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The coordinators speak and we listen

The coordinators have spoken to the media and these are the nuggets that are coming out of the 20 minutes with the men that run the Dolphins' offense and defense.

Offensive coordinator Dan Henning addressed the fact the Wildcat package hasn't exactly lit up opponents the past two weeks -- accounting for 30 yards against New Orleans and 6 yards against the Jets.

Both teams used the cornerback blitz to stifle the running attack and it would not surprise if the Patriots have seen that and employ a similar scheme.

"Yeah, they did some things differently," Henning said of the Jets and Saints. "They did some things differently. We didn't block it as well as we thought we could have. We knew that was possible because [New Orleans defensive coordinator] Greg [Williams] had it in his scheme coming out of New Orleans. We knew the corner blitz was there. Of course, they did a good job with it and the Jets did a good job with it. But we didn't block it as well as we'd like to block it."

Henning stressed that if the Wildcat continues to be ineffective, the team will move to other options in the offense. And if the Wildcat succeeds, well, then the Patriots will see more and more and more of it.

"If we start to use it and it's successful, what do we do men? We feed the stud," he said. "If it's not we move on and have other things in the offense we think can be a little more effective."

Henning is a big fan of Ted Ginn Jr. -- at least publicly. So he was basking in the fact Ginn went from goat to hero in the span of one week. And in doing, he made a statement about human behavior and the puzzling New York Jets.

"We have a tendency to beat people when we're down," Henning said. "Or, if we're with the Jets, we have a tendency to tell people we're great when we're only half great."

Henning has much respect for New England head coach Bill Belichick, who is something of a defensive genius if you believe all the press clippings the past two decades.

'He's good at disguising his problems, masking his deficiencies," Henning said. "And that's what you're supposed to do in this business. You know, on offense, defense and special teams. They've been successful because they know how to do that."

Defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni talked about the use of Matt Roth, which is an interesting subject considering he gave Jason Taylor some plays off last week at New York.

"You'd like to have depth and fresh players in the fourth quarter," Pasqualoni said. "Having quality people at that position helps keep players fresh so we can not only defend the run, but keep players fresh to rush the passer."

Coach Tony Sparano just talked and he said both Jason Ferguson (elbow) and linebacker Channing Crowder (shoulder) were limited in practice for the second consecutive day.

David J. Neal reports that OLB Charlie Anderson took some snaps at ILB today. That suggests the Dolphins are preparing for another week without Crowder and are trying to find backup options should either of last week's starters -- Akin Ayodele or Reggie Torbor -- go down.

By the way, for those of you looking for more of Chris Clemons and less of Gibril Wilson, forget it. Yesterday, Sparano said he was happy at the level Clemons has reached and added he didn't thinking adding more things on his plate would be good for the rookie.

Today, Sparano said Wilson played 58 snaps against the Jets last week and, "played the best game" of the year for him. You don't further demote a guy after he plays like that.