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Ronnie out, Porter in versus Panthers

Running back Ronnie Brown will not play versus Carolina on Thursday, according to head coach Tony Sparano. Sparano also said linebacker Joey Porter will play against the Panthers and the coach thinks the linebacker "will start," against the Panthers.

That's what is happening inside the Dolphins at this hour:

Porter, the subject of a Chris Mortensen report in which the ESPN information man said the linebacker will not play against Carolina Thursday, was asked by the Herald's David J. Neal if he saw the report Monday night.

"Yeah, I saw the report," Porter told Neal. "I got no comment on that."

Sparano had a definitive comment. I asked him if there was any doubt in his mind whether Porter would play and Sparano said, "No."

So Porter plays despite a Mortensen report to the contrary.

A Dolphins In Depth report from yesterday that Brown would not play is correct, meanwhile, because Brown went to see a foot specialist today and isn't playing Thursday.

Running back Ricky Williams, expected to start for the Dolphins at running back because Brown is out, agreed to speak to the media for the first time in several weeks today. The reason he agreed is because he was told by the Dolphins if he did not cooperate with the media, he risked being fined.

So Williams complied. Sort of.

The interview:

Q. How does Ronnie's situation impact you workload if he can't go?

A. "Obviously I have to carry the ball a little bit more."

Q. And that would include the Wildcat and taking on that role?

A. "I don't know what the coaches are going to do about it."

Q. Ricky you've always said you're happy sharing time, how do you feel about stepping in and being the guy again. Feel like you can do that?

A. "Yeah."

Q. Well, how do you feel about it?

A. "It's my job right now."

Q. Do your legs feel fresh for the second half compared to the past when you carried the load?

A. "We'll find out."

Q. Ricky, how good would it be to get a victory within the span of such a short period of time.

A. "We're here to win games so I think every game is important we always try to get a win."

Q. Ricky, you've said before you prefer not to throw out of ...

A. "Alright, I'm done. Thank you, guys."

Terrible questions, I know. Thankfully, I didn't ask any of them. And I know you guys will always side with the player over the media, although you depend on the media to give you a view of the players.

But, seriously, does one have to be a total jerk to people trying to do their jobs? It's not like someone asked Williams if he's thought about quitting on the team lately. It's not like someone brought up his multiple positive drug tests.

One thing I can share. Williams is brilliant and does this on purpose. He told a Palm Beach Post reporter earlier this year that he intended to be a jerk to the media this year. Asked why, Williams responded because he wanted to stay out of the newspapers.

So this episode was hardly spontaneous. Williams planned his demeanor, sweetheart that he is.

In other news: Anthony Fasano (hip) didn't practice Tuesday. Justin Smiley (shoulder), Paul Soliai (ankle), Erik Walden (hamstring) and Gibril Wilson (hamstring) were limited in practice.


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"But, seriously, does one have to be a total jerk to people trying to do their jobs?"

Well said Armando!

DC, I've done some digging on the Mortensen report. There is no doubt he talks to Parcells, but not as often as everyone thinks -- maybe once a month or so.

I don't think Parcells told him anything on Porter. I just think it was speculative and he crossed the line toward making it sound like news. It happens. We're all human.

Ronnie's foot injury can be serious. The reason he's needs to see a specialist is to get a second opinion. Brown and the Dolphins want to be certain what grade the sprain in the foot reaches and also make certain there has been no lisfranc injury that is often missed or misdiagnosed.

Willie Chirino:
"If I read this correctly, Josh, Ricky agreed to do an interview with the media. If he agrees to talk, then he should talk instead of being an a ss.

If you re-read the article, right before the interview it mentions Ricky will be fined if he doesn't talk. In essence, he was forced to by nosy people when he had nothing to say when there was a locker room full of other stories to follow.

David, if you read Armando's post yesterday on the Porter matter, you would know that he refuted the report almost immediately. He explained why he thought the report was wrong.

So get your fact right.

Josh , that's right !

Thanks for the update Mando.

Gian - "Police and judges do their job, and it doesn't mean that people have to like them."

Go tell a police officer or write to them about not liking them and see what happens...?

Why you clowns blog about complaining about Armando makes no sense and proves nothing. The more you complain the less information and effort you will get from him.

Let's interject some levity...Jets suck, Jets suck, Jets really suck, suck suck. Rex is a fat turd who cries like Dick Vermeil. C'mon Rexy let's hear you squeal!

