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Thursday: Introducing the Miami Grumpies

The Dolphins need a win very badly because they seem quite grumpy now.

On Thursday, most players avoided being in the locker room during the media session. The group of media covering the team actually outnumbered the number of players in the locker room.

Some players coming into the locker room as usual but refused to speak to some of the media -- Joey Porter chief among them.

Porter ignored a group of 15 reporters that gathered around his locker stall as he dressed. Once he was dressed, he walked away, saying he had only 30 minutes to go eat and wasn't going to talk. He came back about 15 minutes later and was approached by a reporter again. That reporter, the Herald's Jeff Darlington, requested time with Porter twice in 30 minutes before finally getting Porter to answer one question.

Darlington asked Porter if something within his game needs to change after he's failed to get a full sack since September.

"Nothing needs to be changed," Porter said. "I’ve got a job to do. I’m not thinking about anything but trying to figure out what we need to do to win. We’re 3-5 at the halfway point. We’re not where we thought we’d be. We’re just trying to figure out how to win a game no matter how I’m playing."

Coach Tony Sparano also was in a foul mood during the eight minutes he spoke to the press.

A sampling:

Reporter: Can you update us on the injury situation?

Sparano: "Nothing really different from yesterday. Same guys practiced. Same guys didn't."

Actually Lydon Murtha, limited Wednesday, returned to practice Thursday.

Reporter: Why wasn't Justin Smiley at practice?

Sparano: "I sent him to the doctor," Sparano said.

 Reporter: Was it for an examination of the shoulder?

Sparano: "I sent him to the doctor."

The Smiley situation is a concern, but I doubt it's the reason everyone was so irritated today. Smiley was lost for the season last year and it didn't feel like this.

Today was the most uncomfortable Sparano press conference in the two seasons he's been the head coach -- and that includes immediately after losses, including tough ones in Arizona and Houston and against Baltimore.

Some of the players that agreed to speak with the media today also shadowed the coach's mood. Jason Taylor, who always talks on Thursday and is perhaps the most media savvy player on the team, also seemed curt at times during his four minutes in front of the microphones.

He was asked about what strategy the Patriots used to keep Miami pass-rushers at bay.

"We're done with New England," Taylor said.

Taylor was clearly eager to to be done with the interview.

This whole deal smells of something to me. It is unheard of when an entire team, from the top all the way to the players, seems upset about something. Either they had a terrible practice and Sparano tore into them, or they got some sort of bad news that has yet to be unearthed.

Or maybe the team that finds itself 3-5 and in third place in an AFC East they won last season just needs to win. Badly.


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Ace , He pops in from time to time ? He's been a good boy if you can imagine that. :)

Mark are we starting a new game?
Sliiiick Blaaaaack Cadillac

I don't think there is any big story out of the Miami locker room the boys are just tired of the BS stories they are writing most of the articles are more destructive to morale than they are positive. Write some stories on the players doing the right things, I think the media thinks they can pull the strings of the coaches like puppets to make them do things their way. Media, write your stories and let the coaches do their jobs, right or wrong this is how we learn, so please back off with the negativity.

NJ shame on you. You said "boy". LOL

Yeah right about how the Turkeys are handing out Turkeys or somthing ...

lol@ace, Don't start that shyt. LOL !

NJ did you notice anything in the last hour? Exchanges between you , I and H8dpats were civilized. No aloco around or any other characters. Kinda pleasant, I wont get used to it.

Ace , i was just about to say that. now i'm sure they will be popping up any minute.

Where is everybody from? I am in the state where 50 percent of the people were ordered to live here by the government. Virginia. I grew up in Plantation Fl.

You probaly noticed that usually you will see aloco and gopats posting during the same period of time. You can throw in carlito from golfito, though I cannot confirm or deny whether he is also aloco or cm. It is funny how the English gets better when carlito gets angry...hmmmmm

Hey a few days ago I read that I was you. Now someone will post that I was talking to myself tonight. Unf'king believable!!


I am from Tampa, FL.

Ace , why won't you sign in on typeapad and avoid all of that. Are you somebody we already know and can't do It. ? HMMMMMM !

h8dpats. i'll give you 1 guess where i'm from. LMFAO !

Ace I was in the coast guard was stationed in Cortez in the late 80's hung out all over Tampa I remember when the bucs were a new team everyone wore bags on their heads because they never won a game.

hey we should be very glad to have Henne! Have you really seen what is out there!. Ton's of Interceptions, etc. WE HAVE A GOOD ONE! What we need for him is OF -LINE.+ at least WR that can catch the ball..OH by the way he throws hard sometimes because there is not space and he is put in a spot where there is no seperation with the WR. OH, BY the way when it is 3Rd and long because he is on the side line after getting a drive going!!! STUPID

NJ what do you mean if I am someone we all know?? I can sign in as Ace in blue. I just choose not to. What are you getting at? You are too smart for your own good. LOL

NJ I was stationed up there too in Staten Island.

