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The reason Patrick Turner hasn't played

Many of you have asked me over and over why Patrick Turner isn't active on Sundays because you continue to be frustrated by other Miami receivers that don't necessarily light up scoreboards or stat sheets with explosive plays.

Well, today I asked coach Tony Sparano his reasoning for not having Turner active and that resulted in some interesting stuff.

First, Sparano promises Turner's day is coming. He doesn't want this season to end without having a grasp of whether Turner is a possible contributor long term or not.

But, secondly, Sparano really likes what his current crop of receivers bring to the table -- yes, it's hard to believe, but stay with me on this.

"Pat is getting better, but it also has a lot to do with the other players and the jobs they do and how they're doing in the game," Sparano said Wednesday. "I mean Davone Bess is second in the NFL to the guy in New York [Steve Smith] in third-down receptions. OK? Well, [Greg] Camarillo is 10 of 10 [on third down] right now. He's had 10 balls thrown at him right now and he's converted 10 of them. So he's eighth on that list.

"We think they don't make plays but those guys are making plays. It's one of the reasons we're second in the league on third down conversion. Teddy [Ginn] is a return guy for us that's been getting better and better at it. Ginn, I thought had a good game the other day returning the football and is also a receiver that can make a big play for us.

"And [Brian] Hartline has been productive out there in a lot of phases. What you don't see is Hartline is in there about 8 to 10 plays on special teams and has been productive there, too."

So it becomes hard, in Sparano's mind, to bench one of the four guys already playing ahead of Turner. And playing five is pretty much out of the question at the moment.

"We're not going to take five to the game at this second," the coach said. "I don't feel like that's a good deal right at this time. You never know. That can change. But somebody's got to stay back. At this point it's been Pat. But I do want to get Patrick Turner involved."

Let's hope so because regardless of how much the other guys are bringing to the game, it simply has not been good enough. The Dolphins are 29th in the NFL passing the football. That is, well, terrible.

Miami wide receivers have combined for two touchdowns this year. I count 26 individual receivers among the NFL's top 60 scorers that have at least four TDs. There are 37 individual receivers with at least three touchdowns. Like, by themselves. 

My opinion?

The Dolphins love special teams contribution but the contribution they're talking about with Hartline is not game-changing. He's not going to take a punt to the house. He hasn't made a TD-saving tackle. He has not blocked a kick. So would the Miami special teams collapse if Hartline isn't playing Sunday? I don't think so.

Turner, on the other hand, might be a solid red zone threat and a tough matchup against almost any cornerback. I have no clue how well he's improved his blocking (which needed improvement) but the idea of a 6-5, 220-pound perimeter blocker doing work downfield is enticing to me.

Anyway, at some point, Sparano promises Turner will get a looksee. 

"I want to get him involved," he said. "He's got to keep working in practice like he is and at some point his number is going to get called."

By the way, Sparano disagrees with anyone who believes Miami's passing game problems are mostly found in the WR corps. Aside from being 29th in passing, the club is also 29th in passing net yards per play, suggesting no one is picking up YAC (yards after catch).

The fact is the Dolphins are the only team in the NFL whose passing game could be described as "Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust."

But the coach says the receivers aren't exceedingly responsible for the passing game problems.

"I wouldn't say too much," Sparano said. "I would say part of it is we're fourth in the league or third in the league in rushing so we've run it a bunch. We've had a lot rushing opportunities. I think there's a lot of people responsible for why you don't throw it. Right now we have 23 sacks -- that's responsible for why you don't do well throwing it.

"There's a lot of elements involved. The quarterback's involved. The receivers are involved, no doubt about it. We've had some dropped balls, some unexecuted route depths, those type of things are things from the receiver position that can be different."

Gotta be different, actually.


Injury update: Paul Soliai (ankle), Joey Porter (knee), Justin Smiely (shoulder) and Erik Walden (hamstring) did not practice Tuesday. Anthony Fasano (hip) was limited. Channing Crowder and Jason Ferguson are back to full practice.


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I dont give a flying monkey in a barrel that our WR's are consistant catchers. They drop every ball that matters.

