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The afterglow from sweeping the J-E-T-ZZZZ

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- As he walked past the Jets locker room on his way to where the Dolphins dressed for Sunday's game, Jason Taylor put the Jets in their place: "It's like a damn graveyard around here," he yelled. "Talk about that for two weeks."

The Jets spent last week talking and threatening and trashing the Dolphins. Those very Dolphins put them in their place with a 30-25 victory and now the Jets can eat humble pie during their bye week -- or at least one would think.

But as I write in my column for the Monday Miami Herald, the Dolphins answered the bell in this game after a week of lineup changes and criticism. And the Jets responded to this whipping by acting like a bunch of horse's rumps.

Read the column and see if you don't agree with me.

It is as if the Jets are delusional. They truly believe they outplayed the Dolphins because they outgained the Dolphins.

"We dominated, basically 400 [yards] to 100," offensive tackle Damien Woody said. "That's dominating a football game."

Guess the Jets don't count the 299 kickoff return yards they gave up and resulted in two touchdowns. Guess the Jets overlooked those 48 fumble return yards that resulted in another touchdown. Whatever, let them live in their big-talk, little-production little world.

I can handle boorish winners. You earn the right to boast when you, well, when you earn the right to boast. But to boast when you lose? Ridiculous.

Anyway, I have written this in my column, the grades for the game, and now this blog: The Miami coaching staff is very smart, but it needs to complete what it started when Ted Ginn Jr. became Miami's kick returner. They gave Ginn the kick return duties when Patrick Cobbs went out for the season with a knee injury.

Give Ginn the punt return duties as well, please. Davone Bess had a fumble doing the job Sunday and he doesn't ever really break anything. Give the job to Ginn, who has good hands back there and does have the speed to break something.

Ginn, who returned two kickoffs for touchdowns in the same quarter Sunday, said he's never had two kick returns in one game, but then unwittingly made the case for himself to become the punt returner.

"I've had two different returns before, a punt and a kickoff in the same game," he said. "But not two kickoff returns in the same quarter." 

Moving on. Did you notice the Dolphins started three rookies in the secondary Sunday?

They started rookie cornerback Sean Smith, rookie cornerback Vontae Davis and rookie free safety Chris Clemons along with vetern strong safety Yeremiah Bell.

"It caused me a little bit of a sleepless week," Sparano admitted afterward. "I do have a lot of confidence in thse players. I thought they got it really hard out there today, I really do. That's a good group. Braylon Edwards gives this team a different dimension in my opinion and I thought those [rookies] hung in there. They just kept fighting. They hung in there pretty good."

Well, it was a good job that could have been better had Smith hung on to an interception at the goal line in the first half. But ...

That's the Jets they were facing. That's a rookie QB they just beat. The Patriots are next. Tom Brady is next. I have serious, serious concerns about starting three rookies DBs against Brady that I don't have against Mark Sanchez.

Seems to me it's time to reinsert Gibril Wilson back in the starting lineup. Wilson, by the way, had a good game Sunday. He had two sacks and didn't miss any tackles.

The experiment worked Sunday, but the Dolphins should not go crazy.

The Pats are not the Jets.


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Why wasnt Ginn returning kicks and punts all year? That's what he is good at. He can't catch passes. He can't run routes. Like sparano is a genius for thinking of this by demoting him. I sometimes wonder what is going on in the heads of the coaches of this team. We drafted a kick returner with a #1 pick, not a receiver. The kid should return kicks. And another thing, why can't Sparano add the score correctly? He goes for 2 when we're up 11. An extra point makes it 12 and the Jets then have to score a TD, the 2 pt conversion and another TD to win, not just a TD/2pt and field goal which would have tied the game. A win is a win, but I'm still not overly excited. Is Jon Gruden available to coach?

Jason Taylor is Tom Brady's Papa

I'd LOVE to see Vincent Jackson here. That, unfortunately has as much liklihood of happening as Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize...Oh wait...Even less than that. This staff will NEVER sign a superstar....EVER!

