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The reason Patrick Turner hasn't played

Many of you have asked me over and over why Patrick Turner isn't active on Sundays because you continue to be frustrated by other Miami receivers that don't necessarily light up scoreboards or stat sheets with explosive plays.

Well, today I asked coach Tony Sparano his reasoning for not having Turner active and that resulted in some interesting stuff.

First, Sparano promises Turner's day is coming. He doesn't want this season to end without having a grasp of whether Turner is a possible contributor long term or not.

But, secondly, Sparano really likes what his current crop of receivers bring to the table -- yes, it's hard to believe, but stay with me on this.

"Pat is getting better, but it also has a lot to do with the other players and the jobs they do and how they're doing in the game," Sparano said Wednesday. "I mean Davone Bess is second in the NFL to the guy in New York [Steve Smith] in third-down receptions. OK? Well, [Greg] Camarillo is 10 of 10 [on third down] right now. He's had 10 balls thrown at him right now and he's converted 10 of them. So he's eighth on that list.

"We think they don't make plays but those guys are making plays. It's one of the reasons we're second in the league on third down conversion. Teddy [Ginn] is a return guy for us that's been getting better and better at it. Ginn, I thought had a good game the other day returning the football and is also a receiver that can make a big play for us.

"And [Brian] Hartline has been productive out there in a lot of phases. What you don't see is Hartline is in there about 8 to 10 plays on special teams and has been productive there, too."

So it becomes hard, in Sparano's mind, to bench one of the four guys already playing ahead of Turner. And playing five is pretty much out of the question at the moment.

"We're not going to take five to the game at this second," the coach said. "I don't feel like that's a good deal right at this time. You never know. That can change. But somebody's got to stay back. At this point it's been Pat. But I do want to get Patrick Turner involved."

Let's hope so because regardless of how much the other guys are bringing to the game, it simply has not been good enough. The Dolphins are 29th in the NFL passing the football. That is, well, terrible.

Miami wide receivers have combined for two touchdowns this year. I count 26 individual receivers among the NFL's top 60 scorers that have at least four TDs. There are 37 individual receivers with at least three touchdowns. Like, by themselves. 

My opinion?

The Dolphins love special teams contribution but the contribution they're talking about with Hartline is not game-changing. He's not going to take a punt to the house. He hasn't made a TD-saving tackle. He has not blocked a kick. So would the Miami special teams collapse if Hartline isn't playing Sunday? I don't think so.

Turner, on the other hand, might be a solid red zone threat and a tough matchup against almost any cornerback. I have no clue how well he's improved his blocking (which needed improvement) but the idea of a 6-5, 220-pound perimeter blocker doing work downfield is enticing to me.

Anyway, at some point, Sparano promises Turner will get a looksee. 

"I want to get him involved," he said. "He's got to keep working in practice like he is and at some point his number is going to get called."

By the way, Sparano disagrees with anyone who believes Miami's passing game problems are mostly found in the WR corps. Aside from being 29th in passing, the club is also 29th in passing net yards per play, suggesting no one is picking up YAC (yards after catch).

The fact is the Dolphins are the only team in the NFL whose passing game could be described as "Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust."

But the coach says the receivers aren't exceedingly responsible for the passing game problems.

"I wouldn't say too much," Sparano said. "I would say part of it is we're fourth in the league or third in the league in rushing so we've run it a bunch. We've had a lot rushing opportunities. I think there's a lot of people responsible for why you don't throw it. Right now we have 23 sacks -- that's responsible for why you don't do well throwing it.

"There's a lot of elements involved. The quarterback's involved. The receivers are involved, no doubt about it. We've had some dropped balls, some unexecuted route depths, those type of things are things from the receiver position that can be different."

Gotta be different, actually.


Injury update: Paul Soliai (ankle), Joey Porter (knee), Justin Smiely (shoulder) and Erik Walden (hamstring) did not practice Tuesday. Anthony Fasano (hip) was limited. Channing Crowder and Jason Ferguson are back to full practice.


