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Thursday: Introducing the Miami Grumpies

The Dolphins need a win very badly because they seem quite grumpy now.

On Thursday, most players avoided being in the locker room during the media session. The group of media covering the team actually outnumbered the number of players in the locker room.

Some players coming into the locker room as usual but refused to speak to some of the media -- Joey Porter chief among them.

Porter ignored a group of 15 reporters that gathered around his locker stall as he dressed. Once he was dressed, he walked away, saying he had only 30 minutes to go eat and wasn't going to talk. He came back about 15 minutes later and was approached by a reporter again. That reporter, the Herald's Jeff Darlington, requested time with Porter twice in 30 minutes before finally getting Porter to answer one question.

Darlington asked Porter if something within his game needs to change after he's failed to get a full sack since September.

"Nothing needs to be changed," Porter said. "I’ve got a job to do. I’m not thinking about anything but trying to figure out what we need to do to win. We’re 3-5 at the halfway point. We’re not where we thought we’d be. We’re just trying to figure out how to win a game no matter how I’m playing."

Coach Tony Sparano also was in a foul mood during the eight minutes he spoke to the press.

A sampling:

Reporter: Can you update us on the injury situation?

Sparano: "Nothing really different from yesterday. Same guys practiced. Same guys didn't."

Actually Lydon Murtha, limited Wednesday, returned to practice Thursday.

Reporter: Why wasn't Justin Smiley at practice?

Sparano: "I sent him to the doctor," Sparano said.

 Reporter: Was it for an examination of the shoulder?

Sparano: "I sent him to the doctor."

The Smiley situation is a concern, but I doubt it's the reason everyone was so irritated today. Smiley was lost for the season last year and it didn't feel like this.

Today was the most uncomfortable Sparano press conference in the two seasons he's been the head coach -- and that includes immediately after losses, including tough ones in Arizona and Houston and against Baltimore.

Some of the players that agreed to speak with the media today also shadowed the coach's mood. Jason Taylor, who always talks on Thursday and is perhaps the most media savvy player on the team, also seemed curt at times during his four minutes in front of the microphones.

He was asked about what strategy the Patriots used to keep Miami pass-rushers at bay.

"We're done with New England," Taylor said.

Taylor was clearly eager to to be done with the interview.

This whole deal smells of something to me. It is unheard of when an entire team, from the top all the way to the players, seems upset about something. Either they had a terrible practice and Sparano tore into them, or they got some sort of bad news that has yet to be unearthed.

Or maybe the team that finds itself 3-5 and in third place in an AFC East they won last season just needs to win. Badly.


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hey i recognize you guys youre long lost family. havent seen yous since the last great flushing convention

Posted by: toilet poop| November 12, 2009 at 09:26 PM

Grow up?

You mean when you go in for that penile enlargement operation? Fogetaboutit. You have to have something to start with first.

Remember you can’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Toilet poop?

The 3rd grade called....

It wants its Idiot back!

dear mr. sparanotelli we miss you at the meetings. hope to see you soon.

truly yours,

Cam Clamsauce

Actually 3rd grade is a stretch.

Someone should tell your mother about the merits of extreme LATE term abortion.

Good I hope Porter does not talk too the media for the rest of the season. All you people want in the media is to get drama started. If I was in charge of the organization I would make the press as uncomfortable as possible. Quit giving the opponents ammunition.

dear mr sparanotelli, we apologize other treaments were unsuccessful.

We would like to welcome you back with a free sample sitting in our revolutionarily new dungeon of hell heat sauna.

truly yours,

Hellen Waite

dear mr sparano, i have magical powers. I can make you and your team superbowl winners by seasons end.

If interested, please send your reply to "Helen Wait."

i wish we would sign andre the giant

Andre the Giant is dead 1ry.

Ever thing old Bill was in the locker room this morning? Telling them to shut up and play ball.
Maybe some team fines?

well then i wish we would sign gorilla monsoon

I wish the dosequius (SP) guy would buy part of the team that guy gets a lot of respect.

Gorilla monsoon is dead too.

I didn't think the Dolphins effort was bad against the Cheatriots. They were just up against a better team (and still hung with them until the 4th quarter). Joey, JT and Hartline are really the only ones without a good excuse for playing well.

