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Dolphins honor our military -- God bless them

The Dolphins will celebrate and salute America's military and its veterans Sunday at their home game against Tampa Bay. And I salute them for that.

The team will have a moment of silence in memory of the Fort Hood soldiers and civilians killed or injured by the treasonous, traitorous, terrorist act of Nadil Malik Hasan. The Dolphins will be collecting donations at all stadium entry gates in memory of the fallen Fort Hood soldiers, with the contributions going to the Fisher House Foundation.

The Foundation provides travel, comfort and lodging to military families at a time of illness or injury.

There will be a pregame flyover of four T-38s from the 50th Flying Training Squadron. There will be a halftime rendition of God Bless America, a performance by the Parris Island Marine Band and a Military Stand To and enlistment ceremony with 300 members of all five branches at the end of the first quarter.

Outside the stadium, there will be a display of military vehicles and banners along with performances from the National Guard Band at the Grand Plaza.

The Veteran's Day celebration, although a few days late of actual Veteran's Day, is something for Dolphins fans to embrace. You root for the guys in Dolphins uniforms all the time.

We all should unfailingly root for the guys in U.S. military uniforms first and foremost. They volunteer to serve, if necessary shedding their blood, so that our American way can endure. God bless them.

Anyway, I got an email from a reader who passed along a poem from U.S. Marine corporal Aaron M. Gilbert, who years ago served aboard the U.S.S. Saipan in the Persion Gulf. The poem was sent by corporal Gilbert to his father. The poem:

We all came together,
Both young and old
To fight for our freedom,
To stand and be bold.

In the midst of all evil,
We stand our ground,

And we protect our country

From all terror around.

Peace and not war,
Is what some people say.

But I'll give my life,

So you can live the American way

I give you the right
To talk of your peace.

To stand in your groups,

and protest in our streets.

But still I fight on,
I don't fuss, I don't whine.

I'm just one of the people
Who is doing your time.

I'm harder than nails,
Stronger than any machine.

I'm the immortal soldier,

I'm a U.S. MARINE!

So stand in my shoes,
And leave from your home.

Fight for the people who hate you,

With the protests they've shown.

Fight for the stranger,

Fight for the young.

So they all may have,

The greatest freedom you've won

Fight for the sick,
Fight for the poor

Fight for the cripple,

Who lives next door.

But when your time comes,
Do what I've done.

For if you stand up for freedom,

You'll stand when the fight's done.


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What the hell are you spewing now NJPHINfan?

As a Vet, I thank the Dolphins, My fellow vets, and you mando. Nice piece.

You sound so moranic when you call people left wing liberal loons, and you why do you hate them soo much anyway? If you dont like something or hate something run for office.

typo: moronic

Odinseye , are you talk about kent state. ? Are you kidding me. That was one i repeat ONE rogue , crazy nut ex marine . Not an entire platoon. MY GOD ! LMFAO ! You might as well mention lee harvey oswald too. He was a a ex marine who shot an american citizen. LOL ! Poor example Buddy.

Why do you a holes have to tarnish this particular post. Keep your leftist bush hating BS to yourselves for just once.

Dolphins4life, these people are loons and if you don't see it , them i'm sorry . I don't now what to tell you . Take a look the janine garfalo , bill maher , michael moore's of the world. They can't stand this country but make millions from it. Hypocrites ! They would never leave it , i bet you that. the far left are socialists , who hell bent for leather to take your freedom's away from you. They know better for you , than you better for yourself . If that's want you want , then i feel sorry for your You. Run for office ? LMAO , NO FREAKING WAY !

Now that's moronic !

Salute goes out to all the men and women fighting to keep our freedom and way of life, that we as Americans take for granted everyday. Though we often fight and aurgue amongst our selves the thing we lack most is acceptance of the differences in all americans. And ONLY until we do that and hear each other out and accept the differences, though you may or may not like, but accept them, then and only then can we feel united. United we stand and divided we fall.

