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Roth claimed by Browns, rest of Wed. news

Former Dolphins OLB Matt Roth was claimed by the Browns today. No surprise there.

And yes, the Dolphins say Roth was cut from the team Tuesday for as "a football decision." That is not a surprise to anyone that reads this blog and saw The Herald's reporting on the topic yesterday.

On to news about Dolphins players still, you know, on the Dolphins:

NT Paul Soliai (ankle), TE Anthony Fasano (hip) and LB Erik Walden (hamstring) returned to practice today after missing last week's game. All practiced full and aren't even on the injury report so all should be available Sunday.

C Jake Grove (ankle) and DE Lionel Dotson (ankle) did not practice Wednesday. Joe Berger is nursing a knee injury but he took the first-team center snaps. Ricky Williams is nursing a chest injury but he also practiced full. .

Soliai practiced with the first-team defense at nose tackle. The nose tackle rotation, I'm told, is likely to be Soliai and Tony McDaniel. There is some thinking that Randy Starks will be in that rotation, but I'm told that is not true. 

Why would the Dolphins take their most consistent defensive end and ask him to play out of position?

Won't happen.

Soliai has to step up and reward all the work injured and done-for-the-year veteran Jason Ferguson did in mentoring him the past 18 months. And Soliai plans to do just that.

"I want to play for him and show him I learned everything he taught me," Soliai said. "He believes in me and I got to show everybody I can do it, too."

The Dolphins filled out their 53-man roster today by adding Andrew Hartline to the active roster. hartline is 6-5 and 300 pounds and had been on the Miami practice squad since Sept. 15.

G-C Mark Lewis, who was with the team in training camp.

Lewis was back home in California when he got the call from Miami to come back. He had been working at a Christmas tree lot the past week and expected to do that job through the holiday season.

"I was working with tractors, chain saws, lifting trees and helping people out," Lewis said.

He expected to make about $3,000 in a month at the lot. On the practice squad roster, Lewis will be making approximately $5,000 per week as the prorated portion of a practice squad deal. 

The improvement of Chad Henne was a big topic of conversation today. Everyone is agreed the Dolphins new starting quarterback is getting better.

"I think you like to see a guy turning errors into non-errors instead of repeating errors and he has shown an ability to do that," offensive coordinator Dan Henning said. "I think the more he plays, the better he's going to get."

Henne agrees.

"I definitely think I've grown a lot," he said. "I understand the offense, I'm anticipating things and know where I want to go with the ball."

Henne said he could see himself continuing to improve and, ultimately, playing for the Dolphins the next decade or so. We'll see.

Henne has great potential and I'm eager to see what he can do once he gets a great receiver to work with. By the same token, the true measure of a QB is how he reacts to adversity. No matter how good they are, all great quarterbacks suffer adversity. All the great ones overcome it. Lesser players are overcome by it.

So ... we'll see.

I asked Henning his think on not using the spread offense aka Pat White's package against Carolina last week. I was wondering if that was going to mark the shelving of the package or if there was some other reason for not seeing it.

Turns out there was another reason.

"We had Pat White ready to play in the game in certain situations and one of the situation arose and because of the time out situation, we didn't feel it was appropriate to use," Henning said. "And then we were ahead in the ballgame.

"So we continue to work with Pat and have him ready to contribute in the way we think is best for him to help us out. Sometimes it goes that way. Sometimes it rolls in and the situation doesn't present itself."

Finally, here's a pre-Thanksgiving feel-good note:

You know Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells has something of a reputation as a hard, unfeeling sort. He's really not that way at all. But rather than tell you, let me show you.

Parcells, a native of New Jersey, recently pledged $100,000 to St. Anthony's High School in order to help the school meet major budget shortfalls.

"I get it," Parcells said in a press release for The Street Stops Here, a documentary that in part details St. Anthony's problems and will air on PBS in the spring. "I've coached enough and seen enough to know how important a good, solid education is. I have a lot of respect for what the faculty and staff are doing at St. Anthony's. I'm glad to help in whatever way I can."

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. God bless you all.


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Glad Roth ended up with a non AFC East team...last thing we needed was Roth ending up with the Patsies for a 3 weeks so he could share info with their ethical coaching staff...I wonder how many teams actually wanted him - we'll never know since the Browns and Lions had first crack...

Correction: Browns, Bucs, and Rams had first crack at him...

Sucks that Ferguson is out for the year. But at least we will get a really good look at Soliai the rest of the way. He'll be in the spotlight, make no mistake about it.


ouch... Cleveland...