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Big D,

We still have that speedy wr on the practice squad that has continued to stick thus far. We will also see how far he's come along by camp time next season. his name is something Pruitt.

Pruitt? Haven't heard of him. Frankly, I don't care if it's the ghost of Joe Robbie, as long as he can run and catch!

Dying Breed,

I think Boldin would come here over almost any other team, if the oppurtunity is availiable.
I'm just saying that If I were the Cardinals GM I would do everything possible to make sure Boldin AND Fitz stay right where they are.

They're one of the best tandems out there.

when will you guys finally accept that ginn is never going to be a consistent #1 WR ? Camirillo is the only WR i'd keep, (except the rookies. Ginn maybe traded for a 4th or 5th pick at best. Turner can't be that bad. Sick of the special teams excuses by sparano, thats why we got rid of London, after admitting that his WR skills combined with average special teams play was good enough to keep him. Bench Bess. No loss to put turner in for the Bucs game.

Isn't Boldin a FA after this year?

Big D,

What you say is correct about AZ being a winning team. But if what he was saying about his desire to play at home(here)is true. Then that may be enough of an edge to sign with us if the price is right.

I just have feeling we will try and go after wr in free agency. Because that gives us full ammunition to go after lb's or NT in the draft. If NT is the #1 choice I hope its Alabama's Terrance Mt Cody. LOL

As to where I was this summer, I was in Italy, then Georgia, then Florida, then Georgia again.

Posted by: BigD | November 12, 2009 at 12:44 AM

Big D why were you in all these places.

Are you CIA?

International drug smuggler?

What's up(LOL)?

odinseye, well put. That's what I was trying to say.

when will you guys finally accept that ginn is never going to be a consistent #1 WR ? Camirillo is the only WR i'd keep, (except the rookies. Ginn maybe traded for a 4th or 5th pick at best. Turner can't be that bad. Sick of the special teams excuses by sparano,

Posted by: The Boz | November 12, 2009 at 12:48 AM

Special teams is probably why Ginn will be on the team next year. That and the fact that he would be a 3rd 4th or 5th reciever.

Cap wise I dont think AZ will be able to keep 2 superstar wr together. they are both all pro material and eat up huge amounts of cap space.

Boldin wants a contract similar to Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald I think is the highest paid wr in the nfl.

As a GM you cant continue to afford that when having needs elswhere to consistently address.

I'm a retired playboy - or a jobless bum. Depends on how one looks at it. But my wife puts up with me anyway.

Anywho, I think we can all agree that if Tsar Bill doesn't go after a free agent WR, then we'll all be screaming bloody murder on this blog.

As far as Boldin goes, who knows? Perhaps he's smart enough to play the mental game with his front office by making the customary noises. This isn't unusual when one's contract is coming up for renewal, is it? Maybe he really wants to come to Miami, or maybe he's just playing poker. We'll see.

Big D,

Even if Boldin doesnt come there's still Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson on the blocks. I believe our odds are better at landing Marshall or Boldin because neither seem 100% happy with current teams.

Jackson on the other hand would be a complte shocker if he left the Chargers.

Good point about AZ's cap. I don't know how they stand, but there are various ways to structure a contract so that the payout isn't counted under the cap - like bonuses, incentives, etc. If I were the Cardinals' GM, I would already know the answer to that, but I'm not. Darn it.

Dying Breed,

Fitz is, or at least was the highest paid WR in the NFL.
I'm not being sarcastic, I'm seriously curious. Do you really know how the Cards are cap wise or are just assuming?

I hope hope there in up to their ears!

There are creative ways around the cap.
Marino restructured more than once, so they could bring in talent.

DyingBreed, I hear what you're saying. Money talks, however, and I guess what I'm getting at is the Dolphins will face stiff competition for all of these guys who are on the radar screen.

What would be great is to get a guy who's flying under the radar with the same skill level. Those guys are out there, too, but they play for teams like Detroit. But, I'd be happy with anyone who's got exceptional talent, no matter where he comes from.