Is this guy retarded? All I hear is blah blah blah

unbelievable u r freakin 3-5 get the kid on the field f special teams , you not 5-3

I never thought I'd say this but I am getting sick of Sparanos' garbage at his press conferences. Every week it's the same damn thing "our guys are getting better" and blah blah blah. Face it Tony, our receivers suck big time and have to be the worst group of WRs in the entire NFL. Camarillo is the only one who can consistantly catch the fricken ball. If you can't see that then you'd better step down as coach.

Can you imagine if the Dolphins came out on there first possession of the game or there last possession to win the game at a 5 wide receiver set (Camarillo, Bess, Ginn, Hartline, and Turner). How much of a surprise will that be to a defensive? Do you think that would make them blitz like they do?

This special team crap is really stupid if the guy can run and catch let him play reciever and put someone else on special teams......i'm not sure on the number but I'm pretty sure you have somewhere between 40 or 50 Active players on sunday and you only need eleven on special teams one being the kicker or punter.....This thing that Sparano has about not talking bad about his players and not putting them on the spot is getting old and If the guy can play let him play and if they are not sure if he can then put him in so we can see if he can....its the same thing they where doing with C. Wake now they are finally playing him and he contributes and if Porter never got hurt we probably would have never known if he can play....Sparano WAKE UP play the Rookies so you know what you got because you may never know unless you try....season will be over soon so you better hurry!

I would have to agree with the others, Tony is talking crap. There has got to be something behind the scenes that is causing this. I can't believe anyone can say anything good about our receivers other than Consistent Camarillo and the 'rookie' Hartline. Bess has sucked, but what can you expect from someone who wasn't drafted (he has some use). Ginn is a return guy so I wouldn't even put hin in the receiver category because he isn't a receiver; HE BLOWS!!!! Fasano is also stinking it up this season, so TE's are a problem. Folks, the pieces are just not there, yet.

Turner has good hands, and at 6-5 offers something that the other WRs don't. Apparently his route-running is not up to par. But at the same time, he's physical and will put his body on the line to make the catch. He's gotta see the field at some point.

Maybe Karl Dorrell has a grudge against the former Trojan. But then again, UCLA fired Dorrell, so it's gotta be water under the bridge, right?

shut up you whiny fans. Man up or go root for the pathetic jets...

I gotta be honest when I read the headline I immediately got excited thinking that Sparano was going to tell me that Turner a 6'5 220lb reciever's time is now. I reaally don't see how putting Turner a 6'5 220lb reciever in place of Hartline or Bess or even Fasano is going to change anything as of right now they are dropping balls and from what I read earlier that hasn't changed in practice neither. So Sparano I begeth of you PUT TURNER IN. Anyways thanks Armando and of course GO DOLPHINS!!!!

i said it before ill say it again this guy is starting to sound just like wanndstedt the same bs over and over. im sorry to say but this guys pretty clueless all he cares about is whats on paper throwin out 3rd down stats at us come on sparano we watch the games were not total morons enough already with your coach speak

I would love to see this guy on the field. 6-5 and 220, I think we're talking serious red-zone threat there. Unfortunately, the only way I see it happening is to bench Hartline, and he has been somewhat productive; though I agree ST would not fall apart without him. It might be worth a shot. Unfortunately, I don't think you can do anything with Camarillo, Bess, or Ginn; they certainly aren't the best, but they are probably the best on the team and contribute.

I agree, our WR are not as bad as people like to believe. The problem is that when you are 1st or 2nd in the leauge running the ball, it will hurt your chances in the passing game. Also, Henne is just starting out, he dosen't know how to read defenses fast yet and is being cafeful not to turn it over. Sometimes you just to go put the ball up. Just like a running back needs to get into a rythem, so does a QB and WR. You can't do that with the wildcat. Everytime Henne makes a good pass, it seems we take him out and run the wildcat. How is he suppose to get into any rythem that way? You can't expect Ginn to come off the bench and back a spectacular catch cold. This Offense needs to start putting priority on the passing game.