We need Ricky to have a huge game Thursday. The Panthers ball-control strategy is alot like ours, except instead of gimmicks and gadgets to complement the run they have Steve Smith. Didn't he burn us for over a hundred yards last time we played?

I'm going to sit right behind the Dolphin bench, surrounded by Panther fan season-ticket holders, and I hope we see the Delhomme of desperation and inerceptions--not the one from Sunday!

Josh, nobody forced him. He could decide not to do it and the NFL would gladly fine him. The reporters didn't force him into anything.

And if that makes you mad at the NFL, feel free to not watch Thursday's game. Your anger at Armando is stupid. He's telling you what happens, and you're getting angry at him?

So somebody kills your wife and you want to blame the cop telling you about it?

I would love for one of you guys to try to email Ricky. See how many of you get answers. ZERO.

I email Salguero all the time. He responds kindly and politely every time. And when he takes a while to get back, he apologizes for being swamped with emails.

You guys don't know who the good guy is in this whole deal.

What'd we miss? Again ...

Whatever it is, I'm with Mando.

I'd blame the cop because he should have been there to stop the killing! Not sitting with Rex Ryan in the doughnut shop swilling coffee and creme-filleds swapping stories about how bad the ass of their polyester pants smells. yeah!


Its the way Armando tells us that is the problem. His pompous, arrogant attitude gets in the way of his reporting...

Notice how he puts his name into EVERYTHING? Heck, he always goes out of his way to put something like "This question was asked by the best Dolphins' beat writer in the multiverse, Mr. Armando Salguero" into almost every blog post... This guy thinks he won a Peabody or Pulitzer because his blog brings in traffic.

But the fact is, ANY dolphins material on the Miami Herald would bring in the same traffic. Its all about the brand, not the writer. The Dolphins is a MAJOR brand. The freaking Balloon Boy could write the Dolphins blog on the Herald and get similar numbers...

Not exactly killing anyone's wife, because the guy is quiet. Let him say what he has to say on the field. . .

Anyway, would it be helpful to pitch to Ginn in the backfield or in the flat or would he just get killed?

I don't have nfl network will they play the game online?

Armando doesn't always answer me Willie :(


FinsFTW -

Don't you think the Miami Herald and journalism has some standards on how they publish information they receive to cover credibility on their behalf. Some things they may be forced by standards by the company Armando works for and this is information we do not know. Leave the guy alone or don't read his stuff or post a blog.

Ewww. Totally disagree about any blog getting the attention this one gets. Not to knock the other Herald reporters, but we come to this one for a reason--Salguero has the substance. It's his readers who are sometimes suspect.

If Ricky gets 125 yards on the ground this Thursday, on Friday all media the outlets will be kissing his behind. That is why I like Mando’s column because he tells it without the fandango.

Leave the guy alone I rather have it this way than Porter’s. You can say everything about Ricky but when he playshe gives it everything he got. Maybe we will see Thursday the future of the Fins Offense; basic, with a balance attack and wildcat only when we get in the red zone.

LOL@marc , again with the armando doesn't e-mail/answer be back , :(

I'm not surprised at RW being unhelpful considering the way you set him up last year. Forgot that did you?

Holy cow Willi Chirino. Talk about some hyperbole there. I'm not angry at Armando, as I pointed out in one of my previous posts, there are a lot more stories out there to cover Ricky not wanting to talk. If Ricky has nothing to say, why report it?

Talk to Garner about getting his second career start. See what's up with the new rookie WR who hasn't been active yet but is doing well in practice (we sure need help at that spot). Why aren't we adjusting at half time like other teams do to us.

Lots of stories out there man. This article just took away their space.

the questions to RICKY.W are so dumb,i feel sorry for the reporter who asked the questions.
btw ,what do you need to be a sport reporter beside mouth and middle school diploma ?

You had it right when you said "dumb questions". Why would Ricky give anything away about what the Dolphins are going to do with the Wildcat in the upcoming game? Why would a reporter even want to gather and report that information? It can only hurt the Dolphins.

why in event like today fins only talk to one reporte and then the reporter send to every one a coply since it's crap.

Armando battling it out with his loyal fanbase...Can't we all just get along?

A lot of the questions that are asked of the players have yes/no answers or one word, one sentence answers. It's just most of these players love the attention and love hearing themselves talk so they elaborate and run their mouths. I have no problem with what Ricky said other than abrubtly ending the interview after 7 questions. I thought that was douche.



