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Today's Dolphins rooting for undefeated Saints

The Dolphins family, which stretches from the old-timers such as Don Shula to, um, the old-timers like Bill Parcells and Dan Henning, normally shares a common bond to which they stick like Super Glue: Everyone wants today's Dolphins to win. Everyone wants other teams to lose so no one matche the Perfect Dolphins' undefeated mark.

But this weekend that bond is stretched just a tad. While everyone undoubtedly wants the Dolphins to continue winning, there could be a bit of a difference of opinion over the New Orleans vs. New England game. 

Oldtime Dolphins, the crew from the 1972 perfect season, are likely rooting for the Patriots to knock off the 10-0 Saints from the ranks of the unbeatens. Simply, it might be the last game New Orleans is seriously threatened this regular season.

The current Dolphins? They don't have any hesitation telling you they want New Orleans to win, perfection and all that other stuff be darned, because they have their own interests riding on the game.

"We would like New England to lose because obviously it would help our efforts," guard Justin Smiley said earlier this week. "That's what the game's about, two great teams going against each other. It's going to be fun to watch."

I remind Smiley that his desires might clash with those of past Dolphins such as Mercury Morris or other greats that often talk to the team before home games and serve as honorary captains. Those guys understandably want to remain the only team in NFL history to go undefeated.

"We have a ton of respect for the guys who paved the way, don't get me wrong on that," Smiley said. "But this is a new era and a new team and we need some things to happen for us. Those guys went undefeated and won Super Bowls and stuff like that. We're trying to get to the playoffs. I'm sure they'll understand."

Here's an irony everyone will understand if either the Colts or Saints go undefeated.

Unlike the 1985 Dolphins that defeated the Chicago Bears to prevent that team from posting a 19-0 record and surpassing the 17-0 mark of the 1972-73 Dolphins, this 2009 Miami team hasn't quite stepped up to defend the franchise legacy.

This year the Dolphins had a chance to hang an L on both the Saints and the Colts and failed to do so both times.

So if either the Saints or the Colts go undefeated, the old timers can look no further than this year's Miami team to lament what might have been.

And so now I ask you, Dolphins Globe, where your allegiances stand this weekend. You obviously are proud the Dolphins so far are the only NFL team to ever go undefeated. So you obviously want to see New Orleans lose.

You also want your current team to have a chance at sharing the AFC East lead. If the Pats lose to New Orleans this weekend and then lose to Miami at Land Shark Stadium next weekend, Miami is tied for the AFC East lead.

So where are your allegiances this weekend?

(And don't tell me, you want the Saints to win this weekend and then lose a game after that. You ride the fence, you end up speaking with a very squeeky voice, if you know what I mean.) 


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We're talking the lesser of two evils here. And it's very EVIL to root for the patsies.

Posted by: OverseasFan | November 27, 2009 at 10:35 PM

Evil you say, I guess so. Is it Evil for someone to always post on here as "Gopats"???
I'm just saying

NJ showin' his true colors & hatin' again....he'd only be dreaming of playoffs if fasano & moses we're contributing

Go NO, we need them to win! The undefeated team was a great thing, but if NO goes undefeated, that 1972 Dolphins team will still be great. I don't see what the big deal is.

Go NO!

I sotoner you JEALOUS of NJ because he godfather of football

We don't have a decent reciever to comlement the running game. I remember the perfect season, and that team gets -0- respect. I hate the patriots but I am rooting for them to beat the saints. We still have some games left in the season and have a chance to make the playoffs on our own by winning. The 72 guys don't have that chance anymore, so I cheer even teams I hate for that reason. Even the Jets (Oh how I hate the jets, and the patriots, the cowboy--don't get me started about them).

1. The Saints winning only makes them 11-0. Just sayin'.
2. After rooting for the Jets last week, I couldn't possibly stand rooting for the Pats
3. The '72 Dolphins will forever be a great team. I want my team to return to greatness.

