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The reason Patrick Turner hasn't played

Many of you have asked me over and over why Patrick Turner isn't active on Sundays because you continue to be frustrated by other Miami receivers that don't necessarily light up scoreboards or stat sheets with explosive plays.

Well, today I asked coach Tony Sparano his reasoning for not having Turner active and that resulted in some interesting stuff.

First, Sparano promises Turner's day is coming. He doesn't want this season to end without having a grasp of whether Turner is a possible contributor long term or not.

But, secondly, Sparano really likes what his current crop of receivers bring to the table -- yes, it's hard to believe, but stay with me on this.

"Pat is getting better, but it also has a lot to do with the other players and the jobs they do and how they're doing in the game," Sparano said Wednesday. "I mean Davone Bess is second in the NFL to the guy in New York [Steve Smith] in third-down receptions. OK? Well, [Greg] Camarillo is 10 of 10 [on third down] right now. He's had 10 balls thrown at him right now and he's converted 10 of them. So he's eighth on that list.

"We think they don't make plays but those guys are making plays. It's one of the reasons we're second in the league on third down conversion. Teddy [Ginn] is a return guy for us that's been getting better and better at it. Ginn, I thought had a good game the other day returning the football and is also a receiver that can make a big play for us.

"And [Brian] Hartline has been productive out there in a lot of phases. What you don't see is Hartline is in there about 8 to 10 plays on special teams and has been productive there, too."

So it becomes hard, in Sparano's mind, to bench one of the four guys already playing ahead of Turner. And playing five is pretty much out of the question at the moment.

"We're not going to take five to the game at this second," the coach said. "I don't feel like that's a good deal right at this time. You never know. That can change. But somebody's got to stay back. At this point it's been Pat. But I do want to get Patrick Turner involved."

Let's hope so because regardless of how much the other guys are bringing to the game, it simply has not been good enough. The Dolphins are 29th in the NFL passing the football. That is, well, terrible.

Miami wide receivers have combined for two touchdowns this year. I count 26 individual receivers among the NFL's top 60 scorers that have at least four TDs. There are 37 individual receivers with at least three touchdowns. Like, by themselves. 

My opinion?

The Dolphins love special teams contribution but the contribution they're talking about with Hartline is not game-changing. He's not going to take a punt to the house. He hasn't made a TD-saving tackle. He has not blocked a kick. So would the Miami special teams collapse if Hartline isn't playing Sunday? I don't think so.

Turner, on the other hand, might be a solid red zone threat and a tough matchup against almost any cornerback. I have no clue how well he's improved his blocking (which needed improvement) but the idea of a 6-5, 220-pound perimeter blocker doing work downfield is enticing to me.

Anyway, at some point, Sparano promises Turner will get a looksee. 

"I want to get him involved," he said. "He's got to keep working in practice like he is and at some point his number is going to get called."

By the way, Sparano disagrees with anyone who believes Miami's passing game problems are mostly found in the WR corps. Aside from being 29th in passing, the club is also 29th in passing net yards per play, suggesting no one is picking up YAC (yards after catch).

The fact is the Dolphins are the only team in the NFL whose passing game could be described as "Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust."

But the coach says the receivers aren't exceedingly responsible for the passing game problems.

"I wouldn't say too much," Sparano said. "I would say part of it is we're fourth in the league or third in the league in rushing so we've run it a bunch. We've had a lot rushing opportunities. I think there's a lot of people responsible for why you don't throw it. Right now we have 23 sacks -- that's responsible for why you don't do well throwing it.

"There's a lot of elements involved. The quarterback's involved. The receivers are involved, no doubt about it. We've had some dropped balls, some unexecuted route depths, those type of things are things from the receiver position that can be different."

Gotta be different, actually.


Injury update: Paul Soliai (ankle), Joey Porter (knee), Justin Smiely (shoulder) and Erik Walden (hamstring) did not practice Tuesday. Anthony Fasano (hip) was limited. Channing Crowder and Jason Ferguson are back to full practice.


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Dying Breeed why dont you go away.

Does anyone know if you go to an away game to see the fins and sit near the sideline, can you meet the players and get autographs?Thinking about going to the game a couple hours early.

Later fellas.

Marc the Mighty Magical Madden Man

Sparano's reasoning skills need to be looked into. Clearly not demonstrating smart personnel decisions.


This draft is loaded with many players in these position that we need more to anything

I agree with what your saying about the draft, but this coaching staff has made real bad choices also not just good ones and doesn't admit to them with words or actions this season didn't have to go the route that it has we have been talking about alot of these issues sense preseason
3.Pass rush
4. Pass portection
Some of theses issues could have been addressed instead we get this crap again today.

