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Miami Dolphins players must produce quickly

Surprised by the waiving of Matt Roth?

If we can cast aside for a second the conspiracy theories about this move, of which there are many -- theories that are unproven and therefore unfair (for now) to relate -- Roth was waived based on performance. He had four weeks to prove he could contribute to the Dolphins this year and beyond and he failed.

He had four tackles in four games and so the Dolphins did what they always do: They acted quickly and decisively to get rid of a player they no longer needed.

(I happen to love that about this regime.)

Unlike other teams that nurture draft picks, coddle free agents, or hold on to veterans perhaps one year too long, sometimes adding to a mistake by refusing to eliminate that mistake, these Dolphins recognize their mistakes and get rid of them.

It sounds harsh because players are men not meat and these men have families to feed. But the NFL is a business and the Dolphins treat the business with little emotion. These guys are Vulcan-like in their rational, logical approach to casting out roster weakness.

That's why no player or coach can feel safe on the Dolphins unless he is producing.

Remember only a few weeks ago, coach Tony Sparano was saying of Roth, "it was good to get him out there," and a couple of weeks later he's gone. Remember I told you how Shawn Murphy got a figurative pat on the back from Sparano about how well he was coming along and two days later he was waived?

Here yesterday, unproductive today, gone tomorrow.

We've seen it time and again.

Samson Satele started all 16 games last year but was a weak link that glowed in neon in losses to Baltimore and other games. He was traded.

John Beck was talked up and credited for his professionalism all last year and in training camp. He was waived.

Eric Green was signed as Miami's free agent answer to its cornerback problems. He was cut in training camp.

Ernest Wilford was a huge free agent bust last year and so the team swallowed a $4.5 million salary cap hit to get rid of him.

The club claimed tight end Davon Drew off waivers and to hear Sparano talk, the guy was on Miami's radar for some time and had great potential. And five minutes later, Drew was cut.

And the approach applies to assistants as well. Remember offensive line coach Mike Maser? He spent 2008 cursing at his players and was basically fired one week after the season ended.

And all this leads us to this question: Who is next?

Earlier this year, when the Dolphins were struggling, I was told no one was safe. In other words, no player that Miami would want to cut after the season could relax simply because his contract situation. The Dolphins saw no salary cap situation they couldn't overcome.

Of course, this doesn't include guys like Jake Long or Vontae Davis or some others because the Dolphins wouldn't consider cutting or trading them anyway. But vets who aren't performing this year risk being outta here by next year regardless of their contracts.

And there are, of course, candidates. These players must step up in the coming weeks to avoid finding themselves possibly looking work elsewhere next season:

1. Jason Allen. The experiment has failed, he is a first-round bust. He isn't a starting-caliber cornerback or safety. That fact aside, he isn't exactly contributing a ton in his current role on special teams, either. He has only seven special teams tackles this year.

2. Ted Ginn Jr. Miami coaches will defend him until the cows come home the rest of this season. But in the offseason the team will make finding a legitimate No. 1 receiver one of its priorities. And if someone comes, someone's got to go. Ginn may still stick as a special teams weapon, but barring some sort of epiphany by him as a receiver, his days at that position in a Miami uniform could be numbered.

3. Joey Porter. The Carolina game gave him a huge reprieve because he's under the microscope bigtime. Porter had eight tackles against the Panthers. That's as many tackles as he had since the third week of the season. But coaches recognize Porter did that against a guard that was playing out of position in place of an injured left tackle. They aren't fooled by the stats. Porter, 33 years old in March, has to prove in the season's final six weeks and in the coming offseason camps and conditioning program, that he deserves a spot on this team. It is not guaranteed.

4. Lionel Dotson. Sparano raved this preseason about how Dotson "changed his body" and got stronger and bigger and better. And he's still managed to be active only twice this season after being active only twice last season.

5. Anthony Fasano. I struggled with this one because I know Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland really like this kid. He's good in the locker room. He's a solid citizen. He plays all-out. But his production has fallen off the table this year. He has only 14 receptions for 113 yards. Dallas Clark had more yards against the Dolphins in one game. Fasano has been injured, has two fumbles, and three drops. He's not having the season anyone would want in a contract year. I don't think he'll be off the team, but I think the Dolphins will definitely try to add talent at TE in the offseason and, as I said before, if someone comes in, someone has to leave.

