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The locker room reaction following a win

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Six days ago, before they faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, coach Tony Sparano told his team to strive for one mark by the time they took the coming weekend off: 5-5.

Sure Sparano was talking about multiple games and he usually preaches one at a time, but, "I looked a game ahead, I guess is what I'm saying. We knew we had two games in a short period of time and we knew it was going to be critical for us to take care of two football games to get ourselves back in position to make a charge."

Well, get the credit cards out because the Dolphins believe they are charging.

But first the bad news: Defensive tackle Jason Ferguson suffered a knee injury Thursday and did not return to the game. The Dolphins believe the injury is" serious," according to a source, and have scheduled an MRI for Friday.

The source declined to be specific about his definition for "serious." It is likely Ferguson will miss playing time but unclear if he is done for the remainder of the season.

The Dolphins find themselves in the playoff hunt today.

"We're back at eye-level now," said Nate Jones, who had an interception Friday. "We're back at ground zero. We're 5-5. We're have two huge division games coming up. We've put ourselves in a position to make a huge dent in this division and the league.

"We don't control our own destiny but we put ourselves in a position to make a run."

This game had many heroes.

Ricky Williams rushed for 119 yards on 22 carries. It was his second consecutive 100-yard game.

"I don't want to talk about myself," Williams said. "I want to talk about the team. We struggled a bit during the game, but the defense kept it close to give us an opportunity and give us time to get it together."

Yeremiah Bell made a tackle on DeAngelo Williams after a 50-yard gain. That came just before Jones got his interception.

"Without the tackle they score a touchdown," Bell said accurately. "It saved some points for the defense. I can run a little bit. I'm not going to downplay myself. I can run. And that's my job. It's to save touchdowns. I'm the last guy on the back end and I expect to make those plays."

Nate Garner was a hero. He played left guard, right tackle and center during the game as Jake Grove, Joe Berger and Vernon Carey went out with injuries. Carey and Berger returned. Grove did not return after his ankle injury.

"I'll play wherever they want me to play," Garner said.

Sparano said he never coached a game where so many players, particularly offensive linemen, went down.

"One time when I was an offensive line coach in Cleveland I was down to my last offensive lineman and he got poked in the eye and came out of the game, and I was coaching a defensive tackle right there in the middle and he finished the game," Sparano said. "But this thing today, they were going down left and right. I'm kind of happy we played on a Thursday and we got a couple of extra days.

"If another guy went down, I don't know where we would have gone. I don't know if they would have liked it but we would have been poking on one of those defensive line guys, maybe Merling."

As I wrote in my column, Chad Henne outplayed Jake Delhomme. After three quarters, Delhomme had completed only 9 of 21 passes. He was terrible. Henne was not spectacular -- completing 17 of 21 passes for 172 yards. But he avoided the big mistake and completed three big third-down passes.

"Ricky Williams stepped up today, and Lex Hilliard got in there," Henne said. "The wide receivers stepped up and the offensive line is playing great. Pass protection is great, I had a lot of time back there. All together we're forming a team and we're not putting it on anyone's shoulders."


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To think, what Marino could have done if he had 4 chances to play in a Super Bowl. Afterall, Jim Kelly had a running game (Thurman) and the Bills had a very good defense. He still could not win one.


I used to hate the Bills alot more during the Bill's superbowl runs. Hated them all, Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Reed, Beebe, Bruce Smith....hated them. I guess know they are such a non factor that you overlook them. Jets have become so obnoxious you can't help it but hat them anytime. Pats disgust me, I get disgusted at the sight of Bill Belicheat's face.

If Ferguson is out for the season, I automatically move DT to the top of our offseason priority list...

Than WR, LB, TE, S... Depending on the severity of Ronnie's foot injury/recovery, I wouldn't mind seeing them take a flyer on a RB late in the draft... Ricky and Ronnie will both potentially be gone after next season

Hilliard looked VERY good the other night though!

Hey mando, post something!

Mando,mando, where are thou mando.

I hope the pats and jets kill each other tonight!

The SS is posting ferg is out for the year.

It's amazing to me that the NY Post is saying that the Pats n Jets are an even matchup...The Jest, their fans, their coach and the media are delusional if they still think that team is a elite team..I don't believe this game will even be close

I paid 2 dollars for this iPhone app,& this guy is on vacation...c'mon man!!!

