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Today's Dolphins rooting for undefeated Saints

The Dolphins family, which stretches from the old-timers such as Don Shula to, um, the old-timers like Bill Parcells and Dan Henning, normally shares a common bond to which they stick like Super Glue: Everyone wants today's Dolphins to win. Everyone wants other teams to lose so no one matche the Perfect Dolphins' undefeated mark.

But this weekend that bond is stretched just a tad. While everyone undoubtedly wants the Dolphins to continue winning, there could be a bit of a difference of opinion over the New Orleans vs. New England game. 

Oldtime Dolphins, the crew from the 1972 perfect season, are likely rooting for the Patriots to knock off the 10-0 Saints from the ranks of the unbeatens. Simply, it might be the last game New Orleans is seriously threatened this regular season.

The current Dolphins? They don't have any hesitation telling you they want New Orleans to win, perfection and all that other stuff be darned, because they have their own interests riding on the game.

"We would like New England to lose because obviously it would help our efforts," guard Justin Smiley said earlier this week. "That's what the game's about, two great teams going against each other. It's going to be fun to watch."

I remind Smiley that his desires might clash with those of past Dolphins such as Mercury Morris or other greats that often talk to the team before home games and serve as honorary captains. Those guys understandably want to remain the only team in NFL history to go undefeated.

"We have a ton of respect for the guys who paved the way, don't get me wrong on that," Smiley said. "But this is a new era and a new team and we need some things to happen for us. Those guys went undefeated and won Super Bowls and stuff like that. We're trying to get to the playoffs. I'm sure they'll understand."

Here's an irony everyone will understand if either the Colts or Saints go undefeated.

Unlike the 1985 Dolphins that defeated the Chicago Bears to prevent that team from posting a 19-0 record and surpassing the 17-0 mark of the 1972-73 Dolphins, this 2009 Miami team hasn't quite stepped up to defend the franchise legacy.

This year the Dolphins had a chance to hang an L on both the Saints and the Colts and failed to do so both times.

So if either the Saints or the Colts go undefeated, the old timers can look no further than this year's Miami team to lament what might have been.

And so now I ask you, Dolphins Globe, where your allegiances stand this weekend. You obviously are proud the Dolphins so far are the only NFL team to ever go undefeated. So you obviously want to see New Orleans lose.

You also want your current team to have a chance at sharing the AFC East lead. If the Pats lose to New Orleans this weekend and then lose to Miami at Land Shark Stadium next weekend, Miami is tied for the AFC East lead.

So where are your allegiances this weekend?

(And don't tell me, you want the Saints to win this weekend and then lose a game after that. You ride the fence, you end up speaking with a very squeeky voice, if you know what I mean.) 


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I want New Orleans to win, Dolphins need the Pats to lose and I don't think the Saints will end up undefeat even if they win on monday.

I also don't mind Indy beating Houston to get Dolphins more in playoff race.


2009 team has no historical significance. Go Pats!

I want NO to win...we always need a chance.

There is also one little wrinkle that no one I've seen has talked about yet. It would be nice to have one more team go undefeated in the regular season and then lose in the playoffs. this would weaken NE's shared space in perfect....and prove once again how hard it is for perfection.

I was getting ready to say I want to win the AFC East this year so whatever helps that is fine.

Then I listened to Csonka and he changed my mind.

I want to have the only team ever to go undefeated. That is more important over the long haul.

Go Pats. The chances of the Pats losing at least one more game the rest of the season (assuming Miami wins next week, this would allow Miami to catch them if we win out) is more likely than the Saints losing. Plus, in the playoff picture, NE beating an NFC team doesn't hurt as much as them beating an AFC team.

You got to want the Saints to win, this is a chance for the Dolphins to have a great chance at back to back division title!!!!

Like Mando say, the Dolphins had as good a chance as anyone to beat both these teams and they fail. But this is not Saints or Colts last game. They both have division games left that always can go to either team and each team has had tough games against poor teams... And then there is the playoffs.

I think that Csonka and Morris know that 10-0 is not the time to push panic button yet and 2009 Dolphins really need this one.


If you talking tie-breakers you should want Saints to win because Dolphins lose to Saints and if Pats beat the Saints that could be tie breaker against Dolphins somehow...