Gopats do you feel good trash talking other teams lol what are you gonna say when we beat you? That it was a gimmick or u guys had a bad day just face it you guys don't have class just like the jets grow up you guys played shitty teams glad u feel proud of your self


Oh yeah, on topic here...Good job Teddy, good job JT, Good job Starks and Solai.

Still think the coaching staff should be lambasted for ever taking Ginn off return duties. For 2 years I've been nauseated watching Bess and Cobbs knowing what the rest of the sighted world knew we had in Ginn...

Seriously Mandy, I would LOVE to hear the coaches response to that question...


TG Jr. caught 0 passes, but blocked for Ricky down field. So much for soft.

Oh lord. First Jets fans infiltrate now Pats fans? Quick question, any Dolphin's fans on here even know the link to a Jet's or Pat's blog site? F$&kin' losers...

Turn off your caps lock, retard.

Oh lord. First Jets fans infiltrate now Pats fans? Quick question, any Dolphin's fans on here even know the link to a Jet's or Pat's blog site? F$&kin' losers...

No, and I don't care to. It takes a sad individual to troll another teams site, especially when you can't spell, or locate a caps lock key.

I think play calling on both side of the ball is really bad. First on passing downs for some reason we rarely use shotgun multiple wr sets. Instead I have noticed that we line up 2 wr and 2 running and use a lot of play action. Example is 4th and 7 last week vs the saints, 2 wrs and play action, of course no one feel for it and Henne got decked causing a int to end the game. Why is Henning calling so much play action on passing downs, its stupid. Also, only having 2 wrs running patterns on passing downs where the d lines up with 5 dbs has the perdictable result of having the wr covered.

On d the last two weeks Miami has done well early and poor late in the games. The simple ansewer for this is they are much more agressive early in the game, then with the lead. The last 2 weeks Miami spent a lot of time in the 1st half blitzing and prussuring the qbs, and it worked. Then in when Miami got the lead they would rush 3 or 4 and get toasted in coverage over and over. They had Sanchez rattled in the 1st half, he got hit hard twice looked nurvious againts the rush and was throwing balls in the dirt. So what does Miami do? They take the head off and sit back in coverage, Sanchez has all day to throw gets his confidence back and starts playing better. BETTER PLAY CLAING PLASE

shaggy is a donkey w/a sense humor .GO SHAGGY

Miami is THE AFC EAST CHAMPS. To be the champ you have to beat the chap. Bills 0-1 Jets 0-2 Pats stop crying and bring it. Wildcat will get you in the end.
Mando we have to start 3 rookies against the pats. Wilson played hard because he is trying to win his spot back. You start him he will choke. Keep him hungry don't start him.

Oh yeah, one last thing. All this "Classless" crap is really g@y. This is football, not cricket oor fencing...Trash talk is part of the game

Why are phins fans so critical of Ted Ginn? Is it because everyone wanted Brady Quinn instead? Might i remind all of you that Mr. Quinn is riding the bench behind Derek Anderson who is possibly the worst starting qb in the nfl! He is a terrible qb and will always be. Put Teddy back as a wr and try to do something different with him, like coaching him! Fact is that our offense is terrible without a deep threat teams will continue to put 9 in the box and blow up our running game. Ted Ginn is a deep threat and the only one we have, the threat of his speed will force defenses to back a saftey off. It took miles austin four years to learn to play wr and now hes making jerry jones look like a genius! So everybody needs to back up and relax with the critizism of teddy, let the guy play.

LOL. Gotta luv the Orson Wells stunt double crying like the little baby he truly is. As I have stated from the beginning, this clown will be an abject failure just like his blowhard daddy Tatoo, er, Buddy. As for Bart Scott and Damien Woody, hilarious hearing and seeing their comments as well. Get them both pacifiers so they can quit sucking their thumbs and our joints. LOL. Jets, biggest jokes in the league.

I liked it when Sanchez rested his head momentarily on Braylon's shoulder at end of game. It's good to know that QBs can allow their sensitive side to show through.

Great way to start a week...read articles in NY papers after Jets lose to the Dolphins...


