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Thursday: Introducing the Miami Grumpies

The Dolphins need a win very badly because they seem quite grumpy now.

On Thursday, most players avoided being in the locker room during the media session. The group of media covering the team actually outnumbered the number of players in the locker room.

Some players coming into the locker room as usual but refused to speak to some of the media -- Joey Porter chief among them.

Porter ignored a group of 15 reporters that gathered around his locker stall as he dressed. Once he was dressed, he walked away, saying he had only 30 minutes to go eat and wasn't going to talk. He came back about 15 minutes later and was approached by a reporter again. That reporter, the Herald's Jeff Darlington, requested time with Porter twice in 30 minutes before finally getting Porter to answer one question.

Darlington asked Porter if something within his game needs to change after he's failed to get a full sack since September.

"Nothing needs to be changed," Porter said. "I’ve got a job to do. I’m not thinking about anything but trying to figure out what we need to do to win. We’re 3-5 at the halfway point. We’re not where we thought we’d be. We’re just trying to figure out how to win a game no matter how I’m playing."

Coach Tony Sparano also was in a foul mood during the eight minutes he spoke to the press.

A sampling:

Reporter: Can you update us on the injury situation?

Sparano: "Nothing really different from yesterday. Same guys practiced. Same guys didn't."

Actually Lydon Murtha, limited Wednesday, returned to practice Thursday.

Reporter: Why wasn't Justin Smiley at practice?

Sparano: "I sent him to the doctor," Sparano said.

 Reporter: Was it for an examination of the shoulder?

Sparano: "I sent him to the doctor."

The Smiley situation is a concern, but I doubt it's the reason everyone was so irritated today. Smiley was lost for the season last year and it didn't feel like this.

Today was the most uncomfortable Sparano press conference in the two seasons he's been the head coach -- and that includes immediately after losses, including tough ones in Arizona and Houston and against Baltimore.

Some of the players that agreed to speak with the media today also shadowed the coach's mood. Jason Taylor, who always talks on Thursday and is perhaps the most media savvy player on the team, also seemed curt at times during his four minutes in front of the microphones.

He was asked about what strategy the Patriots used to keep Miami pass-rushers at bay.

"We're done with New England," Taylor said.

Taylor was clearly eager to to be done with the interview.

This whole deal smells of something to me. It is unheard of when an entire team, from the top all the way to the players, seems upset about something. Either they had a terrible practice and Sparano tore into them, or they got some sort of bad news that has yet to be unearthed.

Or maybe the team that finds itself 3-5 and in third place in an AFC East they won last season just needs to win. Badly.


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Now..on with it. As much as I love those guys, they have caused us fans 5 bad days so far. One won't kill em.

Play Wake
Play Turner
Let Henne throw it all day.

Were will be next year if we dont let these guys pratice.

They should be upset, grumpy, mad, pissed, whatever you want to call it, and ready to kick some @ss!

You said it Carlito...

Polanski Roman Army and Carl from the Gulf- would you care for some... i dont know... leche? how about some lechon?

But I think the bad news they got was that Smiley is out for a while

One of the biggest reason's they're grumpy and glum/down is justin smiley was sent to a Specialist for his shoulder and by all reports it doesn't look Good. The replacements ? Murtha , berger and garner . You'd be grumpt too.

We aren't who we thought we were! Now Man up and grow a pair get angery!!!

You can now add guard to the off season wish list. Smiley is always hurt and id injury prone. His shoulders are shot. He may even retire. Who Knows ?

NJ, beat you to it on the smiley thing.;)

Let's play with a chip on our shoulder cause we got a lot to prove!

They should have been angry last week

I can't wait until Peyton Manning tears apart that NE defense, they play in Indy for Foxboros?

Maybe their pissed because everybody is talking about getting Brian Hartline, instead of thinking this still has a shot at the playoffs.

Am I crazy? They lost to three of the best NFL teams. The Colts, who we nearly beat. The Saints, who we nearly beat. The Pats, who we nearly beat.

Other than playing New England and Pittsburgh the hard part of the schedule is over. 11-5 is still within reach.

Stop talking about getting new players reps for next year when this year is still possible. If they get hot then anything is possible.


please no more plumber talk Carlito

Or maybe Armando cut one in the locker room? =D

i think i know who you r now .peace

Who, please entertain me?

The bad news is they're realizing this team is still two years away from making a real run at it and the people with the grumpy attitudes are realizing they won't be on the team when it does.

i keep it to my self .now i know how come you write in very good english when you choose to .

you don't know anything aloco

They should be grumpy - I'm grumpy too. Win a frickin game already.

Also, defense - STOP SOMEBODY!!!!!! Please!!!!!

If there's a game left that will allow FINS to experiment on offense and defense its this week.

Let's see if they roll out 4 or 5 receiver set on offense and Wake and other young guns more playing time on defense.

The Dolphins MUST string together some wins and soon - we have to go 3 and 0 against Tampa - Carolina and Buffalo over the next 3 weeks and then we need to beat the Pats at home and we'll be in good shape - whoever said it earlier was right - the hard part of our schedule is behind us - The Steelers will have their division locked up by Jan 2nd for that last game.

this is part of the fun carlito,not knowing any thing .

We need not to just beat TB but need to score 40 points on them.

It'll be wildcard time if Pats beat the Colts and Saints.

What's positive about this? FINS remain the only undefeated team on record.

TB IS the dolphins of 1-15 .