6. Gibril Wilson. I struggled with this one also. If the evaluation on Wilson had stopped in October, Wilson would probably be gone next season. He missed tackles that cost touchdowns and, arguably, games. But something happened starting Nov. 1. Wilson has not had the same dubious tackling troubles and his coverage has been solid. So it's really quite simple for him: If he plays as he did before Nov. 1, he's gone. If he continues to play as he has been of late, he stays.

7. Patrick Turner. He'll be around for training camp next year because the Dolphins did invest a third-round pick on him. But he should look to example of Murphy, a fourth-round pick in 2008, before he gets too secure in his roster status. He must improve by leaps and bounds by next season because the honeymoon for Dolphins players in Miami can be very short.

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These articles are unreal


From The above list , i see joey porter as a goner. Dotson ? Why is on this list ? He's not exacty a big time veteren or high draft pick.

First ? NOT !

veteren...you missed one hee hee

Anybody consider matt roth failed a drug test ? HMMMMMMM ! Good-night.

Cutting roth makes sense. get rid of a guy who isn't producing and sign a young cheap guy and see what he can do. we really didn't need roth anyway. too bad he couldn't play mlb.......

Porter should be gone, benching him to finally get him to play decent (and as indicated against and injury replacement)is not what to expect from a 33 year old team captain.

If Clemmons passes Wilson, which I hope he does, than I don't think the team will want to keep Wilson's conract around as a back up. Though I believe cutting him next year will have a significant cap hit.

The Phins also need way better play from the MLBs. Ayodele seems okay and I am not that big a Crowder fan but neither is making impact plays. I haven't reviewed the tape to see how Carolina's Williams averaged over 10 years a carry but I think a lot of runs were up the middle.

My guess: Terrance Taylor is Roth's (really Ferguson) replacement off Panther's PS. Long and Henne would know even more than the scouts as to why a 2009 NT 4th pick is available.

I asked Jeff Ireland about Allen in the Web Weekend meeting, he spoke very highly of him as a roll player. He seemed to think he would be getting more playing time.

Also, with the Fasano thing, someone asked the coach who was an under the radar player they liked and he mentioned Joey Haynos and how well he had come a long. Cam Wake was the other.

HEE- HEE ? How old are you ? HEE-Hee. LOL !

Next starters to be shown the door will be Porter, Fasano definitely. Taylor, depending on what he wants to resign for 1 more year.


Turner should he fail to make a regular season appearance in the offense. Or if he does appear in the offense, better show why he's worth keeping and quick.

Quinton Moses if he allows anyone from the 2010 draft class to surpass him in camp. Or show evidence during camp he's already topped out.

Lionel Dobson seems pretty much a goner this offseason. He would have had 2 seasons to elevate his status. The new regime doesnt stand still nor will it allow its players too.

Ok thats a wrap for me. Goodnite.

First time in a while I agree with you 100% Armando. Also, love the no nonsense regime in place. Never lett'em get comfortable, always keep'em antsy and a fire lit under their collective butts.

Finally!!!! We have a structure in place that evaluates and ACTS instead of fearing no one else would step up.

Wilson come on Armondo this guy cost us at least two games by himself this guy is over paid and Can not run or tackle he is too slow for a starter, and we should have kept Roth the guy is a manimal agnist the Run and good pass rush was not given the time to get in football shape after injury, bad call unless theirs something else going on behind scenes that is not being told to public, the rest I agree with you

I don't get the issue with Roth. It was actually kind of a shock and I can see us playing against this guy for years. They should have told us the truth.
Failed drug test sounds right. Hopefully he doesn't get signed by NE and kick us in the butt in 2 weeks.
I do agree with the plan. Stay on message, work hard, earn your paycheck and we keep you around.
Nothing wrong with that.

I know this is off topic, but you have to give Tony Sparano and the players on this team a ton of credit for battling back to get to 5-5. They started 0-3 and now the team is right in the middle of a playoff race. Who knows what happens the rest of the way, but the fact that we still have a season to look forward to in week 12 is remarkable. Just a remarkable job by this team.

