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The afterglow from sweeping the J-E-T-ZZZZ

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- As he walked past the Jets locker room on his way to where the Dolphins dressed for Sunday's game, Jason Taylor put the Jets in their place: "It's like a damn graveyard around here," he yelled. "Talk about that for two weeks."

The Jets spent last week talking and threatening and trashing the Dolphins. Those very Dolphins put them in their place with a 30-25 victory and now the Jets can eat humble pie during their bye week -- or at least one would think.

But as I write in my column for the Monday Miami Herald, the Dolphins answered the bell in this game after a week of lineup changes and criticism. And the Jets responded to this whipping by acting like a bunch of horse's rumps.

Read the column and see if you don't agree with me.

It is as if the Jets are delusional. They truly believe they outplayed the Dolphins because they outgained the Dolphins.

"We dominated, basically 400 [yards] to 100," offensive tackle Damien Woody said. "That's dominating a football game."

Guess the Jets don't count the 299 kickoff return yards they gave up and resulted in two touchdowns. Guess the Jets overlooked those 48 fumble return yards that resulted in another touchdown. Whatever, let them live in their big-talk, little-production little world.

I can handle boorish winners. You earn the right to boast when you, well, when you earn the right to boast. But to boast when you lose? Ridiculous.

Anyway, I have written this in my column, the grades for the game, and now this blog: The Miami coaching staff is very smart, but it needs to complete what it started when Ted Ginn Jr. became Miami's kick returner. They gave Ginn the kick return duties when Patrick Cobbs went out for the season with a knee injury.

Give Ginn the punt return duties as well, please. Davone Bess had a fumble doing the job Sunday and he doesn't ever really break anything. Give the job to Ginn, who has good hands back there and does have the speed to break something.

Ginn, who returned two kickoffs for touchdowns in the same quarter Sunday, said he's never had two kick returns in one game, but then unwittingly made the case for himself to become the punt returner.

"I've had two different returns before, a punt and a kickoff in the same game," he said. "But not two kickoff returns in the same quarter." 

Moving on. Did you notice the Dolphins started three rookies in the secondary Sunday?

They started rookie cornerback Sean Smith, rookie cornerback Vontae Davis and rookie free safety Chris Clemons along with vetern strong safety Yeremiah Bell.

"It caused me a little bit of a sleepless week," Sparano admitted afterward. "I do have a lot of confidence in thse players. I thought they got it really hard out there today, I really do. That's a good group. Braylon Edwards gives this team a different dimension in my opinion and I thought those [rookies] hung in there. They just kept fighting. They hung in there pretty good."

Well, it was a good job that could have been better had Smith hung on to an interception at the goal line in the first half. But ...

That's the Jets they were facing. That's a rookie QB they just beat. The Patriots are next. Tom Brady is next. I have serious, serious concerns about starting three rookies DBs against Brady that I don't have against Mark Sanchez.

Seems to me it's time to reinsert Gibril Wilson back in the starting lineup. Wilson, by the way, had a good game Sunday. He had two sacks and didn't miss any tackles.

The experiment worked Sunday, but the Dolphins should not go crazy.

The Pats are not the Jets.


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i thought that jets TD was a bad call it looked like smith had the interception, and i don't think the other 4th qtr TD ever made it into the endzone. good play calling, seems that the coordinator actually figured out that throwing passes to the runningbacks is a quick way to get them past the line of scrimmage and into the secondary! Good to see Matt Roth in their to help against the run! correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought the reciever coach is getting paid to coach the recievers? Ginn needs a trouble shooter, where is this guy?


Yesterday Brett Favre got to do what Dan Marino never got the chance to do.....PROVE THEY WERE WRONG.Thanks Again Jimmy Johnson for wasting the last few years of Marino's Career and to you Dave Wandstedt for tossing him to the curb.

sachez eats rex sausage.

