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Dolphins coaching was a problem versus Bill

There are complaints aplenty about the Miami Dolphins today.

Some of them come from fans, as blogs, message boards and radio call-in shows will be loaded today with complaints about play-calling and coaching.

Some of the complaints come from Miami's locker room and coaching staff. That's the one I decided to focus on for my column in the Miami Herald Monday. Players and coaches alike looked at their fourth-quarter collapse against the Bills, a collapse which turned a 14-7 lead into a 31-14 loss, and everyone agreed the Dolphins have a problem finishing.

The Dolphins are perhaps the NFL's worst team at finishing games. They've blown games against Indianapolis, New Orleans, and the Bills in the final stanza this year. They also got outplayed by San Diego in the fourth quarter of that game.

Read the column and answer the following question: How does a team that cannot finish games, expect to successfully finish the season?

As to matters not in the column:

The coaching by the Dolphins staff was horrible on Sunday. I have great respect for the Miami coaching staff because I believe they often get the most production out of some limited talent. But this blowout upset loss was different.

This was embarrassing.

The facts are the Dolphins were facing an inferior team on Sunday. The Buffalo starting cornerbacks of Leodis McKelvin and Terrence McGee did not play on Sunday. The Buffalo offensive line was missing two starters and had another dude playing out of position. The Buffalo head coach is a rookie. And Ryan Fitzpatrick from Harvard? Really?

The Bills had nothing to play for but pride while the Dolphins' season was on the line.

Then one has to understand the Dolphins had 10 days to prepare for this game.

And the Bills still won?

"We've got 10 days to prepare and I didn't do a good enough job obviously preparing them," coach Tony Sparano said. "I've got to do a better job."

Sparano, the former play-caller for Bill Parcells in Dallas, has to do a better job of riding herd over offensive coordinator Dan Henning. Henning, who has forgotten more football than most people will ever know, is normally a fine offensive coordinator.

Sunday was not one of those occassions.

Consider that on Miami's first possession the Dolphins moved from their own 45 yard line to the Buffalo 3. Chad Henne completed a 15-yard pass. Ricky Williams ran for 11, then 7, then six, then 5 yards. The Bills were on their heels.

And then on first-and-goal, Henning got cute by calling a halfback pass for a player that hasn't thrown a pass since 2000.


Momentum lost.

"Yeah, you know, I got the ball and Joey Haynos was supposed to block the outside linebacker and then go, and I saw him, and I just didn't put enough arch on the ball and it was picked off by the backside linebacker," Williams said.

But why call the play at that point? I can understand if the Dolphins weren't running well? But they were rolling. Not smart. They used their best runner to throw, thereby not using their best runner's or best passer's greatest assets. Not smart. 

Sparano relegated the criticism of the play-call to "Monday Morning quarterbacking" and said the problem with the play was in its execution. It sounded like a coach who would prefer to blame a player than another coach for a play's failure.

There were other head-scratching offensive calls also.

In the second quarter the Dolphins took a 7-0 lead and then stopped the Bills on a three-and-out. Then the Dolphins complete a pass for 11 yards, Williams runs for 6 yards, Williams runs for 5 yards. And then Henning gets cute again.

He calls an end-around to Ginn on first down. It loses 4 yards. And you know what? The Dolphins make 11 yards on the next two plays but have to punt because they needed 14 yards for a first thanks to that reverse, So that reverse to Ginn costs the Dolphins a chance to keep driving.

The Bills then get the ball and tie the game at 7-7 on their next possession.

Finally, can I ask about continuing to force the issue with Pat White? He is neither one of the team's better runners nor it's best passer. And yet he continues to get plays at strange moments when Miami runs its spread option.

White ran once for 2 yards on Sunday. When did that first taste of action come?

In the fourth quarter. Right after Buffalo took a 17-14 lead. What changed at that point that didn't happen in the three previous quarters when Miami was winning? What was the freakin' point?

The defensive coaching staff doesn't get a pass here, either.

We all recognize the Dolphins are starting two rookie cornerbacks. We recognize they are talented. And we recognize they are capable. But why put them in one-on-one coverage a large majority of the game, every game?

Hello? Other teams watch tape, also ...

It is begging for a game-changing TD. And the Dolphins got exactly what they were begging for when Terrell Owens caught a 51-yard TD pass over Vontae Davis in the fourth quarter. Fitzpatrick said he recognized the coverage pre-snap and called an audible.