As much as everyone hates Ted Ginn, he is #1 in the NFL in kickoff return average. The Dolphins have gotten unbelievable field position since he took that job over full- time. If Sparano cares about field position and special teams as much as he says, then Ginn absolutely has a spot on this roster even if it is just to return kicks.


Thanks again for the great blog. I look forward to reading it everyday. You are a great writter. Thanks for all the insight. You have the best job, do you need an assistant? lol

Fake GM,

Good point on Ginn. I can be a Ginn hater at times but this is great news for the team. Don't you think we should add him to PR as well? I like Bess but Ginn has that magic on returns. Let Bess focus on his routes and develop a better rhythm with Henne.

It kills me when people say these players have families to take care of in terms of getting cut. The make in one game what most Americans make in a year or even life time. Also, they went to college, they'll be quite alright.

They may still let Ginn go if they find a suitable returner in the off-season. I believe the focus next time around will be on WR, NT and ILB. I can see Brandon Spikes at the top of their list for middle linebacker. Don't think Cody will be around when Miami's pick comes around but I'm sure he'll be a lock at NT if he's there. The receiver will be a tough one to call considering Parcells lack of success drafting at the position.

Younger,cheaper,quicker, sounds like a great nite in a Thailand brothel.....

Some observations:

1) To cpayne68 - I know the shame, angst, frustration and anger at claiming to be the first to comment, and finding out you are not. It is devastating - but we all recover from it.

2) Cuban Menace - I consider you the class of this blog. Why are people always accusing you of posing as multiple people? Say it ain't so, Cuban!

3) I don't think I have ever had as sustained a period of laughter as while watching the episode of "Married With Children" when The Bundys move into a supermarket. That show was much like the Dolphins - it was either great or putrid.

4) It pains me to say this, but Audrey Hepburn was no angel. She had multiple adulterous affairs, including a torrid one with a married William Holden. Holden volunteered to leave his wife for Hepburn, but he had had a vasectomy and Hepburn desperately wanted to have children.

5) You could make a case for Miami having the best combination of punter and place kicker in the NFL.

6) There's nothing hotter (well, I guess SOME things are hotter) than when a woman makes little whimper sounds when you kiss her.

7) What happened to Sean Salisbury at ESPN? He was such a good commentator. I haven't seen him there in ages. There's something about mediocre QBs becoming excellent commentators - Salisbury was great, and I think Dilfer is very good.

8) My skin tends to get dry in the Winter months. Consequently, I scratch at it alot - perhaps too much, because my hairy legs are becoming somewhat barren around my ankles.

I found the new Ted Ginn Highlight Video on you tube.... Pretty good and the music is awsome.



I didn't realize how lucky we are for our kickers, great point!

Fasano should be at the top of the list. Tight End has been atrocious this year, maybe the weakest position on the entire team.

Eff the Jets!!!!!!

(good lord that feels good just saying that for no particular reason)

why is crowder not on that list he STINKS OVER RATED.

If I had to guess I’d say Jason Allen, Ted Ginn, and Joey Porter are gone. Porter and Ginn look like great trade bait to me! Send Ginn to Baltimore, with his lover Cameron, for a pick or two. Fasano and Turner will be given a shot next year. They still show promise. Sorry to say but unless someone special shows up, I think Wilson will be back next year too. I do not know enough about Dotson to comment on him.

No matter what, we will be a better team next year… Guaranteed!

I agree with the list except I would have replaced Fasano with Channing Crowder...Everyone is on Fasano, but we gotta remember, David Martin getting injured had a huge impact on Fasano..Channing on the other hand has been a HUGE disappointment to me

bobbyd12 you make a good point about martin's injury affecting fasano. fasano has been banged up but maybe martin being gone has forced miami to play fasano different due to not much help at 2te position?

Armando show his true colors when he say things like...

"These guys are Vulcan-like in their rational..."


Exactly Sammo, Martin's TE position requires a different type of playing...in a way it's like learning a new position..and Martin took alot of the pressure off Fasano by being the monster TE, I think Fasano will be ok


Sean Salsbury no longer work for ESPN because he sent some lady one text message with a picture of his chorizo

You maybe not see Channing Crowder making big plays, but when he is gone this defense miss him.

He is very good at run defense and putting pressure on qb (even though somehow he never get there for the sack...)

