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Thursday: Introducing the Miami Grumpies

The Dolphins need a win very badly because they seem quite grumpy now.

On Thursday, most players avoided being in the locker room during the media session. The group of media covering the team actually outnumbered the number of players in the locker room.

Some players coming into the locker room as usual but refused to speak to some of the media -- Joey Porter chief among them.

Porter ignored a group of 15 reporters that gathered around his locker stall as he dressed. Once he was dressed, he walked away, saying he had only 30 minutes to go eat and wasn't going to talk. He came back about 15 minutes later and was approached by a reporter again. That reporter, the Herald's Jeff Darlington, requested time with Porter twice in 30 minutes before finally getting Porter to answer one question.

Darlington asked Porter if something within his game needs to change after he's failed to get a full sack since September.

"Nothing needs to be changed," Porter said. "I’ve got a job to do. I’m not thinking about anything but trying to figure out what we need to do to win. We’re 3-5 at the halfway point. We’re not where we thought we’d be. We’re just trying to figure out how to win a game no matter how I’m playing."

Coach Tony Sparano also was in a foul mood during the eight minutes he spoke to the press.

A sampling:

Reporter: Can you update us on the injury situation?

Sparano: "Nothing really different from yesterday. Same guys practiced. Same guys didn't."

Actually Lydon Murtha, limited Wednesday, returned to practice Thursday.

Reporter: Why wasn't Justin Smiley at practice?

Sparano: "I sent him to the doctor," Sparano said.

 Reporter: Was it for an examination of the shoulder?

Sparano: "I sent him to the doctor."

The Smiley situation is a concern, but I doubt it's the reason everyone was so irritated today. Smiley was lost for the season last year and it didn't feel like this.

Today was the most uncomfortable Sparano press conference in the two seasons he's been the head coach -- and that includes immediately after losses, including tough ones in Arizona and Houston and against Baltimore.

Some of the players that agreed to speak with the media today also shadowed the coach's mood. Jason Taylor, who always talks on Thursday and is perhaps the most media savvy player on the team, also seemed curt at times during his four minutes in front of the microphones.

He was asked about what strategy the Patriots used to keep Miami pass-rushers at bay.

"We're done with New England," Taylor said.

Taylor was clearly eager to to be done with the interview.

This whole deal smells of something to me. It is unheard of when an entire team, from the top all the way to the players, seems upset about something. Either they had a terrible practice and Sparano tore into them, or they got some sort of bad news that has yet to be unearthed.

Or maybe the team that finds itself 3-5 and in third place in an AFC East they won last season just needs to win. Badly.


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I don't normally agree with Mando but he is right. Something don't smell right about this one. I wonder if Ross's plane was spotted in Shanahan or Cower's home towns?

When Sparano is upset and the whole team is upset then that means its about Sparano.

OK guys. I hate to break it to you, but, I really don't have a choice; it's bound to come out. So, Sparano caught wind of the fact that Parcells recently sought out advice from an outsider. A ridiculously handsome, clever, and witty man(who just happens to be me), but, an outsider nonetheless.

Upon discovering this, the coach, being the typical, loud-mouth Notherer, made a spectacle, saying things like. "I believe this is BS, I really do". This eventually got to the team, and they were upset two-fold. That an outsider might possibly know more than the staff they have, and that Sparano had just made them do Jane Fonda's for an hour while he mastrubated.

That reminds me. I need to go eat...

Marc sound like a man of integrity but a farmer non the less .

Maybe Ricky failed another drug test....

I don't know about all this sh*t but if I open a comedy club you are all hired.

I can't pay ya’ll though as I am PO...

Speaking of Ricky and the media. Has he said 2 words this year?

long got 60 million contract,i am going to have a son and teach him football and call him alcoito the stud .


Whoever said the Dolphins are moving to LA is a bonafide turd burgaling idiot. There are so many other teams ahead of the Dolphins in line to move to another city, with the Jags (blackout city) and the Bills (isn't that the bad team from canada?) leading the way.

The Dolphins are one of the most storied and one of the most winning franchises in NFL history. They have one of the largest fan bases in the league (even though it is spread across the country) and an owner that is Local.

This team is not going anywhere you bafoon.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Pope Tuna sayeth

He who has not committed football errors may speaketh with thy Media.

So said Pope Tuna

Then there was silence.

From the Church of Dolphin Football

Soiled :)


Your english gets much better when you are pissed.

me know no thing.me just play football .

PO Trash,

carlito is some one you read his post every day .i am not going to say any more .


didn't i tell you i am having my meatball sub at 7:08 pm every day ?

Po White Trash,

Yes my English is getting better, there are 2 reasons for explain this.

1. My English gets better when I am angry or drunk. The people on this blog and the Dolphins losing make sure I am usually one or the other.

2. Nice American ladies have been teaching me to speak English better.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I am a firm believer that you can fix almost anything with some duct tape and some crazy glue.

Crazy glue + Hand of Ted Ginn = Touchdown
Duct tape + mouth of Porter = Pass rush

It all adds up in my book as a Dolphin Victory

Soiled :)

Gotta love it..

the best post written by soiled since he started posting any where .funny and very creative .forget about my dinner soiled.you can post any time you need and i declare you no FARMER OR TRUCKER .

Dear Mr. Aloco

"i declare you no FARMER OR TRUCKER "

Admirable professions in thier own right.

I myself, have grown a plant or two, and driven a truck, all highways through

Wow that rymes

Soiled :)

Aloco is very handy with leaf blower and weed wacker

Basically, they stink and they're going nowhere with a nowhere awfulence and a lousy defense with two overthehill linebackers in porter and taylor.

