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The bummer: Patriots beat the Dolphins 27-17

FOXBORO, MASS. -- Well, the AFC East suddenly doesn't go through Miami any more.

The Patriots did enough to get out of this game with a 27-17 victory. The Dolphins, meanwhile, did just enough to go home with another L on their record.

Very disappointed in the defense. It never seems to be good enough.

Very disappointed in defensive coaching. You're going to cover Randy Moss man-to-man all day long? Really?

Vontae Davis had his moments doing that assignment, no disrespect. But he needs help like any other mortal.

But Moss had six catches for a 147-yard day, including a 71-yard TD catch. Wes Welker has nine more receptions.

Tom Brady completed 25 of 37 attempts for 332 yards with one TD and one interception.

Chad Henne wasn't up to the challenge today. He completed about as many passes as he didn't. He didn't throw a touchdown. That's not good enough when you're counterpart is Brady.

Henne completed 19 of 34 for 219 yards and a 75.5 quarterback rating.

The Dolphins are 3-5, equaling the number of losses from a season ago.

The Patriots lead the AFC East with a 6-2 record.


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Didn't watch the game but I heard Teddy blew a fourth down catch...disappointing loss again but gives hope of a split down here

Our D coaching has been horrible. And Cameron Wake should be given more opportunities he gets pressure and Joey and JT did nothing today.

Davis has inproved slot

in other news.. Chris Chambers 3 catches 70yrds 2tds...

Davis has improved alot

fire the def and off coordinators

and tony had to go for it on 4th and 4 with our crappy defense

Atleast we play Tampa next week

Defense just couldn't stop the pass at all. Man coverage against Moss was a big mistake that they didn't correct.

The offense can get first downs but they don't have the big receiver who can take us to the next level. Simple as that.

Bottom line- Dolphins just aren't there yet. What's bad is that by the time this team is really ready to contend, Brown will be older and Williams might not even be on the team. This offseason, the Dolphins need to draft a big receiver but in the mean time, why not give Patrick Turner a chance?

Hartline had a bad drop on a very easy catch and he's the starter. Camarrillo is our best WR, but we def need to bring a guy in.

This team has more problems than we all think. It has no coaching leadership. Last week we won purely thanks to our ST's. This week, we could have won the game but our flaky play calling and decisions cost us the game again. We'll win 2 or 3 more games max.

terrible coaching, we have the ball their end with a 4th and 4, we punt???? there is 5 mins left, it takes up 6+ to drive for a td!!!!! STUPID COACHING!!!!!!

Can't agree with Armando. Chad had a fine day. His receivers didn't. They trifecta didn't go after a real number one wide receiver, and it's showing and showing. What would this team have done this year with Boldin on it if they had coughed up what was necessary? If he'd stayed healthy, they might be six and two easy.

In before the "why don't we give Patrick Turner a shot" guy.

Ooops, too late.

Post game thoughts

This loss really sucks...

I thought we would have gone for it on 4th down with about 2 mins left.

This defense sucks

Good play calling on offense

Ted Ginn still sucks as wr

At least we have 3 easy games in a row.

That doesn't matter, b/c unless the Dolphins win every game left, no playoffs

How many tackles did JP and JT get in this game? I don't recall hearing their names much. Kind of a shame given that Light was out -- I was expecting a big game out of the pass rush and got nothing. I think the secondary actually played well given the circumstances...

tedd ginn did not blow anything, he did the same thing he did all year, he is not a #1 and it is not his fault, dont pin this on him!

Oh yeah, JT and Joey Porter had horrible game and should shut up or put up. (much like put out or get out, but for guys who play football, not trashy ladies)

i think our biggest problem besides our WR is the head coach, off coach and def coach

they all suck and are too conservative at times

It's time for TURNER to get a Shot.
watching him in USC make clutch catches there is no way he sucks more that this guys.

agreed, coaching SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am depress and will ingest alcohol and ganj@ smoke until I sleep enough to forget this horrible day.

I ask again one more time,

Why did they punt on 4th down with 5 min to go on NE 40?

There is a lot better crop of WR's in this years draft than last years and they need to take advantage of that.

don't agree with the Henne hate at all.

Thought he looked pretty good today. If your expectation is a game manager QB, which it should be in his opening year as a starter.

On the final drive he put the ball where it needed to be and Hartline and Ginn dropsied.

I am concerned that our coaches, while sound on fundamentals, are not up to the task schematically.

