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SI poll: Joey Porter NFL's 2nd dirtiest player

We all know Joey Porter can have a potty mouth that keeps everyone not wearing a Jets uniform entertained. But in the Sports Illustrated that hits the stands and mailboxes Wednesday, we learn Porter has a dirty reputation, also.

In a poll of 296 NFL players, Porter tied Washington's Albert Haynesworth as the second dirtiest player in the league.

Six percent of players who responded said Porter and Haynesworth were the dirtiest. Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward, the master of the blind side block, garnered 11.6 percent of the votes to be considered the dirtiest player in the NFL.

Porter is 14th on the Dolphins with 12 tackles this season. He has 2.5 sacks, which is tied with Cameron Wake for third on the team in that category, behind Jason Taylor (5.5 sacks) and Randy Starks (3.5 sacks).


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I knew I liked Joey for a reason ;)

if joey was on another team i would hate him. especially for that las vegas attack on that bengal. but he is a fin, so i support him

Dirty, clean, just make plays, bro. You ain't doing nothing this year.


Dirty - (dhur-tee) tough and does not give a hoot.

What constitutes being dirty from this poll? His mouth? Hard hitter? Or is it play after the whistle? Just wondering.

Good question. Did they have examples?

You think this poll would be filled O- lineman

What did he poke somebody's eye out or something?

Joey talks alot, don't know if I would consider him a "dirty player".

I wish he could be a good player this year. Joey has disappeared on the field in 2009.

Dirtiest player......or most overrated??

He hacks the knees like Tonya Harding.


Get out there and HIT SOMEBODY JOEY!

Joey(Duh)Porter the dirtiest?? maybe the dumbest, but not the dirtiest, maybe he should use tide extra strength..

Speaking of hacks, what's Jay Fiedler doing criticizing any player?


I cant figure out why the Dolphins defense dominated the Jets in the first half on Sunday but then gave up a ton of yards in the 2nd half. It was like two different units out there. I was hoping you could address that or break down the game at some point this week. I havent read anything in the herald that explained what went on on Sunday.


Let them fear and hate a Dolphin for a change----we've had 15 years of us hating and fearing everyone else's dirty boys.

I only wish he'd make more plays, dirty or otherwise, and then talk.

The dirtiest player award can prob. go to Suggs from the Ravens, that whole Defense was full of dirty players. Porter is just a beast, end of story, thanks.

On a more ineteresting note:
First of all, those who have been blaming Ginn for the slow start have no sense of team. Have a tall glass of Ginn and Tonic and shut the %&** up!

The Defense has given up way too big plays and way too many points. As a unit, the Defense has to get more consistant and get better fast! Lets go D, step it up!

As a coach you have to know what each one of your players do best; Ted Ginn Jr. is a great returner (which we saw Sunday as he made history). The coaches did a poor job of knowing what best suits Ginn and they constantly put him in a position to fail. Let him return Kicks, retunr Punts and have packages for him where he runs reverses, lines up in creative ways to strectch the field on play action fakes (since our running game in top notch). Give him screens and let him work in space. But don't put him in a position to fail. Ted Ginn is a good player, use him in a way where he can continue to be good.

PS. Sign Chambers! (Shouldnt have let him go to begin with) - Just adding Chambers allows the passing game to open up so much more!
Perfect scenerio: Camarillo and Bess are your possesion guys, Chambers your "do it all receiver", Ginn plug in on special packages like mentioned before and Hartline can come in and out at any piont. Now thats a flexible Offense, and if we continue to run the ball with the best one, two punch in the league (Ronnie & Ricky) and an up and coming line - we would be equiped to win on offense.
That being said, the Defensive leaders have to step up and raise that side of the ball's level of play!

CarltheChamp says,

Porter is still a feared player, his presece on the field does more that u may know. I do wish he could get after the qb more but i think other teams are focusing on blocking him and leaving it open for Jason, Cameron and some other guys to get sacks

11.6% of the 296 players polled voted for H. Ward, that's about 30 players. How many voted for JP? 20 guys! Big deal.

my guess is you're gonna see a lot of pro bowl players on this list. it's nothing buy whining from loser players on losing teams. its good to have players on this list.

no body should be proud to have a dirty player in his team .

good players never dirty .that's why the jets always crash .

Solai the Sumo is become one of my new favorite Dolphins

Carlito ,
can you get the sumo word into rex ryan's name some how in a negtive funny way ? you can do it .

Hey little miss "GOpats"..... No one should be proud to have a cheating coach who's "dynasty status" will forever be questioned due to lack of integrity.
It must feel great to go undefeated and lose the superbowl!
PS. Brady - over-rated, Pats Defense = over-rated.


I don't know, I'll have to work on it, but I'm sure if Rex was sumo person, he would be like fat b@stard on Austin Power movie.

your team record is 3-4 so and the defense for team is very shaky. it makes no sense for you to be dirty make some tackles and get some sacks and be a leader this makes no sense grow up!


But the dirtiest play of all...

Mark Sanchez eating his weiner on the sidelines.

Carlito, I've read you know how to cook monkey. Every time I cook it, it smells like a dog blanket. What am I doing wrong? What is the proper way to serve monkey brains? I'm having a party for Costa Ricans and I want to make them a dish from their country.