God bless the men and women of who have given their lives so that we may continue to live in freedom and the people who are serving this country now. United we stand!

I gave Obama all the benefits of doubt. The guy has done nothing that has impressed.
To be fair, he's following an 8 year REGIME that financially raped and robbed this country as well as others.
However, that's not really the point. The point is that we the people are honoring our vets.
REGARDLESS of the politics that mudslide down the chain of command, our vets should be honored. I have nothing but respect and admiration for every single soldier that has EVER honorably served in the United States Military.

Having said all that, I would like to hear a little more about my beloved Dolphin Warriors.
Is Porter out? What tweaks will we see to offset his absence?
Any news from the front Armando?


Odinseye , not that it matters because all politicians SUK , but the economic mess began to unveil it's ugly head back in 1996-97 when the clinton admin lifted all regulations on fannie mae and freddie mac creating the housing bubble and leaving us with this f'n mess. It's everybody not just the last 8 years. That's BS and the liberal media never tells you that.


You can try to downplay it, or believe that it was an isolated incident. Regardless there were more than one National Guardsmen firing at Kent State.
I know it was a different day and age, but nonetheless a tradgedy, very bad for the country on all fronts.

PS: I don't think Oswald shot JFK(yeah I said it lol). He was undobtedly involved, but I don't think he was the triggerman.

Michael Moor loves this counrty and thats why his movies are basically expose' and Bill Mahr well hes a bit of a loon/comidian and
garafalo I do not know and really dont care, I mean hypocrites arent we all!

What I dont like is the corporate greed that has infested the counrty and how the constituancy for both political parties are corporate lobbyist. To me thats the ostrich buring his head in the sand when people dont want to hear the truth about the hypocracy that is rampant on all levels of society and how corparate greed is now just a way of life and grass roots campaigns have little amo when going against these giant lobbyist.

Odinseye . not downplaying it . That's just a BS example. It's one nut job and to blame an entire military is unfair. Lets talk football because i have a headache now. LOL

Willi Chirino,

Your record sales are dropping with every palabra you say.


Anyway I thought I would check in and again find myself on a political blog site, I will check in later and see if the blog site breaks the norm and talks about sports, got to go run MY business. Later Dolphins nation.

Gusano ! LOL !

my meatball sub is missing .odinseye must stole it .


I agree with you about when this particular economic slide started. I just didn't want to take up that much time going that far back. No hidden political agenda here lol!
As much as I like a President that keeps a suckretary under his desk, Clinton sold out on the NAFTA deal.

Odinseye , I' glad you admit it went back to the clinton days but alot of uninformed people don't know that . To not go back that far is UNFAIR.


do you know how to tell when the turkey is done ?


You make it sound like I'm making some kind of admission. I'm just stating the facts as I understand them.
I'm not into false propaganda propped up by advertising exec's and lobbyist group.
This is the day and age of the computer. Anyone ignorant of the facts are suffering from a self imposed ignorance.

Peace, Love and Happiness LOL!!!!

Banana , i don't know , you stick a thermometer in it and it will let you know when it's cooked. On that note , i'm out . Later

Odinseye , I' glad you admit it went back to the clinton days but alot of uninformed people don't know that . To not go back that far is UNFAIR.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 14, 2009 at 03:16 PM

A lot of uninformed people are just like the animals on George Orwell's farm.

Odinseye. EXACTLY ! You to with the peace , love and happiness . Oh and a Dolphins win !

Armando love that you called it like it is a terrorirst attack!!! We have been attacked again and we are still at WAR people weather you wanna be in one or not!!!


For those Michael More Followers do you know he is a major speech writer for Hugo Chavez!

Good American Micheal More are you Crazy all he does is push our enemys agenda's!!

They want to take our guns?!? From My Cold Dead Bloody Hands You Bastards I will go down Fighting For My Freedom that so many have died to give me !!!!

TAKE my guns? You better TAKE them, cause I ain't handing them over.

