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The afterglow from sweeping the J-E-T-ZZZZ

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- As he walked past the Jets locker room on his way to where the Dolphins dressed for Sunday's game, Jason Taylor put the Jets in their place: "It's like a damn graveyard around here," he yelled. "Talk about that for two weeks."

The Jets spent last week talking and threatening and trashing the Dolphins. Those very Dolphins put them in their place with a 30-25 victory and now the Jets can eat humble pie during their bye week -- or at least one would think.

But as I write in my column for the Monday Miami Herald, the Dolphins answered the bell in this game after a week of lineup changes and criticism. And the Jets responded to this whipping by acting like a bunch of horse's rumps.

Read the column and see if you don't agree with me.

It is as if the Jets are delusional. They truly believe they outplayed the Dolphins because they outgained the Dolphins.

"We dominated, basically 400 [yards] to 100," offensive tackle Damien Woody said. "That's dominating a football game."

Guess the Jets don't count the 299 kickoff return yards they gave up and resulted in two touchdowns. Guess the Jets overlooked those 48 fumble return yards that resulted in another touchdown. Whatever, let them live in their big-talk, little-production little world.

I can handle boorish winners. You earn the right to boast when you, well, when you earn the right to boast. But to boast when you lose? Ridiculous.

Anyway, I have written this in my column, the grades for the game, and now this blog: The Miami coaching staff is very smart, but it needs to complete what it started when Ted Ginn Jr. became Miami's kick returner. They gave Ginn the kick return duties when Patrick Cobbs went out for the season with a knee injury.

Give Ginn the punt return duties as well, please. Davone Bess had a fumble doing the job Sunday and he doesn't ever really break anything. Give the job to Ginn, who has good hands back there and does have the speed to break something.

Ginn, who returned two kickoffs for touchdowns in the same quarter Sunday, said he's never had two kick returns in one game, but then unwittingly made the case for himself to become the punt returner.

"I've had two different returns before, a punt and a kickoff in the same game," he said. "But not two kickoff returns in the same quarter." 

Moving on. Did you notice the Dolphins started three rookies in the secondary Sunday?

They started rookie cornerback Sean Smith, rookie cornerback Vontae Davis and rookie free safety Chris Clemons along with vetern strong safety Yeremiah Bell.

"It caused me a little bit of a sleepless week," Sparano admitted afterward. "I do have a lot of confidence in thse players. I thought they got it really hard out there today, I really do. That's a good group. Braylon Edwards gives this team a different dimension in my opinion and I thought those [rookies] hung in there. They just kept fighting. They hung in there pretty good."

Well, it was a good job that could have been better had Smith hung on to an interception at the goal line in the first half. But ...

That's the Jets they were facing. That's a rookie QB they just beat. The Patriots are next. Tom Brady is next. I have serious, serious concerns about starting three rookies DBs against Brady that I don't have against Mark Sanchez.

Seems to me it's time to reinsert Gibril Wilson back in the starting lineup. Wilson, by the way, had a good game Sunday. He had two sacks and didn't miss any tackles.

The experiment worked Sunday, but the Dolphins should not go crazy.

The Pats are not the Jets.


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Your kiddin me a-man?right?Wilson?Let the boy's play.

Oh, man, I simply love my Dolphins!

They make me so very happy. They make me so very sad. It a freeking pasionate relationship the one I have with this great, historical team...

Jets down.

Patriots next.

Come on guys! I don't want to grow older waiting year after year after year after year...

Lots of love from Mexico City!

Rock as hard as hell!


Where the hell is Turner?Is he that bad?

It's going to be fun in the coming years watching the Phins handle that team. This team will improve and it will get younger and tougher. Who is to say if Ginn doesn't have those returns that the Phins don't sustain long drives against those bums. Didn't have many yards beacues we didn't have as many posessions. It also forced our defense to be on the field quite a bit. Areas of concern sure but this team has shown it can play with anybody in the NFL. The tri-fecta will have another draft, a peek at free agency and another year of developing its younger core plyers. Very fun season so far and I got a feeling it's goin to get even better.

Go Phins!

If the rookies are the best players you've got, then go with the rookies. Wilson has not been impressive all year where as when Clemons has gotten in the game he has shown a number of flashes. Sure there will be some growing pains but why not get them out of the way this year rather then next; Wilson was allowing a lot of pain without the growing.

What about soem criticism of Henning's paly calling? To me in the last few games and really a common thread throughout the year is the play calling is lacking. Granted if the execution were better more drives would be sustained and/or productive but the offensive is not helping itself by being so predictably run. The Pat White stuff is useless as well it needs more razzel dazzel to it which could start if anyone ever thought the team will actually ever let him throw it.