Come on last I checked it is 2009, who cares about an old record. I think it is sad that these guys care so much about it still. I mean should Marino or Montana have a drink every year someone does not beat one of their standing records? Last I heard all records are meant to be broken. My rule is if u are a true fan, u never give up on the current season for the sake of the past or the future. If all I cared about was my memories I would not have time to make new ones.

A Very Special Thanksgiving With A Very Special Surprise Guest


Go saints and colts...any real fan is concerned with us getting to the playoffs not history, anyway the patriots already did it 2 years ago so if anything we want the saints and colts to match their regular season record...lets talk about this if one of these teams goes to the super bowl undefeated

Go saints and colts...any real fan is concerned with us getting to the playoffs not history, anyway the patriots already did it 2 years ago so if anything we want the saints and colts to match their regular season record...lets talk about this if one of these teams goes to the super bowl undefeated


Great Post Zach

I just can't root for the Cheatriots. It's not in me.

Being old enough to have witnessed perfection, I must tell you that this is a record that grows more special as each year passes. Think of all the teams that had a chance to break this record and absolutely nobody has. There have been some pretty special teams, the 84 Niners, the 85 Bears, and many others. Yet, not one could accomplish what that team did.

I for one always stick with the fins, but if by some chance the Pats beat the Saints I can't say I will be upset. So the answer to your question is I can find the postive in either result.

You may call that on the fence if you like.

What the Cheatriot people don't realize is that we played pretty much every team in the AFC with a legitiamate shot at winning the Bowl.

Making the playoffs is step 1. Step 2 is running the table. We can't do that if you guys root for the Cheatriots.

This should settle it.

1. Winning a superbowl?


2. Protecting some 37 year old record?

Even the post sensible Fans will pick #1.

We can't win a superbowl if we root for the cheatriots.

If you seriously want NE to win this week, you are NOT a
Dolphins fan AT ALL. Some of you people are pathetic.

Super Bowl ? SUPER BOWL ?

The pats send undefeted few years ago they just lost to the giants in the superball so yea I want NO to win I hate the over rates pats! NO will lose a game buy we need some big teams to lose this year and even if NO went undefeted and won the supperball we will still be the first team ever to go a perfect season no matter what

Mike I 100% agree with you!

Of course i want the pats to loose!!! I dont live in the past. I prefer that the fins go to the playoffs and in that case no pb if the saints are undefeated we Will still have a chance to beat them in the superbowl

I think it would be good in a lot of way if another team were to go undefeated. Can't live off the past forever. I've been a fan since 1986 - 23 years - and only 1 appearance in an AFC championship game in that time. That's way worse than random chance.

I'm not worried at all. The colts games are comming way to close and saint will fall in the playoffs. So 38-28 saints!

Are you Kidding me??!! Of course we want the Pats to lose. We are playing for today not for 30 years ago!! I have been a fan for 30 years and I want to win now!! This is a crazy questions.

Go New Orleans... Go Houston
We'll beat the Saints in the Super Bowl.
'72 Undefeated Forever

I've been a Dolfan since the very beginning and I want the Pats to beat the Saints to help out the "now" Dolphins. If another team were ever to exceed the 72' Dolphins' perfect season, the "now" Colts would be my choice. Wouldn't it be appropriate with arguably the greatest QB to ever play the game at the helm and Don Shula a former Colt coach?

If the 2009 team does make the playoffs, they have no way of winning the SB anyways. GO PATS!

Go saints, go Colts we need to we need to make playoffs we play for this year! Not 1972! Of course we want to be the only undefeted team in NFL history but records are meant to be broken or in this case perfect. So go dolphins make that push for the playoffs and just win baby! Sparano is doing his thing for real tho! Keep going and winning without 4 main players (cobbs, pennington, Allen, and ferguson) Wow. You have to say he is doing his JOB.

Tend to want to hang on to the lone unique accomplishment this team has done. Go Pats. I hate saying that!