Another hit & run from you know who......pity

Yeah, most people in here are right, Sparano SHOULD throw his players under the bus to the media. That's what all the best coaches have always done. The best way to help the development of your young players and team is to talk behind their backs to the media so that the reporters can write stories about how much the coach dislikes a player. In doing that you build up an incredible amount of trust with your players and they return that trust by running through walls for you. That has always helped young players feel more confident. I completely understand peoples frustrations about coach T's press conferences and they are right, he should talk more openly with reporters and tell them exactly how he feels about each and every player. Especially struggling players, yes, that's the smart route to take.

Oh , Miami 23 bucs 13. later.


Finally something good to read and blog about, good job.
And I agree with you Turner needs to play and if he turns out to be our best WR its gonna make Sparano look kind of bad because we have been sitting on him for soo long. By playing him now and seeing what he has and I believe he may end up being our best reciever, you cant wait any more we have to find out now. And by the way him being our best WR isnt saying much we just have a bunch of mediocre guys there at best.

Rockymeister, pointed out that the best thing that could have happened did. Injuries to Penne, of which I predicted would have because hes injury prone, and Will Allen.
But the Dolphins can not wait to have a injury to one of the WR's. Patrick Turner needs to play NOW!



Glad to make you laugh Dolphins4life! I was laughing myself at some of the earlier posts.

Thats why I get so frustrated with these bloggers they just want to throw everyone under the bus.
And its not like the Trifect is gonna say yahh this guys should have done this hes and idiot blah blah blah, or say yes we goofed on this pick or that pick, the trifecta could care less, and I know and NYscott, Njphin and Rockmeister all realize the big picture and Rome was not built in a day.
Again we are only a draft class and a few good free agents away from being regulars in the playoffs and contending for a superbowl for years to come.

Hell with a few right bounces of the ball we may even make a playoff run although we have little to no margin of error now. So its tough.

I call them instant coffee people. They are like a crying child needing instant gratification or oral fixation. lol

Obviously Sparano isnt going to throw his WRs under the bus, no coach should do that. He knows damn well the WRs on this team are bad. But fans have to be patient, this roster was a joke when the trifecta took it over, and you cant fix everything in two years. The Phins will eventually get some good WRs, they are building this team the right way. The fans have to stop whining though and remember that this was an expansion roster when the trifecta took it over.

I'm out latter Dolphin nation!

Sorry typos Im out!

Dolphins4life, I agree with everything you said.

In a court of law Sparano's statements would be conclusive proof that he was not competent to enter into contracts or make financial decisions.

In the world of the Playoff-Polyannas here, the statements are proof of Sparano's sheer brilliance.

Thanks Fake GM


who was that guy impersonating you last night?

He was speaking all spanish so I have no idea what he was saying.

Look guys, is true, its not the wr's fault, its the horrible play calling. LOL serious its some of the w's fault, but Henne HAS HAD ALOT OF BAD passes, not to mention, our O-line gives up alot of sacks, also Henne holds onto the ball to much, then the play calling? We dont have any 5 wr sets, like 1 4 wr set, and its embarassing as a fan, when i could call the plays, and get this team into first place. Also what the hell is up with keep playing Porter, why do i see 35 YEAR OLD JT DROPPING BACK INTO COVERAGE? AND NOT SEE CHARLIE ANDERSON INSTEAD?? WHY ISNT JT, AND WAKE RUSHING ON THE SAME SIDE, WITH A 6 MAN BLITZ, WITH WILSON ON THE OTHER? WHAT THE HELL, THESE GUYS ARE HORRIBLE LOL , ABSOLUTLY HORRIBLE AT PUTTING THE RIGHT RECIPES TOGETHER TO MAKE THE "BEEF STEW" Its comming out as beef broth. I dont like Sparano anymore.

This season is already over, we will finish, 8.8 sucks, because that should put us at like 14th in the draft. :( i want top 5 picks.

IMO, Sparano is right. Unless Turner is showing himself to be a serious upgrade to those presently playing, it doesnt hurt to allow him to continue developing a little more.

Also its crystal clear at present the trifecta isnt chasing a championship this season. They know we arent complete.

Its like a race car, they tinker with this and that part. Rev the engine, sounds ok. Have a couple setbacks here and there.(injuries)

With the engine sounding close to what they think it should be like. They access what parts are already in stock and those need bringing in(2010 offseason), which will make thier race engine complete.

IMO, the trifecta arent looking to chase the championship. They are looking to become the leader of the pack.

Does anyone has a problem with that? If so, thiers always room on the Jet bandwagon.

That impersonator was none other than the Cuben Menace.


actually that was me screwing around just having fun. I found a spanish to english translator online and wanted to use it and have fun.

Didnt mean any harm. Just thought it was to cool to pass up. Thats why someone was saying my translation sucked.