Good point Big D,

But whats Boldin, pushing late 20's. If I were him, I'ld be looking at this as my last "big" contract. So screw the incentives and give me as much upfront and bonus money possible. Because that incentive money means absolutely zilch if injured.

Once you hit 30 and not a qb, the fat contract days are over forever. After that it may look fat, but its all performance and incentive laden.

So this is the contract to go after all the bonus and guarranteed money. Unless he's stupid.


What happened?

It just seems wierd reading intelligent posts here without them being interspersed with ramblings about bananas, goats, donkey's, and plumbers!!!!

I guess somebody went out to get more of whatever it is they're smoking!!!!

Or unless no one will do it the way he wants. If I were a GM and wanted to sign someone on the verge of 30, I wouldn't be offering a ton of guaranteed money.


I havent a clue. But what I do know is you cant pay both your #1 and #2 like top 3 paid in the entire NFL and address other high priced areas of your team.

Even Tom Brady allowed his contract to be restructured to accomodate the signing of Randy Moss. But a great qb's life expectancy in the NFL is a lot greater than a Wr's.

Mentioned that in case you thought about Larry Fitzgerald restructuering his to accomodate Boldin. Though its not entirely impossible. But most probably unlikely if Fitzgeralds smart.

That reminds me, I have this goat who likes bananas...

Well, this has been fun, but I have to get my beauty sleep. Lots of spies to capture tomorrow...

I havent a clue. But what I do know is you cant pay both your #1 and #2 like top 3 paid in the entire NFL and address other high priced areas of your team.

I agree, seems like they'll be running into a bind soon.....hopefully.


Thanks, now I feel like I'm on Armando's blog again.

Or unless no one will do it the way he wants. If I were a GM and wanted to sign someone on the verge of 30, I wouldn't be offering a ton of guaranteed money.

Posted by: BigD | November 12, 2009 at 01:15 AM

Thats what Im saying Big D. If I were the AZ GM and already had and all pro in Fitzgerald, I wouldnt be pressed about giving boldin that type of contract either.

All pro wr demand all pro contracts, no matter who the team is. We dont have an all pro wr. Thats why it makes more sense Boldin would get closer to what he wants dealing with us.

If we had an all pro wr already, then it would be shew fly dont bother me with Boldin.

right now he makes more sense with us than he does at AZ. There he just an expensive luxury. Here he's a definite need.

Did somebody say goats? That like bananas?

AwwwRiight, giggidy, giggidy.

I think the reason Turner isn't playing is due to attitude. This is a very stubborn coaching staff. Turners days in USC was very suspect due to he didn't give a hundred percent and didn't care. He just skated by with his talent and size. He didn't sacrifice or broke a sweat at all at his stay in that program. This coaching staff are of the mindset of not putting any one in without that player proving his worth and commitment. They're not going to put someone in because he's talented they're going to put someone in due to they've earned their keep. Example, Hartline. He knows every position including TE, RB, and FB in the playbook. He can run every route and execute blocking assignment for every position if you wanted him to. With Sparanos comment of ST, it's strengthening their issue of stubbornness of not playing anyone who hasn't put in work. Again, Hartline is on ST and again knows every position assignment for punting, kickoffs, and kickoff returns. That's F#%#n' puttin' in work for a rookie. And as such earned his starting roll under this regime.

Sparano says he don't want his team "eating the cheese" of last years success.

I totally back this team but Sparano "ate the chesse".

This team didn't need Porter anymore or JT. Don't understand the Crowdwer extension either he is always hurt.

They sold us on getting younger? Thats why Holliday went bye bye?

Which is it "Don't eat the cheese" (translation being the team isn't there yet and overachieved, keep working and earn your trip into the future success). Or this year was a serious run at the SB?

I agree the team should always want to win it all. This team has been so close to beatig and or competing with the elite teams as we have seen. But this team has also shown areas of weakness that cannot be coached, more a lack of talent.

