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The afterglow from sweeping the J-E-T-ZZZZ

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- As he walked past the Jets locker room on his way to where the Dolphins dressed for Sunday's game, Jason Taylor put the Jets in their place: "It's like a damn graveyard around here," he yelled. "Talk about that for two weeks."

The Jets spent last week talking and threatening and trashing the Dolphins. Those very Dolphins put them in their place with a 30-25 victory and now the Jets can eat humble pie during their bye week -- or at least one would think.

But as I write in my column for the Monday Miami Herald, the Dolphins answered the bell in this game after a week of lineup changes and criticism. And the Jets responded to this whipping by acting like a bunch of horse's rumps.

Read the column and see if you don't agree with me.

It is as if the Jets are delusional. They truly believe they outplayed the Dolphins because they outgained the Dolphins.

"We dominated, basically 400 [yards] to 100," offensive tackle Damien Woody said. "That's dominating a football game."

Guess the Jets don't count the 299 kickoff return yards they gave up and resulted in two touchdowns. Guess the Jets overlooked those 48 fumble return yards that resulted in another touchdown. Whatever, let them live in their big-talk, little-production little world.

I can handle boorish winners. You earn the right to boast when you, well, when you earn the right to boast. But to boast when you lose? Ridiculous.

Anyway, I have written this in my column, the grades for the game, and now this blog: The Miami coaching staff is very smart, but it needs to complete what it started when Ted Ginn Jr. became Miami's kick returner. They gave Ginn the kick return duties when Patrick Cobbs went out for the season with a knee injury.

Give Ginn the punt return duties as well, please. Davone Bess had a fumble doing the job Sunday and he doesn't ever really break anything. Give the job to Ginn, who has good hands back there and does have the speed to break something.

Ginn, who returned two kickoffs for touchdowns in the same quarter Sunday, said he's never had two kick returns in one game, but then unwittingly made the case for himself to become the punt returner.

"I've had two different returns before, a punt and a kickoff in the same game," he said. "But not two kickoff returns in the same quarter." 

Moving on. Did you notice the Dolphins started three rookies in the secondary Sunday?

They started rookie cornerback Sean Smith, rookie cornerback Vontae Davis and rookie free safety Chris Clemons along with vetern strong safety Yeremiah Bell.

"It caused me a little bit of a sleepless week," Sparano admitted afterward. "I do have a lot of confidence in thse players. I thought they got it really hard out there today, I really do. That's a good group. Braylon Edwards gives this team a different dimension in my opinion and I thought those [rookies] hung in there. They just kept fighting. They hung in there pretty good."

Well, it was a good job that could have been better had Smith hung on to an interception at the goal line in the first half. But ...

That's the Jets they were facing. That's a rookie QB they just beat. The Patriots are next. Tom Brady is next. I have serious, serious concerns about starting three rookies DBs against Brady that I don't have against Mark Sanchez.

Seems to me it's time to reinsert Gibril Wilson back in the starting lineup. Wilson, by the way, had a good game Sunday. He had two sacks and didn't miss any tackles.

The experiment worked Sunday, but the Dolphins should not go crazy.

The Pats are not the Jets.


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News Flash for all Dolphins Fans...Rex Ryan is still a loudmouth Tub of Lard and the Jets still suck, 03 wins and they still won't shut up. I guess they forgot who knocked them OUT of the playoffs last year IN GIANTS STADIUM, HEY REX...EAT A BIG ONE FOR ME, YOU POMPOUS ASS, LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON...

Miami has the money but they won't sign chambers . Chambers is a heavier version of ted ginn. A long strider who also drops balls.

hey the chargers cut chris chambers. do you think he could help us any?

I like the idea of chambers. He is no worse of an option than what they already have, and he offers the size that they are lacking

2.4 mil is all that we would have to pay for chambers


Chargers released Chambers. What do you think about Miami getting him back??

Chambers hands are ok and compared to Ginn hands of stone they look better.lol

But I'll take our rag tag team of wr even if their best reciever is inactive on game day.lol

Any chance the Dolphins take a look at Chris Chambers (just released by the Chragers)?


Not sure if someone wrote about it but did anyone ask T.S. why he went for 2 after the Dolphins touchdown. The Jets radio broadcast was very, very critical of the move (as well as Jim Nance). I was a bit amazed myself.

dolphin fans should only watch the games,eat,drink and have good time .leave the rest to tuna .your ideas screwed this team for over 10 years .you guys always wring...look at fasano,turner,nalbone.nj phin kept saying oh baba baby until we found out they all suck .

I think that the dolphins would be fools not to sign Chambers. I'm sure he would love to come back here. Also, he's an upgrade, experience and talent wise, over anyone we have. Please make the move Ireland! We could use him services for the next 9 games.

Chambers reunited with the fins? I like that idea can it be done? What would Miami need to give up? Talk to us Armando.....


Yes that may be speculation but my point is they answered the Jets TD with a drive of their own and before that Teddy answered that TD.
If you look back at the game Jets lost in Miami when Rexs' D was mopped up and down the field. There was lead changes galore in the fourth quarter and the Dolphins answered in that game.