Reggie Torbor is getting better and that is good sign.

We could replace Ginn as a receiver and returner if we were to grab Spiller from Clemson in the draft. He can do it all!!

The dolphins staff better be making sure that Patrick Turner is developing to be our big play WR for next years season. Thats like the only reason i can think of to why he's not out there playing this year.

I don't know about that Carlito, it seems that his mouth plays bigger then him sometimes...if ur gonna talk big, u need to play big...I really think Channing is playing below the level that is expected of him

Matt Roth got caught with he’s hands in the cookie jar. He was riding last season's success on he’s shoulders and the coaches saw he’s arrogance. No room for pre-Madonna’s in a Soprano football squad. You either come with it or leave with it. The WR's specially Gin are lucky not to be cut the reason is we are so week at the position, cutting them would only hurt us more, imagine that's how fucct we are at WR. When the season started I was wondering about Henne but looking at Henne’s body language this Young QB is a rock solid worrier and I now crown him Dolphins QB of the now and the next 10 years. He almost looks like chucky when he’s on the field. Have you seen he’s eyes when he’s down in the game he has a fight in him he’s a Pit Bull. Go Phins Nice draft for the Tuna when it comes to DB’s we landed two stud DBs in one draft awesome. Hartline looks like a solid starter but we need to see Turner let the kid show he’s promise in the game, give him a shoot we need him. Going on the precedence of this draft I will venture to say once Turner is given the opportunity he will catch everything thrown he’s way he most have problems with play recognition they should pre select plays with him so he knows a couple of plays by heart. Thank God Ricky is such a naturalist we would be in deep shenanigan if it was not for him holding down the fort specially now when we need a running game to keep the pressure off Henne. The defense will determine how we finish the rest of the season. They will either grow together specially since they have had a couple of games playing within the same unit. The Defense will determine our season we will average 24 point a game for the remaining 6 games if the defense needs to average less and right now that’s where we need the most improvement on. .

Dolphins’ 31 chicken wings 17

Do you think we keep David Martin or has that ship sailed?

i also agree bobbyd12, David Martin was a pretty solid TE for us.

I think by signing that Akia Omala Barak Obama guy who is a Lankford clone...puts Dotson on notice. I think that Fasano is gone, but wouldn't be surprised if MIA re-signs David Martin and drafts another TE to compete with Haynos.

No way is Jason Allen, Gibril Wilson, or Ted Ginn Jr gone. I could almost bet they will all be here. Ginn will be the starting KR and backup speedster to the #1 WR we bring in. I also feel Camarillo and Bess are keepers. Hartline will battle it out with Turner for that 5th WR spot.

Gibril Wilson would be better Strong Safety... Yeramiah Bell is a very good Strong Safety too...

If Clemons can develop into a starting FS by next year than it looks like Wilson would be the odd man out. He is make too much money to be a backup and Culver has look pretty good this year


Why have we not seen Turner? I saw him in the game he dressed up so why dont they bring him in? its simple Bring him in give him a route to run in a rel game throw him the ball and see what he can do, why dress him up to sit on the bench?

David Martin solid? One DECENT year...Before that he was atrocious...Pass

Ginn gives us great field position after the KO. I don't see how we dismiss him when there no roster substitute for now.

Gilbril has been looking great. someone got through to him.

the rest of the list aside from turner aren't worth keeping in this fan's opinion.

Being that Yeremiah bell is huge strong safety do you guys think that we should move him to outside LB and put Clemons at free safety and move Wilson at Strong, also being that Bell is always lined up with the opposing TE's? Just pondering...

Dear Mr. Carlito from Golfito(Momma Crowder)

"You maybe not see Channing Crowder making big plays"

You are correct.

"(even though somehow he never get there for the sack...)"

Again you are correct.

Soiled :)

Is there a different standard of required performance between a linebacker like Roth and receiver lime Ginn? Why is Roth gone while Ginn is here?


I am not sticking up for Crowder saying he make big plays. I am saying that somehow, even though Crowder doesn't get big plays and make sacks, this defense still misses him when he gone. A good example of this is the KC game last year. With Crowder out, a horrible team ran all over Dolphins.