Rex is eating Ginn saisage baby!!!

if ginn wants to return punts and fill he can do a better job than bess,then we must let him do it. we got to use all of his speed whenever possible. as far as reciever goes ginn needs to play opposite of a brandon marshall type wr. to truly be effective. I was surprised ginn returned two kickoffs in a game but im not surprised he return the kickoff at all,people must forget he has like 5 return altogether some brought back b/c of flags but he can do it.

I would have loved to see Ted ginn eating a hot dog at the end of that game....jets should get fined by the NFL for continuing to spew garbage out of their mouths.... we could lose every game the rest of the season and I will still be happy.


Ted Ginn Jet Killing history

Week 17 last year - game winning td catch

Week 5 this year - 53 yard td

Week 8 - record break kr performance

Ted Ginn The Jet Killer

- The wagon will be full when Cuban Menace join

Not only am i glad we beat J E R K S jets,jets,jets but I've even more glad for Ginn. I like Teddy and am so glad for him for the game he had. He's been getting crap since day one sometimes deserved but most of the time he doesn't. This is a guy who got booed from his own fans for being drafted. Yes he had a terrible game against the saints but thanks to Sports Illustrated showed he saved a touchdown even though they made the wrong call. Good for you Teddy enjoy your day and may you have many more

Looking ahead folks, Vincent Jackson is a free agent in the offseason! He would look great in aqua and orange!


AHH Carlito, You know the Cuban will not jump on the band wagon, It is true that he is an excellent kick returner(I've never said otherwise) but he still lacks the testicular fortitude that's required as a wide out, so in short good for Teddy and keep him on K.O return detail, he excels at that, but keep him out of the offense....

I really think we haven't seen the full wildcat or spread offense package yet because Henning is waiting to unleash new wrinkles on the Pats. This next game can really put us back in the driver's seat for the division.

So Carlito, how do you feel now about Henne and the touch pass? Did you see any in this game? Anyways great win over the stinkin jets.


you never said any thing good about this jets killer ted ginn .jump before no more space in the wagon to fit in .


I agree that Ginns talents are better use for kr than wr, but Dolphins need to keep him in the game on offense just to keep defense honest with his speed. Jets were putting 9 people in the box. He is not a great wr, definitely not a number 1, but he still can be used if anything as the Dolphins starting Jet killer.

I was just wondering why the Jets changed their name from the Titans.. could it be because the average Jet fan cant spell anything with more then 4 letters.. I can imagine the chant in the old days..

T..I..T..S.. and they they all got confused... so they just changed it to a visual thing.. look up.. its a plane.. now spell it...


I am confident in Henne and I think he will bounce back with a great game against NE's below average defense. I don't think most of the problem was on Henne, The offensive line was not giving him any time and there were alot of dropped passes.

I did see a couple times Henne held the ball too long, thats about it.

honestly the play calling during the second half on the defensive side was tooo PASS-ive need to be as aggressive as the first half it was working why stop!! i think we might need to consider looking at new defensive coordinator to go from one of the best to close to reall bad we have tooo manyyy great players on the line .. they should make our secondary look greaT but something just aint right. and if you have the talent and the talent coming off the nbecnh there is no reason to give up that many yards to sanchez not knocking sanchez its just we have to step it up on the play calling espcially when we face brady next week

Keep in mind that Ted(alligator arms)Ginn is built for kick returns, just like the mighty T-Rex the ball sails straight into his little arms and then he takes off.., also teddy's had 2 games where he was the game factor, yesterday and VS. the bills last year, that's 2 games in 56 game ole "lil arms" has been the man, if my math is still good that means he will have a great game 1 game every 1.65 seasons, dont get too excited guys.... I know i'am a hater..


Though i will say Mando's post on the benching of Ginn would mean that old teddy would have more time to concentrate on K.O returns and maybe excel is a little spooky.. Like Mando knew the future, Could Mando be a distant Relative of Nostradamus????

Dolphins are 3-0 in AFC east.we own the Jerks and the Bills and the Patsy are next!! Sweeping the Jerks this season it's already a success.GO FINS!!!