Looks like a good young secondary to me. I say give the kids some experience. Wilson is a bust, let Clemons play. Of course they are gonna have their bumps and burns, but those 3 could be deadly in a year or two. We need a play making saftey like a Polamalu or a Reed. Maybe Clemons can be that ballhawk


Please keep us as informed as possible on the progress of Turner and Sheets.

I'm not down on getting P.White into the game but if you look at the play he was in for and handed off, you would like to see him sell the fake a little more to draw a defender? If not then leave Henne in to handoff?

Go Phins!

Are you as delusional as THE OBESE BUFFOON and his minions?: The secondary doesn't get an 'A' by any measure. Davis whiffed on Sanchez's longest completion of the year. Clemons looke dscared to make a tackle on the same play. Sean Smith was picked on regularly and with success.

Randy Starks gets and 'A', STs 'A', fine particularly Ginn and Fields), Soliai A- ...the rest is B+ and below.

I agree with assesment of Henne and OL.

Recipe to beat the pats

1. Belief u can win
2 No turnovers
3. Blitz packages NEW
4. Wildcat 3.0 ver 2 (something never seen before)
5. COVER and hit Welker hard
6. More surprise. Fake punt
7. 3rd down efficiency
8. Get Camarillo a lot more involved!!!!!!

Go Fins

Oh by the way what's up with our OL???????

Sorry Mando, I have to disagree with you regarding starting Wilson over Clemons.

I personally believe that if they started Clemons earlier in the season they may have an extra victory and definitely some more positive defensive plays that ended up going south with Wilson covering pass plays.

Don't get me wrong, Wilson is a good run-stuffing Strong Safety, but not a good pass covering Free Safety. Clemons aught to start at Free Safety for the remainder of the year, and both Bell or Wilson can play Strong.

As far as our rookie corners are concerned, I haven't felt this good about a young pair like Smith and Davis since Madison and Sertain. Will Allen makes our status in the CB department all the more sweeter, and even our back-ups are a good bunch.

Our secondary coverage problems have been at safety with Bell and Wilson on opposing TEs, and miss-matches with our LBs. Hopefully Clemons remedies that.

Oh by the way what's up with our OL???????

Posted by: aquaandorange | November 02, 2009 at 01:31 AM

INCONSISTANCY!!! that pretty much sums it up!!!

Chris, you have to give the secondary a little more credit because the front seven was not putting much pressure on Sanchez. For the fact that he held on the ball for awhile tells me he initially did not have a open receiver. The CBs played well, I would give them a A minus.

A-man,how about some vid with teddy {did not see the game}.

i know one thing tho, heading into next week's game against new england, we must get bac to our old ways in controlling the clock and most importantly RUNNING the football well, this weeks formula will not work twice against the pats.

NFL NETWORK to replay the game on tuesday at 8 pm.


lets hope they only play the 2nd half of that game, otherwise,ppl may be too bored with the game to watch when the real fireworks began.

The db's get a B at best.

Yeah , like i was at the game ! Ist half , zzzzzzzz !

There an awful smell in NY today, stunk up the entire city. Sanitation and DEP were on top of it, and it was revealed the foul stench was Rex Ryan and Bart Scott combined with their teams loss set off the meters in the city.

WTG Phins!!!

I agree Bess shouldn't be returning punts anymore but don't know if Ginn will do any good on punt returns. I just fear he will be very fumble prone but Bess already is anyway.

Wooooo....I love to beat the jets.

I can't believe the jets wont give us our credit like real ballers do.They keep saying that our offense is pretty much weak...did they forget the offensive beat down we put on them in Miami ha We didn't have our best offensive game, but good teams find a way to win when they struggle.We can run on the jets...we can pass on the. jets...and we can return kicks on the jets ha Our Dolphins hit Sanchez so hard that he threw up his hot dog from last week!! The jets number 1 rushing offense is a fake...I mean they ran on the Bills and Raiders ha

I want to send a lot of love to Ted Finn Ginn...We have all called him out and he stood up like a real Miami Dolphin football player.I hope this picks up his confidence and attitude...we need him to step up and stretch the field.Way to ball Ginn!!

We had some players step Up...
1.JT was a stud again.
2.Wilson played hard and hit hard.
3.Ted Ginn was playing to save his career
4.Starks was huge on the jets last drive.

We didn't have our best game Phin Fans but our Dolphins played with heart...we got the win so bring out the BROOM HA

Is it true that Ginn blew of Mark Duper, when he offered to help Ginn with his recieving skills? Duper said he would help tutor Ginn at no cost. Take the offer Ted!

