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Dolphins honor our military -- God bless them

The Dolphins will celebrate and salute America's military and its veterans Sunday at their home game against Tampa Bay. And I salute them for that.

The team will have a moment of silence in memory of the Fort Hood soldiers and civilians killed or injured by the treasonous, traitorous, terrorist act of Nadil Malik Hasan. The Dolphins will be collecting donations at all stadium entry gates in memory of the fallen Fort Hood soldiers, with the contributions going to the Fisher House Foundation.

The Foundation provides travel, comfort and lodging to military families at a time of illness or injury.

There will be a pregame flyover of four T-38s from the 50th Flying Training Squadron. There will be a halftime rendition of God Bless America, a performance by the Parris Island Marine Band and a Military Stand To and enlistment ceremony with 300 members of all five branches at the end of the first quarter.

Outside the stadium, there will be a display of military vehicles and banners along with performances from the National Guard Band at the Grand Plaza.

The Veteran's Day celebration, although a few days late of actual Veteran's Day, is something for Dolphins fans to embrace. You root for the guys in Dolphins uniforms all the time.

We all should unfailingly root for the guys in U.S. military uniforms first and foremost. They volunteer to serve, if necessary shedding their blood, so that our American way can endure. God bless them.

Anyway, I got an email from a reader who passed along a poem from U.S. Marine corporal Aaron M. Gilbert, who years ago served aboard the U.S.S. Saipan in the Persion Gulf. The poem was sent by corporal Gilbert to his father. The poem:

We all came together,
Both young and old
To fight for our freedom,
To stand and be bold.

In the midst of all evil,
We stand our ground,

And we protect our country

From all terror around.

Peace and not war,
Is what some people say.

But I'll give my life,

So you can live the American way

I give you the right
To talk of your peace.

To stand in your groups,

and protest in our streets.

But still I fight on,
I don't fuss, I don't whine.

I'm just one of the people
Who is doing your time.

I'm harder than nails,
Stronger than any machine.

I'm the immortal soldier,

I'm a U.S. MARINE!

So stand in my shoes,
And leave from your home.

Fight for the people who hate you,

With the protests they've shown.

Fight for the stranger,

Fight for the young.

So they all may have,

The greatest freedom you've won

Fight for the sick,
Fight for the poor

Fight for the cripple,

Who lives next door.

But when your time comes,
Do what I've done.

For if you stand up for freedom,

You'll stand when the fight's done.


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As a military member and avid Dolphins fan since the early seventies, thanks for devoting this blog entry to veterans.


Thank you for posting that great poem by that brave marine. I am also a 9 year veteran of the Navy and currently a 15 year law enforcement officer working in the Tampa Bay area. I will be attending Sunday's game and am looking forward to all the veteran's day celebrations at the stadium. I think all to often we take for granted the freedoms we have in this country and I for one thank god we still have the best military in the world that allows us those freedoms. Let's all have a great time Sunday and give thanks to all our veterans. Oh, by the way...GO FINS!!!

I thnk those men should be honored cause what they do something I definitly wouldn't. I just ask
Why the hell does your government have to stick its nose where it doesn't belong?

I hope Bush get trialed for the slaughter that he has caused over seas. I know its not the soldiers fault, their just doing their job.

God bless them


I have never been in the military...but I salute all the members of our armed forces.

thank you, god bless you all

As a military member though I can't make it to the game due to my geographical location I appreciate the time Armando and the Dolphins are putting into this.

I served during the Panama invasion. And while that going after Noriega wasn't easy, I would never be able to imagine the hardships of the guys that took Kabul or Kandahar or Bahgdad or Berlin. It takes a special person to fight that fight. God bless them all.

The country honors its military and veterans while obama dithers on a decision to send the necessary troops necessary to win in Afghanistan.

He has time to fly to China to worship Mao, fly to the Netherlands to pick up a Nobel prize, fly to greece to lobby for the olympics, but he doesn't have time to meet with the general he installed over Afghanistan.

He's happy to make war on Fox News but delays making war on the Taliban.

And all the time, the outnumbered soldiers and marines in afghanistan that Obama delays to reinforce continue to fight and die.

Please, stop fighting wars we don't intende to win. And if you fight, fight to win.


I greatly appreciate your post in this blog recognizing the world's greatest military! I am currently serving in our U.S. Navy's Submarine force and have been a passionate Dolphins fan since the mid 80's. I know that my fellow service members can all honestly say that support from home goes a long way to help our morale as well as when our favorite sports teams' honor the military. Unfortunately I cannot make the Fins game Sunday but I'll be following your blog and the Herald closely as I always do. Mando, thanks for being a reliable source for all things Fins!!!