H8dpats I was not in Tampa during the 80s. I was in Ft. Myers FL then. I do remember the fans with bags on the heads.

Ace we used to bust all of the coke smugglers sneaking into ft myers with a few kilos.

The last page or so has been some of the best convo on this blog in a while. True blue Phin fans. You guys are great.

How come nobody's suggested playing Bell at ILB or Jason Allen at starting FS or Paul Solai at CB?

I'm not asking for another chance
I just want to know why
There's no easy way out

Mark, need more lyrics

Catch you guys tomorrow night. We have a Nor'Easter hitting us will be busy tomorrow as we are really flooded.

LMAO@mark. at the allen and soliai remaks. IT has been nice hasn't it. It because the Buffons/idiots aren't here. This is what happens when mature and smart football fans get together. what a revelation ! HUH ?

Ace post in blue once . i dare you :)

Ah ! staten island. Home of the mob. LOL !

Goodnight Ace & NJ nice talking to you guys.

And then you sense a change
Nothin' feels the same
All your dreams are strange
Love comes walkin' in

Ya, NJ, I posted earlier how dumb all these people sound ripping up everything that the current mangement has done wrong meanwhile they've added more talent than the previous regimes have added in the last 10 years combined. Someone was actually pining for Jim Bates earlier.

NJ you are fishing and I know it. I post in blue because you are cool with me bro. Who did you think I was? You know anyone can have more than one name in blue.

Bond, Dave Bond

I also think you are on to something here, however on a lower level. I don't believe ice is coming down from owner Ross. I believe "The Tuna" has done his mid-season evaluations and certainly is not happy with the way the team is playing and the coaching. As it was said earlier, normally you have guys who are willing to give an interview.

I really don't think this is going to be good for Tampa this week. "THE TUNA HAS SPOKEN" Jobs are on the line, and I suspect it involves coaches and players (Not necessarily Sparano) but I think all of the assistant coaches have been put on notice (including Henning).

I personally like it because there is always quite before the storm. GO GET EM BOYZ.

Peace B-LAW 52

Yeaaaaaaah ACE ! that's what i'm talking about. LOL !


You are right about what this regime has done.

I look around and what do I see
broken hearted people staring at me
all searching cause they still believe
oh oooh oh love aint no stranger

Here's a little quiz you guys won' t believe. Ted ginn is in the Hall Of Fame twice ! Do you know what for ? I should be easy. Shoot .

To long . you guys are googling.

Can anyone tell me where I can find a piece of crap electric fan on the dirty cheap?

Oh never mind I think Ive found one now!

Let see back to back 100 yard returns

fastest returns???

Ace , close . 2 100 yd returns in one game. Only player to do that. One more ?

NJ PHLIM FLAM are you out here tonight"

Mr. Breed, Dont you have a program that will help you find a crappy fan. Being that you have programs to speak more languages than the Pope and programs to be a detective on other sites.

maybe they realize they need a different mentality going into football games, i say this weekends score is 41-7 dolphins-wildcat gets back to form w/ ronnie scoring 2 td's and 125 on 19 and ricky getting 1 with 85 on 11 henne throwing for 2 and at least 250 w/ 2 field goals

NJ what is the second one

I don't like how chummy j Taylor was with belichek after the game!!!

Ace, nice on the Whitesnake post!

Ouuu baby baby
turn your head my way
ouu baby baby
come on take a chance
you're old enough to

Or given the state of the Dolpins, maybe we should be posting Patience by Guns n Roses?

Did tuna put coaches on notice?????

How could Miami start so flat 2yrs in a row???

Ace , the second is they put ted ginn's jersey along with brandon jacobs jersey in the hall of fame. The fame asked for a jersey's from both teams to commemorate the game played in london and ginn scored the only TD for miami . It was ginn's first career Td.

Nj and guys I am checking out. I will check on that answer later, NJ

What is with Sparano on the sidelines during a game? How come he doesn't stategize more with his players like I saw belichek do on NFL com??

dolphins arent going anywhere

NJ interesting answer, later dude

Henning has brilliant moments but he and Sparano and the defensive coodinator seem out of sync


get rid of ginn everybodys happy we get the first down and keep drive alive and season

Ace , it's late . good night.

Misty , make sure you PLAY MISTY FOR ME ! LMFAO !

Another week article

Boring Mando

Areas to improve:

1. throw to Ronnie and Ricky more out of the backfield. 2. Let Wake loose! What did Porter do other than pass rush last year? 3. Get Camarillo more involved. 4. Stop throwing to ginn with the game on the line. 5. Cover the freaking tight end. 6 the last 2 weeks Miami has been playing like they are giving up on this year. 7. Hold Sparano accintable. His clock mngt stinks and his game awareness in critical moments is dull and dear in headlights like. 8. What the heck cover the frakin deep route!!

Miami looked unimpressive against new England. Listen to bellichek on NFL. Com! He knew that pat white was coming!! Miami executed pooooorly in the patriot game!!!

I hope tuna gives sparano an earful on his very avg coaching this year

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