This last game the Jets scored then Ginn takes it to the house a second time. Not giving Dolphins offense a chance to answer till Jets scored again. But they had a fourth quarter td with about 8:48 left. So you never know based on the way the game whent last time and this.
Does the O-line need to play better YES!
Does the D need to play better YES. Are we getting better on both sides of the ball? YES!

Do we need upgrades at positions you and I mentioned YES. so just keep that in mind if you look at the replay game. I think Torbor is a better fit for this style of D we play than Crowder.

Chris Chambers just got released from the Chargers, I would welcome him back. We need a possesion guy and he can break for big plays.

You dont get better unless you play the best teams in the league.

That said we have faced the best offenses and teams overall in the NFL. Drafting Davis and Smith and playing them early and often has given them experience you would not have gotten with last years schedule or a weaker schedule. I think we will be ready for division rival Patsies and especially if Matt Light is out. I expect the DB's to play huge and come up with some pics on Brady and Taylor always plays well against the patsies.
Davis showed me alot of good things and some rookie like mistakes, like that pass to Cotchery he whent for int instead of tackling and gave up 53 yards, that needs to be corected.
We need to get back to running the ball effectively and I understand building Henne's rhythm so keep him in on wild cat plays and maybe run a fake sweep and lateral pass to Henne and bombs away to Ginn or fill in your fav. lol.
There is something to be said building a rhthym on the offensive line. Run the ball!

Note to several guys here: special teams count.

They do.


If roles were reversed it would be the same. Mike "Special Teams Jesus" Westhoff could have had his guy return 2 kicks for TDs. He did not. Miami did.

I am so f*****g SICK of hearing that the Jests outplayed Miami. They didn't. The teams slugged it out pretty evenly. They scored one way. The Dolphins scored another way. You play to your strengths. I don't care if all 30 points were scored on special teams. THEY ARE POINTS THAT COUNT. The Jets recovered a muffed punt. That counted, right??

Seriously, Bart Scott and his ilk need to go get a vaccination for their serious case of Whine Flu.


All right guys road trip for my business check in later in the week.

Sorry tyos mulitasking right now.

Go Dolphins!
Kill the Patsies and Brady!


I have never wavered in my support of Ginn, though not as strongly of late. But, the fact of the matter is Ginn stretches the field. We should be using him for those kind of plays. Sparano said he was open twice down field, does Peyton Manning miss that? no. Let Henne gain a bit of experience and Ginn is a deep threat. Also saw where Chambers was released, I wonder if he would be a good pick-up.

GOpats if you are comparing Marino to Brady Brady loses. Brady is a great QB but he has always had a good supporting cast from his line to his coaches and receivers. Marino was cursed with poor RBs, Line, Defenses, and coaches and he was still hard to stop.

chambers would be a good pickup . he can still run and has above average hands. ginn really surprised me . hope he can keep it up . if miami can get to brady miami will win. it will be fun watching smith cover moss.

We will lose in the second half if dumbass Paul has any say in our defense in the second half. He kills us and our season, as does sparano changing offense and defense strategy in te second half.

KEEP PRESSING SParano to put Ginn on punt returns!!

Hey Bart, i'mma let you finish but the Dolphins are a great football team. And they swept you azzhat.

I am a die hard finfan, but I do not see us beating the pats this Sunday. Fins 20, pats 37


Posted by: GOpats | November 02, 2009 at 04:43 PM

Who the hell are you? Babba Louie? "Hey quicks draw". Still have not mastered the caps lock I see. You dolt.

Chambers is a sideline and red zone master. I say get him.

I agree Armando, the Pats aren't the Jets, and Sanchez is not Brady. But I disagree with putting Gibril back in as a starter. The change up did the whole defense good Sunday. Brady can pick apart ANY SECONDARY! The key is getting pressure. We know Gibril can rush the passer during a blitz and get to the mobile Sanchez. What we really need is to be sure to get a lot of snaps to Cam Wake...with Porter, Taylor and just harass the crap out of Brady. If we don't pressure Brady...and the R&R express doesn't get out of the station, it will be another loss, like with Brees and Manning.

Pats have played weaklings, they better sack up, they are going to have their hand full with us.

The Pats have 2 weeks to get ready for us and i hope we show some things they havent seen before like last year when we introduced the Wildcat to the Pats..

see us going 5-1 in the division wish it would be 6-0... that would be sweet...

First of all, those who have been blaming Ginn for the slow start have no sense of team. Have a tall glass of Ginn and Tonic and shut the %&** up!

The Defense has given up way too big plays and way too many points. As a unit, the Defense has to get more consistant and get better fast! Lets go D, step it up!

As a coach you have to know what each one of your players do best; Ted Ginn Jr. is a great returner (which we saw Sunday as he made history). The coaches did a poor job of knowing what best suits Ginn and they constantly put him in a position to fail. Let him return Kicks, retunr Punts and have packages for him where he runs reverses, lines up in creative ways to strectch the field on play action fakes (since our running game in top notch). Give him screens and let him work in space. But don't put him in a position to fail. Ted Ginn is a good player, use him in a way where he can continue to be good.

J-E-T-S suck suck suck

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