Thank you very much for posting this blog. I am a Navy veteran with 22 years in the service and actually serving in Iraq. God Bless all Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, and Coasties...

JP comments to have Bush Tried? I am a veteran and there is nothing more insulting then posting a political view on a page that honors our heros! You don't know until you serve your country the dedication admiraion and respect we have for our commanders. We take our responsibilities seriously because our lives are at stake for you back here to live in comfort. So put on a uniform and then you'll see! My country comes 1st after God!

Mando: a most deserving column!! My prayers and EXTREME gratitude are with those that have and currently serve our great country!! Thank you!!

I am a vet myself. I served in Afghan and Iraq. It's awesome that the Phins are doing this. I salute you all and I hope you guys come home safe.

God bless America's fighting men. My only hope is that you have the courage and bravery to never turn your guns on your fellow American citizens.

Even if ordered to do so by evil commanders.

That's what brought down my parent's country in Cuba. Don't let it happen here.

Oh, God bless the fighting women also. Love you gals in uniform.

Here is what they are saying about Pat White and the veterans over on the freaking *Jets* board:



Thanks, made my day. I'm thankful for the freedom to enjoy this day any way I want!


Thank you for writing and honoring all Veterans, as a former Marine vet and 22 year retired Deputy Sheriff, it is refreshing to see the Dolphins honor the Veterans and all service members worldwide risking thier lives daily so we can live free. God Bless our Troops and Semper Fi...

where are odin & carlito when ya need them?

Hey jP....were you automatically on parole when you were born?

Finheavenblows , well said and right on ! Obama the coward that his also runs off to china while they announeced that that they the 9/11 terrorists will be tried in civilian court just like you or me , regular us citizens would for a criminal act. Obama could've announced before he left or when he came back but didn't want to face the music. Truly PATHETIC !

God bless the troops and thank you for protecting my Butt. Pat white is now one of my favorite dolphins players.

Jp . i now who you really are and you are a idiot and a moron . Do you want obama slaughterd for fighting a war in afghan and sending troops to afghan. ?

God bless all our troops, past, present and future, and thank you 'Mando, for using this space to honor them so!

Thank you for calling this scum what he is-a terrorist. Why can't we call a spade a spade anymore? Keep it up Armando


Armando once again great blog. I got my best friend in the Marines him and I grew up like brothers I miss him everyday and especially when the Dolphins play because we just always went crazy heh. Thank you Armando and God Bless all our Soldier's in the Military and thank you for what you do.

--Cesar Vazquez

Will Chirino , what the hell are you talking about ? You're telling and hoping that american soldiers never turn their guns on fellow american citizens ? What the hell is that all about ? Are you stupid or insane ? Who do think we are the venezuela , cuba , Iran . north korea , etc . ? LMFAO ! Maybe with our economic views ( LOL ! ) but not military.

NJ: It has already happened in the United States.

After Hurricane Katrina in New Oreans, the police and later and more worrisome, the national guard went into regular neighborhoods and forceably took guns from residents and forceably took Americans from their homes.

It happened because it was a "crisis". It will happen again under Obama if we are not vigilant.

I'm not making this up:


Also check this out:

They will come for you and will take your guns.


And this:


The national guard went into the wealthiest neighborhoods in New Orleans, barging into homes without permission and disarming citizens.

Wake up.


Great points Willi C. I guess we just have to have faith in our troops.

Don't get me wrong. I love and support our troops.

But I believe a day is coming when they will be ordered on our streets to "uphold law" and round up citizens into camps and take their guns.

And like I said before, I hope our troops recognize those orders are not legit and not constitutional.

Willi , you might be on to something with obama " the socialist ' at the helm and in charge. That i will agree with it and that's how the communists started . :)

drones! everything should get the hell out of the military. i honor them, but they need to obtain a mind of their own not the militarys thirst to provide for corporations.

Willi , you have to be kidding with your Katrina amd NO example RIGHT. They declared marshall law. People/citizens were running around shooting other citizens , rapping , looting . it was total chaos. The national guard had to do what they did , there was hardly no police force left after katrina. There were people running all over the place with guns. That at example is BS , False , unfair and naive. it was necessary.

Excuse me RAPING ! not rapping , although the were doing that too . :)

NJ: I appreciate your opinion, but the truth is citizens weren't shooting or raping other citizens. Thugs were doing that.

Citizens were in their homes protecting themselves from the thugs with their guns. And then the national guard went into their neighborhoods and homes, and even a church, and disarmed the citizens while the thugs continued to roam the streets.

And, by the way, this happened while George Bush was in office so it's not about repubs and dems. It's about the constitution.