Jet Fan,

I thought I smelled something... Better for you to be worry about Jaguars come to your rented stadium and kick your butt.

I don't think the owners' said any thing. I think Bill Parcells said something to the entire team and that includes Sparano, Henning and Pasqualoni.

Watching Bill Parcells through the years you always saw him right in the face of players coming to the sidelines after they made mental mistakes and blew a play or game management. He wasn't just whispering we'll do better next time to them.

I know for a fact the lack of enthusiasm and physical play of the team in the loss to the Patriots had Parcells fuming. I know the clock management mistakes especially the calls made during the 2 minute drill have Parcells fuming.

I think the Dolphins opened up a whole new can of Bill Parcells' Whoop Ass with last week's lackluster performance against the Patriots, a game for all purposes that was a mid-season playoff game.

I think Bill Parcells let it be known to the team he isn't afraid of making any changes that he believes need to be made.

45 minutes of possession and NO CIGAR
Ahead 23-3 and get blownout 22-0 in the fourth NO CEEEGAR!
Couldn't stop Brady in a million years.. NO CEEEGAR!
104yds and 2 first downs against the JETS and only winning by luck has to wear on a team...reality sets in... then anger....injuries...Losses and more losses!
Time to think Draft Burp!

Don't even need luck to beat the Jets.

Maurice Jones-Drew is gonna wade through the jets like a used tampon.

Dear Mr. PriceMaster

"Here is why they are upset. Stephen Ross called Parcells into his office and said"

1- I need you to do some promotions with Jimmy Buffett for Land Shark Beer.
2- Jaylo says you tried to put a move on her.
3- Mark Anthony wants to know if you swing the other way.
4-The Williams sisters want to know if you have ever been the cream inside an Oreo cookie.
5-Do you have Cam Cammerons phone number

Soiled :)

Sanchez has to catch up on all the int he missed on his bye week

Don’t associate me with a Jet fan, player or team; they have more in common with a douche bag.

Don't bring me in to this, nothing can clean up the smell of a stinking peace of Jet.

I resemble that remark!

I know how to deal with a piece of Jet.

Don't know if I can handle anything that big and stank.

everyone upset cause mr ross is losing 50% ownership to his wife diana in the divorce. diana reportedly in negotiation to sell her shares to the gordons fisherman.

No, we are upset because we don’t have enough dump trucks to haul all the crap of a team you call the jets. We could corner the market and retire.

just like starhist had charlie tuna. gordon will release new commercial staring denny the fin.

1. Maybe the players are upset because we have an ungreatful, unsupportive fan base. No matter how much progress they've made, people still criticize like crazy. This team is a year away from being in the top 3rd of the league.

2. Buffalo Bills are not from Canada. In fact Buffalo is Toronto's toilet. That's why we geographically reside on top of them.

3. Did I actually hear a Jets fan talk trash? Listen puke, the Dolphins own the Jets. Speaking of the Jets, I need to crap.

Dear Mr. PriceMaster

I agree with you myself.

I think coach Sparano to be a good man and a fine O line coach and a players coach at that. But he is no X's and O's guy that utilizes the weapons he has.
That may come with time on the job or it may not come at all.
But I still believe this organization is headed in the right direction warts and all.

Soiled :)

look for a dolphin in a sanwich spread near you

Look for Rex Ryan in a donut shop that can handle that kind of volume.

we will offer our new dolphin luncheon meat in reuseable enviromentally douche bags

Good! Rex can eat donuts from it to his hearts content.

All though that would be Cannibalism, if he ate the bag that is.

hello there boys and girls. my name is denny the finny and if you eat our new dolphin meat.... your lives can also be worth 1 rotten penny......

this is just a test run of our new commercial..
so how you like it?

gordons fisherman,

hear Rex is having a affair with your mother because he like the smell of fish.

Dear Mr. Mark in Toronto

"In fact Buffalo is Toronto's toilet"

Buffalo is the watertank that feeds the toilet we call the Hudson river.

Take your crap elsewhere.

Soiled :)

Haha, gordons mom smells like the snapper!


Do you know that Michigan has received money in order to take our garbage for years? It's true. Michigan is our landfill. Look it up.

dont undertand why the team's so unhappy. i asked bill to give them all free yellow raincoats before he broke the news

They are upset because your mother is in town and they don’t have any clothes pins to put on their noses. Apparently the rest of the city was clued in and there was a run on em.

Dear Mr. Mark from Toronto

Wanna shoot some rats down at the dump site ? Its better then fishing(Hard liquor required)

Soiled :)

I saw a jets player on the side of a greasy KFC box. I thought how appropriate greasy chickens all of them.

Soiled, sounds like fun. I'll bring the rum. I like Chopin vodka too.

maybe parcells shut down the wildcat which we all know is sparano's favorite toy. i like the wildcat but i think miami is getting too cute with it. henne took a huge hit on that passing play they tossed to him. put white out there if you want a qb in there. he can out run a corner or linebacker. miami badly needs corner's and wr's . just let henne air it out and see what happens. miami's defense gives up points so let henne try to keep pace .

Guess the troll had enough.

wow thought my life was boring. after watching you people i think im fine right where i am sitting here collecting dirt and dust, watching an occasional ant go by.

No your life is truly boring.

Ant? Don't you mean Maggot?

when i grow up i wanna become a bright and shiney big jet airplane!!!

hey i recognize you guys youre long lost family. havent seen yous since the last great flushing convention

Dear Mr. Bump on a log

"when i grow up i wanna become a bright and shiney big jet airplane"

My your dreams come true.
But beware...Statically Jets crash and burn most often during an NFL season.

Soiled :)

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