We're not catching up to NE... Might as well keep 17-0 alive.

It depends on what happens sunday.

Assuming a Dolphins win, I want NO to win and keep our hopes alive..

But if Miami loses to Buffalo, a must have game against a 3-7 team, with the injuries they have, then I question our ability to do much the rest of the year. Plus, I'll be pissed that they lost at a game I attend. If that happens - I switch from a fan of the present to a fan of history.

I mean, I hated the prospect of losing that title when the Giants just barely saved our legacy.

Saints to win no question...make next Sundays matchup against New England the most important game to date!!!

NO win plain and simple

There can only be 1 Team that was Perfect....ever....

Go Saints !!!

I want the Saints to win but I don't think they will. NE is a better team. Saints are not the same team that walked into Miami early this year.

Go Patriots!!

We're not Super Bowl contenders this year, and if the Pats win, we still have a shot for a wildcard slot.

I would rather we protect what we have (the undefeated season) than pin our hopes on an improbable Superbowl run this year.

Here's my solution.....

Pats win --- but, Brady is hurt late in the 4th QTR and is OUT of for the rest of the season

BTW, Saints will also lose to Dallas.

Defense has been going backwards all year for the Saints

The only time I can muster any support for the Patriots is when they're playing the Jets. Sorry.

Armando could you, or somebody else can tell me why Camarillo has been evaporate by Mr. Henning from the Dolphins offensive plays? I think he is the best of the all receivers group.

dear Armando,
could you focus on our game vs the Bills?
We'll talk about NO-NE on Monday.
Thank you.

I am hoping the Colts win every game until we beat them in the AFC Championship and the beat the undefeated Saints in the Super Bowl.

1st Igore I'd give my left nut for whatever ur smoking.... 2nd Yann ur right the Bills game is a trap game and I hope we all ain't looking ahead of ourselfs..

That is an old record. It will fall but not this year and could have a couple of years ago to NE.
I want to Phins to win out. I don't care what anyone else does and I don't care about an old record. Winning out should get us a playoff spot.
Both of these teams have a long way to go. Saints will lose a game or two. So will Indianapolis. I think Indy still has a game against the Titans.
I will never cheer for NE for any reason. Them helping us would make me sick.

Where's Arturo Freeman?

Life long fins fan born in 77. This years team is not destined for greatness. Sorry, but... GO PATS!!!!!!

I think I want the Saints to win because I don't fully believe that they can go undefeated. Nor do I believe that the Colts can do it either.

8-8, no playoffs.

40 year fan. Lived through the undefeated season. Knew Buoniconti's kids. Still..,can't root for the cheating Patsies.

This franchise needs to move beyond its past. We need some new 'glory' to hang our hats on. Go Fins and whoever is playing the Patsies, Jests, and Jills!!


I'm sticking with the old timers. I am proud of that record. And I don't want to back into the playoffs because that is one of the quickest ways out. I want us to go in there because muscled our way in as the undisputed AFC east champs. I also understand we are still rebuilding. So once again, I will be rooting for the Pats to take them down.

Oh boy, WE DID IT FIRST! That's all that matters. Any fool who wants the Patsie's to win is the one on the fence. How many of the 72 fins are still alive anyways? WTF have they done lately but drink a glass of champagne once a year and talked about the good OLD times. Most of them don't even go to the games anymore.

It's like saying they should not make a 2010 mustang because the 1972 mustang was a PERFECT.

Makes no sense. Time to move on and forget the past. If the undefeated SEASON is all we have to hang our hats on them that's pretty sad.

Anyone recall who the second man on the moon was? We did it first. That's all that matters to me now. But to root for the Patsies is blasphemy.

We're talking the lesser of two evils here. And it's very EVIL to root for the patsies.

Dammit! Where is the Dolphin pride gone over the years. We own the division but you guys want to root for our rivals in the division?

My goodness, the world of professional football has saddened me to the point that I'm gonna start watching European (soccer) football.

Go Saints!!

If you are pulling for the Pats to win;you are not a Miami Dolphins fan period.The Saints and Colts will lose eventually so calm down.