If you read this, please comment on whether you think teams have found an adequate solution to our Wildcat/run game by "stacking the box," and covering our receivers one on one. I was excited about the manner in which we were able to pound teams with Ronnie/Ricky; something that has been absent ever since the second half of the Saints game.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yea you are eactly right mando about the jets not being the pats. Brady compared to sanchez is like comparing a filet mingion to a hamburger patty. This is another week fins fans when heroes have to rise again. No worries though beacuse for a long time i have been waiting for a line that plays with consistently and this O-line plays as one single unit and i would hope that they give henne time in the pocket. The pats well have alllot more clas then the jets and this rivarly between the jets and dolphins is the biggest one. i know that JT is really lookign forward to playing a great game bc of the magnitude of this rivarly. As for tom brady, yes he knows that the secondary is starting three rookie dbs, but these guys r not just ur typicall rookies my frieds these guys have talent, ball skills, awarness, and speed. it also helps that will allen and gabril wilson good veterans mentor these guys, and mando as well as anyone esle knows how big of an importance that is to have veteran leadership. as for gin im still not going crazy for him for those two touchdowns bc he has been messing up allot this season but i do give him allot of credit on how he reponed from his horrilbel performance last weeek. And that is the signiture of coach tony sparano and the dolphins, players that have character and back their talk with their play . as a matter of fact the dolphins dont even say much but just go out and perform and play every game like its their last and ive been watching them and this is a team that doesnt back down and plays every down like its there last. Sparano is the perfect fit for this team and come next week he will even more pumped up and hyped as he always is and doesnt let down.



We'll just have to win a high scoring game next week -
Run the ball - run the ball and then run the ball some more.
The Pats defense is over-rated for sure. We can manhandle their front seven.
Dolphins 38 - Pats 33.

Our offensive line cannot pass block!!! Henne has no time back there, and they got Pennington knocked out for the season. Sure, they look like they can run block, but that's because Ricky and Ronnie are exceptional runners. Am I alone in this assessment?

why did they go for 2 up 30-19 I was in a sportsbar no sound - din;t make a lot of sense to me?

We've already played the best QB in football(Peyton) and were close to winning. Then we lost to the second best(Brees) after he torched our defense in the second half. This week against the jets our dfense was great in the first half, but with the offense struggling, they were constantly on the field and the were gased. Sporano better work his magic this week, because if our offense doesn't produce, it's gonna be a long day. As much as I hate Brady, you dint want to give him any chance because he'll take every mistake we make for 6 points.


Yes the Pats are not the Jets but the Jets beat the Pats. We are capable of beating NE. I am not too impressed w/ routs over the lowly Titans and Bucs. yes, they are a good team but it's about the matchups. Ya gotta play the game to see.

What's up with this Pat White experiment?

Is it just me, or do you get really nervous everytime he is inserted into the game. He looks like his head may fall off with that helmet being too big for his body.

Somebody needs to give Rex Ryan some math tutoring. Did he forget that in football, there are THREE phases to the game? Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. If you overlook any of these facets of the game, you will get burned by one of them. I guess he feels that the 4-1 ratio was their offense against our offense, but last I checked, return yardage certainly counts, and sorry Rex, but that certainly changes your "4-1" scenario.

Last but not least...if you lose a game, you got outplayed, because what matters at the end is the score. Sorry Rexy, but you are a grade-A MORON. Bart Scott...you too. Did Calvin Pace keep his mouth shut this time around?

Buy those guys a broom.....SWEEEEEEP

I was at the game and after they lost it was nice seeing the players on both teams get together and say a prayer at the 50 yard line

Having a bad day at work today but sweeping the J E R K S and going 3 and 0 in the division keeps me smiling. Fat Rex Jet has lost 4 out of their last 5 going into ther bye, hahahahahahaha. Hopefully R and R will run wild next week and keep pretty boy Tommy off the field. Need JT and JP to step up to take some pressure off the secondary.

Gopats, how do rate the qb, number of superbowl wins or stats? Fran Trakenten had real talent went the superbowl probably more than most qb's. His stats spoke for themselves just like Marino's. The qb is just one player on a larger team, not taking anything away from Brady, but you're not very objective?