So although I do believe this tri-fecta will get it right, they inherited a mess. We will are relegated to- "relative to", "chunck yards", "we will get that cleaned up" statements.

Oh by the way do you ever notice he seems to have no problem calling out Henne in his PConfs? "He held the ball too long etc"?

Go phins!

Quite frankly, our receiving core is terrible and is one the primary reasons (along with our garbage safety play) why we have a losing record. Unless we can keep the game close, we don't stand a chance. With out a potent passing attack, it is incredibly difficult to mount a significant comeback in the NFL.

None of these WRs deserve to be starters. None!!! At best, Davone is a mediocre slot receiver and Ginn is an excellent Kick Returner. In regards to Ginn, he has terrible hands and can not catch the ball. No amount of film and coaching can improve a receivers ability to catch a football. He is at best a #4 whose speed can stretch the field, but that's it.

The fact that this Turner guy can't even crack into the active rotation of this putrid receiving bunch speak volumes of his ability. I am sick and tired of reading about overhyped players on the inactive roster. This guy likely stinks worse than the turds we currently have starting... PERIOD!!!

We either need to draft a proven college WR talent with our first pick next year, or (preferrably) sign a stud free agent WR in the offseason. And when I say stud free agent, I don't mean another teams refuse as we have typically done with our free agent pickups in the past. We had an excellent opportunity with Hoosh last year, but we let the opportunity pass.

Where was Percy Harvin taken?
He is doing it all!

Go Phins!



They can't pass it, it hurts to watch em pass it!

Wildcat- Ricky and Ronnie package

Pussycat- Ted Ginn package

Go Phins!

New Song at the stadium this weekend!

Snoop Dogg's -Drop it like its hot!

Go phins!

I got an idea!

Lets call a time-out when we are all out of em?

This will fool the deffense...

" I think this will work, I relly do" TS

Go Phins!



Go Phins!

We should let Fergie play?

I read an interview where she informs us.

"She goes both ways"

Save us a spot on the active, I'm just sayin?

She goes both ways?

Go Phins!

Where was Percy Harvin taken?
He is doing it all!

Go Phins!

Posted by: Martin

Percy was a badass at UF!! He was drafted in the first round.

He is what we wish Ginn was!!!

King I know that bro...asking if he was taken befeore Davis, White or Smith?

Go Phins!

Yeah, he was taken before those guys.

maybe they should try to sign plaxico! when he gets out of the slammer.....thier rebuilding so a few more years and they've got a top class reciever....hope he doesn't shoot himself again! haha

Well Tuna's job just got easier. What I see in these responses are about 200 job applications for the Dolphin coach next year. That should keep Tuna busy reading all these resumes. Hmmm, interesting.

If you notice, special teams play has steadily improved. Leave Sparano alone.

If he can catch he should play. Maybe we need to get rid of Sparano and get a coach that will put the best players on the field to give us a chance to win the games. Every team in the NFL knows our receivers can not produce under pressure. They put 8 or 9 players in the box, blitz and put pressure on Henne. We need receivers that can compliment the running game. I mean if you watch the dolphin receivers they will run directly to the defender and they do not fight for the ball. the receivers suck just like the coaching staff. Parcels was too cheap to go after a good receiver(s) when he had the chance and now the dolphins are paying the price for that.