Anybody want to TAKE my guns?

Come get ya some!!!!

Join the armed forces and you too can be a poorly paid servant of Haliburton, Exxon, Union Carbide, KBR, Boeing and Lockheed among others. You can help destroy another countries infrastucture, while killing innocent people, so these corporations can be furnished with billions of tax payer dollars they've lobbyed for to rebuild and sell new armament to the nations you'll help destroy. Upon returning home from serving your country (yeah right) you'll be showered with respect from the mindless sheep who actually believe the propaganda we've circulated to make you into heros in the minds of millions of lemmings.

WOW! This post is on fire! Mando rocks for his patriotism and dedication to Miami Dolphins Football. To all you outspoken Statists: your ideal world vision of government operates in a lot of places outside the USA. I suggest you move to one of them.

Odinseye! I purchased a SigSauer P250. I'm I less of a man because it's made of plastic?

AM I.........grrrrrrr damn my fingers!

Thanx For Tellin. Your ignorance is laughable. I'm offering you passage to Cuba at no cost to you.

Actuall Deregulation of major corporations started in the Reagan administraton. Under Don Regan who under the mantra of "free enterprise" gave major corporations huge tax breaks. free enterprise- was just another way of selling his tax breaks for the rich. Which really meant deregulation, specifically to all major banks. So the houseing bubble that burst at the end of a the Bush admin was really a consorted effort by both political parties-also the Clinton admin in hopes of having more people live the american dream contirbuted to the deregulation of Fannie and Freddy so that more people can buy more homes.
Now the banks ran with this and sought to take advantage of everyday people who had little to no money and were never apt to even affording a home especially when sub prime derivatives blew up. Banks and lenders knew this so aren't they to blame also? Yes because you cant use greed as a excuse. You can write a novel as whos to blame for the housing melt down but dont just pin it on one man!

Thanx for telling.. You are a coward that is able to say anything that you want becaue of those so called mindless sheep that you stated are the brave men and women that serve in the armed forces but I guess what you stated let's you believe your not a spineless coward piece of garbage why don't you leave this country and go to venezula, Cuba , china, Iran, north Korea, or Russia and see if those country's will tolerate your sad excuse for a brain to speak up you can here because of the young Men and Women that have paid in blood and with there lives for you and all of us to do so @sshole!

Sunday Silence you full sh*t @sshole and you left wing communist liberals need to man up for boys chris Dodd,Barnie Frank that were manning the Ship and steered us to the big crash you lying communist propaganda pushing coward!!

Understanding the truth, hardly makes me a coward. I suggest you look up the word coward and think about what it means before you throw it around improperly. If fighting for American's freedom were the actual cause then I might be willing to serve and even die. Yet the overwelming facts that most of you simply don't have the intelligence or character enough to understand tells a far different story. Did you call someone ignorant ? Take a hard look at yourselves, you're brainwashed by propaganda. As far as moving to another country is concerned once again that's an ignorant arguement. I enjoy the freedoms of this country. I'm just not dumb enough to believe that someone dying in any of the wars fought since the war of 1812 has done so simply so I can enjoy watching Dolphins games. The rights you're refering to were fought for a long time ago and haven't been fought for since. Furthermore, I would venture to say that had we lost to England when those rights were fought for we would still enjoy freedom of speech as they do in England. Killerdolphin you're emotional unitelligent reaction and sheer absence of logic is the stuff of a moron. Mab65, I'm laughing at you for being clueless and in the dark.

Before our military operations in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan were our freedoms and rights threatened ? Is our military a part of helping to repel an invading force that threatens our constitution ? The answers here are no and no. Fighting for freedom is a blatent lie. It's propaganda designed to recruit people into the armed forces and convince them that they're serving the greater good. It's propraganda designed to create a culture that mindlessly respects soldiers (which helps recruiting efforts). Ignorant is the non thinking person who buys in.