Fins are gonna make minced meat out of pat's. If you've ever been to Florida, you would know the difference btw Boston and WPB, it's money and hotties.

You wish the woman in Boston look better than the babes on south beach. You haven't a clue, obviously you're not a Harvard grad?

GoPats....lol must beautiful part of what country??? U talking about one of the states that taxes it's citizens so highly that it has the third highest taxes in the US?? Mass that voted in a drunken murderer year after year to be their Senator?? Mass where you speak some other language?? Paak da caar?? There is no beautiful women in that shzhole state that has 2 months of summer year after year?? The best thing about Mass is the turnpike which let's you get out quicker...Even Texeria's wife didn't want to go to that HOLE that's why he went to the Yanks...I hope u enjoyed watching Damon and Tex win that game last nite..F Mass and ur ugly women and second class teams


I knew I wasn't too drunk last night, lol, regarding the defense and how they made the last stand and held out and we are getting better even if slight.

You pointed out the yardage our defense gave up, but thats skewed. The Dolphins offense missed out on 3 posessions because of Ted Ginn punt return for TD. And Jayson Taylor TD fumble return.
I dont think we where dominated at all our defense bended/not break and where playing the Jets early for the trick play plays and not stout. Of course their was big plays given up but I see less space from the defensive backfield between the WR. And that catch by Cotchery on like 3rd and 13 middle 3rd quarter was a play the rookie Davis' commited a well you guessed it a rookie mistake and go for the int. He missed and if he just knows the situation a little better makes sure of the tackle first that would have been short of a the first and we get that ball back. Instead Sanchez throws a TD to Edwards. Sean Smith ended up with the ball and replay to me was well I think they should have taken a look at it but, after last weeks robbery of the Sharper int/TD fluke risking it twice wasn't the thing to do. Anyway most of the Jets catches are very good catches and the defenders where there. I see less space and tighter coverage as oppose to early in the season.

There are the yards Rex Ryan failed to mention....4-1 ration lol frkn baby. Hey rex how bout that Jayson Taylor fumble return for td how many yards was that?
How about speacial teams Rex? Isnt that part of the game? How many yards where the Jets up in that catagory?

Sparano calling those time outs did two things:
Save time incase the jets would have scored. The Dolphins offense would have had something to work with.
But most importantly it forced the Jets hand into throwing which ultimatley ended the Jets!
In that drive by the jets Dolphins Starks, do I make you Randy! got down to business! Sack which forced the 4 and long last play by the jets and the play before that Randy! stops Sanchez for no gain after Sacchezzzzz took off!
Jets wanted to have the winning drive like the Dolphins had last game when the Dolphins whipped them in the run game all over the field!
The ran the ball first trying to run the clock and not give us a chance to answer.

Difference is Rex Ryan the baffon that he is never called time outs when the Dolphins won in Miami and thought we would do the same. HAHA-
Sparano saw that and knew he would not make that mistake Rex would made. Good heads up Sparano heads up.
You know Sparano had to make up that two point blunder and he did.lol

Hey Rex how many yards did the coach? Did you out coach Tony Sparano?

Typos: would have

and coach get lol

Dolphin4life - you writing a dissertation or what?

LMFAO@Dolphins4life , you're kidding me right ? What defense have you been watching ? Miami's defense was horrible in the 2nd half of the jets game , horrible in the 2nd half of the saints game and plain horrible vs indy. You call almost 400 yds in offense not dominated ? LMFAO ! If it weren't for ginn, this game was a blowout ! The papers would be ripping the defense , which some are anyway . Dude , I know you love the dolphins but you need to be a little more objective, :)


Is Todd Light still protecting Bradys blindside?

And what is the status on Channing Crowder.

Hey Reggie! Reggie! Tobor played well and I'm not sure he might fit the system better than Crowder? This is the position that needs upgrading...that catch made by Keller the te, Reggie was right there that was one hell of a catch so those are catches you can live with, because you make Keller make the miracle catch but nothing else and if Torbor just put his hands up be knocks it down or if he turns a little early thats a pic.

