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SI poll: Joey Porter NFL's 2nd dirtiest player

We all know Joey Porter can have a potty mouth that keeps everyone not wearing a Jets uniform entertained. But in the Sports Illustrated that hits the stands and mailboxes Wednesday, we learn Porter has a dirty reputation, also.

In a poll of 296 NFL players, Porter tied Washington's Albert Haynesworth as the second dirtiest player in the league.

Six percent of players who responded said Porter and Haynesworth were the dirtiest. Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward, the master of the blind side block, garnered 11.6 percent of the votes to be considered the dirtiest player in the NFL.

Porter is 14th on the Dolphins with 12 tackles this season. He has 2.5 sacks, which is tied with Cameron Wake for third on the team in that category, behind Jason Taylor (5.5 sacks) and Randy Starks (3.5 sacks).


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Nathaniel Dodsworth is bang on again. he should have his own show.

Porter has actually been average since he came to Miami except for about an 8 game stretch last year. That's what you get with Porter over his whole career. He disappears for stretches then becomes the greatest defender on earth. Just never know when it's going to come.

I don't think he's ever had more than 50 tackles, 9 sacks (except for last year).

Mark in Toronto,

Lets just hope we get another one of those streaks for the last 9 games, against Brady would be a good time to step it up Peezy... just sayin.

I always thought the Ravens D, although dominant, is a little dirty. Ray Lewis is not on this list?

if some one ask you ,who you rather go out w/ your sister for a date fronm the dolphin's team ,who would you pick ?

this Q for mark,carlito, bobby12 and nathaniel .

Henne is "Roma" (what many refer to as "Gypsy"). The Henne clan traces it's roots to 18th century Moldova. The first Henne came to America after WWI, when the treaty of Versaille broke up the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. They emigrated to western Penns., where they were coal miners and shop clerks. Chad's great-grandmother was a relatively well-known Polka accordionist back when Polka was big in Midwest. Chad majored in Ethno-Biology in Michigan, and received his degree in 3 years.

I would want my sister to date Pat White because I know I could kick his arse if he got out of line. Ted Ginn would also qualify since I outweigh him. I couldn't catch either though.


Oh boy, Chris Chambers. I can't believe any Dolphan would want him back on this team. Slow, inconsistent, no toughness, and a round route runner. No thanks. To the genius that thinks this would be a good signing, WAKE UP! Why do you think a team fighting for a playoff spot cut him midseason? Because he's so good he's making them look bad? A rookie stole his job and he is now useless to them. The same problems we had with him here in Miami were still happening in S.D.! The fans and even people inside the organization have already said it was a waste to give up a second round pick on this guy. Cam know nothing Cameron knew to get rid of him because he was inconsistent and had zero work ethic. But we should sign him to take time away from who? GINN?! Ginn's the same guy except he's actually fast! Stupid, stupid idea.

Common Beliefs of Jets Fans/ Players/ Coaches

1. Kick Returns don't count. Any respectable team should fall down if they cross the 30 yard line.

2. Any thing on offense or defense that defeats you has to be some sort of gimmick or nonsense that borders on cheating because it has already been decided that Sanchez is Namath and the Jets deserve to be in the Super Bowl with out playing the games.

3. Even if they lose, they really won.

Its amazing that this type of ignorance and stupidity can permeate every level of an organization.

Its ok if you feel bad or angry Jets fans, you can rest you head on Braylon Edwards shoulder while you cry. It work for little Sanchito.

NYscott , shame on you ! Don't you know that chris chambers is the #1 wr this teams lacks and needs. He's the missing piece that will bring the miami dolphins to super bowl glory ? Please bring back chambers NOW ! :)

Chargers part ways with Chambers
By Kevin Acee

Monday, November 2, 2009

K.C. Alfred / Union-Tribune

Chris Chambers looks for running room after making a catch against the Ravens in this season's second game.
SAN DIEGO – The Chargers parted ways with Chris Chambers Monday.

