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Miami Dolphins players must produce quickly

Surprised by the waiving of Matt Roth?

If we can cast aside for a second the conspiracy theories about this move, of which there are many -- theories that are unproven and therefore unfair (for now) to relate -- Roth was waived based on performance. He had four weeks to prove he could contribute to the Dolphins this year and beyond and he failed.

He had four tackles in four games and so the Dolphins did what they always do: They acted quickly and decisively to get rid of a player they no longer needed.

(I happen to love that about this regime.)

Unlike other teams that nurture draft picks, coddle free agents, or hold on to veterans perhaps one year too long, sometimes adding to a mistake by refusing to eliminate that mistake, these Dolphins recognize their mistakes and get rid of them.

It sounds harsh because players are men not meat and these men have families to feed. But the NFL is a business and the Dolphins treat the business with little emotion. These guys are Vulcan-like in their rational, logical approach to casting out roster weakness.

That's why no player or coach can feel safe on the Dolphins unless he is producing.

Remember only a few weeks ago, coach Tony Sparano was saying of Roth, "it was good to get him out there," and a couple of weeks later he's gone. Remember I told you how Shawn Murphy got a figurative pat on the back from Sparano about how well he was coming along and two days later he was waived?

Here yesterday, unproductive today, gone tomorrow.

We've seen it time and again.

Samson Satele started all 16 games last year but was a weak link that glowed in neon in losses to Baltimore and other games. He was traded.

John Beck was talked up and credited for his professionalism all last year and in training camp. He was waived.

Eric Green was signed as Miami's free agent answer to its cornerback problems. He was cut in training camp.

Ernest Wilford was a huge free agent bust last year and so the team swallowed a $4.5 million salary cap hit to get rid of him.

The club claimed tight end Davon Drew off waivers and to hear Sparano talk, the guy was on Miami's radar for some time and had great potential. And five minutes later, Drew was cut.

And the approach applies to assistants as well. Remember offensive line coach Mike Maser? He spent 2008 cursing at his players and was basically fired one week after the season ended.

And all this leads us to this question: Who is next?

Earlier this year, when the Dolphins were struggling, I was told no one was safe. In other words, no player that Miami would want to cut after the season could relax simply because his contract situation. The Dolphins saw no salary cap situation they couldn't overcome.

Of course, this doesn't include guys like Jake Long or Vontae Davis or some others because the Dolphins wouldn't consider cutting or trading them anyway. But vets who aren't performing this year risk being outta here by next year regardless of their contracts.

And there are, of course, candidates. These players must step up in the coming weeks to avoid finding themselves possibly looking work elsewhere next season:

1. Jason Allen. The experiment has failed, he is a first-round bust. He isn't a starting-caliber cornerback or safety. That fact aside, he isn't exactly contributing a ton in his current role on special teams, either. He has only seven special teams tackles this year.

2. Ted Ginn Jr. Miami coaches will defend him until the cows come home the rest of this season. But in the offseason the team will make finding a legitimate No. 1 receiver one of its priorities. And if someone comes, someone's got to go. Ginn may still stick as a special teams weapon, but barring some sort of epiphany by him as a receiver, his days at that position in a Miami uniform could be numbered.

3. Joey Porter. The Carolina game gave him a huge reprieve because he's under the microscope bigtime. Porter had eight tackles against the Panthers. That's as many tackles as he had since the third week of the season. But coaches recognize Porter did that against a guard that was playing out of position in place of an injured left tackle. They aren't fooled by the stats. Porter, 33 years old in March, has to prove in the season's final six weeks and in the coming offseason camps and conditioning program, that he deserves a spot on this team. It is not guaranteed.

4. Lionel Dotson. Sparano raved this preseason about how Dotson "changed his body" and got stronger and bigger and better. And he's still managed to be active only twice this season after being active only twice last season.

5. Anthony Fasano. I struggled with this one because I know Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland really like this kid. He's good in the locker room. He's a solid citizen. He plays all-out. But his production has fallen off the table this year. He has only 14 receptions for 113 yards. Dallas Clark had more yards against the Dolphins in one game. Fasano has been injured, has two fumbles, and three drops. He's not having the season anyone would want in a contract year. I don't think he'll be off the team, but I think the Dolphins will definitely try to add talent at TE in the offseason and, as I said before, if someone comes in, someone has to leave.