Aloco, I can't see Tuna leaving Miami unless he wants to retire. He has everything he wants right now - Full control, nice weather for year-round golf, hand-picked coaches and the ability to walk when he wants. He's not going anywhere else anytime soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Armando! And thanks for being a fan over a reporter! GO PHINS~

I knew he wasn't going to clear waivers. Not with an expiring contract anyway. Cleveland needs help everywhere and he instantly becomes their best OLB and gives the Browns some toughness and a spine.

Good evening Mr. Doddsworth, I only post as myself, regardless of what some plumber in the tri-state area professes, hope you and your family have a great thanksgiving....

Wow, 100K, that's about a day's work...

this blogs sucks right now. Its taking forever to post!

Kind of ironic Roth lands in Cleveland, home of other NFL underachievers.

Kind of ironic Roth lands in Cleveland, home of other NFL underachievers.

Kind of ironic Roth lands in Cleveland, home of other NFL underachievers.

CRAP!Why did we cut him?!It was stupid!At least the browns have him

Glad to see Roth in Cleveland. Seattle would have been better. Henne made those receivers look good in the last game. He threw very well and didn't take stupid dumb sacks. Very under control guy.

Mark in Toronto, Roth instantly becomes Clevelands best Linebacker? No wonder they suck!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and the fellow Phin fans on the blog! God Bless you all.

Go Phins!

Aloco, did you get you turkey yet??

Happy Thanksgiving to Mando and all the characters on this blog except the Jet scum trolls;


Yep , Happy and safe Thanksgiving too everybody too!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Mando and Dolphins Fans!!!

Thanks for all ur last minute info. Excellent job by a true fan who is also fair. Have a good holiday and look forward to the last six games. This is going to be fun, the Pittsburgh game will be a playoff game for both teams.

Happy Thanksgiving Armando.

Hey who can give me a killer Turkey recipe?

Mandos right and it's too early to say anything either way on Henne. We will have to wait and see. "How will he react to adversity". We've all witnessed him already dealing with a little adversity and he's handled it extremely well. Between the loss of offensive players all around him to injury to the fact that he has no real #1 threat as a wide receiver, I think we've witnessed some of that adversity and he's performed well. BUT the biggest bit of adversity that he needed to overcome was the interception he threw at the end of the Tamp Bay game. He could've put his head down and lost the game but he got back in there and led his team to the winning score. And he looked completely unfazed in doing it. I don't think he'll ever be known as one of the great ones ("we'll see") but he certainly has the ability, character, and poise to lead a team deep into the playoffs and to a couple of superbowls by playing smart football and making a couple big passes here and there. He may never be a great one but very few are. It doesn't always take a hall of famer to win a superbowl and that is the ultimate goal.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Dolphins and Fans...

I think Dan Henning is being disingenuous when he talks about Pat White. Parcell’s company policy - do not show your hand. They want people to forget about the Wildcat, especially the Patriots. Sparano wants to embarrass Belicheat and his Patsies again!. They are setting a trap, I hope. The Dolphins do not want any tape of the new plays from the Wildcat available to the Patriots. They may run one or two new plays in the next game vs. Buffalo to see how the defense reacts.

Happy Thanksgiving Armando and to all Dolphin fans. Good teams overcome minor setbacks...great teams overcome major setbacks. With all the great players we lost to injuries, I think we have a GREAT team here. This team will find a way to win games the rest of the season and take the AFC East again. Have faith and believe!!!

By the way Aloco...Ricky will not be eating turkey this week as he is a vegetarian.

I understand why people are not convinced about Chad Henne. He will gain valuable confidence if we believe in him and the fans at home games do too. Let me try to persuade you…

5 - 2 as a starter in NFL
4 year starter in high school and college
3 trips to Bowls in college ( rose bowl vs. Texas, loss vs. USC, MVP win vs. Florida)
2nd round draft pick - lucky we drafted him at this spot
1 year understudy of Chad Pennington - highest Comp. Pct. in NFL and Mr. Class

This kid is serious. He has faced adversity… almost all his receivers have dropped the ball. He lost his starting RB, center, guard, 2 TE, NT, CB, Cobbs… We play the Patriots twice. We have the hardest schedule in the NFL. I could go on but I wont. Please have a little faith. We have waited to long! lol

The last game the 'Phins won before the Tampa Bay win, that didn't use the wildcard was the lone win in the 1-15 season.

we should have traded roth and porter for a wide out during camp. they have no value now.

Dolphin disciple, I hope you are right in regards to laying low on the wildcat until the patsies game then run some amazing plays that make you stand up and clap and yell. For now Kill Bills Volume 2 will get us through this coming weekend. I for one am thankful to be a fan of a team with tremendous heart and soul and the ambition to win!

Dolphin Disciple,

Henne the Hero!!!!!!