Ted Ginn = Fast returner

Ted Ginn DOES NOT = reciver

Reciver is someone who catches the little brown ball thrown to them by a quarterback........ Ted can't seem to do that very often.

Defenatly not when the game is on the line... two hands he had on that pass... how do you not catch that ball?

Patrick Turner can't be as bad as Ginn because if he was the team would have cut him already. Let him play and let us be done with Ted and his family ruining every other game.

Hey torturedQueen Why don't you start by beating my salchicha

why dont we let turner have a shot?

he can't be any worse than these bums.

I agree our defensive philosophy stinks. I DO like the future of Smith and Davis though - appears they are on track to be the next Madison and Buckley.

Was thinking we would be very good rushing the passer this year with JT, Porter and Wake creating havoc - but it just hasn't happened. I agree we are still a year or so away, too many "needs" including a prominent WR that makes catches in the clutch. Teddy Ginn dropped another pass today that has to be caught as did Hartline who will rarely drop passes.

My guess is we get on a roll and get back in the picture over the next four weeks but we will see.

This is bad... very bad

Henne was fine...Ginn and Hartline had big drops that cost us...this D is good - not great - and that will be the story for the rest of the year...disappointing loss - Fins put themselves in this spot (3 - 5) with questionable play calling, poor D in big spots and bad hands on receivers in big spots...
Simple as that...not to mention KEY injuries (Pennington, Martin, Allen and Cobbs)...
tough to go from good to great...

I wish pasqualooney would hit the f'n road

Armando, dont be stupid...

henne did fine with the garbage he has to work with...

Vontae played hurt....

oline was garbage in the first quarter...

defense needed to pop brady and it did not (even though henne got drilled)...

some questionable offensive play calling negated any good play calling....

we shall get to 5-5 but then what?

we need, 4 wide receivers, 2 more lb, 1 safety and a better nickel back....

hopefully ricky stays young....

and the officials should be held accountable for their nonsense....define holding?

and for all those bashing henne...its kinda hard to have consistency since he gets yanked at random times....

not ginns fault, coaching is responsible, can not punt with this O when we have the ball on their side of the field!!!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am getting sick of Pat White--more specifically, how the coaches are attempting to use him. It seems like every time Chad gets into a rhythm, which he did several times today, they'd pull him out and drop in White for a 1 or 2 yard play. Basically a waste of first down, leaving Chad and the RB's only 2 downs in which to work. Use White if you must, especially inside the 20 (like what worked for the first TD today), but other than that, when Chad is moving the ball steadily down the field leave him in and let him work.

And someone please explain to me why on 3rd and 4, in what had to be four-down territory with the way the defense was playing and with only five plus minutes left in the game, the coaches decided to once again abandon the run. They were running well, eating up time, but then chose to throw and then punt(!), just very bad decision-making by the offensive coaching staff.

Alright, that felt good. I'm done complaining, at least until next week.

Henne is doing the best with what he has to work with. At least a lot of Patsie fans lost money because the Fins beat the point sread.

we need linebacker bad? porter nothing, jason nothing, akin nothing which puts a strain on the safeties to watch wr,te and rb and we definitely need a big play veteran wide-out with a nice pick in the draft at wr also,

Henne needs some real WR's and a dependable TE. the one we currently have on our roster stink...

Well wake had a sack i dont understand why he is not getting more snaps and again the offense showed they have no recievers who can catch drops drops drops but also were was the safteys at in this game

carlito from golfito,

I'm with ya on the alcohol and smoke brother!!!

Here is the question. Why is it so terrible to sign a vet WR like Marvin Harrison. Dolphins coaching brain trust answer, " These guys are progress stoppers !!". HHHHMMM..... I dont see any progress from Bess or Ginn. Why are these coaches not willing to face facts, move on and get with the program. Can you imagine, Harrison, Chambers and Camarillo, with Turner that coveted Big-bodied WR. Now Pat White is getting involved, but we should have used that pick on a WR, disgraceful coaching yet again.

Start Tyler Thigpen! Cut Ted Ginn! Primetime FLOPPER! We need a spark to the bland brand this season.

Putting Ginn back at WR? Are you serious? Coaches deserve to lose this game. Henne did as good as he possibly could with the receivers he has.

Henne is no Brady.
Ginn is no Moss
We have NO passing game.
Rush game was good.
Secondary was fair.
D-Line was ok
Coaching was fair-poor.
Overall: C-

Play Turner NOW!!!!!!!!

