sounds like noise.

And that's not all of it. Porter has throughout his Miami career made statements that give pause, and when he fails to back up those statements during games, he often disappears afterward. That's what he did last week when he ripped the NFL and Tom Brady, had a bad game, and then didn't speak with a crush of waiting reporters afterward.

Porter hung a bull's-eye on himself before the game, but dodged the bullets afterward.

So Porter's trash-talking ways, entertaining and even interesting when he first arrived in 2007, have grown old and tired. And the fact that Porter this year is not backing up his words with production on the field makes his trash talk a smelly, rotting pile of garbage.

That pile began to collect when Porter boldly predicted a victory over the Oakland Raiders in 2007. The Dolphins lost as the Raiders rushed for 299 yards.

He infamously called out the NFL and then-Jaguars receiver Matt Jones last year because the player was still performing after having been caught with cocaine in his car during the offseason. How could the NFL allow such a thing, Porter growled on a national conference call.

Except he didn't know the NFL had already issued a suspension for Jones and the reason Jones was still playing is he had appealed the ruling. Oops.

Last year he called out Matt Cassel.

Last week he called out Brady and the NFL.

He called out the Jets before the first meeting between the teams this year. The Jets lost, but that was because the offense had a great night even as the New York offense lit up Porter and the Miami defense.

Before the second meeting this year, Porter said he was focused on putting Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez on the sideline "wearing an icebag." 

Porter didn't get close to Sanchez and didn't have even one tackle.

Fact is, even as Porter has continued to be one of the loudest voices in the Miami locker room, his production has dropped to a whisper. He is 15th on the team with 12 tackles. He is fourth on the team with 2.5 sacks. And he has not had a full sack since September, meaning October was a pretty bad month.

Last week Porter questioned the NFL and Brady. He suggested Brady is afraid of being hit and when he is, can basically call for an official to throw a roughing the passer penalty. And I guess one can say those things, questioning Brady's toughness and impugning the NFL's fair-mindedness, if you prove your point on game day.

But on Sunday, in a game the Dolphins needed to win to stay in the AFC East race, Porter didn't contribute a sack. Or even a tackle.

Someone working at Gillette Stadium decided to mock Porter for his big mouth and puny stats by showing the defeated player on the losing sideline as the final seconds ticked off the clock. Porter's statistics, or lack of them, accompanied the shot.

It was a bad move, as I wrote in my Monday column, because it showed very poor sportsmanship -- mocking an already defeated opponent.

But the reams of e-mails I got from Patriots fans basically made the point that Porter deserved it. And while I don't agree anyone deserves such treatment, Porter certainly set himself up for it with his big talk before the game and bumbling walk during the game.

So where do we go from here?

Well, it would be nice if Porter tipped the scales more toward tackles than talk, more toward hurries than harangue, more toward sacks than smack.

Talk the talk if you must, Joey Porter. But please walk the walk.


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Most people don't pay close enough attention to him, but he does that a lot. Usually after he's had a few too many pulls off the pipe.

you said "pipe" is he a plumber?

El nuevo blog es ahora hasta las niñas. Su Jason Taylor sobre la voluntad de renunciar withe los Delfines.


I TRY to treat people like they treat me. It's nice to see a poster that's polite and humorous. So your welcome.

Peace, Love and Happiness!


I don't know if he's a plumber or not, but I'd be willing to bet he's a schizophrenic-LOL!

Joey Porter never plays well when Jason Taylor is in the lineup. I have no idea why.

Porter needs to run his motor more and his mouth less

It's time for porter to go! I'm sure BP is not too happy with all his idiotic trash talking and lack of production.

Im sorry Ive just been wondering did anyone in AMERICA see the blatant push off by moss on that 1st big catch when vontae was draped on him? lol Its funny no one seemed to see that but me idk? The NFL officiating has literally become a joke!

Wake needs to get into the lineup. He's Zach Thomas reincarnated. Get this guy in the lineup!

I am a die-hard Miami fan and proudly represented the Fins at the Patriots game this past weekend. I had end zone seats where the Dolphins entered and exited the stadium and found it interesting that Porter was the only player to jog off the field. I did see his picture and (lack of) stats on the jumbotron and have mixed feelings about that. In any case, what impacted me the most was the look of defeat on the faces of the Fins as they left the game. I understand being upset because they lost, but they were in the dumps, especially JT. I proudly cheered them on and waved my Miami hat in a show of support, but they need to keep their heads up. I will be there in Miami on 12/6 for the rematch and I expect our defense -and- offense to step it up for a win!!! The season is not over yet, and it's time for the veterans to represent, produce, and be held accountable...

And maybe Sparano isn’t “walking the walk” of his own “talk”…"I think that our coaching staff has tried to utilize our personnel to the best of their ability right now." coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "We’ve tried to put the right guys in the right spots…
Really Tony? So what happened to playing the most productive players? Porter is not getting it done on the field; in fairness he has been slowed by nagging injuries since training camp…0-tackles against the run…what about Roth? 0-sacks…what about Wake? And this isn’t the first game Porter has completely disappeared. Bench Porter move JT to the weak-side and start Roth on the strong-side where he is an excellent run stuffer, sub Wake for Roth on passing downs and let JT put his hand down and rush from the QB’s blind-side where he has been one of the most prolific sackers of all time…throw Porter a bone of 10-12 plays per game and see what an angry and embarrassed Porter can do.

As I remember, Joey has been hurt quite a bit so far this year. If it is affecting his playing ability, then perhaps he needs more time to heal. I appreciate his willingness to play hurt and certainly don't question his dedication to the team and the game, but it would sure be nice to see him be able to contribute more.
He has been too valuable a player considering the stats he put up last year to dismiss his lack of production simply because he may be getting double teamed or opposing offenses are aware of his capabilities and adjusting their game plan accordingly.
A healthy JP can still make an impact and until he proves otherwise, I would make sure he is 100%.
As far as his trash talking? Hey, it's what makes him unique. I find it humorous and insightful. I'm sure he wouldn't put himself out there like that if he didn't have intentions of trying to back up his words. G Joey and Go Dolphins!

i watched the replay of that game i saw joey porter getting manhandled by a rookie alone. there was no double team just some good old blocking by a rookie on the mouth (joey porter)

After the end of the season, I think the Fins need to cut ties with him. He's one of those players that is getting more attention off the field than on it.

Armando breaking out the thesaurus for that last rhyme, lol!

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