I made a comment yesterday about the Dolphins are building a team in the wrong era. They are if they are trying to build this powerhouse running team like many Dolfans enjoyed in the 1970s. There is nothing wrong with running the football, and it especially works when you have long sustained drives that result in touchdowns. However, a balanced offense is much more dangerous, especially when that team uses different formations. In today's game, an offense must have the ability to spread a defense out using four wide or five wide; the Miami Dolphins can't do that yet. They lack good pass blocking because they always have to rely on double tight end sets for extra protection or when they do run shotgun, they have two backs in the backfield. There is nothing wrong with power football, but there is if it is by itself. The Miami Dolphins are being out-coached in so many ways right now: offensively, defensively. The offensive playcalling is mostly atrocious; it is very predictable with an occasional surprise here and there. Look at all the great teams today; they can spread the other team out and resort to the power running when they need it. Changes must be made by the Dolphins coaching staff or the staff needs new coaches. Coach Sparano knows they can't run five wide right now because they can't pass block. Well, get guys that can run and pass block. Throw all five WR out there. A good team will mix it up; the New England Patriots just dissected Miami's defense in all formations: five wide, four wide, singleback, etc and through the air and on the ground. They are balanced. We need balance and better coaching. The statistics are nice from the coach, but I believe he has stated before that the only statistic that matters is the record. Miami is 3-5, period. Who cares about catches on third down; get guys that can catch the ball on first, second, and fourth down as well.

All your guys are idiots and have all the answers. Remember 2 yrs ago we are 1-15. Last year everthing fell into place. This team is getting better even with some of the tough losses. We are still missing some pieces. Blame the offence???????????? Our defence has killed us giving UP big plays. The offence gives you a 10 minute drive and score 7. What does the defence do 1 freaking play we give it back.Its not Tedd Ginns fault he was picked number 9 blame Cam.He should not have been number 9 get off his back he is what he is and has made some plays. Game we needed last year against the jets he made some big plays he is not a number 1 maybe a 3 but dont blame him!!! We are what we are. THE TOP BRASS HAS PUT SOME NICE PLAYERS IN PLACE BUT WE NEED MORE. KEEP BRAYLON EDWARDS ON THE JETS AT SOME POINT HE WILL BE SUSPENDED OR BE IN JAIL.. TONY S , JEFF I AND BILL P. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Gee, 72334, when you wrote that it sounded familiar, then I remembered that I read it too ... in the freaking newspaper the day before. Armando is a dangerous jerk; all he does is throw out something for the village of idiots and here they come with their pitchforks and torches. He is doing it for MONEY ... easy money.

Well, if our coach thinks our receivers are that good....we're screwed! No wonder defenses stack the line. TS....wake up to reality. We have no real passing game and your sacks are being caused by blitzing because of our one dimensional offense. Get your head out of your big butt while us fans are still willing to stomach watching this circus!

We want Patrick Turner now!!! I'm originally from New York and I'm a Parcels' guy, which is why I am a Miami guy! However, it seems to me that the "Big Tuna" has only two weaknesses from being considered the best football mind in the history of the game: First, with the exception of Phil Simms, Parcels' strikes out in the selection of a winning quarterback (Phil by accident?). Second, Parcels does not want superstars (ego?), even if it means losing! The time to win consistently is more important than ever! PS: I'm not saying Chad Henne in the future can not surpass Phil Simms in big wins! Go Miami!!!

Armando, maybe you should ask Tony about first down. THAT is where this team is losing now. Great, Bess and Cammy can catch short third down passes. But, can they make any big plays on first down? No. So, why are they in there? And has Tony drawn the conclusion yet that the running game slowed down a great deal since he benched Ginn? Has he realized yet that teams are stacking the box on first down because none of the WRs in there now scare any corner in the NFL?

With the benching of Ginn, the offense went from scoring 55 points in the 6 qtrs prior to 37 in the 10 qtrs after. He needs to get a clue and put that big play threat back in there or we are going to lose at least one of these 3 easy games coming up if not two. We suck worse now than before.

Ted Ginn is overrated. He can run, but CANNOT catch or hang on to the ball. We need better, much better receivers.

I realize I'm just an "arm chair qb" but if he thinks these receivers are getting it done then it's time we look into getting Gruden on the sidelines.
What have 5 guys that can catch a 3 yard curl, but what we don't have is someone getting the YAC!!!!