I'm gonna say I want a NE win. Preserve the Dolphins history!

Go siants, they will lose one game later, not worried, just like the colts will lose too, we need every chance to win the division, so Pats need to lose, Go Dolphins

I agree beerndrum!!!!!!

Are you serious mando? what a ridiculous question. GO SAINTS!

I want a New Orleans WIN. They will clinch early anyways and likely sit some players late in the season and then lose a game sitting those players. Also its never over till the fat lady sings just ask the GIANTS. Someone will ahng a loss and both Indy and NO.

Let them win what they want,I still don't think saints go to super bowl...vickings will take the NFC spot.

i agree because the vikings defense will tear the new orleans offense apart if they eventually meet in the playoffs

I always root for the undefeated team to lose, but this week I'm rooting for the Saints. I hate those cheating bastards in NE. It would almost be kind of cool if the Saints went 16-0 and then lost in the post-season. It is pretty sad that our Dolphins blew a huge lead to these guys...what was it 24-3? Nice catch, Ted.

An undefeated season can be shared with any other team other than the Pats,Jets or Bills.. I live for today at this point..... Go Saints..

I will take another superbowl win if it meant sacrificing the title of "only team to ever run the table undefeated". It's a great record, but lets face it. For whatever reason, that team is never mentioned as the best team ever. Despite the fact that it won all its games, the 72 fins are constantly disrespected for the accomplishment not to mention the three straight superbowl appearences in 71,72 & 73. It's a record that we dolphin fans appreciate and enjoy but its really "our" record and fans of other teams don't want to give the obvious credit for. Therefore, in my mind, if that record is broken, it still remains "our" record...the dolphin fans and always will be. That said, if its too happen, I want that superbowl as a tradeoff! Go Saints!

Jhon Madden ,

do you like bananas ?

Michael , thanks for your post. I now need glasses.

Uhhh my username says it all!

it's not easy to be a bust like mosses and fasano

Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints

Oh when the saints go marching in to beat the pats.........

WTF what dolphins fan would root for the pats??? i could care less if someone went undefeated every single year..........

Go Dolphins.............. pats r going down in new orleans and miami.......

2010 afc east champs Miami Dolphins

I'm sure that all the so-called fans that want the Saints to win are not old enough to have rooted for the Perfect Team.

I attended three home games in the Orange Bowl that year, including a playoff win. I know what that team was like and I love that team.

They did something today's team cannot do. Long live the undefeated season!

Go Patriots -- but only for one day.

If the current Dolphins didn't want to split the fans they should have handled their business against New Orleans.

Now we have to rely on NE to do it for us. Too bad.

Go Pats.

This is a tough decision. On one hand I really want the Patsies to lose and would never, ever root for them to win. On the other hand I am a big fan of tradition and history and am proud of the undefeated season. I do not ever want to see that record taken away from this team. I'm going to have to trust that other team's will beat the Saints and Colts later on because I just can't root for those cheaters from New England. I also don't want to have to get rid of my personalized Dolphins license plate "UNDEF" that is proudly mounted on the back of my vehicle so the Saints and Colts will eventually lose.

Pats win, that's my prediction. Brady, moss, and welker will be too much.

I'm old enough to have seen & rooted for the perfect team, and for the past 30+ years I along w/ many have always rooted for the undefeated teams to lose.......BUT NOT THIS YEAR......I want to see this years scrappy bunch get into the playoffs, and that means we need help and that means this weekend I root for the Saints to get the Pats closer to us & the pack for next weeks game, and for the Colts to knock the Texans further down the wild card food chain. I'm playing it week to week, but the heck with the 72ers...the saints/colts will get a loss somewhere, or maybe one of them will stay perfect thru the SB, but for now I want all wildcrad competitors & the Pats to lose as often as possible, and if that means rooting for the Saints & Colts.....then LET's GO SAINTS & COLTS, & get us into this wild card race for real.

Playoffs ? PLAYOFFS ?

Ahhh screw them both, fuch the saints and the pats. Maybe the Saints win and Brady gets hurt as well.

I want the pats to lose every week! Always!

what about moses and fasano a hole. Speak up dont be afraid, fair wheather fan nj

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