Dagger to the heart.

One more thing: We keep hearing how Cameron Wake cannot get into games more because he is a work-in-progress as a run-defender.

Well, how long does it take to coach up a player to defend the edge of the defense? We're 11 games into the season and Wake's still not ready to tackle somebody running wide?

And if Wake isn't, what makes coaches think Joey Porter is ready? Porter blew edge run assignments time after time on Sunday. Yes, he had a couple of sacks against reserve tackles. But that was Porter blowing the run defense against Fitzpatrick as the Ivy League QB set off on a 31-yard TD run.

So the young player can't be taught to defend the run 11 games into a season and the veteran can't be reminded to keep his assignment discipline? Yes, the players have a responsibility to get this done. But the coaches have an equal responsibility to make sure those players do their job or take a seat on the bench.

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Go dolphins!



carlito' luv ya man but...

As many years as I have invested in this team and I’ve lost a few years of life doing so (stress); I feel I have the right to say "we". I bleed aqua and orange. I love my pro team even more than my college team…

And they don't even pay me!

They could hire me to slap the coaching staff at no charge!

matt roth is a disturbing trend as far as personnel decisions, just like the smiley decision and the camron wake decision. every time i have seen cameron he has come in and made a sack. but the biggest bonehead non-decision was to not sign back chris chambers. week after he was let go by s.d. he caught 3 t.d.'s. now you're telling me he is right now not better than ted, devone, greg, etc. come on guys you should have signed chambers immediately. that was a huge mistake. just like the jets went out and signed edwards. our personnel decisions are hurting this team as well as some very questionable coaching calls, decisions. like the 2 pt. conversion in the n.o. game but calling timeout right before the half in that game when they were going to go for 3 and we would have been up 18 but calling a timeout for them when they werew bringing on their field goal team blew that game as they would have needed 3 t.d.'s to beat us instead of 2 t.d.'s and why go for 2 at that time. inexcusable!!!!!


Tonight I had nice Stone Crab claws with rice and beans and salad. I don't know why this matters.

Brady is not even the best Qb in the NFL

Po White Trash,

I never told you not to say "we" when talking about the Dolphins. You catch me say it all the time. I told Aloco not to say it because he is not Dolphin fan.

I was not talking to you, unless you are one of Aloco many personality.


My bad!


Hope you don't mind but I might ask you for some advice on my next trade. LOL

Po White Trash,

Brian Hartline starting to show signs of being good wr

Take anything we can get at this point, We lose another game we need to get Turner some Reps. I do like Hartline. Good pick.

Done with Ginn.


Dan they could not sign chambers because he was claimed by the team with the worst record which was the chiefs.




Gotta name for ya...

Terry Paxton Bradshaw

I've thought about AIG, not LOL.



I can name lots of qb better to watch than Brady. Nobody likes a man in a skirt

Terry Bradshaw played football w/retard people ,when football played in a slow motion and don't forget in those days my dad told me football was played as baseball slow and annoying .T O M B R A DY ;




It does suck to be beat by a dude in panties.

Ref! Throw a flag,he was going fer my leg!

There are many quarterbacks playing in the league right now better than Tom Brady.

1. Peyton Manning
2. Ben Rothlesberger
3. Drew Brees
4. Eli Manning
5. Brett Favre

I am very glad to read an article, which showed I was not the only one who thought the play calling on those 3 plays, was extremely poor and made no sense. They definately changed the momentum and possibly the outcome of the game. It's not rocket science, but miami's coaching staff makes it seem as though it is.


I'll say one thing for ya,

You are not a Jet!

God bless....



Play action!

Thats where it's at.

at this point, I hope parcells does get out of here...provided he take all his coaches with him. We need Ross to start looking into ways to be progressive in aiming our phins future. Can't keep going sideways, decade after decade like we've done. Dolphins reduce the lives of their fans by at least 10 years I'm guessing.

Let the man play QB for a whole game or more if the season's lost.

If he proves himself we keep him if not we trade him.

Ur right cuz I'm growing white hairs over the Fish. I was hurt yesterday. It's like saying I'll never drink again but then next weekend I'm ready for another one.

Have I been censored from speekin' here?


Let's see tuna turn the lions around.

Sorry carlito. I spoke with anger. I still believe too. Hope pats lose tonight.