Mangey Bast*rd!

it could be that the whole team look at the reporters as just a group of goats who only intersted in trouble .

Ginn is the only Goat(scared fainting Goat) on the team take a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we9_CdNPuJg&feature=youtube_gdata

Well at least they're all grumpy together,...

God I'm sick of you people saying play Turner play Wake...wahahahahaah. Wake can't tackle or cover and Turner apparently can't get out of press coverage in practice. What the hell do you think will happen to him in a game?

the fainting goats are great!! jets suck. The only reason they didnt lose last week is.... they didnt play. Ha!

Here's the reason the entire organization is upset: It has long been known that we needed a go to receiver and another veteran cornerback. We had several chances at both and never made a move for them. Every game we have lost was due to a wide receiver or cornerback deficiency. Now the heat has come down on management by the OWNERS! This is not something the coaching staff is use too. So the heat is passing from one level to the next. The heat should come down. We could easily be 7-1. We could have; corrections, should have defeated new orleans, indianapolis and the patriots; three of the best teams in the league. All three of these games were lost off of fluke mistakes and we almost added one of the jets games. The owners also see the dream of a home superbowl slipping away, when it did not have to be that way. If we had signed chambers, I know we would have defeated new england because they would not have stacked the line then; but they would not move on it, when it is obvious to the world, that we need a go to receiver. Maybe this verbal thrashing by the owners will echo throughout this season and cause the dolphins to run the table.

LOL! just right

Just like Ginn

In regards to the previous blog, referencing Turner's inability to get off of CB's jams. I think that is total bull crapp!!! I played WR in hich school which i learned by my sophmore year how to get off the jams. So you can't tell me that Turner does not know how to do that by now. Man I hate being lied too.

This is a good thing! Win a game, then talk.

The Gods told me sacrifice 7 chickens(Coaches) and 2 Goats( Ginn and Wilson) out by were 2 rivers (canals) meet and we will start winning: )

At least they care enough to be cranky.

Small consolation.

Thedjmic - amen!!!

Boss Ross sent them a note they didn't wanna hear.

bond, david bond might have it right…

I work for a scum bag corporation.
Sh*t rolls down hill.


I gotta hatchet..

It's On then! anyone else?

Maybe they have finally figured out they aren't as good as their mouths thought they were. A 3-5 team is a 3-5 team. Pull the weeds, plant the seeds and water the flowers. Time to cut loose the dead weight.

IF the Fins were happy today in the locker room, the media would say they are taking things seriously.

Maybe the bad news was that Darlington reported more players had the H1N1.

Dear Mr. Bond David Bond

"If we had signed chambers, I know we would have defeated new england because they would not have stacked the line then"

Dolphins had no chance at Chambers.

Soiled :)

Or maybe they're just sick of answering stupid questions hurled at them by the media? I'm not saying Mando asks stupid questions but I could list more than a few south Florida reporters who are completely f***ing useless. Here's an example from the last blog, "Henning, meanwhile, was asked if he's comfortable including Turner in his top four rotation.
"First of all he's not in the top 4 rotation," Henning said. "If we were comfortable with him, he'd be there."
What kind of moronic question is that?! Maybe the constant "leading" questions are starting to get under their skin? There's a reason 15 reporters were around Porters locker and it wasn't because he was giving out candy. It's because they're looking for Porter to say something stupid that they can write a story on which in turn can or will hurt the team like it did against the Pats when Porters stupid comments gave the Pats more incentive. The thing that sucks is we rely on reporters for team information but they're not fans of our team. They don't care if a story hurts the team or hurts their chances of winning a game because they're not payed to care. So my question is, why in the hell should the players care about answering the medias questions if they're going to use the answer against them?

There's NO WAY IN HELL the whole team is mad because Smiley might be injured. That's a ridiculous notion. I've seen players WAY more important to a teams overall sucess get hurt and teammates and coaches never reacted like that. You move on and someone has to step up. No way in hell that's why they were grumpy. It has to be something that was said in a closed door meeting.

NY Scott is a smart fan not a trucker like KDolphins.in fact you learn some thing from reading his posts .i wish all the farmers would read his posts and advance in life .


Armando, maybe you reporters should keep 24hr surveillance. We may awaken one morning to find the team's moved to LA.

After listening to some of our fans ourageous rants. I relly wouldnt much blame them.

Dammit, just the thought of becoming a yuck buc or jaquar kitty fan has puke city written all over it!

Hey soiled bottom, We have had many opportunities at other receivers all season long and we passed on them, even though we were 0-3 and the deficiency was obvious; receiver. Every coaching system knows that a go to receiver is crucial to the development of a rookie quarterback. Every rookie quarterback who ever made it to the big times quickly has had one or two elite receivers to throw too. (dan marino,joe montana, jim kelly, ect)

dan marino is elite ?what did he win ?

Hmmmmm.......All the anger?

Could we possibly be getting used to hearing the term " LA Dolphins" before seasons end?

Armando maybe you guys should pay very close attention to all moving vans and trucks within a 5mile vicinity of team headquarters. LOL

ARMANDO, I am unable to read previous posts right now, so I don't know what everyone's sayin BUT listen CLEARLY the message has been given by The coach that everyone needs to Shut their damn mouths and get to work. Enough is enough. It sounds like he is leading by example obviously. I know he's not censoring the team, but it sure seems like a definitive message has been sent

If we became the "LA Dolphins" that means we leave the afc east and become the afc west.

KC Chiefs would then replace us in the afc east based upon being the closest westward team toward the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

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