6. Gibril Wilson. I struggled with this one also. If the evaluation on Wilson had stopped in October, Wilson would probably be gone next season. He missed tackles that cost touchdowns and, arguably, games. But something happened starting Nov. 1. Wilson has not had the same dubious tackling troubles and his coverage has been solid. So it's really quite simple for him: If he plays as he did before Nov. 1, he's gone. If he continues to play as he has been of late, he stays.

7. Patrick Turner. He'll be around for training camp next year because the Dolphins did invest a third-round pick on him. But he should look to example of Murphy, a fourth-round pick in 2008, before he gets too secure in his roster status. He must improve by leaps and bounds by next season because the honeymoon for Dolphins players in Miami can be very short.

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I want to see a 5 receiver formation with Turner, Jin, bess, Hartline & Camarillo is this a possible scenarion??

I actually really like the reasoning here. Bell might need to add a little bulk, but I could see that. It would no doubt improve our pass defense and Bell is no slouch as a tackler.

"Being that Yeremiah bell is huge strong safety do you guys think that we should move him to outside LB and put Clemons at free safety and move Wilson at Strong, also being that Bell is always lined up with the opposing TE's? Just pondering...

Posted by: cwalk82"



go fins

I have notice Ricky running exceptionally well to the corners Armando tell the coaches to run more sweeps

i have not seen a middle linebacker blitzz and get to the QB since Zach was here!

Why cant we run more slants with GIN?

As much as i like cammy,bess and hartline we basically have 3 recievers alike.Ted Ginn will be better if we had a homerun hitter.Like T.O,Calvin Johnson,Andre Johnson ect.Agood not great 2nd reciever.Kinda like Alvin Harper was for Dallas not Tampa Bay.

With Parcells, there will always be players on the bubble, don't produce, gripe, don't go to "Voluntary" workouts and minicamps, your gone...Like Armando said, we need to love this about Parcells...If guys are working hard, and the coaches know who they are, they will stick around...Sometimes guys have so-so years, Fasano comes to mind, but they stick and become intregal parts of a team.As fans we are going to hate to see some players go and some players stay, but we are not there watching the practices and workouts, all we do is speculate...Personally, I like Ted Ginn's speed and break out potential, but he is not a tough player, watch him head towards those sidelines...Gibril can't play half a season and think that's good enough..but I LOVE where Parcells is bringing us and am really proud to be a Dolphin Fan...

Yeramiah Bell playing OLB????


"Crowder is a good run stopper...blah"

CROWDER SUCKS at stopping the run! He makes initial contact and then gets JACKED for 5 yards. His instincts are TERRIBLE! How many time have we seen crowder hit the 5 hole and watch the RB go through the 3 HOLE?

Find some one else to make the calls! Cause CROWDER SUCKS!

Yea and how many times have you seen the opposing QB run right up the freaking middle??? "ONE TOO MANY FOR ME". Crowder is very horrible on pass coverage. thats why Bell has to cover the TE's so much.

Crowder is not a true middle line backer he was good when zah was here because zach did all the heavy lifting, Crowder is soft and is always getting bown up by the Half back or o-line, he rarely reads the run correctly and when he does he gets blown up,

We have a soft Middle Line backer not good!!!

Kory Sperry -

I had my eyes on him on an end-around and the guy can't block secondary players let along line-backers.

He needs to bulk up if he wants to be around next year.

Dear Mr. Israelzion


We went from Zach Thomas to this.
How can any right minded fan be happy ?

Its Football 101....ask Momma Crowder she will tell you.(for a small fee)

Soiled :)

There is a spot open on the roster, I know they have got ther eyes on someone but at what cost. A trade ? someone off the sreet? anybodies guess.

people who should retire and give us a break ;




Your writting has be great of late. The funny thing about the Dolphins...they keep needing players but are still winners. They will be awsome when they get the talent.

Ginn is a huge weapon as a kick returner and should be kept around at least for that reason.

Crowder is a good MILB, it's the other ILB position that can stand an upgrade and you see that when Crowder is out.