For so many reasons.

Officially, and legitimately, the emergence of Malcom Floyd as a dependable target and big-play threat made the struggling Chambers expendable after two years in San Diego.

But, in a phone conversation after he was released, Chambers (who is recently divorced) said he believes some off-field issues played into his release – specifically a relationship with a woman sources on the team believed may have had a negative impact on his performance. Chambers thinks any such determination would be unjust.

“I thought the team gave up on me a little quick – for factors that don't have to deal with football,” he said. “I guess it created a distraction upstairs. I kept my head on straight. We all go through things. I did my best to not have my personal life and football clash. They know a little too much of my life, and they used it against me.”

Chambers made one catch – a crucial third-down conversion in the fourth quarter – in Sunday's victory over the Raiders. But he also was benched at the start of the game in favor of Floyd. The two had been splitting time since the second week of the season, with Floyd's snaps increasing and Chambers' decreasing.

The veteran wide receiver was called out of the weight room Monday morning and told he was being let go.

But this decision had been brewing among the team's decision makers for some time.

Chambers has had trouble getting open and making catches this season. He has just nine receptions in the 31 times he has been targeted, the second-lowest reception rate in the NFL among players targeted more than 20 times.

On Oct. 25 in Kansas City, he dropped an apparent touchdown and another third-down pass.

Chambers, 31, is still owed the balance of his $4.55 million salary. Any team that claims him off waivers would have to pay him more than $2.4 million for the rest of the season. For that reason, he will likely clear waivers and then sign with another team. In that event, he will collect a new salary in addition to the $2.4 million from the Chargers.

Neither head coach Norv Turner nor General Manager A.J. Smith would discuss Chambers' off-field issues or their effect on his release. But multiple sources confirmed the team was willing to swallow the contract because it foresees things getting worse.

“With the further development of Malcom Floyd … we felt that the time was now,” Smith said. “This situation has been discussed at great length for quite some time. The always capable Kassim Osgood and the continued good health of Buster Davis entered heavily into this decision.”

Pressed about other factors, Smith said, “I have said many times before there are many reasons why a player becomes a Charger and many reasons why we may move in another direction. We do not discuss from A to Z all of our personnel decisions. I believe I just gave you a detailed explanation of why we made the move. I'll stand by that.”

It is common practice for a team to attempt to protect its players' image and not disparage them in a way that would jeopardize future employment. But Smith has made a point of emphasizing character in his personnel decisions. Had Chambers been performing at a higher level, he might have been kept, but he was not going to be brought back when his contract expired after this season, a source said.

Chambers, who played for the Miami Dolphins from 2001 until the Chargers acquired him in exchange for a second-round draft choice at the trading deadline on Oct. 16, 2007, has 482 career receptions for 6,827 yards and 53 touchdowns.

The Chargers offense was struggling before Chambers' arrival that season, as defenses were able to key on Antonio Gates. Chambers gave quarterback Philip Rivers another target, and he caught seemingly every ball thrown his way.

“He made an impact right away,” Rivers said Monday. “He came in and obviously showed the reason why we got him. Made big plays, had an effect on keeping some of the coverages from being zeroed in on Gates and really had a big hand in that push to the AFC Championship Game.”

After finishing with 51 catches for 833 yards and five touchdowns in 13 games, including postseason, Chambers began the 2008 season with five touchdowns in the first five games. But an ankle injury suffered in that fifth game hampered him most of the rest of the season as he finished with a career-low 33 receptions and 462 yards.

Chambers acknowledged the Chargers expressed concerns to him recently about his personal situation.

“I tried to do the right thing,” Chambers said. “I didn't play as bad as they tried to make it seem. I was in a bit of a slump. I would like to have some of those plays back. It's been agonizing.

“I feel like I'm a really good football player. I've been through some ups and downs. I feel like I was handling it. Time just ran out from their perspective.”