What about Hull Hogan, I think he is a Buc fan!

Armando is there any way to clean up these posts? If this idiocy keeps up this application is coming off the phone.

Look through all the game photos JT always has a caption saying JT hangs head after loss to xxxx he really takes it to heart, he always is the biggest motivator to allteam mates I for one like him win or lose.

What do you want to talk about Remo 51? I will talk football.

For all you people who wanted jat cutler . He has already thrown 4 int's tonight. HE SUCKS !

Jay cutler. It's still in the 4rth qt.

H8dpats, who is Hull Hogan?
How about the Purple Haze?

Hey NJ hows it going bro? I read the lasts blogs to catch up. I dont know how you deal with all that mess. Kinda funny to read at your expense. Culter and 4 INTs damn, goes to show that you can still get picked even with a strong arm

well then i wish we would sign big john studd

Or I should call you El ventilador Phin de Nuevo Jersey. The electric fan of New Jersey/ LOL

Ace , You think it's funny and at my expense ? . There's nothing funny about it and i like a good laugh . It's idiotic , Childish and immature . Some people never grow up. That's the reason many good dolphin fans have left this blog and will continue to leave if it keeps up.

I don't know purple haze thought it was a song. I got fix to see the fins play the panthers next Thursday night. On the 50 yard line fins side 3 rows up. I am pretty stoked.

Lmao@ace. now that was funny.

H8dpats The Purple Haze I thought was a wrestler with Kevin Sullivan back in the 80s.

Good. Kiss off Miami cheap shot turd-stirring "writers."

NJ did not mean to offend. Sounds funny coming from Ace. If you read the exchanges between you and DB. It is like Spy vs Spy. You got him doing this, he got you doing that. Anyway, we need a good win against the Bucs this week. We really need it bad.

Ace back then I only remember Rowdy Roddy Piper. I hope to meet some of the team next week but won't hold my breath.

Ace , how about " the missing link " ? remember him ?

Here's a blast from the past: Dusty Roads

NJ not many people remember the missing link. I used to refer to my brother as that when I was a kid.

H8dpats how about Kendo Nagasaki?

Lmao@ace and his brother. Miami will win sunday . The carolina game 4 days later in carolina is more worrisome.

Didn't he start the sleeper hold? I remember when we were kids putting each other to sleep, now that I think about it we just lost conscienceness from lack of oxygen to the brain.

I will be there at that game NJ.

H8dpats. Good. miami will need your help . :)

LMAO @ H8dpats "sleeper hold" story. I believe some of the people who post here suffer from lack of oxygen due to sleeper holds as a child. LOL

I will be close enough for them to hear me, what do you want me to yell to them for you?

H8dpats. 2 things. " Catch the F'n ball " and " Rush the F'n passer ". how's that ?

KENDO NAGASAKI, that was sweet!

Not the Great Muta? Killer Khan and the green mist?

Now days kids hit each other on the heads with chairs and garbage cans. That's got to be worse.

Lmao@Hdpats. Yup !

Mark , wasn't the green mist also the missing link ?

NJ you forgot "don't call a time out" and "go for it" on 4th and 4 yds to go in under 3 minutes when were down a touchdown.

Jay cutler just throws INT number 5 to end the game. 10-6 SF. He sucks !

Mark I thought Kendo would shoot out this green mist into the eyes of his opponent.

H8dpats. that too. and how about " make a freaking tackle "

san frans #52 makes our #52 look like a 3rd string waterboy!

He used to hit opponents with his kendo stick. Some of the people here need to get hit with that g'damn kendo stick

Did anyone read the article on pat white? Apparently at the Patsies game they introduced local armed forces veterans for veterans day that week. None of the patsies went up to the vets to shake their hands but pat white ran over to them and shook all of their hands and thanked them for their service. Being retired military I really have to say what he did was awesome, shame on the so called Patriots,they are not Americas team like the media would have you believe.

agree w/u H8dpats

Yeah we could've had that #52 on san fran instead of ginn .

NJ what ever happened to Justin? Have not seen him post for awhile.

Hd8pats, they're from mass. what do you expect from a Liberal state. LOL !

MISSING LINK, KILLER KHAN, Missing link, all had green mist


Def Leppard

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