Why bench Hartline so that a rookie can play? Last I checked Hartline was a rookie too. He needs to play if is to develop into an Anthony Gonzalez type of receiver like he is projected to. Turner definitely needs to play but I don't think it makes sense at the expense of any of the other 4. The best way to put him in would be to dress 5 receivers.

sparanos proven himself to be a knuclehead anyway hes so hell bent on these guys playing special teams before they get on the field but then turns around and tells us hes putting guys in the best situations to be succesful. ok tony you mean like putting henne on the bench and wasting valuable plays for pat white give me a break

Sparano won't call out players. No matter how much we want him to. Look what he did to Ginn before the Jets game. He defended Ginn up and down but sat him most of the game. You don't think he sees the dropped passes. Though, as a fan I would like him to call out players, I think players respect him more as a coach for not calling players out publicly. I would like to see what Turner can do and maybe one of these injuries will allow Turner to dress and play this next game.

With the 10 pick in the draft the Dolphins select - Joe Bagofdonuts from University of Bora Bora - Mel Kiper "This guy is a special teams standout - he made 30 tackles on special teams this year - The Trifecta really did their homework on this one Boomer".

Before the season started and even up until this day I do not see one WR on our team that would start for any other team. I see a bunch of backups or #2 or #3's but no #1's. I am also frustrated and feel someone is missing the boat on evaluation WR's. Is it Tony? Is it our scouting? Is it Jeff?

How can they not see this?

O an slipstream Trojans are USC not UCLA bruins

I agreed Mando. Why not see what Turner can do in clutch situations instead of throwing it to Ginn . Try four wr set , and empty back field ! If anything , it makes it harder for the defense to have to adjust and defend .

This team is dumb

It's the playcalling. It's aweful. Gotta play to our strengths. We don't. Bottom line.

this guy is best in the league at wearin his socks high and this guy can tape his wrist more even on one wrist than the other and one quarterback brushes his hair while one combs his. more useless stats from me to you

by trying to compare 3rd down stats if sparano thinks we dont know that the giants steve smith is a thousand times better than davone bess then as a football fan im pretty insulted nice try tony you bonehead

We currently don't have the horses to compete with elite teams. Sparano has to coach with smoke and mirrors because of lack of talent

Management inherited a team with mostly bad players; they can’t replace all of them at once the system does not allow it. They took care of QB, OL, CB and DL.

Our Wide Receiver, Safeties, Linebackers are mediocre at best. Hopefully they will take care of it next year and we will be ready to rumble.

The best things that happen for the long run was that Pennington and Allen got hurt enabling the rookies to get experience. We were not going anywhere this year. They need to play Patrick Turner to see what we got not just because he is 6'5".

100% dead on Rockmeister

Hartline has not done anything special on special teams. Put Turner in there on special teams. it is not that hard to run down the field and attempt to make a tackle. How many special teamers on Miami's team do not have a special temas tackle? Give the kid a shot! I like the 5 wide receiver set. If we would happen to put 5 receivers on the field I don't think tema swould be able to bring 6-9 guys on a blitz like they do. Who do you think can catch better, Fasano or Turner? Keep Fasano as a blocker at all times and add the extra receiver in the slot.

Hey, at least our receivers are better than the Rams' receivers.

i seriously think we should try to sign andre the giant


Rockmiester , well said. The 4 hardest positions and the most important to building the foundation of a Franchise are QB , LT , CB and pass rusher be it OLB in the 3-4 or DE in the 4-3. Miami with Henne , Long , Davis/smith are on their way . They need a Fierce pass rusher in the demarcus ware mold. Wake ? who knows , he can be a situational pass rusher. I'm talking about a everydown OLB. The lines are coming along. Wr , Te , S and ilb are now the secondary needs miami must fill.


I just would like to just once see our receivers have separation from the defense. If the CB doesn't fall down, our receivers aren't open. I don't know if it's play calling or the WR speed or talent, but unless the TE find themselves covered by a LB, Henne is trying to shoehorn a pass into coverage. What's disappointing is that, if Sparano doesn't think it's a problem, it won't get fixed.

