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The coordinators speak and we listen

The coordinators have spoken to the media and these are the nuggets that are coming out of the 20 minutes with the men that run the Dolphins' offense and defense.

Offensive coordinator Dan Henning addressed the fact the Wildcat package hasn't exactly lit up opponents the past two weeks -- accounting for 30 yards against New Orleans and 6 yards against the Jets.

Both teams used the cornerback blitz to stifle the running attack and it would not surprise if the Patriots have seen that and employ a similar scheme.

"Yeah, they did some things differently," Henning said of the Jets and Saints. "They did some things differently. We didn't block it as well as we thought we could have. We knew that was possible because [New Orleans defensive coordinator] Greg [Williams] had it in his scheme coming out of New Orleans. We knew the corner blitz was there. Of course, they did a good job with it and the Jets did a good job with it. But we didn't block it as well as we'd like to block it."

Henning stressed that if the Wildcat continues to be ineffective, the team will move to other options in the offense. And if the Wildcat succeeds, well, then the Patriots will see more and more and more of it.

"If we start to use it and it's successful, what do we do men? We feed the stud," he said. "If it's not we move on and have other things in the offense we think can be a little more effective."

Henning is a big fan of Ted Ginn Jr. -- at least publicly. So he was basking in the fact Ginn went from goat to hero in the span of one week. And in doing, he made a statement about human behavior and the puzzling New York Jets.

"We have a tendency to beat people when we're down," Henning said. "Or, if we're with the Jets, we have a tendency to tell people we're great when we're only half great."

Henning has much respect for New England head coach Bill Belichick, who is something of a defensive genius if you believe all the press clippings the past two decades.

'He's good at disguising his problems, masking his deficiencies," Henning said. "And that's what you're supposed to do in this business. You know, on offense, defense and special teams. They've been successful because they know how to do that."

Defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni talked about the use of Matt Roth, which is an interesting subject considering he gave Jason Taylor some plays off last week at New York.

"You'd like to have depth and fresh players in the fourth quarter," Pasqualoni said. "Having quality people at that position helps keep players fresh so we can not only defend the run, but keep players fresh to rush the passer."

Coach Tony Sparano just talked and he said both Jason Ferguson (elbow) and linebacker Channing Crowder (shoulder) were limited in practice for the second consecutive day.

David J. Neal reports that OLB Charlie Anderson took some snaps at ILB today. That suggests the Dolphins are preparing for another week without Crowder and are trying to find backup options should either of last week's starters -- Akin Ayodele or Reggie Torbor -- go down.

By the way, for those of you looking for more of Chris Clemons and less of Gibril Wilson, forget it. Yesterday, Sparano said he was happy at the level Clemons has reached and added he didn't thinking adding more things on his plate would be good for the rookie.

Today, Sparano said Wilson played 58 snaps against the Jets last week and, "played the best game" of the year for him. You don't further demote a guy after he plays like that.


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Who gives a damn if you're first if you have nothing to say...With that said. I have nothing to say

"Henning is a big fan of Ted Ginn Jr. -- at least publicly. So he was basking in the fact Ginn went from goat to hero in the span of one week. And in doing, he made a statement about human behavior and the puzzling New York Jets."

The New York Jets...now that's funny and creative. And why you guys are my hero.

Good one Marc! I love it when you read 3-4 comments and then you come across the " first " statement.Oh well,as long as you're not a Pats fan ,who cares!

Ted Ginn Jr. still sucks at receiver and Davone Bess is a mess. Run Run Run. POUND the ball.

"Having QUALITY people at that position helps keep players fresh so we can not only defend the run, but keep players fresh to rush the passer."

The key word in that quote from Pasqualoni , that I highlighted in caps, is QUALITY. I take that to mean Pasq is saying the defense's woes in the fourth quarter have a lot to do with the lack of pass rush from the OLB position due to players being physically tired.

And he's also saying Wake isn't a QUALITY player right now defending the run. AND Quentin Moses isn't a quality player at all. Same goes for Chalie Anderson.

If they were QUALITY players they'd be on the field the way Roth is now giving the old men: JT and JP a little rest so they can be fresh in the fourth to rush the passer.

Seventh...(had to do it)

LMAO@HENNING. you guys have to read or listen to hennings interview. It's hilarious and priceless. Besides his bashing of the jets , henning goes on to compare what happened to ginn over the past couple of weeks to the plight of jesus christ. LOL ! In a nut shell henning says " on palm sunday jesus christ was showered with flowers and garlands on then on friday they picked him up , beat the shyt out of him , crucified him and in this league we get seven days , they only gave him Five. WOW ! is that funny ? Priceless !

with that out of the way I can say I agree with Marc...who cares if you are first or seventh! Say something that is relevant!