Haven't seen Porter playing dirty in his career. Would love to know why they say that. He doesn't purposely try to hurt anybody that I have seen. Love his mouth I that's what they r talking about. Between crowder and porter no one can out talk us. Jets try but they r lame. Hope we get more info on porter but eIther way good for u peezy. Nice to be nasty dolphins for a change

Porter is worthless this year... They need to get Wake in the game and sit Porter's ass on the bench!!!



Blog up what's the deal with Chris Chambers.

Are the dolphins chasing after him??

I can say one thing for sure, Solai was a beast this week, just rewatched the game. this guy plyed huge in this game need 2 game balls 1 for ginn 1 for Solai. Stark played big as well.

acorn, maybe?

Love porter. He adds excitement to the entire defense that makes everyone play harder. Like an old bryan cox...does not back down from shhhhit

porter isn't dirty, a trash talker? yes. dirty, no. who has the most 15 yarders for late hits, leading with the helmet, hits to the head, clipping, chop blocks? those are the dirtiest.

only sign chambers if he clears waivers.

They must have confused dirty with the mouthiest player. Porter is definitley NOT a dirty player. He's got a big mouth , that's it. To me , Hines ward is the dirtiest player with his PU**Y blind side , crack back hits on defenseless player.

I wish the Dolphins would sign Chris Chambers. SD in all likelihood did not give him up for being ineffective, there had to be some financial advantages to them because of the big contract he got from SD when he left Miami as a free agent. Chambers has "sticky" hands and is a great possession receiver. Our wideout corps is weak and inexperienced and would benefit greatly from an experienced pro.
Please Dolphins, take advantage of the opportunity!

This list should all be O-lineman, like Matt Lite!

Don't you have to actually be in on a play to be considered dirty?

How many flags has he drawn from this dirty play? I don't mean off sides stuff. I'm talking late hits, etc.

I like that now the rest of the fins need to take that role and just get dirty for the rest of the season we need teams to fear us. Not just fear one they have to fear ten other individuals out on that field.

I remember Chambers droping a lot of balls when he was a Dolphin - I rather give Pat Turner a shot

I don't care how dirty a player J-Peezy is, I just wanna see him making plays! He's been slacking this year.

Tom Brady should be dirtiest player for all time with all his special new rules him and the league make up as they go along.

When Jason Taylor, Cameron Wake, and Joey Porter hit Brady from 3 directions at one time sunday everybody in the stadium and watching at home will see good example of shredded beef.

I also remember Chambers making the pro bowl in 2005

good thing we brought back JT, that's all I have to say.


12 Tackles & 2.5 sacks..that says it all. He might be a dirty player, but he's done nothing this year or the last 4 or 5 games last year! He can't play the run and he's done a terrible job rushing the passer. Let Cameron Wake or Roth play.

He may be dirty, but I'm glad he's on the Fins :)

Wait, Porter only has 12 tackles??? WTF?

Ah Fake GM, the reason the defense gave up yards in the second half (esecially the 4th quarter) is because they were TIRED! They were on the field a great deal in the first half and then the entire 3rd quarter! With little to no offensive success and 3 straight posessions averted because of return TD's in the the 3rd quarter they simply ran out of gas.

Some observations:

1) William Shatner is an underappreciated comedic genius. I know people laugh at him. But he can really make you laugh with him.

2) It's very frustrating when people refer to 3rd and 7 or 3rd and 8 situations for the Dolphins as "3rd and long," with the implicit assumption being that it will take a miracle for the Dolphins to successfully convert. My goodness, when did completing a pass for 7 or 8 yards become such a monumental task?

3) If you take an average looking woman, get her to show some cleavage and wear a gold, herringbone chain, all of a sudden she can look like a sex Goddess.

4) If I were to compile a list of my 5 favorite American generals, they would be, in no particular order: Ulysses S. Grant, George Washington, Douglas MacArthur, David Petraeus, and Dwight Eisenhower.

5) What ethnicity is Chad Henne?

Did I miss something? Chambers was released? I was mortified when Cam released him. He was also Teddy's mentor...GO GET HIM!

Ray Lewis and 90 percent of the ravens defense better be high on that list.

Those guys are notorious for injuring players on purpose and for putting out "hits" on people, mafia style

Ginn still blows and to suggest we bring back Chris Chambers...i want to ask you, how old are you? Are you a true DOL-FAN?? or a patsie or a jet fan in drag, chris "running in mud, drop the easy ball" Chambers, no way man, no way, been there, done that....I cant believe any true dolfan would even breathe chambers and miami in the same sentence..gmafb look, i know miami needs a real #1 but chambers is not it, can you imagine, chambers on one side and ginn on the other..here are the new words to the fight sone.." we got drops to the left, drops to the right, we have the worst receivers in town"...then u can do that whoo, ooo uhh ooo,whoo uhhooo...and speaking of that, when are one of you reporters from the herald going to do an expose on how much the fans detest and absolutely hate the new fight song, when we score, the stadium is dead doing that fins to the left, fins to the right stuff..Bring back our legendary Hokey fight song, it may be corny but its OUR song and we want it back.

LMAO! @ Truth for u to read. AMEN !

I remember Chambers WELL. You idiots were tough on him for EVERY single drop he had. Same as you are on Ginn. Receivers drop balls. He made far more plays than he didn't. Those mistakes are magnified, as they are now, when oppurtunities are limited!

Enough already with Chambers...he's not coming to Miami

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