Tuna needs to stay, the job is not done. He needs one more draft class.



or turn the browns around w/his son in law .so many teams w/so much money and only one tuna ,sushi tuna .GAME TIME ...GOOD NIGHT PEOPLE .

I really wish tuna can coach us. But I don't see him letting sperano go. He won't do it.

WHY i feel po loves men ?


What ever do you mean?

I don't have ESPN!!!! I'm so lonely........ I'm getting cold.

Bill Parcells is 68 years old, he is not interested in living in Cleveland or anywhere else cold...I think this is it for Mr. Parcells this Dolphin team will be his legacy

FUTURE,FUTURE,FUTURE, things Id like to see in the Future, The mighty air breathers win a super bowl, jobs for every one,prosperity for all,NJ fin fan banned from all blogs(Nj you notice that blog and clog rhyme?)(one you should be fixing and the other one your on all day unable to do your job)Great movies, unlike the animated garbage out there today(e.g the Godfather,Apocalypse now etc.) And the ticket of DODDSWORTH/MENACE IN 2016 to succeed, guys like the song goes"the future looks bright,I think I need shades".........

Posted by: cuban menace | November 30, 2009 at 04:25 PM

NL lookey lookey see how menace keeps antagonizing(sp) you. He is drawing you in like a big fat fish,hahahahahhahahaha


I'll say one thing for ya,

You are not a Jet!

God bless....

Posted by: Po White Trash | November 30, 2009 at 08:21 PM
Po white garbage gopats lover
You say he is not a Jet, like saying at least he is not a child molester, yet he is a rapist. You moron

Funny how everyone critiques Joey Porter but no one mentions Jason Taylos getting pushed around like a 10 year old kid out there.... not being able to get to plays, not being able to make a tackle, please enough of this dude, this town falls in love with a player (yes he was great) but they just don't want to let it go.... more than half of the dolphins fans would like to see marino back and probably mercury morris as well..... just like they can never get over the 72 season... please !!! this team is rebuilding we do not have great players and much less great coaching..... they need to get it together soon its been 24 years since the last superbowl and we can not even put a competitive team on the field........amazing!!


Asked you a question.

DODDSWORTH/MENACE IN 2016 to succeed

Two morons, dumb and dumber. No of you are even born in the US. Dodsworth is from Nova Scotia and menace cockroach is from cuba, a political prisoner, pizz ant

Here's what I think.

Dodsworth is Menace and he thinks it is hilarious.


That wasn't something someone who is the best qb in history would do.

Hoboken like you jets are child molestors.

You and Mark should get together.

Mark, Bon Jovi, Hoboken,

Why are you focusing on me?
Don’t you have a steady job at the truck stop puffing pole & swallowing trucker skeet?

Where do you find the time to post?
At least I know you are doing a very good job & getting paid well as you can afford a computer and online access or are you at your side job puffing homeless pole at the library?

Pick a name you punk A S S B I T C H!

Bon Jovi is man with good heart and big dirty azzz.he lived all his life in a foster home before he became a model inmate .


I think it is Aloco. He thinks he is sneaky

So what GOpats can't be on here taking an ass whooping from the Saints tonite, he can sure dish it when our fins are playing badly!

Belicheat looks like a stymied bum after that TD!


I've seen his posts before with many different names; they stink of youth and a total lack of intellect. Wish he could find another blog to troll? What middle school is missing the class Idiot.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Xmas is for Parcells to get rid of the following people:

Channing Crowder (for spending more time instigating than trying to improve yourself as a defender)
Joey Porter (let's see where do I start...)
Ted Ginn (for simply being a ball-less man)
Justin Smiley (for talking too much when you're struggling)
Dan Henning (for being a coward and taking the risk when there's no need to)
Akin Ayodele (for not being able to pick up a fumble)

What's up carlito and PO you guys watching the game?

no carlito ,bon jove and hoboken are the same plumber .

Hey Bon jovi: FYI no cockroaches from Cuba. Only gigantic palmetto bugs that know how to kick butt. Idiot!

You know it,

Ain't it sweet!

Pats need some help from the lord!

Hope he is on Brees's side.

its amazing how that last td pass to devry as wide open as he was we havent seen that kinda work in south florida in 15 years...makes me sick to my stomach almost as bad as my btch wife watching this game and how much better both of these teams are than sparanos weak sisters of the local church and their sorry azzed coaching staff...boy what a great decision to get rid of welker...hes really not very talented (gag)...

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