I forgot one baller from the game that was a stud...SOLAI was a game changer today.

We can point out a lot of things that went wrong this game...lets just show our Dolphins some love and enjoy a heart felt win.Much love Phin FANS!!!!

Screw Wilson let the rookie start and mix it up with Wilson when we bring I. That new hybrid Defense package that has 2 down linemen 4 LB and 3 Safteies and 2 CB loved that look we had a lot of defrent looks on defense we played a 4-3 at one point we had 4 down linemen and 4 LB so a 4-4 I saw some crazy things out there but that what I've been asking for something like the wildcat but on Defense and boy did we answer I've watched the game 3 time already (DVR) and it was a new start on Defense very creative just what we need but on offense somthing is not ticking right after Cobb went down were not blocking on Run plays and we resort to pass all the time not very smart our O-line doesn't pass Block very well we need to Run the ball more Ricky and Ronnie 27 yard WTF! Run the ball!!

I bashed Ginn and he played so I'm here to say damn good job. Ginn should be punt returner and start Clemons. Armando been drinking again.

Hey Armando, the next time you see Randy Starks, can you ask him why he plays like lights out every time he plays them int he meadowlands? does he have family up here?

Mando, Ginn runs out of bounds to avoid hits as a receiver running with the ball. Imagine what he's thinking with a sky-high punt that is lingering in the air while some of those psycho special-teamers are bracing to hit him at full speed as soon as he catches the ball. He will muff punts plenty (as he did at OSU). He would cause as many, if not more, costly turnovers than big returns as a punt returner (as he did at OSU). I love Ginn and wish the best for him, but watching him return punts is about as nerve-racking as betting your life savings on Paul Soliai beating Chris Johnson in a footrace. Just not gonna happen. Bess is the right man (those fumbles were uncharacteristic of him). Leave it be, Mando. Leave it be.

P.S. I'm only seeing one sack for Gibril:


I agree with you Armando. It's a lot scarier playing the Cheatriots with three rookies in the secondary than it is playing the Jets. Sanchez stunk it up in the first half and missed some wide open receivers that Brady just won't miss. Plus, Welker and Moss are better than the Jets top two WRs. The D-line and the offensive running game better be there next week or it could get ugly.

On the positive side, how freakin good is Nate Jones playing? He's had his best two coverage games as a Dolphin the past two weeks. I think the Dolphins should go nickel or dime the whole game and just spot the Cheatriots the runs if they want them. Jones and Culver are the only consistent guys in the secondary.


After they were hitting me in the back with peanuts I turned and told them throw one now that I was looking and not one did anything.
I called them all a bunch of cowards and turned around to see GINN's first TD.

Nobody hit me with anything any more.

Then one said we scored out of the base Offence. I said we scored in all 3 fazes of the game.

Our O
Our D
and the Special teams was SPECIAL.

Great win but back to work, pats game next. O-line has got to do a much better job. Henne has to either get rid of the ball or better yet audible on obvious blitzes. Was his helmet speaker not working or didn't Henning see it coming? 100 yards offense, unacceptable.

I'm not having much after glow when we won by some kind of miracle. Not much to hang hopes on for the remainder of the season.
What' s happening to our defense in the last quarters of these games? Where are the variations in the wildcat? Will we ever have a receiver that can make a play? Is coach Sparano a little slow, last week the timeout this week the two point conversion attempt?
8 weeks in, I wish I was seeing something come together and I just don't.

Ohio Finfan has a good point on Ginn. Teddy is happy to catch a kick unmolested and have a moment to get going. Don't ask him to stand under a punt waiting to get crushed. I think he'll wet himself.

Hey Mike Westhoff!!! Your going to Disney Land!!

Rex Cryan will never give another team credit. Bart Scott still thinks he is Ray Lewis. The Fins may not be Superbowl Bound but they are closer than the Jets are. They'll have to chew on that for the rest of the season. NY Wets, you are oficially DISMISSED. GOODBYE LOSERS.

Why do you guys have such a hard time understanding Coach Sporanos decision to go for the 2 point conversion?It was a good decision, but a bad execution.Armando,can you explain it for these guys.....I'm still a little hung over.It's a good hang over though since we beat those clowns from Joisey!!

I would not mind seeing Pat White Come in for the Wild horses formation (I think thats what the Broncos Call it). I think that would stop the corners from pinching in. White comes across in motion and set up as QB, might stay out there as a reciever or could come across all the way or as the sweep back.

Hey Armando, Why are you not starting your cut or trade Ginn for a 7th round bs?

I'll never forget the look on Brady Quinns face after the Dolphins passed on him.Maybe Cam the scam isn't quite as retarded as we give him credit for.