Dolphins4life , your comment on how miami could've got more yds or points on offense because it was skwed by ginn's 2 returns and taylors returns ( meaning miami woul've had 3 more poss ) , Is one of the most ridiculous things i've ever heard. LMAO ! The way miami's offense and the jets defense were playing , miami could've done nothing on those 3 possesions . What gave you any indication it could. Miami's offense stunk yesterday. Plain and simple. no suger coating that or miami defense in the 2nd half.


Those are PROLIFIC offenses (Colts and Saints) and good teams that D's played and we need upgrades no question! On ilb, and fs but as of now we don't have those doggs, we have average players at those positions. No we dont have a dominate defence I never said that what I am saying is the defenders are closing the distance with the wr and I see that. The rookies made and missed plays at the corner but that int by Davis in the end zone when the jets whent for two was big, Starks sack was HUGE

And that yards thing the offense didnt get the ball after TD's by Ginn and Taylor the Defense had to go back onto the field. Thats the game I saw.

Anyway Dolphins have a much needed win have some mo' and I'm looking forward to the patsies game! GoDolphins
I expect to see more plays by the rookie db's

The Dolphins offense put a drive together when it counted. Getting the ball with about 2-3 min left in the third and drove down the field and scored with 8:40 into the fourth quarter. Condensing the game and giving a breather to the D. Thats what I saw. TD Henne to Haynos.
Yes the Dolphin offense couldnt get anything going because they had a great game plan against the us. But that drive was huge.

Exactly my point . How do know miami would've done anything with those possesions. Miami didn't show much on offense to prove that . That's all speculation on your part . Oh Yeah Sd also had some big play on this defense and wouldn't exactly call that offense prolific. Miami defense needs some work.

where's the jets fans on this blog?



GoPats, you are a moron, what are you 13 years old?

Do you guys think we will try to pick Chris Chambers up off of waivers for the rest of the year? ESPN is saying he was waived by the Chargers

Mike francseca of WFAN in new york is ripping and i mean ripping rex ryan and bart scott to shreads about their actions after the game. GOOD ! LMAO !

I've said it since Parcells took over, this team is being built for 80's football. Their hesitance to go after a true #1 WR has left this offense in a bad place. Miami insisted on benching Ginn and you all saw the result. No threat of explosive offense relates to stacked boxes at the line & no running game either. As shaky as his hands are, people should now realize what just the presence of him on the field provides. He's gotta be in the game.

Pat white should not be active. It's year 2 of rebuilding & his selection is a luxury pick. We need every down players, not situational guys. Maybe if we were a step away, but its clear we are not. Anyone can hand off to Brown or Ricky. We could use the spot to give Pat Turner a shot to see what he can do.

Yes, we won ugly, but we won. I was expecting an 8-8 type season and I think its gonna happen. We aren't there yet & no one should expect us to be. It sure wasn't the script yesterday, but good teams will find ways to win. Unlike previous weeks, people stepped up and finally didn't let a game slip away. This was a learning experience.

I really believe they need to play Clemons more. With Allen out, their gonna need DB's. I say J. Allen gets some DB time this week. I think its time to start sitting Porter & letting Wake play too. I see nothing from Porter to merit him being in the game. He's a liability against the run. Solai might be the answer to replace Fergusen. Looks like this kid has his head on straight and flat out dominated yesterday.

Adress these positions between the draft & FA and Miami can compete next year for a ring:

WR, TE(Bye Fasano), 2-OLB(Bye Peezy & JT), ILB(Bye Ayodele), FS(Bye Wilson)

Any chance the dolphins claim Chambers off waivers???

Hmmmm. Chris Chambers???? Do we even have the money?

i hope so . i think chambers would be an upgrade to bess or camarillo. dont know if they would get him off waivers because they would have to take his salary. but they could sign him if he becomes a FA.

I HOPE SO!!!!!

Chris Chambers waived??? Shocker, let's not jump in too quickly.

Get Chambers. Good receiver.

Joe Schmo...80s type football continues to win Superbowls...big lines, big runners and control the clock...nothings changed..if the Fins become a carbon copy if the 86 Giants, we will win for many years!!!

Chambers was released by SD, would the new regime consider bringing him back to Miami?

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