Really NJ? MLB? You're just full of it, aren't you? At least you're confident when you do spew it ;)

sparano knows our recievers suck...he just cant say it to the media or parcells will have his head


De-activate Bess......use GINN to return punts and kicks. Put Turner in instead of Bess.....What has BESS done this season???....NOTHING!!!!

Try Turner out in the BUCS game.

Of all the remaining games this should be a definite win. If he does a Ginn impersonation, it won't hurt the final outcome (I'd put him in the dog house for sure).

If he catches everything that's thrown to him, then continue playing him.


BIG QUESTION: If five receivers are activated for a game, who would they sit (offensive or defensive player)?

Marc , MLB ? LOL ! Who's the MlB in the 3-4 ? . LOL ! You can make a case for nt but that wouldn't hold in thw 4-3 argument. Football 1010. Get a clue. Those are the 4 positions that are the most important and that is universly known throught the league . Ask any Gm. So marc , do me a favor and go attend to your madden football. I can' t take anybody serious who thinks madden football and real football are one in the same.

101 and throughout.

Football 1010? MLB, yes, there happens to be TWO in a 3-4...Big deal...Still a crucial position! Have you heard of weasel words? "Universally known throughout the league"...By whom? Do you have friends that are GM's? Wait, let me call Ireland real quick. I'll TEND to my Madden when I get home, for sure...I never said it was the same. You took my words out of contxt then, you're using them incorrectly now...I did, however, point out the parrallels.

God bliss all our men and women in the armed forces...

everyone is getting tired of the coache's jibberish. he cant answer a question honestly. its always a stupid stst to back up his nonsense. we should be throwing on 1st and 2nd down sometimes to open things up. thats why the jets stacked their D and dared us to pass. we could not and gained 100 yds.for the game. geez, WAKE UP!!!!!!!

This is the problem. Coaches, owners, GM's, etc ALL have different methds, opinions, and ideas. As do we. It's VERY presumptuous to assume that the group we have, or YOU have any idea what the most critical pieces are. In many cases, a playmaker or 2 can mask, or even overcome other deficiencies (see Barry Sanders). I'm sure that's what Can was bettin' on with Teddy...

Marc has very smart and refreshing points .

So, you kinda look silly when you say things (opinions) and make them sound like facts. If it were a science then wouldn't everyone do the same thing?

This head Coach is full Sh*t just like our U.S. Gov. love our country don't like our Gov. love our team don't like our Coaching Staff!

Power to the People!!! Biatches!!!

Well said Killer!

I'd like to ask any smart football fan ( which makes marc excluded ), what position is harder to find/fill in the draft . Any of the following QB , LT , Cb , pass rusher or ILB / MLB. ? And why do those positions command the big bucks over Mlb/ilb ? Some of the well known franchise builders in the league have said what i said on record.

That's why cam went 1-15 and is NOT a head coach anymore , why barry sanders won 0 superbowls .

These comments by Sparano prove beyond doubt that he has - - as the British say - - totally lost the plot. The comments are an insult to the fans, to all of us who twist our guts every Sunday with this team.

Parcells must step in as soon a spossible and relieve Sparano of the ehad coaching duties. Not just for this year....but to save the franchise from utter humiliation.

Comments like these will make us the Cam Cameron-esqe laughingstock of the League again.

I'd love to continue this, maybe later...ANyway, back on topic, Sparano is full of it, and so is Jersey ;)

Wah ! wah ! Nobody is more full of that you mr Madden , but i do agree sparano is full of it.

TS is full of it if he thinks this bunch of average at best receivers not a huge part of reason why we are 3 and 5... I hope BP and Ireland find some decent WR talent in the off season...


Dead on 100%!
Sparano; want and doing are two diffent things we need to play Turner I bet he makes a some scale of difference and I think vastly. Hes in IMHO the best reciever we got. And I hope WHEN he plays he comes out like a caged animal!

NJ it all depends what the draft class is full of that year with quality and quantity

Killer , that's exactly my point. You can't rebuild a franchise in 1 0r 2 drafts. Miami is almost there with Henne , long and Davis/smith . Next up will be a big time pass rusher along with some other needs . That's why marc didn't want to continue this argument and wanted to change Topics. I'm right. :)

why i feel that some one is talking to himself ?

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