From another site quoting a news paper in San Diego: Former Chargers WR Chris Chambers thinks a relationship with a woman that the team believed may have had a negative impact on his performance contributed to his release.

Chambers is recently divorced. "I thought the team gave up on me a little quick – for factors that don't have to deal with football," Chambers said. No matter what the reason, Chambers wasn't performing on the field. The Chargers are going to eat the balance of his $4.55 million contract for this season unless someone claims him off waivers.


Dying Breed wrote his College Thesis on Chris Chambers and posted it on this blog.


These fans are stuck in past. If it was up to them, Dolphins would cut every young, promising player that is on Dolphins and sign people like Zach Thomas, Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison, Chris Chambers. These guys were good as Dolphins, but they are older, slower, too expensive, and don't fit into team needs.

One more drop by Fasano and these clowns are gonna be screaming for Randy McMichael or to bring Keith Jackson out of retirement!

Carlito, LOL

There's a new eating disorder out now have you heard of it? Its called being "Sumo-Rexic." LOL



hahaha, Chambers is better than all current receivers on the Dolphins put together. I am not saying a couple will not excel in the future, just have to wait another 2 years (Ted is in his third season, First round pick, 9th overall) and we are still waiting for him to develop....yeah....go figure, do the math.

Ok Fin Fans, big win last week!!! But here we go in to the other dark abyss that is New England! 3 keys to beating the the Patsies!?

1) Pressure, more pressure and even more pressure on Mr Brady. Preferably right up the gut in his face, where he hates it the most:)

2) Another stellar outing from our LB's and defensive backs. Love the Clemons move for more speed and athleticism

3) We will need 2-3 big wrinkles for the Wildcat to work here. We will run on the Patsies, but we need the 2 TE set with Lousaka Polite blowing people up all over the place. Maybe some misdirection reverses involving Teddy? Maybe Ronny throwing back to Henne and out to Hartline? Maybe Pat White throwing a bomb to Teddy?

Besides these 3, we still need error free football from TO's to penalties. Think before we act against this team. Also, we do need Chad to get the ball out faster than he did against the Jests. Holding it that long against NE will really put us in a hole, since NE's offense is really clicking right now!

Miami 31 - NE 28


Minus the speed, Paul Warfield's a better wr than all of our current put together. Shouldnt we go sign him up too? Geeze!

PS: Chambers never was and never will be a true team player, from the perspective of blocking, special teams and communicating as a leader. He is a step slower and his hands were always suspect. Think about it Fin Fans, who would you kick off the roster to sign him? By adding him and his horrible yards after catch of +2 yards, you would have to remove someone who may play on 2 or 3 different teams and between 4-5 formations.

Vote NO to Chambers!!!

Allright, maybe a bit of nostalgia here from his good days (Chambers)....I agree we need to move on with the new receivers we have, and yeah, Fasano claims his great blocking on the wildcat which I am sure is plays a critical role, but ALL need to stop dropping the ball, so many opportunities lost...Angry Fin Fan: Clemons need to see more action.

Whatever. It's a tough game and you gotta be tough. Has he gotten any unsportsman like conduct penalties this year?

HAAAAAAAAAAAA.....Cant answer right now , still laughing at Jets fans.
excuse me.


Would Chambers actually help our team? He is a veteran? He has always had decent hands and could he be someone to help Ginn?

Three of the Patsies 5 wins came from the Bills, Bucs and Titans. Brady's "comeback" record setting performance was against the latter. Big deal.
The other two wins were tight ones from the Ravens and Falcons.
Their two losses were also close ones against the Jets and Broncos.
So basically the Patsies are 2-2 against decent teams. All four of these games were close ones that could have gone either way.
They don't look that intimidating to me. I think we can win in Foxboro this Sunday, as long as we play mistake free hard nosed Miami football.
Once again we have our backs to that proverbial wall. You gotta love it. Sooner or later we're gonna come off the ropes and knock somebody the F@#K OUT!!!!
Might as well be Brady and the rest of his patsies!!!!