The way it sounds to me is that the coaching staff does not care about the passing game. Newsflash: The rest of the league knows it as well and that is why the running game is virtually non-existent in the regular formation. Do you think the rest of the doesn't know that the receicer's aren't good enough. 8 IN THE BOX. They might as well run the wild cat all the time. Wake up coaching staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG....really? Special teams contribution.....how about getting Turner in to contribute ALL game on offense....I'll take us missing tackles on kick-offs after touchdowns to the big kid in the corner....this doesn't make sense....PUT PAT TURNER IN FOR F*CK SAKE!!!!!

Hopefully coach S is just protecting his players from the media and does not really believe what he is saying about the wr's. Otherwise he needs to be committed to an insane asylum.

True every team needs players like Bess and Camarillo (Hartline is a Camarillo clone) and Ginn I would argue is far more valuable than even Sparano will admit; is it just a coincidence that defenses are crowding the line of scrimmage since Ginn is getting far fewer snaps? Even with his faults and limitations Ginn’s speed keeps opposing secondary’s honest and spreads the field. But we are talking about role players and specialists. Miami currently doesn’t have a true NFL caliber # 1 receiver on its roster. Hopefully the “Brain Trust” in spite of its public stance has admitted this much to itself; so the larger question is what priority will be placed on this need in the off-season.

Sparano can always hide behind the fact he is the “expert”, an NFL coach and we are “just” fans, who are we to question or second guess the expert. But Football isn’t so esoteric…so abstruse that a knowledgeable fan can not recognize a weakness, especially when it is so obvious. The results or lack of speak for themselves. All this talk about 3rd down stats is baloney compared to the only stat that counts…points.

It's not the offensive passing game that made us 3-5 ... it's the pass defense / lack of pass rush that has made us 3-5. All 5 losses to teams that have a top rated QB and a go-to receiver (Roddy White, pick em in Indy, Jackson, Colston, Moss). Do not blame the offense.

We should see Turner play this Sunday. He'll be used in 4 or 5 receiver sets and in the spread offense with Pat White at QB for sure.

This would be the game to start perfecting these passing schemes since it should be the easiest remaining game. By the time we play the Patriots the passing game should be in total sync.

I've been following the dolphins since 1978, so I thought I would finally join the discussion. I thought I saw a potentially good move by placing the Haynos at wideout in the last game. He could cause matchup issues.

Mike and Dolphinlover-

Its a free country and I pay plenty of money from here in California to follow my team.

I have probably been a fan for longer than you been alive? 1973

I am thouroughly behind my team, don't talk to me about loyalty.

I have been through the mud with this team and the total waste of the greatest quarterback in history for my money. Every year something needs to be fixed.

I totaly am behind my Phins and always will be. They will come together and as always win or lose they play exciting and entertaining games.

My son is now 21 years old and grew up in our house as Dolphin fans and roots for them.

But takes more sh#! from people because in his lifetime they have never won squat and always come up short.

So you don't have to come on here and chew everyone out. If you like to see this team come so close every week IN ALL PHASES of the game just to lose then so be it. (blown drafts, passing game but no running game, score at will offense no deffense, decent defense no offense, etc). Never a complete team. I on the other hand will speak my mind, Dolphin Brothas.

Go Phins!

just as everyone but cammerwrong knew welker was proven clutch, and he was the reciever to build around, getting paid peanuts even as he returned punts(well), and played emergency kicker, miami elected to trade for a 2nd roundpick, replacing him with an expensive unknown and unproven talent. it is so hard to find a guy like welker. well we have one, his name is CAMARILLO! use him as the patriots use welker(all the time, especially 3rd down). offset with passes to the running backs, bench bess for hartline, use turner(because it can't get any worse), and troubleshoot ginn! these 4 RECIEVERS if utilized correctly will generate better production. HENNE, camarillo is your welker, didn't you learn that from watching penny, camarillo was a big part of his stats!

Congratulations Mando!

Only you with your sense of entitlement and smugness could turn Dolphin fans ( or should I say your followers )against their team and it's coaches.

If I could ask coach Sparano one question off the record it would be...

What do you honestly think about that Herald reporter Salguero ?

I'm pretty sure, I could not post that answer !

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