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Roth claimed by Browns, rest of Wed. news

Former Dolphins OLB Matt Roth was claimed by the Browns today. No surprise there.

And yes, the Dolphins say Roth was cut from the team Tuesday for as "a football decision." That is not a surprise to anyone that reads this blog and saw The Herald's reporting on the topic yesterday.

On to news about Dolphins players still, you know, on the Dolphins:

NT Paul Soliai (ankle), TE Anthony Fasano (hip) and LB Erik Walden (hamstring) returned to practice today after missing last week's game. All practiced full and aren't even on the injury report so all should be available Sunday.

C Jake Grove (ankle) and DE Lionel Dotson (ankle) did not practice Wednesday. Joe Berger is nursing a knee injury but he took the first-team center snaps. Ricky Williams is nursing a chest injury but he also practiced full. .

Soliai practiced with the first-team defense at nose tackle. The nose tackle rotation, I'm told, is likely to be Soliai and Tony McDaniel. There is some thinking that Randy Starks will be in that rotation, but I'm told that is not true. 

Why would the Dolphins take their most consistent defensive end and ask him to play out of position?

Won't happen.

Soliai has to step up and reward all the work injured and done-for-the-year veteran Jason Ferguson did in mentoring him the past 18 months. And Soliai plans to do just that.

"I want to play for him and show him I learned everything he taught me," Soliai said. "He believes in me and I got to show everybody I can do it, too."

The Dolphins filled out their 53-man roster today by adding Andrew Hartline to the active roster. hartline is 6-5 and 300 pounds and had been on the Miami practice squad since Sept. 15.

G-C Mark Lewis, who was with the team in training camp.

Lewis was back home in California when he got the call from Miami to come back. He had been working at a Christmas tree lot the past week and expected to do that job through the holiday season.

"I was working with tractors, chain saws, lifting trees and helping people out," Lewis said.

He expected to make about $3,000 in a month at the lot. On the practice squad roster, Lewis will be making approximately $5,000 per week as the prorated portion of a practice squad deal. 

The improvement of Chad Henne was a big topic of conversation today. Everyone is agreed the Dolphins new starting quarterback is getting better.

"I think you like to see a guy turning errors into non-errors instead of repeating errors and he has shown an ability to do that," offensive coordinator Dan Henning said. "I think the more he plays, the better he's going to get."

Henne agrees.

"I definitely think I've grown a lot," he said. "I understand the offense, I'm anticipating things and know where I want to go with the ball."

Henne said he could see himself continuing to improve and, ultimately, playing for the Dolphins the next decade or so. We'll see.

Henne has great potential and I'm eager to see what he can do once he gets a great receiver to work with. By the same token, the true measure of a QB is how he reacts to adversity. No matter how good they are, all great quarterbacks suffer adversity. All the great ones overcome it. Lesser players are overcome by it.

So ... we'll see.

I asked Henning his think on not using the spread offense aka Pat White's package against Carolina last week. I was wondering if that was going to mark the shelving of the package or if there was some other reason for not seeing it.

Turns out there was another reason.

"We had Pat White ready to play in the game in certain situations and one of the situation arose and because of the time out situation, we didn't feel it was appropriate to use," Henning said. "And then we were ahead in the ballgame.

"So we continue to work with Pat and have him ready to contribute in the way we think is best for him to help us out. Sometimes it goes that way. Sometimes it rolls in and the situation doesn't present itself."

Finally, here's a pre-Thanksgiving feel-good note:

You know Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells has something of a reputation as a hard, unfeeling sort. He's really not that way at all. But rather than tell you, let me show you.

Parcells, a native of New Jersey, recently pledged $100,000 to St. Anthony's High School in order to help the school meet major budget shortfalls.

"I get it," Parcells said in a press release for The Street Stops Here, a documentary that in part details St. Anthony's problems and will air on PBS in the spring. "I've coached enough and seen enough to know how important a good, solid education is. I have a lot of respect for what the faculty and staff are doing at St. Anthony's. I'm glad to help in whatever way I can."

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. God bless you all.


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I am not from Guatemala and I am much taller than 5'2.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Go Dolphins!
Go Henne!
Run Ricky Run!

The Insider has received information from a source indicating that many consider tomorrow to be a holiday where mass quantities of turkey and other victuals will be consumed, and much football watched.

If this turns out to be true, The Insider believes many will find this enjoyable.

I have a question...

Does everybody like to have thanksgiving games every year as tradition in Dallas and Detroit? Or would you rather have it switched so thanksgiving game rotates city every year?


I think they should keep one of the games with Dallas or Detroit to stay with tradition some what. They should rotate the other game between different teams.

Happy Thanksgiving Armando, and to all my fellow dolphins fans.

OK carlito you much taller than 5' 2" uuhh you are 5'5" still a little man/boy. You from Mexico , illegal alien LMFAO!!! Yup!