Again, look at Adarius Bowman as a cheap option as a WR - currently playing with Winnipeg of the CFL. he had maturity issues in college but looks to have matured.

Interesting that someone mentioned Terrance Taylor - should be worth a look. I hope the current guys will work but I'm not too optimistic to replace Ferg.

" MOVE YEREMIAH BELL TO OLB " ? . Bwhahahhahahahahahaha bwhahahahahahahahah ! My god ! Doesn't it ever end ?


OK , aloco. Only because it's thanksgiving. Speaking of which , I'd like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all the dolphins fans out there and their families.

NJ and me usually don't agree on much.

I will say he is very right about Yeramiah Bell at OLB being outrageous. What was this person thinking? Lets see if we can get Solai back there to take some wildcat snaps. ;)

I have some great memories of Dolphins on thanksgiving.

Snow game vs. Dallas
Fiedler best game ever vs Dallas

Didn't Harrington take it to former team Lions for the Dolphins on thanksgiving????

By this standard Joey Porter should have been cut weeks ago!!!

If they cut Pat White next week, THEN I'll believe this is purely a production issue.

I just found the most amazing website:

hahaha check this out


This is pretty funny, who knew there was market for merchandise from mediocre NFL player.

Well , berger was in for grove at center with the 1st team . Grove , still nursing a ankle sprain , was riding the bike. Smiley and Garner were splitting time with the 1st team. Miami signed back G/C Mark lewis to the 53.

Ricky Williams named AFC offensive player of the week.

Way to go Ricky, way to go...

Congrats to Ricky!

By the way, to all my American brothers, you guys are a month late on Thanksgiving!

Way to go Ricky!!




The business saying goes:

Your heart is for your wife and family, but your brains and your balls are for business.

The Trifecta! Big Tuna! Irleand Clan! and The Sparanos! We Trust!

I'm out Happy Thanksgiving Dolphin Nation!
Enjoy the weekend.


Apropos of nothing, I wish to repaste the Dodsworth Family Tree:

Hiram (1876-1946) and Guinevere Dodsworth (nee Pumblechook) (1881-1952) had 1 child - Potsdam Dodsworth.

Potsdam Dodsworth (1905-1991) married Prudence Dodsworth (nee Shuttlesworth) (1906-1973). They had 1 child - Montague Dodsworth.

Montague Dodsworth (1932-2008) married Elmira Dodsworth (nee Terwilliger) (1936 - ). They had 1 child - Nathaniel Dodsworth.

Nathaniel Dodsworth (1967 - ) married Clarissa Dodsworth (nee Winterbourne) (1964 - ). They have two children - Rose of Sharon Dodsworth (1991 - ) and Veronique Dodswroth (1993 - ).


On behalf of my august, well-connected, patrician, aristocratic and fabulously honored family, I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is my first Thanksgiving as an American citizen. I am thankful to be living in the greatest country the world has ever known - the country that has been more of a blessing to mankind than any others past or present. The idea of American Exceptionalism is neither arrogant nor foolhardy. It is a statement of fact and an inspiration to make this country and the world a better place.


Dear Mr. Nathaniel Dodsworth

"This is my first Thanksgiving as an American citizen. I am thankful to be living in the greatest country the world has ever known - the country that has been more of a blessing to mankind than any others past or present. The idea of American Exceptionalism is neither arrogant nor foolhardy. It is a statement of fact and an inspiration to make this country and the world a better place."

Well said, This is what I like to hear from Rookie first year Americans.

Year 2 I exspect to hear some Foreigner bashing and the like.

You can start with those Dam Canadians.

Having Fun

Soiled :)


Dear Mr. Aloco

Are you in the middle of a meal ?

Soiled :)


Is it true you going to add peacock to the mix of birds in turducken and having turduckencock to celebrate this thursday?

Why is Crowder still on this team? He is a complete bust.I dont get it, he runs his mouth, has very few tackles, gets blown by every back,tight end, and gets bullied by the likes of recievers knocking him to the ground like a baby.He is an embarassment to the Dolphin organization.A big thanks to steve smith for knocking crowder on his head last game.