Now, this post was a little disappointing! ot very much valuable information.

Mando - Why are we not hearing anything about Wake? If we want to give our players rest so they are fresh for the 4th quarter why don't we play him more?

indiana dolfan,

Read the Pasqualoni quote: he basically said Wake isn't a quality player. Probably because Wake can't play the run yet. It's in Mando's blog entry.

One more funny quote fron henning speaking of ginn " he had to be lower than whale defecation and that's the bottom of the ocean " meaning how low he was during the weel leading up to the jets game. He goes on to say how happy he is for ginn and how much this offense NEEDS ginn .

Honestly we run well out of the base offense, we weren't doing that last year, but it seems like we use the cat more than ever. And yes, Roth being back gives us depth at olb, duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh! Wake gives us an aggressive pass rusher from the edge and between the two they both give jp and jt some time to breathe, look for less lat game breakdowns. I like our chances.

I'm hoping Henning forgets about the Jets long enough to game plan for the Patsies.
The entire team, top to bottom, will have to be on point for this one.

Mr. Henning, please don't pull one of your idiot routines on the Patsies, you'll get eaten alive. You have some weapons. USE THEM!!!!

I hate the obsession with treating the Wildcat success or failure as a scheme issue. Henning is using coach-speak, but he has it right. Against the Jets, the OL lost most of the one-on-one battle at the point of attack. Guards let people blow past them and penetrate, and we didn't get the movement from Politte either. In Jets I, Smiley and Politte demolished people one on one.

The scheme is not the issue. The Pats are eminently blockable. The O-line needs to play better than the guys lined up across from them. That is the only way our offense moves because our outside players need to be carried.

on this blog entry I do not see it anywhere?

David , I agree 100% with your assesment of the OL. Thomas had one his worst games. They need to step it up.

Win, lose or draw, I love the team we're putting together.
Henne's fresh out da box. Smith, Davis, Clemons and Hartline starters from this years draft class. Effing awesome! Youth everywhere.
Looking at the big picture, this season has been like an extended training camp on steroids. One big challenge after another. The yougsters are getting much needed experience and yet we still have a chance to take a major step forward this sunday.

Henning says they have other plays to use if the wildcat isn't working. Well, from what I saw last Sunday, those plays didn't seem to work either. Does he have a plan C if plan B isn't working? Cause if he does, this would be a good week to implement it.
The same goes for Pasqualoni. If you're not stopping them, do something they're not expecting. Both coaches should have taken Ginn out for steak and lobster dinner.

Okay... i feel now that i need to make a contribution. The dolphins, no matter how much I love em, flip on an almost weekly basis. I think if you compare the stats, when the o-line plays great, the dolphins win. The exception being the latest jets game. If the dolphins have a good week with the o-line, they will win the pats game. Defense has come a long way since the indy game.

indiana dolfan,

Here's the quote:

"You'd like to have depth and fresh players in the fourth quarter," Pasqualoni said. "Having quality people at that position helps keep players fresh so we can not only defend the run, but keep players fresh to rush the passer."

If Wake were a "quality" player at that position, able to "not only DEFEND THE RUN, but keep players fresh", Pasqualoni wouldn't have to give that quote. That quote also says a lot about Anderson and Moses as well.


"Both coaches should have taken Ginn out for steak and lobster dinner."

LOLOL!!! Ginn is overpaid as it is. And Ginn should be taking Sparano out to a steak and lobster dinner. Remember, Sparano blamed himself for the Saints loss.... when he could have easily thrown Ginn under the bus.


I was referring to the Jets game where the offense gained some 104 yards, and the defense gave up it's standard 25 points. As for the year, yes Ginn owes Henning. These coaches come into these conferences with answers, yet no results.

Yeah but I want specific information on Wake, not your interpretation or your opinion. use him on passing downs where Wake has quality.

Ginn did not get drafted by Sparano. Maybe the clown (don't want to mention his name on here because he destroyed the Phins for years) that drafted Ginn should be awarded the dinner by Ginn...

Enough with the Ginn bashing though. We know he has not performed well at receiver, because that is obvious. He has done very well as a return man the past few years when he was actually used. Even in our 1-15 season he ran a 3-4 kicks back that were called back due to penalties...

Everyone Calm Down!!! Everything is gonna be A-OK come Sunday. It just the pats! .......... Right.......... Hello! Oh man were gonna die.... No were not, stay focused! No one panic!!!