The translator used sonido and someone said the correct tense should have been suedo, I think.

If you don't see my name in blue its not me, I only sign in as carlito from golfito.

Go Dolphins!

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PS...DyingBreed....please translate these words ;


Si no veo mi nombre en azul de su yo no, yo solo debera acceder como Carlito de Golfito.

See how easy I just did that and I dont speak spanish at all.

you owe me a apology carlito...


A lot has to do with the play calling. I been saying this for a long time. PLay calling on both sides of the ball has been lacking. On the offense, I like the wildcat and all but when you have your QB complete a great pass than pull him to run three or four wildcat plays than put him back in on third and a mile...Thats asking for a bit much. The wild cat is suppose to be complimentary to the base offense, a change of pace play and something extra to give team to prepare for. They are running it way too much. Right now teams are stacking the line with nine players. That means they have only two guys dropping back to cover the pass. So now they try to have Brown pass the ball which is hit or miss because when ever he drops back to pass the defenders just rush him knowing that there are more defenders on the line than offensive line men. That puts Brown on the spot to get rid of the ball to Fasano. Now normally this would lead to a huge play but Fasano is not all that fast. My question is why not put Hartline in Fasano's position when they run that play? But ether way they should rely more on the base offense than what they are right now and even with the WRs they have right now they need to pass the ball more and pass it down field more often to keep opposing defenses honest.

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porter sucks
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henne the hero

Work is rough aloco, And i just work out in the station 3 days a week, Also Dying breed, a "Q" for you my friend #1, Would you let NJ work on your plumbing And #2Would you let him walk your dog?? Just asking..

why carlito never offered to translate for us ?

i just had stuffed grape leaves w/wild rice and lamb ....enough said...i love my girl friend who's better than 3000 men .

Shut up already about the receivers! They've only played 6 games with Henne. It takes time to gain consistance, or, as they say "know what each other is thinking".

Has Breland Edwards made enough of a differance in NY to warrant two draft picks, No!

Last year I saw Santana Holmes drop a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. He came back and caught the next one, i will grant you. But passing is a 50% proposition. The lack of a pass rush and lack of pass protection caused our latest defeat.

This team is going to be top 5 soon. Pretty good turn around considering the last ten years.

Lets face it, Oakland and Cleveland haven't benefited from trading draft picks for quaterbacks and receivers.


Once the Dolphins become a complete offense the wildcat usage maybe downgraded to primarily to 2nd and 3-7yds or 3rd and 3-4yds.

It will remain as one of the primary red zone weapons, especially inside the 10.

ken, if i am making the same money these receivers are making ,i would ctach every thing in sight .

Aloco, here's a translator of your very own. LOL.


Coach S, you are looking to hard at the numbers instead of what is really going on out there.... All these big third down conversions and a losing record..... Nice

Work is rough aloco, And i just work out in the station 3 days a week, Also Dying breed, a "Q" for you my friend #1, Would you let NJ work on your plumbing And #2Would you let him walk your dog?? Just asking..

Posted by: cuban menace | November 11, 2009 at 07:06 PM


Not sure if I could trust him to supply the gun if were trying to commit suicide. May forget the bullet or replace them with blanks instead.

I spoke w patrick turner outside the locker room after the buffalo game. He was frustrated. I told him to keep his chin up as this regime is tough. I think we can sit hartline for one game and see what we have. If he does not make the grade, we can cut him and draft somebody else next year.

Rick M(ueller),

Didnt Parcells cut both you and Cam for your lousy record(1-15) and horrible decision making(Ted Ginn 9th overall)?

Who drafts a kick returner in the first round???? Come on! Ted Ginn Jr. wasn't even a good receiver coming out of college. Sheesh!

Did they see his 40 time and have an Al Davis moment?


Fortunately no relation. But you forgot that Ted Ginn comes from a good family-lol

This dying breed sounds like he is good for nothing except to pretend he knows something about football and to scare away ladies.

Because of Ginns impact as a return man and the possibility of incorporating him into specialty plays, plus limited wr potential. I would have taken him as high as late 3rd rd at best. There he would have been a decent steal.

Dying Breed sounds like a good name for a Jets Fan. I bet he smells like cheap beer, garlic, sauerkraut, body odor, loneliness and defeat.

People like dying breed like to bash people like Ted Ginn and say that they are good for nothing?

What do you think dying breed ever did in life besides maybe win a game of Halo?

Ted(Alligator arms)Ginn belongs on the special teams, Because he's aaaaa well he's Special..


If your father was more like me, he would have scared off your mother and the world would have been more safe from the likes of you.

good article mando. I think the running is part of the reason. they throw mostly to get a 3rd down for less than five yards. They are a running team. so they have 3rd and less than 5.I bet these stats are very similar for all teams that are good running teams.

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