Dude really, I wouldn't answer your questions. You know darn well Ricky strugles with a very serious condition known as social anxiety disorder every minute of every day and that due to an arbitrary un-Godly law that was put on the books to allow for the punishing of the "Degenerate Races... Blacks, Asians and Hispanics, because not only does it make black people think they are as good as white people it also makes white women have sex with black men" (a very cleaned up version of the U.S. Drug Czar's own words before congress - not mine). Because of that he is not allowed to take the only medicine (prescribed to him by a doctor) that works for him, even though it is legal for 1\3 of America.

Cut him some slack, apologize and quit associating him with illegal recreational drug use. I can't freakin believe you did that: YOU JERK




Ricky can you give me the first five plays on Offense !!!





Social anxiety my ass...any loser can get a script for pot ESP if they have millions. Doesn't mean smoke it when you KNOW you'll get suspended. He could have at least juiced.

Armando my man, you get no love from your fellow bloggers. LOL!!
I appreciate what you do though I may not agree w/your opinion at times and will take you to task if I feel differently.

If Ronnie is lost for 4 games, or possibly the year, do you see the Fins management bringing him back next year?

ronnie will be welcomed in at least 12 teams next year mr jared

Mandeline (Armando), next time you interview Ricky Williams you have to ask him these two very important questions.
1) If I show you mine, will you show me yours?

2)Whos supple breasts would you rather suck on, Bill Parcells or Rex Ryan?

i wonder if Armando ever "thought about quitting on the team lately" or had "multiple positive drug tests". two thumbs up to the greatest grammatical sports writer ever.

by the way you spelled positive wrong.

peace, love, pursuit of happiness and all that junk


I am not concerned with other teams as I am with the Fins. Hence the question was whether or not the Fins would bring Ronnie back. If it was a done deal then they would have resigned him already.


Grow up, will you please?

You whine worse than a one year old who has been deprived of his milk. And by the way, mentioning Ricky's past problems in your blog,just because you didn't like his responses, shows a real lack of class and professionalism on your part. The people who read The Herald on a daily basis deserve a better quality of reporting than that.

Armando , MY GOD ! you need a new blog . You are getting destroyed on this on one. LMFAO !


the team got ready of goodman and holliday meawhile kept wilson,crowder and fasano .lol

Is that the Barry Cooper "Kop Buster" from Texas?


Beware dont let Finheavenblows! catch you doing this he loves mando

Was that a skit from SNL?

And then you tried to throw him under the bus.

How could you script anything better?

Enjoy your blog.

I could care less whether an athlete speaks to the media. Sports journalism is an oxymoron. I can learn everything I need to know about a game by watching it or reading a recap. Many athletes (Dwayne Wade, for example) can barely speak English. Those who can are usually not very interesting.

Ricky's an exception, but nothing he says about football interests me. I'd much rather hear him talk about weed.

And the questions were ridiculous. Most sports writers and sports radio geeks can barely create a coherent sentence.

A bunch of gas bags!

Yeah finsFTW , willi chirino too.


Although both Parcells and Rex's breasts look delish I would have to go with Rex's. Parcells seems to have lost considerable weight which has made his breasts very droopy, like a pancake. Rex's are still round and full of squishy fat, I could have more fun with them!!


to you knos that was not funny in case you planning to write another post following the same theme ,

to let you know

FinsFTW: For someone that obviously doesn't like Mando, you have posted on here about a dozen times that I can see.

So you've probably spent about an hour on this blog just to hate on a guy whose blog you obviously love.

Get a life you knob and get off Mando's blog so the rest of us can enjoy it.


Mando, you call it like it is. Thank you.

If Ricky doesn't want to talk to the media, he doesn't have to. He can retire.

yeesssssssssss, the plumber in the house .


Learn how to write and your a jackass!

In response to Wayne Fontes comment about Ricky, "He does not have to get in depth on answers, but he has a responsibility to represent the team in a mature way", does Mr. Salguero not have the same responsibility to the Herald? Was this big steaming mound of blog an example of maturity?
It says right at the top of the page "no subject is taboo", so therefore it must be alright to use the same criteria in judging Mr. Salguero as he uses to judge Ricky. He insults Ricky (calls him a jerk), then takes offense at bloggers insulting him? Sounds like someone needs a reality check. Hint: no one comes here for your whining, we come for Dolphins news.

You get 'em Mando. Ricky was trying to be disrespectful and he succeeded. That is his nature. He doesn't respect anyone or anything and can turn on anyone and anything at the drop of a hat.

And he will. Mark my words. That guy will break our hearts again before this is all over.

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