Well the chiefs claimed chambers. Thank god , now all the idiots that wanted him can go away. :)

He had the most Lucious lips that I have ever seen. Leave my big strong chocolate muffin alone


anybody that truly knows the dolphins and how they operate , knew chambers wasn't coming here. Congrats to chambers being a CHIEF! LMFAO !


agreed... but this happening too much lately


Maybe the Chiefs will release Dwayne Bowe to make room for Chambers???? ;)

LOL@Mark , didn't you hear ? Espn said to make room for chambers , they released bowe. Check it out ?

Someone please explain to me how he beat out Vince Wilfork. Dude has given more cheap shots than Bill Romanowski. Who did they poll, New England fans?

Hahha, ya right. The Chiefs are dumb, but that would be off the charts.

LOL, nice one Mark. If only we had a #1. Mando said it in the beginning of the season but there just wasn't anything out there that would've been worth it to the Phins. Contrary to some fans beliefs, giving up 1st round picks when you're not 1 player away from contention is not the answer.



That was about Porter not Chambers. Forgot this blog doesn't stay on topic very long

Thank God the Chiefs picked up Chambers, now we can move on and not have to listen to fans wanting an old washed up non productive receiver

And as far as Porter goes, no one cares as long as he's on your team...

Joey, you need to step it up against the Pats.

It's so confusing to hear people bash coach T. for not playing Ginn earlier on kickoff returns and now bashing him more for not putting him on the punt return unit. These are the same people who are constantly complaining that Ginn is scared to get hit and has no hands. But now they want him touching the ball even more, with 11 guys running full speed trying to bury him? It doesn't make sense to not understand the coaches thinking on this one.


Don't pretend like you a Dolphins fan. NE has had easy schedule so far with team like Bills, Jets, Titans, Bucs, etc... The almost lost to horrible Bills and did lose to horrible Jets who Dolphins beat 2 times. The Dolphins are not the Titans or Bucs. NE is not as good as N.O. or Indy.

Jason Taylor is Brady's daddy. Joey Porter sounds like he is hungry for shredded beef and he is the next player to step up after slow start.

ALoco is experiencing Sumo-Rexia, going to have giant meatmall sub.

NY Scott,

Yep, that's the truth. Giving up multiple picks for Boldin wasn't the answer. Even the 2nd pick that was discussed as a minimum that turned out to be Sean Smith, I wouldn't give that up for Boldin going forward.

This team still needs to stockpile more players and the most efficient way to do that is through the draft.

And truth be known, if you are a dominant team except for having a #1 WR, then it won't even matter if you have one or not - the teams other strengths would more than make up for it.

Awwwww Man ya say we missed out on Chambers?

No Superbowl for us.

That sucks....

How about that Sumo-Rexi Rynia!!!

Pats are favoured by 10.5. Good that the rest of the world hasn't caught on that this is a pretty competitive football team.

Wow, I'll take the Fins and 10.5pts any day. Sounds like a big time sucker bet to me. LOL

By game day it'll probably be down to 6 or 7 pts though.

Yes, I would expect a lot of early action on Miami to lower that line too. Miami always played Brady pretty tough






We will see what New England is made of over the next 5 weeks:

NY Jets
New Orleans

If they can handle this part of the schedule then they will have obviously earned the division title. Until then, I'm not handing them anything.

CBS Sports is reporting Chiefs picked up Chambers off waivers

The Dolphins ain't no titans, so forget about ur 69 points.remember this though, Jason Taylor has sacked Brady more than any other qb.

I would have loved to see chambers back in Miami, but oh well. He's really not the wr we need.( my opinion)


I'd give 69 points if we get a lick on Brady like Wilson got on Sancheese the wiener eating crybaby- and we scored 70.

I feel a ACL Tear commin!

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