5-2 as a starter with a rocket arm... Apparently Pennington's game management skills have rubbed off on he kid too...

It is very important for Dolphins not to overlook Bills game.

They have to win this game against worse team before they have chance to make run at division/playoffs against better teams. I hope they not looking to far ahead.


Roth being picked up by Browns is a total ruse.......Mangini picked him up at request of his friend Bellicheat so that Bellicheat could debrief Roth on Miami's game plan for Pats game.......word on the street is that Pats are already looking past the Saints and focusing on the Fins.

Carlito, You are my hero!

The Insider started consuming drugs early this week...hide under the bed, the black helicopters are above ur house

Mando - Are you using voice recognition and then not proof reading your blogs?
What is this?
G-C Mark Lewis, who was with the team in training camp.
Everyone is agreed the Dolphins new starting quarterback is getting better.
Just saying it can be hard to read these blogs...

I guess we will see what Solai can do. As I said a few days ago,Henne is getting better, doing better as he plays more games, gets more exposure out there. The adversity thing I believe he will handle when he is faced with it. It is part of his learning that he must go through.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Dolphins and Fans and yes those with multiple personalities too. LOL

Did your that menace ? Ace means all of you . I'm out it's party time.


Hey bud, you are good dolphins fan, and have good football knowledge, and are probably right about the insider...

But when you say things like "consuming drugs..." it is easy to tell you are a police. There is nothing wrong with this, just sayin...

bobbyd aint no cop just a fool like cuban menace

Yeah. I'm glad Roth didn't go to the Cheatriots. He might have a chip on his shoulder and try to stick it to the Dolphins.

It'll be exciting to see Henne grow even more if they can actually get him a good tight end or receiver.

NJ say it party time. His idea of party time is a bunch of dopes sitting around agreeing with everything he say. NJ say the sky is red, everyone say yes you correct. NJ say Godzilla live in his house, everyone say oh yes you correct. Sad sick soul of a sap. He no have no family he make it up probably....sad poor NJ


Take it easy on NJ, it is thanksgiving for god sake.

This Matt Roth things has to be considered as a huge failure. How long did we waste on him? How much time and effort and stress. Fir nothing. He deserves to be in Cleveland no doubt. And we are stacked on the outside so much that we don't use Cameron wake enough.
But this receiver thing is killing me. It is just not a position that u can upgrade In the draft consistently. And if u do, it may take years before the player is fully ready. Look at ginn for gods sake. Also, and I don't care what anyone says, besides dez Bryant and Jermaine Grisham this is a lousy year for wr and te. I say we pick up Josh cribbs, chris Henry or ochocinco, Dwayne bowe, and draft Jermaine Grisham, if possible. Keep ginn as a returner, hartline as two, Camarillo in slot, get rid of bess, and one of theothers as 1 wr, and Jermaine Grisham. Unstoppable. Any thoughts?

Look's as if the Browns came up with a big Turkey for the holiday.

I would have been first but I was painting the inside of my toliet brown!!!

I always liked the tats on Matts arms because it really made him look tougher.
At first I was mad about this and was ready to eat Ebys ice cream off his stomach but have really calmed down about this.

Porterhouse you quit pretend to be carlito

The Insider is a Carlito fan, and is high on the hopes of a playoff spot, not drugs. The Insider is so much into the playoff hunt that he has risen above his normal '72 Dolphin-fan tendency to root against the unbeaten teams to now root FOR them insofar as it helps them----so this weekend, root for Saints over Pats & Indy over Texas (knock Texas out of wildcard, for moment at least).

Roth & Martin were both mishandled, much as the Insider likes Tuna & Co.

NJ, by the way, is the janitor at the school Tuna gave the $$$ to!

We have much for which to be thankful, Phin Nation. Let us be grateful to be fans of the greatest team in the storied history of the National Football League. And thank God we are not Jets fans.

Good to see some guys are getting back healthy, like Soliai and Smiley for sure, then Fasano and Walden.
But I say sit Grove another week, so he will be really ready to move Wilfork in the upcoming Patsie game!
We can beat the Jills with the Big Berger.

No no, carlito es un monito de color cafe y es de Guatemala. El monito es 5' 2" de alto y cuerpo como un nino

NJ, by the way, is the janitor at the school Tuna gave the $$$ to!

Posted by: The Insider | November 25, 2009 at 09:53 PM

X you mean Carlito is a monitor lizard in a Guatemalan cafe. And this monitor lizard in 5 feet 2 inches long, and jumps high eats a kid.

Tell me am I right???

Tommyas you wrong man.

X said that carlito from golfito is a little brown monkey from Guatemala. The monkey is five feet and two inches tall and has a body of a little boy. LMFAO!!!

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