I agree bobbyd12, I think the jets will lose by a couple of toychdowns maybe more....

Let's hope they take out some starters on NE side to even up our next meet

How about those Chiefs man they took it to the Steelers!

The Wets suck were gonna have to let the Patsies lose to the Saints next week and then beat them at home!

Dirty sancho with another pick 6! HAHAHA! cryin ryan is about to breakdown again...

I truly hare every other team than the fins. There's just some teams I hate less than others.

Sanchez- SACKED

Mando has abandon us at this blog

Jets fan, crawl back into you cave and hide till you sign next "savior" before 2010 season...

Rex Ryan really going have something to cry about when he fired

They are who I told you they were!

Stupid Jets fans, you should be thankful, I never expect you team to win 4 games with bad qb and joke for coach...

Damn, was hoping for a jets upset. But how can you count on a horrible team help. Rex and the jets ate pathetic!!

If you watch close, you can see each Jet player individually give up on season...

NE well on their way to scoring 60 on cryin ryan and the sorry jets! HAHAHAHAHA! Those idiots in NY were expecting a superbowl this year all they get is a super beating!


Pats will lose in New Orleans next week and Dolphins will be within 1 games of 1st place. If Dolphins beat Pats next game at home, they have 1st place.

With Jets lost, they fans finally shut up and they out of picture for good.

somebody get cryin ryan a tissue!!! HAHAHA! Patsies 21-Juts 0..

ready for more pick 6?

Jets have other loses coming, was hstill hoping they beat the pats. They more games the pats lose the better! Jets will lose at least 3 more games.

Picked off

Damn I wonder what Rex is gonna do after this one

Not sure if you knew this but......


Mando where is the new blog?

Going thru withdraw.

Get em carlito!


Jets don't wipe up their crying eyes with tissue....

They use Maxi pads because they are much more absorbent.


There is no doubt what old fat boy is gonna do...


po white trash,

How many games will Jets have win at end of season?

I say six and they should be happy with this.

Look for crying ryan to visit the Golden corral all-you can-eat later this evening...


What you think is biggest favorite for Crybaby Rex?

I think he look like a liver and onions man who dont mind good case of gout

Pats look strong, but then again it's hard to judge, they are playing the jets......

It's gonna be a cold night in NY! Hope Ryan has enough body fat to stay warm. And Sanchez-getting picks isn't your job anymore


Think you are being charitable; they might have won all there going to.

One thing is for sure, I can’t believe the moved up in the draft to get that B I T C H boy of a QB.

If I were a Jet fan I would End it all...


I think he'll head straight to the meat section at the "golden corral", i hear he could out eat Bill(the tuna) Parcells , if you can believe that..


I can believe it, he have so much more room for store extra food in his many chin and jowels


Now which Jet player dirty enough to hurt Brady in anger?


You guys take it easy on the wets.
I'm sure they'll have a good draft next year.
Oh wait, they already mortgaged their draft.
Oh well, there's always 2011.

Maybe Rex can fart on Brady as they go into locker room. That will put him out of the game...

They can block all the punts they want,
that P. O. S. QB will turn it over another 10 times.


Is that the Jets Defense or a wet paper bag?

Paper bag would hold em longer...

Does Rex(crying)Ryan look like Eric Cartman from south park , or is it just my imagination??

And if you put a shopping cart in front of bilicheck with that stupid fleece he always wears doesn't he look like a home-less guy????

Jets defense lucked out, if the Pats made that Field goal the Jets D should have drowned themselves in the Hudson River!

Bad idea though, there are water pollution laws.

Where are all the wets fans that were contaminating our blog ealier in the season? They re-evaluating all the crap they talked?

Jets fans do this every year... They get new player or coach who they think is savior to team and finally the one to help them be great... Then the season start and if they win 2 games, they start super bowl talk... Then the suck and everybody angry.

It is very entertaining, especial when The big crybaby get everyone all excite with his empty talk.

Braylon Edwards, drop, penalty, Sanchez. Pick 6, 2 completions first half...yep, Superbowl bound

OTA Superbowl!

Florida vs. Alabama who wins??? I hope Saban gets hammered!!! If it was any other coach but him

Phil Simms is aweful. My goodness.

is armando taking the weekend off???

I'm a Gator(don't hate)but Alabama looks better on offense than us, if I where A betting man I would put my money on the Tide.

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