Let's not put the cart before the horse on Ginn, every dog has his day...yes he had two excellent returns but the fact remains he's still not a starter n da NFL...
Our secondary MUST get better we have alot of work to do....#1 dolfan..

I think Kory Sheets should be activated for the Patsies game and put Pat White on the shelf.Kory can take over punt patrol( I don't think Ginn has it in him to do that )and there's no reason to give a roster spot to Pat if he's just gonna hand the ball off.Ronnie or Chad can do that just fine.

Great job ted ginn; as I said last week, the way to quiet the crowds is to score a big one or two. Why is the wildcat not working? It is simple: against the jets in the first game and against the saints, the wildcat worked like a charm. This time it did not work because most defenses have begin to notice that ronnie brown keeps the ball 80% of the time and rarely hands off to ricky williams. If you noticed against new orleans and the first game against the jets, ronnie handed off to ricky several times and the wildcat worked well. Ronnie needs to pass a few times too. If there is a balance in the wildcat distibution against new england, then the dolphins will pound the patriots next week!

where was the pass rush in the 2nd half? Are JT & Peezy getting tired. Where's Wake? Wake has but the most pressure on the quarterback as anyone (on a per play basis).

All i can say to the JETS fans, the JETS Defense and to Mike Westhoff is this famous quote by the great head coach Rex Ryan -

"Boo Hoo Hoo"

This is what happen when you start talking Super Bowl and calling your rookie QB the "Shancise" after 3 weeks.

Calvin Pace were you even playing?

Good game Teddy!

I love how the Jets think they are Super Bowl contenders. Fact us Jetz and Dolphins are practicllay the same team. Good run game. Young QB's that aren't completely trusted. Good D...except the Jets have s better secondary. Only difference is we didn't give up our draft to get there.

the jets team in football the same as under cooked pork hot dog to food .rex ryan is to coahes in the NFL as MOFAZA the traitor lion in the movie ( the lion king ) to good lions .

ps...now i understand why the fans hate the jets that much .

ted gin may broke the record by scoring 2 RETUNED TD W/MORE THAN 200 YARDS .HIS WAGON GETTING FULL .

Mando, I think your twitter client may have been compromised. I got a DM for you about making money on Google, somehow I'm thinking that wasn't you. I'm an info sec professional if you need assistance. My email attached. Please delete this comment.

Wow... Was Bart Scott even playing out there?? Didn't notice him!

Yeah, I heard the Jets are upset that they lost after out gaining the dolphins, well, boo hoo hoo.

All they keep talking about is how Jets outgained the Dolphins almost 400 yards to 100. Well, you don't need to gain 400 yards when every time you touch the ball on special teams and defense you take it straight to the house. Its like everytime Jets player or fan talk about game he act like they should not count Ted Ginn and JT's 3 td. Why? Do they think it is something illegal?

The reason the Dolphins had so little yards is that those 3 scores take away 3 possible scoring offensive drive. This is football people, the object of the game is to score touchdowns and win, any way you can offense, defense, or special teams.


I was reading ESPN.com and pats fan sound very nervous in an arrogant way about playing Dolphins next week.

One thing they are not talking about, I'm sure pats fans and Tom Brady are not happy that his former daddy JT is coming to town and playing like the old days.


If you think this way and include Tedd Ginn's 299 return yards Dolphins have over 400 yards from scrimage.

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Like Tony Dungy said, "the Jets did not out play the Fins because all phases of the game count". Special teams is part of playing the game and it was that area where the Fins won out big.

I think the Jets players and coach should follow the example of the Jets fans on this blog and disappear after a loss rather than talking trash. The trash talk only serves to make the loss look worse.

Props to Ginn. He made up for all previous games. This Win belongs to Ginn Jr.

What a great win, and a great game by Ginn. Suck it jets and fans. You are perpetual losers. This game does bring out a lot of what if's though with the two games we let get away earlier.

Oh well, Big game next week. we bag that and we are back in this for sure.

The Jets D did out play our offense I will give them that. But that's it. Their offense didn't do anything impressive and in fact I believe our defense outplayed them.

Remember, because the offense was ineffective our defense was on the field a lot through every quarter. They practically played the entire third quarter. By the 4th quarter any defense having gone through that is going to be tired and is going to give up some plays. We had a number of sacks, forced a turnover and scored a TD, and came up with the big stop to win the game at the end. That's a great game in my book!

I will repeat what I said on Friday. We just need an ILB, OLB, and WR and this team will be in the running. Soliai looks good at nose and Haynos looks like a decent TE. It wouldn't hurt to get a deep TE threat, but with a true #1 WR I think we'll be fine.

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