Gopats, Hows tommy Boy taking his resurgence as maybe the best pure passer in the league(Though those last 2 games were against 2 teams with a combined 0 and 13 record) How do you think he'll feel with a wake, porter .Taylor, Roth line up?????I think he's going to be using alot of ice bags after the game, though thats only my Opinion

Armando, well said! I think we really need to apply some defensive pressure, if we're going to win against the Pats. The young wr and cb are going to be the difference makers if our d-line puts pressure on Brady. He's mostly definitley in the same league as manning and brees. I hope they practice, if we could only apply d-pressure like the Jets did to Henne. Hate those Jets, but there defense sure did play well and blitzed us hard. Hope our d can come out and do the same?

The J E T S are who we thought they were. Overrated sore stinking LOSERS!!!!

Tickets to Jets vs Fins @ Home $200.00
Tickets to Fins vs Jets @ Away $ 350.00

Seeing the look on Rex Ryans face after losing twice to the Fins PRICELESS


You are forgetting some games where Ted Ginn has been a deciding factor buddy...

Vs. Seahawks last year
Vs. Jets last year (last game)
Vs Jets this year (first game)

There are three parts to a team. While the jets have to find some solace somewhere, and make excuses instead of just looking at the final score, is very indicative of the New York mentality. Even when they lose, they think they won. We see it in these blogs all the time. Oh well. Some things can't be fixed.
As for this weeks game, it would be nice to see the coaches come up with a new game plan. Putting Ginn into the game on offense is ok if he is only used on deep patterns and reverses. When he has to worry about where the defense is, he doesn't do as well as when he can see them, or knows he has them beat. Punt return teams seem to get there quicker than kickoff returns. I guess as long as he doesn't fumble it'd be ok to try him there.

I just wanted to say belatedly that Martin's comments are the only ones that don't look like they were written by someone drunk on one beer. He's right; the Phins are on the way up, and the Jets shot their wad. The real long term challenge is New England. They got old, but still somehow stockpiled a bunch of draft picks (Seymour for Raiders number one, for example). They are still ahead of the Phins and will probably win next week. The question is whether they will sink below the Phins before their own rebuilding kicks in. That's what's interesting, not yesterday's old news.

Go pats if you must troll here, please take off your caps lock.

Some people say that the flash is not real; tune in next week when ted ginn takes the field. The patriots will run; the patriots will try; when ted ginn takes the field and goes bye bye!

Belchos, the reason why the pats have many draft picks are because there the NFLs team, look at the cheating they do,and they get away with it year in and year out,they'll be good until Goodall is overthrown or until Robert Kraft takes a dirt bath..(hopefully both will happen soon)..

I still see a lot of hate out there for Ted Ginn. Maybe we all need to remember the Dolphins made him their #1 draft choice - Ginn had no say in it. He was a great return specialist in college and, if given the chance, will be a great one for the Fins. Let's give up on the wide receiver experiment and move on - Cam Cameron's mistake, Not Ginn's.

David, See my post at 9:52, the next game ginn will be the factor(other then the bad factor) will take place next year on week 15...

that was a great win; anytime you can sweep a divisional opponent that's huge...

but i will agree that we should keep the vets (jones/wilson) rotated in there at secondary, esp against the pats... there were several instances when there was some serious confusion out there, esp right before the snap...

if you think you saw confusion yesterday, just wait till the pats go *no huddle* on us next week... belicheat will be salivating when he sees this on film probably right about now...

somebody please get this guy henne coached up for the game cuz they're gonna show some rubicks cube type looks and this guy can't make a bad decision...

Surprised Culver didnt get the start at free safety. But u dont start a player Wilson over Clemons based on the opponent. Will be moot anywat b/c the phins will likely start the game in nickel vs the Pats spread

Sorry I'am still hating...

We dominated, basically 400 [yards] to 100," offensive tackle Damien Woody said. "That's dominating a football game."