Please watch the videos. They speak for themselves.

liar, NJ, liar...take your teabagging fascist nonsense to Fox & stick to football.....even responsible Republicans (a concept that is alien to you) acknowledge that Bush's response to Katrina was all effed up.

Funny how all the Football Fascists like NJ no longer mention Pat Tillman, who was a hero, now that it's come out that the Army covered-up his death by friendly fire, and his family has (Heaven Forbid!) criticized the cover-up, and it turned out that Tillman did not believe that the USA was fighting in Jesus's name & that the war was, as he put it in his diary, "so f**cking illegal."

NJ---you can believe whatever right-wing crap you want to....but do you have to keep subjecting us to it!?!@ PLEASE take it to Redstate or Malkin or whatever anti-Obama site you prefer. This is a FOOTBALL site, and not all FOOTBALL fans agree with your teabagging nonsense.

Tool. Go kiss Bush's rear-end.

Willi , the thugs are poeple and us citizens too.

Well written. What happened at Ft. Hood is a terrorist attack. Who performed this horrible act is a traitor. God bless the 13 who perished that day.

NJ Rim Job - you are a disgusting and sorry excuse for a human being.

Hey A**wipe , who said anything about bush ? We're talking about the soldiers IDIOT, I do blame Bush and the way he handled it. it was a disgrace, It was pathetic Now go back to msnbc and kiss jeanine garafalo . chris mathews , keith olberman , rosie o donnell and all your other left wing nut jobs butt . You're a left wing looney just like the dumb witted nancy pelosi.

NJ, now you're defending the thugs while denying the truth?

Have you watched the videos, especially the last one -- yes or no.

Until you answer yes truthfully, you should hold your tongue.

And to the lefty socialist bush bashers on here, bite me ok, because I'm not on your side either.

If you guys love socialism and communism so much, how come none of you have moved to Cuba or Venezuela? You turds are hypocrites.

Also buffoon , when you have the balz to speak to me under your real screenname instead of hiding under another name showing what a coward and PU**Y you are , i might take you more serious . What a F'n loser and PU**Y. Just like all the left wing nut jobs. typical ! lmafao 1

By the way idiot , if you haven't noticed i live in jersey , one of the biggest liberal democratic states in the country and they fuched up this state pretty good thank you. so get your fact straight .

By the way moron !. if you didn't notice , this blog is about the military and that will bring up politics, If you don't like it , FUCH OFF ! Last i heard it was a free country , but if people like you , obama and the rest of the left wing loones get thier way , we won't have that too.

Last season I had the privilege to see a Bills vs Fins game in Miami. The military did a fly over at start of game. Later the crew responsible for the impressive sight got introduced to the crowd. Bills and Dolphins fan alike chanted, "USA". Our fighting force does more than today's politicians to keep us safe and honor our constitution. A show of gratitude by fellow Americans is well deserved

Thanks to all VETS!! I have never served, but have common sense to be appreciate what we all enjoy day in, and day out !!

Mab65 , unfortunatly you have idiots like said above who can't stand this country. It's Pathetic.

I'm a fellow Jersey Fin fan.

I'd rather kick that punk back under the rock he came from under than let him crawl.

Mab65, ask the nut job above if he thinks bush was behind 9/11. That will be all you need to know. LOL ! By the way , i'll still take s eric berry from Tenn.

We gotta win this next one. I'm surrounded by Jet fans at work and they're salivating for a Miami loss. Ginny and Fasano better step it up

Ginn! Frigging spellcheck

mab65 , living in a Red state here in jersey LMFAO ! , i know the feeling of being around jet fans all day , heck some of my close friends are jet fans. They're not going to get their wish. miami 23 yukes 13 !

What about Pat Tillman? Cat got your tongue----or is he a traitor now too, because his family criticized the Military brass?

As a strong supporter of our Military and a longtime Dolphin fan, I am very proud of Pat White and the Dolphin orginazation for there clear understanding and respect for our military and what life threatening presure they and there familys live under everyday. How our Countries youth is molded and taught what is important to respect and what direction we must go in to countinue being a free nation is an on going battle. I truly beleive this like so many other Americans. That is why it is so hard for me to understand why the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was banned from the school system. Look at the message we are sending to the very same people(our youth)we want to carry on the respect and protection of this great Nation. Someone needs to revisit this hugh mistake, reinstitute and reintroduce our youth to is great Country once again.

Will Chirino , what the hell are you talking about ? You're telling and hoping that american soldiers never turn their guns on fellow american citizens ? What the hell is that all about ? Are you stupid or insane ? Who do think we are the venezuela , cuba , Iran . north korea , etc . ? LMFAO ! Maybe with our economic views ( LOL ! ) but not military.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 14, 2009 at 12:11 PM


Ever heard of Kent St?

It's happened Bro.

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