I am not from Mexico, not an illegal alien and taller than 5'5. At least I have some class and I am not ignorant piece of garbage like you. I am not LMFAO at you, and am sad for you and pitty your poor soul.

Happy Holidays to you anyway.

Go Dolphins!

I like the games being in Dallas and Detroit. If only they would have some better matchups... Dallas v Oakland and Detroit v Green Bay, these are going to be blowout.

It would help if Detroit could get its sheet together.

where you born carlito? Maybe you a legal alien, visa, not a real citizen...that is ok you people need jobs as housekeepers. LMFAO!!

Anyone noticing how Rex Ryan is ruining his team? You don't bench Kerry Rhodes, unless it's in favor of Ed Reed or Adrian Wilson. And if you're going to ride the Sachez, your next stop is unemployment. But I guess these decisions are good for us...

Oh, and X just gave it to ya

I think the nfl should have a formula of ranking the worst to first teams and pit them against each other on ThanksGiving day with a no mercy rule.

Now that would be a ThanksGiving day NFL style!

Happy Thanksgiving Armando and all my fellow Phins Phanatics!

God Bless.

what u mean get rid of bess? He has won a few games cause he is one of the few receivers we have that can actually catch.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Mando, and to all Miami Dolphins and Dolphans. God Bless America

Ditto. Happy thanksgiving to all my American cousins!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all dolphin fans.

I do feel that this is NT Paul Soliai's opportunity to show the world that he has the necessary ability and skills to be the next Miami Mob's next nose tackle! After all, I feel like he had the greatest mentors in "Goodfellow" Jason Ferguson, "captain" Tony Sparano and "Godfather" Bill Parcels!

Soliai has already had opportunities to show what he's worth. Apparently the (good) Jet game he had was the exception, as in the next game he stunk it up.

He's a capable backup at best. Pity....another CamMoron bust

Happy Thanksgiving Armando and my fellow Fins fans!!!!!

Happy thanksgiving from the Ginn family

god bless pumpkin pie

dudes===nfl network now replaying classic turkey day victory in dallas via lett's screw up & etc......I miss shula & co compared to the jj/wanny/sabin/moron disasters/////turn it on, you can catch most of the last qtr

I did not know panamanian carlito like pumkin pie

EmoFinFan - Thank you!

I was just thinking about that game. Although I was thrilled at the time, the win was even more satisfying years later when Jimmy took over for Shula... I loved Shula and was never a big Jimmy fan. He will always be a cowboy..

Anyhow, I was able to catch the last 90 seconds and relive the block, the 'Lett'down, and then the win!

Happy Thanksgiving all y'all

Cuban you must be up in this piece.

To all my blog friends and Armando, Happy Thanksgiving.

Poor cuban menace in his one room apartment, alone eating oscar meyer sliced turnkey and stove top stuffing today, he should go to his momma house...porr lil bazzztard

Isn't is amazing that once i mentioned cuban menace's name , all his cockroach personalties , like aloco , carlito the monkey and porterhouse came out from the dark. LMFAO !

nj plumbing not open today surpised that f'kin scrooge

NJ Phin Fan,

I am not Cuban Menace. I have tell you this many times and Armando has confirmed it. It is obvious...That is the last time I will ever defend you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy thanksgiving to you an your family carlito. Good health and god bless, We are about to dig in.

There is only one bird between me and a pumpkin pie...

Happy thanksgiving to all of you and Armando I am greatful for you keeping me up to date with the best team ever. No matter what anyone says!!! Go dolphins!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Especially "Hennegivensunday" (we met on the field during the Saints game).

i wonder what golfito going to shop for in black friday ? i think he's he's going to buy a cheap ring for 9.99 at the mall and eat chinese for 2.99 .

Who's Gayer the Insider or Porterhouse ?

Aloco I don't shop on black friday. Don't like to stand in line.

NJ, Carlito, Aloco, Cuban Menace, hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!! Always count on u four being here!!

I did get a nice bj from aloco sister for $0.37

I was very thankful

my sister would be lucky carlito if she knew you .you R a nice guy .

bobby12 ,
i hope you don't have a good thanks giving .
ps...i am trying to see the reaction from people if some wrote a post like that ,meanwhile pretend all you that i didn't wrtie that PS .

why i feel nj phin loves only dark meat ?

I hope aloco chokes a turkey bone and throws up in his mouth.

that's funny insider .i wish all the good things in life ,health.money and love from others .

ps...denver is a good team even after the QB SHAVED HIS MUSTACHE .

i wish all the good things for you

Aloco , you suck on Banana.

Sersously carlito if you keep this crap up, I am going to eat hot turkey sandwiches off your stomach. So just think about that.

the denver players NEVER DROPS ANY BALLS .

denver 13
ny 0

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