Guess the Jets don't count the 299 kickoff return yards they gave up and resulted in two touchdowns. Guess the Jets overlooked those 48 fumble return yards that resulted in another touchdown.

Armando, we were also 61.5yds on the plus side in net punting avg (MIA 42.4 JETS 33.6) and 15yds on the plus side in penalty yardage (MIA 4-25yds JETS 6-40yds).

So Mr Damien Woody all said and done we actually outgained you: 546.5yd to 538yds. Tony Sparano has been preaching hidden ydg since arriving here. Guess they dont teach it in Jetland. The team with the most total ydg, hidden ydg really does count too, and total pts won Sunday. That team is our Dolphins.

Too much hate for Ted, I agree. Look at our score almost half the points were scored by Ginn and he got is in good field position on the others. It's last weeks news, we need to shift the focus on the pats. We need to expect bad calls from the refs and the d to step up to the challange. Most of all our offense needs to play consistent in the passing and running game. Nice to see Ricky running mostly nice to see Ted step up.

We destroyed the Colts in all areas of the game and still lost. You won't here us talking trash after the game. Whatever makes you feel better Jets. Talk it up!

Miami Dolphins WR's corps is a joke.

Hartline and Cammarillo are invisible
Bess can't catch the football
Ginn it's Ginn
Turner is not active

Really, there's nothing worse group of WR in the league.

Let them talk. His Dad talked a lot too and never amounted to much as a head coach. In fact, didn't Shula beat Buddy Ryan and the Eagles on a Sunday to claim the most wins record?

I know Shula beat Buddy.

As I said yesterday, real teams..Steelers, Colts, Patriots..let their play do their talking.

The dolphins are working to get to this point.

Rex Ryan enjoy your bye week!

How sad are the Jets? You held our offense in check and still gave up 30 points!

In Jetland "hidden ydg" is just more trickery and not playing the game like real "stupid" men. LOL

Henne 3-1 as a starter could be 4-0. I will take that!

I know that the Phins only had less than two hundred yards from the line of scrimmage, why don't they add to that the 200 yards gained on kick returns and punt returns toward our total production? Do they consider those yards as defensive yards?





UHHHH Gopats check your records on Chad(Neck fat)Henne, There wrong, hes not 3-0..

cuban, i meant the record of the first 3 games they played this season not the 7 games .

ps...i am pointing out how was every one on the sanchez wagon after 3 games played and now seems every one is jumping of it .i hope you went school cuban.


Ginn the Jet Killer
Solai the Sumo
Vontae the Vulture


Next week we need

Grove the Grunter
Ronnie the Rabid Beast
Ricky the Rhino
Polite the Pounder
Henne the Hero
Vontae the Vulture
Sean Stick Fingers Smith
Yermiah Was a Bullfrog
Jason Taylor the Terror
Porter the Prognosticator
Earthquake Wake

What the jet fans seem to forget is that when Pennington was a jet we OFTEN outplayed them statistically and lost consistantly....what goes around comes around....goodbye meadowlands toilet......flush out the sh*t that is ur fans.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Henne beat the Bill, and the Jets twice. Lost to the Saints. 3-1 as the Starter.


time to go .enjoy your win before your DADDY TOM DELIVER YOU YOUR 5 LOSS OF THE SEASON .

The Jets players just as their FAT DUMB Coach who doesn't know how to shut up, got beat. Their "great defense" should've stopped the Dolphin's winning drive in the 4th quarter, but they did not. They should've play better special teams, but they did not. They should've finished the game just as they finished some of their drives during the game, but they did not. FAT Coach and dumb players should've shut up after the 1st game, but they did not. Eat it Fat Coach! Oh wait, he already did.


Two kickoff returns for TDs and a 58 yd fumble return for a TD...Dolphins should be ashamed for putting in those two "gimmicks" to win the game LOL...

And as far as GoPats, I'll tell you the same thing I tell my other friend from Boston...what's it like to live in a "Minor League City" that has crappy weather 8 months a year and some of the FUGLIEST women around???

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