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SI poll: Joey Porter NFL's 2nd dirtiest player

We all know Joey Porter can have a potty mouth that keeps everyone not wearing a Jets uniform entertained. But in the Sports Illustrated that hits the stands and mailboxes Wednesday, we learn Porter has a dirty reputation, also.

In a poll of 296 NFL players, Porter tied Washington's Albert Haynesworth as the second dirtiest player in the league.

Six percent of players who responded said Porter and Haynesworth were the dirtiest. Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward, the master of the blind side block, garnered 11.6 percent of the votes to be considered the dirtiest player in the NFL.

Porter is 14th on the Dolphins with 12 tackles this season. He has 2.5 sacks, which is tied with Cameron Wake for third on the team in that category, behind Jason Taylor (5.5 sacks) and Randy Starks (3.5 sacks).


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My Leg, My Leg!

Playoff!!! Whatya talkin bout playoffs..... Playoffs!!!!! Lol

Joey, is not doing much this year. If we had 3 hines wards we would be unstoppable. Hines ward is probably the toughest NFL player pound for pound.

4 real though! Pats aren't great anymore. I'll give ya Good bt not great. And don't be to convinced about beating Miami. Don't bet on it. Cuz deep down inside we make you nevous.

Hines ward can Kiss it!!

NJ phin fans real namew is White Gooden, Owner of Globo gym...he also plumbs on the side..

and the jealousy continues ......... :)

Joey Porter is not the dirtiest player in the NFL. I am sure we can find a least 3 Ravens and 2 steelers to take his place.
Don't bring back Chris Chambers... We would then have the dropsy twins then the dropsy boys. Oopsy I missed another sure td.

kerry rhodes gets my vote.

Your Ok NJ.... :)


sumo rexia. haaaaaaa

Anyone see the ESPN power poll. They give absolutely no respect to Miami. They still have Miami ranked after the Jets at 20. The Jets are ranked 18. The espn write John Clayton made a comment hinting that the Dolphins got lucky to beat the Jets. "If the Jets were to win a national lottery, the winning ticket would fly out of their office and land with the Dolphins."

GO pats....send me some of that Boston chronic your smokin...69-3?? maybe 69-68 since you defense sucks mark sanchezs hot dog this year.

I smell shredded beef for bean town

There must not be a whole lot going on at camp today if this is the only story on the blog.


"victory monday" = day off for players

you never happy.you have carlito,njphin the plumer,the cuban and me .what's your problem?

Let the writers feel that way chase. ESPN are full of it anyway. They all thought Miami was headed to another 1-15 season last year too. They also think Cincy is better than the Steelers and Baltimore. ya, right.

Just read the story about mangenius in clevland. It's almost to bad he didn't stay on new York. He would have turned the jets into a bigger laughing stock then they are now. Although Rex is doing a hell of a job of making himself and the rest of the team look like assclowns

I have been watching Porter play for yrs and I have never seen him go dirty. I seen him talk alot before games and get into it with other players but never go dirty in the games.

New Englands Defense sucks they can't handle a runing team like ours when we are on! Now there Passing attack is crazy Dangerous we need to to pressure Brady and smack him around is we want to when if not there WRs will eat us up at this point in time not cause of CB but Because of SS and FS

what about kris jenkins or bart scott?

we should totally go after mike vick in the offseason, trade a second round pick to the chiefs for chambers, and call O.J. simpson bac up out of death row,uh, Retirement,and have him replace patrick cobbs in the wildcat package. DUDE, we would murder defenses in 2010,Literally of course....Yes,maybe, no???*lol*

Mandy takin' the day off?

The entire Jets team will take 1st place next yr!!! P.S. Don't mind Porter being dirty, but BACK it up!!


Pats 43 Fins 37

Dolphins 17
Pats 14

AFC East still go through Miami

Yeaaaah f'n corzine is out !

My property taxes are also f'n happy.

Dolphins 38 Patriots 13

NJ had crickets n his thickets chirping off;

He broke both his toothpick ankles checking
Randy Moss;

He was removed from a stretcher, now wishing he was Jamar Fletcher; for now he knew his season was a loss.

Later NJ asked unto his doctor what should he do;

Doc said I would forget playing football if I were you;

To this NJ didnt take kindly and shaved his thicket and crickets, finally;

But still whenever he posts the crickets in his thicket are still chirping off.

The Falty Towers is the best comedy ever .
pats 59
fins 3

WOW ! SOMEBODY has entirely to much f'n time on the hands . LMFAO ! That somebody nedds a hobby . MY GOD ! LOL !


Thought you might like that one. LOL

Corzine sucks great day for NJ! Sunday was a great day at Landshark Stadium North! Go PHINS!

Man Phinatic1, pass that over, you are too nutty. Forget Chambers, he ain't comin. dont worry about these guys; These young WRs will surprise you, the Tuna ain't no fool. When Henne, Bess, Hartline, and Turner gel, you'll see a different team in Miami. They just need more time on the field together.

Chambers is a Chief!

Fins77. yup ! It's a great day in NJ. :)

lets hope it's a great day in foxboro on sunday

" Chambers is a chief " posted by Zoeller12. We know , that was reported hours ago , where have you been ?

What's a Corzine?

Mark , Corzine is perhaps the worst governor in the history of the USA . New jersey has the highest property taxes in the country because of this clown.

Look who's voting on it...players. Joey goes out of his way to make sure anyone who's not on his team dislikes him. It's not about dirty play, it's about being disliked.

Pick up Chambers? Are you kidding me? He didn't do ANYTHING when he was here and did even less in SD. I'm glad he went to KC.

Chase.. haven't you figured out yet that Miami NEVER lives up to the hype? I know we're better than the Jets, YOU know we're better than the Jets. Let's stay the under the radar as vicious underdogs!!!

I could care less if Joey Porter has the reputation as being a dirty player. This year, he hasn't struck me as a player that is feared. I'd rather be known as feared let's say like the way Ray Lewis has been feared or Hall of Fame players like Butkus (who was dirty), Nitschke, Ronnie Lott, or Lawrence Taylor just to name a few. He had the sack numbers last year, but he needs to do less running of smack and more work on his overall game like stopping the run, covering on pass plays, and getting in on more tackles.

FYI Chambers got picked up by KC

The Dolphins neeed to draft good receivers who will grow up with Chad. Just as the Marks Brothers grew up with Dan. This is only year two.

'Bout time we had someone like Joey ... Go get 'em tiger!

Peezy is the dirtiest player!!! You guys wouldn't know it because you don't see what he does to people after the game!! He T ba--ed my fat --- after they thumped us in the meadowlands!

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