Coaching was poor today... Dan Henning is NOT what we need in Miami... we need a Offensive coordinator who is interested in attacking the other team... not fooling them. I do not hate the Wildcat formation and feel its a good thing to keep as a play or two... But trying that razzle dazzle crap with Henne getting blasted for a 12 yard loss on 3rd down???? what the F*** is Henning thinking? Henne will NEVER progress into the future QB of this club if he NEVER has to face every situation on the field. He is watching while he should be playing... How are we going to progress when we cannot even keep our QB on the field? Defense was poor but had guys on the hurt list. Miami is a good team... being led in the wrong direction... and that is sad.

Darkness and The Void.......it's over......Parcells to retire, Ross will hire Carl Peterson, and we shall remain dooomed unto the end of time (2012).

It is written.

My evening has turned to sitting here depressed watching Top Gun on TV. "I'm not leaving my wingman."

Our D-coordinator is week..

We use to play lights out D.

Not any more.

Think I figured out our wr corps.

Guys our wr corps is built for ball control not winning games by passing.

The problem is more on the defensive side of the ball seeing how the force our O to try to do things it isnt built for doing.

Guys if we had a lights out D, we could undefeated right now. The offense is very adequate though not yet outstanding.

True we need a lights out #1wr, but we're also still in desperate need of both inside and outside Lb's based on JT and JP play today.

We desperately need a dominating young NT. Solai also pulled a disappearing act.

Despite Moss' long td the secondary held up very well, considering they recieved a very lackluster effort from our pass rush.

I say we should get our #1WR in free agency, then use the draft to continue restocking the D.

Our very inconsistent pass rush has placed our offense in many difficult situations thus far. With a much improved pass rush those situations where Ginn became goat would have been greatly reduced.

At least COD Modern Warfare comes out tomorrow night! Bring back some happiness this week.

The Seer can you see these Nutz!!!in your mouth!! Biatch!!!

yea i cant understand why we punt on 4 and 4 but go for it on 4 and 15 with just under 3 mins left in the game, too much indecisions by the coaching staff week in week out.PARCELLS must be leaving this year b/c last year we didnt play nothing like this on either side of the ball

This is another one in a series of tough losses for dolphins this season. This team is just not good enough to beat the best teams in the league, mostly on defense. Remember, this is still a rebuilding year and with just a few small pieces, this team will hopefully be winning these games next year. The secondary will eventually be solid (with more experience for smith and davis). I would say the most glaring needs for this team are ILB, WR, NT, TE.

Notice how easy the pats bad running game got yards up the middle with Ferguson out. Sorry to say that Solai the Sumo might not have what it takes to play the whole game.

I hope the fins get either Rolando McLain or Terrance Cody in the draft.

Harsh comments mando. The d has some young players that are stepping up. We lost to one of the top 5 teams in the league by 10 points in their own backyards.

Henne played a smart game and i thoughg the coaches had a good game as well.

Moss pushed off on the first td and then made a stunner, his 2nd was just all of his ability.

Amazing how negative eveyone can be !!!

I don't know why but i'm going to watch the game again tonight. I don't think Henne was all that bad considering he gets shuffled off the field right when he seems to be establishing some rythym. I want to watch to see how many drops there were.


Jeff F, Long Island,

Believe me, I feel ya buddy. I can't even bear to watch the late games.


Missing Ferg and Crowder killed us as well today...
seemed Maroney was getting a chunk up the middle all day...
We'll be prepared and better the next time...I just hope it means something significant when the rematch is played...

I'm done talking...It's in vain. I hate this entire coaching staff. We've let 5+ top tier WR's go unchallenged...you get what you pay for...F*#k them, and oh yeah, the coordinators suck! Both of them! Brown is one of the top 5 RB's in the game, and he gets 10-15 legit carries a game...Absurd...I'm over it...

Well, it's official. Ted Ginn is not a goto receiver or Hartline for that matter. Since we'll have a couple of easy games we should make a spot for Pat Turner. He can't be any worse. The season is pretty much done anyways. Give the kid some reps. Keep Ginn on ST and a couple of offensive plays but that's it. I know Bill Parcells isn't big on drafting receivers in the first round but this year has to be an exception. This wr corp. can't make the big play or separation to compete with the top teams. Chad Henne has proven to me that he's a franchise qb. We already have a dominant rb corp. with the R&R express, juggernaut of a fb with polite, and system backs of Cobbs and Hilliard. Time to give Henne some weapons this off season thru the draft and free agency. Wake needs reps, too. JT and Peezy aren't getting it done, at all.

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