TOMMYA . To blame ginn for the NO loss is ridiculous and just plain wrong. That was a total team collapse in the 2nd half with the defense taking most of the blame. Did you ever get the little one her dolphin cheerleader outfit ?


That's too funny.....no wait......no it's not.

Unfortunately that is the thought process for many DolFans.


Once again I agree with you totally.

It's a TEAM effort. We win as a TEAM, and we lose as a TEAM.

Hindsight is 20/20. Some take it to the extreme. What's done is done. I'm looking forward to our young secondary going against Brady. Of course I'm sure Brady is too!

Oh well.......

Odinseye , did ted ginn give up 25 points in the 4rt quarter ? It's ridiculous !

Henning also say that Ted Ginn is a true "Jet Killer" and he want to find out how to use he talents so he can become a killer of all teams.

Of course, I am paraphrasing.


DId Ted Ginn miss the call on the Sharper td that should have been touchback? No! He make the play that could have turned the game back around! With no credit!

Love the Henning reference to the Jets being half great. Thats in direct response to Jets special teams giving up 2 long kick off returns to Ted Ginn Jr.

Hennings right, Jets pretty much manhandled us defensively. However, with the Taylor td and the game winning defensive stand at the end thier offense against our defense equalled a draw.

While indeed thier defense pretty much manhandled our offense, the same can be boasted by us as our special teams completely manhandled thier special teams. Scoring not one but two long kick off returns for touchdowns.

Dan Henning, your statement about the Jets playing half-great is right on baby!!!

Also, Scotts tissues stock should have risen 10,000% percent this week thanks to all Jet players and fans. I also hear they're crime scene taping buffett bar all accross NYC, as Sumo-Rex tries to eat his way through his post game depression.

Here's part of an insightful analysis by JOE W a guest blogger on the Sun Sentinel's website.

"Last week I noted how the Saints started blitzing their corners off the edge when we went into the Wildcat. Well, the Jets took it a step further. They went with 4 down lineman, 2 OLB that were lined up outside the TE’s, 2 ILB and a safety or sometimes 3 ILB’s and a safety. That’s 9, 10 guys in the box at the snap of the football. No wonder our running game went no where. It’s a calculated risk because there is no one left deep, but with us running out of the formation 99% of the time it seems like a good bet. When Ricky runs across the formation the outside linebackers attack the edges funneling everything back inside. If teams are going to do this in the future then we have to try and find a way to threaten them deep with a pass from the pocket because roll outs go right into the OLB’s who are keying on Ricky and Ronnie. One potential counter, if Henne is lined up as a WR, is to have Ronnie throw a backwards pass to Henne and then have Henne hit the TE who would streak down the middle where there is no one. It’s risky, but without a consistent pass game to threaten this overloaded formation I don’t think the Fins can have much more success."

He had previously pointed out (when he analized the Saints game in detail) that he felt the WILDCAT would have been more successful running up the middle against the Saints because the Saints had too much speed on the outside (FINS ran most of the WILDCAT plays to the outside and were stuffed).

I hope JOE W is somehow communicating his observations with Henning!


The Dolphins would be well advised to hire Joe W. in some capacity. He has great observations, week in and week out. He's better than the people that post his blog.

This Joe W sound pretty good... Did he did a blog about how the pats sure to beat the dolphins? Nah, I don't think so, what kind of person would do something like that? It would have to be someone who love Tom Brady, or just someone who want to stir the pot to get more comments.

What think you guys?


I agree that the FINS should hire JOE W.

I'd like to think that the "risky" lateral pass to the TE he's referring to could be to Pat White because he could also be a threat to run it in for a score.


Joe W. is a guy that breaks down tapes of Dolphin games and send his observations to the S.S. paper. He's usually under the omar or mike b. blog listed as guest blogger. You'll be impressed with his work.

Joe w , is also the guy who HATED the vontae davis selection in the draft . LOL ! : )

Vontae Tackle like a man!

NJ, none of us are perfect. You have to admit though, Joe W. has a keen eye for seeing things. If you ask me, he's better than omar or mike.

Henning really needs to have a good game!!

Here's a part of JOE W.'s detailed analysis of the WILDCAT's use in the Saints game that I referred to earlier.