Thanx for telling.. Sense the war of 1812 really! How about the Civil war that started over abolishing slavery human rights issue in the U.S. World war two didn't the Japs attack us there? and the Nazi's weren't they trying to kill all the Jews how about the cold war wasn't that over communisum trying to impose the views on the world oppress our freedoms you really don't know your history you Coward all you do is hide behind lies!!!

By the way don't ventur to far you might not make it back with your lack of knowledge and intelligence..

You are a perfect example of why the Nazi's almost conquered the world and killed so many ignorance blooms inside you and it will cost someone their lives or get you killed


Its always left wing this with you huh, ya know what its morons like you that give this great counrtry a bad name of course if you said that infront of me you would be eating pavement. So i guess you have no other recourse than to try to insult someone who gave a explination as to who/why the housing market burst? Guess not so you hide behind your offensive remarks cause thats what you know and thats what you do just spewing your garabage fowled mouth out so you catering to your ever shrinking ego. lol

Get a clue and while your at it get an education and if you cant afford one start paying a visit to the local library for $2.50 all the books that you can read about anything you want to educate yourself...but that would be to hard for you and maybe to much work so you run your acidine fowl mouth and try to feel better about your introverted, inferiority complex, that makes you feel less worthless than you all ready are.

Muhammad Ali said "no viet cong ever called me n**er" and "I aint got no beef with the viet cong", wonder if anyone is calling him a commy? Or left wing liberal commy.

Wow, that's deep.

I wish I would've thought of that!

My inferiority complex would succumb to nothing less than decades of Booze, Heroin, and cheap, raunchy, meaningless SEX!!!!

Sunday silence I guess you would believe that since I served in the US Coast Guard for 24 years and it is an Armed Force where we saved lives, made countless drug busts, rescued Americans from natural disasters and provided protection from terrorist, that it was all a big farce for corporations to get rich since were all a bunch of lemmings?

Sunday Silence I would love for you to try and do to me what you expressed you would- make me eat pavement, please.
let me know when and where you would like to meet and try... you will have a rude awaking, you communist scum !! And if you expect me to read your "red" propaganda-
I've read them all and unlike you have lived in a communist country and know first hand what left wing communist scum like yourself do to countries and thier people. I would consider it a service to humanity to drop kick you around for a while so please get back to me with a date. :)

I would consider it a service to humanity to drop kick you around for a while so please get back to me with a date. :)

Posted by: KillerDolphin | November 14, 2009 at 07:37 PM

Wouldn't that be considered Domestic Violence? Oh wait, if you're just dating, I think it would be plain old assault and battery.

"People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?"


You trying to start another riot?

Muhammed Ali? No, I wouldn't say anything about his race.

I'd call him a loser Muslim. Should have known even way back then.

"Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out."

As a 16 year navy man and a veteran of iraq, one thing that freedom brings is also the freedom to be stupid and ignorant. God bless America and god bless my Miami dolphins!!!

Thanxfortelling= poorly educated and ignorant mullethead. You don't like it here? Try a day in Iraq u ungrateful pussbone

Chewyphins, at any point did I say I didn't like it in America ? My comments attack the ignorance of people like you. You probably think the Marlins stadium is actually good for Dade County as it will surely make Miami into a world class city and create jobs...cretin.

Chewyphins, I just noticed that you're an armed forces man (although I'm not sure the Navy really counts lmao). Regardless, you'll never see through the smokescreen clear enough to understand the point of view of enlightened people like myself. First, you would have to question your government. Then, you'd have to question your own involvement with the war and that calls into question your foolish pride. The truth doesn't suit you or anyone else in your position...Sorry, but "fighting for freedom"...you've been had. Like most Americans you simply can't objectively see as much. It's a matter of character more than it is a matter of intellect. I'm unbiased and objective. I have the courage and the guts to stand up for what I've researched and strongly believe is true, even though most Americans are lemmings who react emotionally to someone who isn't brainwashed like they are.

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