Crowder is a good run stopper and defensive signal caller. He needs more big plays, but he still very important to the team.

Dear Mr. Remo51

"Is there a different standard of required performance between a linebacker like Roth and receiver lime Ginn? Why is Roth gone while Ginn is here?"

Roth was always pulling his groin in the locker room.....it made the other players very uncomfortable.

Soiled :)

Allen, Dotson, Moses have to go.

Porter must show he's still got it during the second half of the season to stay.

Turner has to be given opportunities to play WR during games to show his potential, just as they did with Wake.

Ginn will still be trade bait regardless of the pick they get for him. He is already a 1st round bust, though.

If Wilson keeps catching up he'll stay one more year till' Clemons is ready to break it.

Crowder was recently signed to an extension but it's a shame to see how RBs run around him so easily. He is good, just not good enough. To be a great defensive team you need a star MLB, and he is not. We still need to draft more OLB's.

Hope Ferguson gets well, though, but there are very good NT options in next year's draft. Very, very good.

We have a good QB in Henne who is only going to get better. We all know he needs weapons. Get a great TE and WR and things will change dramatically. Keep Martin. He is good.

Guys... When was the last time we were number 1 in Kick returns..#1... News flash.. Never...
Thats a huge weapon... If he never catches another ball Hes a keeper.. I no longer care about his receiving prowess... hes not a Bust ..period.. ideally if hes just a kick returner i would have liked to pick him late first round or secound instead of #9 , but the guys a weapon and good field position wins games... there are 31 other teams that would love to have what he brings to the table.. So lets lay off Ginn... The guys a Stud Returner

Sean Salisbury got his arse dropped kicked by 5th degree black macrame belt John Clayton, after one too many on air disses....lol
I always thought Salisbury was a pompous smartazz that assumed he knew more about football than anyone else.

Lots of talk here about Fasano, Martin's loss, and Haynos developing.
But what about this kid Kory Sperry?
I think he showed some instant promise when called upon so quickly when he hadn't even time to hardly pick up the playbook.
If he continues to "produce" going forward, then our TE position may not be as big a need as everyone may think.

It really peeves me that Crowder hasn't done more than be serviceable after the trifecta gave him a nice fat raise. Shame on you CC!
We need a stud ILB and OLB to round out what would be a very good LB corps.

Now with big Ferggie gone I think we will really know what we have in both Soliai, McDaniels, and the rest of our DL.

It will also be interesting to watch the play of Lex Hillard the final 6 games.

As for Clemmons, I'd like to see him become the answer at FS by year end and let Wilson back up or battle it out with Bell for SS.

Also, that we are losing cohesiveness on the OL with injuries, it will be a critical area to watch to see if our depth guys can keep it a productive unit.
I think Hennings play calling will be a factor to this unit as well.

Now onto first things first....Beat the freakin Jills!

Henne is a member of the JUNKYARD DOGS. THAT'S WHY HE LOOKS LIKE A PIT BULL! The coach is really looking at those guys who play tough and with heart.. Thus the junkyard dogs=the dolphins. GO FINS

Dean, I believe Duriel Harris once led the NFL in kickoff return average (1976?). And I'm pretty sure Mercury Morris led the AFC, if not the entire NFL, multiple times in kickoff return average.

Perhaps next time you will not rush to judgment using false assumptions. It is quite dangerous.

Fasano is a role player, he isnt a no 1 TE, he did well with Martin in there stretching the field. Does this result in Gresham OK TE going 1st Round?

Ginn... no 1 Kick Returner??? what would be interesting to see where he is without those 2 returns for TD's... its all about consistency and he's not consistent with KR's.

Henne is mart as hell very patient too almost to patient he reminded me a little of Pennington throwing those initial passes away in the game against the panthers. I was a little upset at first but i had to rethink about hes throw away. I guess its better to punt than to force a ball where there is no opening and have interceptions like Sanchez does in New York. Pennington did have an impact on this Young Qb and i am glad we had him show the young QB how to be a leader work ethic and patience in the game

P.S. Ginn is an outstanding kick returner, with two major flaws:

1) He runs out of bounds too quickly.
2) He carries the ball very loosely. It is inevitable that he will fumble the ball far too often for a returner, undoubtedly at the worst possible times.

Play Turner!!

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