"Ronnie Brown – 16 carries 48 yds, 3.0 per rush. Ricky Williams 9 rushes 80 yards and 8.9 yards per rush. When you strip out the one long run Ricky had he only averaged 1.5 yards per rush on his other 8 carries. I mentioned the other week how Ricky has that break away speed and he really showed it on that long TD run. However, the rushing game plan in this game irked me like it did at Atlanta. You’re playing a 4-3 defense that is built on the speed of the linebackers. Most Dolfans know this after watching Zach run sideline to sideline for a decade. The way to beat this isn’t to run to the edges, but pile drive the ball right up the middle. And yet, just like ATL, this game had 14 rushes right, 9 rushes left and only 3 rushes up the middle outside of the short yardage stuff by Polite. We averaged less than one yard per carry running to the right (.71 on those 14 rushes), but 5 yards on the 3 runs up the middle. Why wasn’t there more of that?"

"A lot has been made about how we didn’t run the ball in the 2nd half, but that’s because they were shutting it down even earlier than that. In Q2, we only averaged 1.5 yards per rush and half of the 10 rushes in Q2 went for negative or no yards. The Saints did something I don’t believe I’ve seen another team do against the Wildcat. They blitzed both their corners at the snap of the football. They dared us to throw it to whoever was lined up at the WR position. That change took away anything to the outside and forced Ronnie/Ricky to run it up the middle where they already had 8-9 guys stacked. It’s something to watch for going forward because the NFL is a copycat league. I suspect the pass by Ronnie in the 2nd half was an attempt to counter this strategy, but Fasano dropped the ball."

The FINS coaches need to put him on their payroll.


Joe W. should put you on his payroll

NJ is the smartest man alive. As an infant he congratulated his doctor for such a fine delivery. He once performed bypass heart surgery during a metropolitan opera with a ball point pen and he once had an awkward moment just to see what it felt like.

I must say that I am a little concerned with Davone Bess. He fumbled right before the end of the 1st half v. NO which lead to the famous Sparano time out TD. He fumbles the punt last week, AND fumbled after another reception that would have been overturned if the Jets had the opportunity to review it. Luckily, the Fins quick snapped before they had a chance to challenge. If I am not mistaken, I believe that was the drive the Fins scored their only offensive TD.

Someone stole my identity.

I enjoy the press Jason Taylor is getting. I enjoy how he represents the team.When you hear him interview hes always on point and professional. Not like some of our players who make you think degrees are given, not earned by their english.
I'll give you the dancing for the stars gripe which doesnt send the message you want to younger players. However most front offices drool over inheriting a player like Taylor. He thought all the traing camp stuff wasnt necessary, but we see it hurt him physically.
Now hes back home as our Dan Marino on defense and I'll go on record to say hes a hallafamer

Henning really needs to have a good game!!

Posted by: aquaandorange | November 05, 2009 at 05:09 PM

Aquaandorange, Henne did have a good game. 0 turnovers from a 2nd year qb in only his 4th start will always be a good game to me.

Did you mean you hope he has a great game?

Cameron Wake lost his opportunity the first game against the Jets when he made a horrible failing attempt to tackle the Jets punter in the open field on their first fake. I mean, if you can't tackle the punter....you got issues. He didn't just miss it either, he was totally juked on a silly little side step the punter took. Just go watch it again. It was bush league.

LOL@perspective. The omar and mike jabs. that's not nice . Joe w is good , he's much better than some clowns on here who THINK they know what they're talking about. i'll withhold names to save them embarrassment.

and the jealousy continues.....

NJ is the smartest man alive. As an infant he congratulated his doctor for such a fine delivery. He once performed bypass heart surgery during a metropolitan opera with a ball point pen and he once had an awkward moment just to see what it felt like.

yeah that NJ so jealous of people really know about sports

LMAO@ DYING BREED , i was smart enough to help you use typepad and get you to sign in blue which you had no F'N idea about. You thought only armando can do that. what's your problem ?

Indiana Dolfan,

Cameron did not set this franchise back for years. If he drafted Quinn instead we would be worse off. Ginn Contributed. He drafted Solai. He got satele who we traded for an equal center. And je got us in position for Jake Long and forced us to hire Parcells. Thanks Cam!

Yeah aZZwhipe ! , so jealous that i just posted that Joe was good in my post at 5:35. i interact with joe w at the ss all time. YOU never heard of him til NoW ! LMFAO ! POT MEET KETTLE ! next time think of your own LINE . LOL !

Oh and Cam got us Camarillo and David Martin

I also think the Fins have held the Cat back to have fresh material for the Pats. Same with Wake.

By the way pot meet kettle , isn't it time for your Madden football game ?


Sorry, but your Satele rational doesn't work. We used our Wes Welker trade to get him in the first place. That trade alone made Cameron one of the worst coaches ever. He traded one of the best receivers in the NFL to a division rival. Terrible move.

Remember, Welker was more of a force than Moss since he's been there. And half of what Moss does is because Welker is there. Thanks Cam!

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