Hey, Mark from T
Our Thanksgiving is only a month later because we have MORE to be thankful for...
We need that time to count our addtl blessings.
(sorry Canada)

Nice post, Nathaniel
(you're what this country's all about...)

Dear Mr. Carlito from Golfito

I believe Peacock is served Shrimp

When Dining with Mr. Aloco his lucky lady will be served Shrimpcock.

Soiled :)

A lot of people were saying Turner was a big reach in the 3rd round. I hope they're not right. Those same people were saying Pat White was a reach in the 2nd. I hope they're not right.

ALoco, I much prefer dark meat. I've never been able to understand people who prefer white meat - it's drab, dry, tasteless, can't dance, can't dunk a basketball, got no rhythm, got no behind, got no soul.

Dear Mr. Nathaniel Dodsworth

" I've never been able to understand people who prefer white meat - it's drab, dry, tasteless, can't dance, can't dunk a basketball, got no rhythm, got no behind, got no soul."

Yet almost all NFL and NBA players date/eat White meat chicken.

Soiled :)

Matt roth is a Cleveland Brown.

For all the Conspiracy Theorists... Roth was cut knowing New England will pick him up if only to keep him around long enough to pick his brains about Miami's strategies and tendencies, yes teams do this all the time and Tuna & Sparano know this will game plan opposite of the knowledge base Roth has, basically a misinformation tactic... just a thought.

FlogtheDolphin, you can't be serious????

Dolphins should have never gotten rid of Roth. He will be a solid player for the next 5-7 years. He had the ability to dominate a game if given the right situation.

Roth had enough time to show what he can and can't do. Once you lie to the head coach and follow that up with another injury and lack of production...what did he expect? Add to that he is in a contract year. No loss here folks. Maybe in Cleveland he can refocus himself and become a more consistent player. It seems obvious to me that he did not feel comfortable here.

We need to get rid of Channing crowder, and mando isn't right about this regime completely. No receiver In the league is a bigger bust than ginn. And yet he still (almost) catching balls. I hate him as a receiver, he has cost us games and maybe a season. Why are we so quick to say Patrick turner is a bust. The one thing I hate about this regime the most is that they only see what's on the field, and they don't give players a chance. Don't forget ginn would never have returned anything if cobbs didn't go down. And he still doesn't return punts, which he did even better in college. Guess ness has to get hurt and ginn has to hand over a couple
More ints and games to get hum returning punts and turner in a game.

All this talk about who to play and who to let go. I don't care who they play as long as they are 100% dedicated to winning games and do not take plays off or as stated once by I think it was Wilson "we tend to take it a little easy in the 4ht qt" - who ever is on the field needs to be playing every down as if it means the game - because every down does mean the game. I for one an tired of seeing the Fins get a lead only to let the other team come back to either win or scare us at the end of the game. I know TS is working on that issue and I believe he will have it corrected next year. As for TG - he is doing what he does best - returning kicks. GO FINS.

If Roth failed a drug test he would not have been put on the physically unable to preform list. He would have been put on the suspended list. The league would have released the fact that he was suspended for failing a drug test, and how many games he was suspended for.

Don't spread rumors if you have no idea what you are talking about.

I just love how our coaching staff is continually checking the armor of this team. That's why we are going to be solid for years to come. Go Phins!!

Our defensive coordinator definitely needs to produce.

Of the 7 payers you noted, I think Ginn and Porter are locks to be gone. They rest could be gone too, depends on who the Fins can pick up in FA and the draft, but...

J Allen seems like decent special teams player and nickel back. Not starter material but every team needs depth.

Fasano, could his problems have more to do with a change in QB? Maybe he'll get back to 08 form once Henne gets better.

Dotson, who knows?

Turner, if he does not improve thru next year's camp and still cannot get on the field he'll be gone.

Wilson sticks.

Nothing personal, but I will be very happy when the day arrives that Ginn is released or more likely traded (3rd pick or lower is all we will get). This guy is just not in the Fins mold of tough, smart, disciplined.

If you still can't run routes to get open in your third year, your not SMART. Especially with the speed he possesses.

If you can't make the tough catch you have no DISCIPLINE.

TOUGH? This is not a word in Ginn's vocabulary.

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