Continued: Oh and Ronnie brown is out! Come on, think about it. (PENNINGTON, BROWN, FERGUSON, ALLEN, COBBS) all out and we are still winning games?? You serious?! Think about if someone was to say we were going to lose all these guys this year before the season you would say we win maybe 3-5 games. That also shows you Henne is doing his thing. And our coaching staff is doing a great job getting these guys ready for war.

I agree, this team is poised for greatness. Next year we will have a complete team. I've been a Fins fan for 30 years, this Fins team is going to improve but is not elite yet. That being said I want the only undefeated team tag to keep. We had our chances to beat those guys and did not.

The Saints are flawed and will not run the table. Besides, I think they get smoked Monday night.

BTW, I am rooting for the Saints.

And if we back in into the playoffs, what then? One and done that's what. Getting to the playoffs and not advancing means you weren't good enough to start with.

Sorry folks but perfectville means a whole lot more than one and done.

I am rooting for the Saints to win. Legacy be darned, I want the Dolphins to win now. The Saints ain't going to the Big Dance. If they do, and they end up playing an undefeated Colts so be it. I'm tired of stressing about it every season.

The Dolphins had a shot to knock off both NO and the Colts and failed to do so. So I say lets preserve the Dolphins history. And to say "If you are pulling for the Pats to win;you are not a Miami Dolphins fan period." well tell that to the 1972 Dolphin players, because they are pulling for the Pats to beat the Saints, you can bet on that. I have been a die-hard fan since 1966 and I do not want that perfect record broken.

The Pats must lose. We will end the N O streak in the playoffs our own selves.

Lets go Pats!!!! If the Saints have no loses this year I will be so made I will eat New England clam chowder of the Menace's stomach...

got the analogy overseasFan (2010 stang vs 72 stang)I own 2 Oldies and the 69 and 70 were the sheeeeet.Hom about some words on the buffalo game A-Man?


It doesn't matter the awfulins will lose to Bufallo. Skwawk! Upset! One of those teams will go undefeated. The awfulins go 5-11 or 6-10 plus lose the only undefeated season record.
They'll also win enough games to be out of contention for the two top DT's and safety's.

Really? What the crap are we thinking?they want to break the 1972 record.Colts are good,saints are good.We need them both to lose this week.go houston!go Pats!I would take the wild card.I don't care.We could of ended thier records.Is this a joke?For real?we are not fans of saints!we are FINS.So let's stop this madness!Please stop nowwww.

JET FAN = aloco, gopats, cuban menace. ahahhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahaha

Look people records are made to be broken!!!! We want the playoffs this year, not a chance to say we have the only franchise that went undefeated decades ago!!! Get a grip, we don't get any bonuses for them remaining the only undefeated team!!!!

I'll leave it to the football gods...

If the Saints beating the Patriots guarantees a Perfect Season for the Saints (which it obviously does not - but let's use it as a hypothetical), then it's a no-brainer. I WANT THE PATRIOTS TO WIN! And I make no apologies for that, nor should I.

Winning a Super Bowl elevates you to an elite club. But there are an awful lot of members in that club. Some are legendary (the Steelers and 49ers dynasties, for example), and some not-so-legendary teams that, while outstanding for one year, quickly fell from grace (e.g. the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

But there is another elite club. And it contains only ONE member - the 1972 Miami Dolphins. It is the only team in the history of the National Football League that completed an entire regular and post-season undefeated and untied. It is the only thing that makes the Miami Dolphins absolutely unique. As great a history as the Miami Dolphins have had, it's a painful fact that other teams have won more Super Bowls. Other teams have competed in more Super Bowls. (Parenthetically, I used to be very protective of the fact that "Since the 1970 merger, no NFL team has a better regular season record than the Miami Dolphins." I had that quote learned by rote. Yet, deep in my gut, I knew it was a bit misleading since it ignored the painful growing years of the Dolphins while they were an AFL club, 1966-69 - whose four year record of futility, when combined with 1970 on, would have destroyed that "best NFL regular season record." I also knew it was misleading since no one discounted the first four years of the Dallas Cowboys (1960-1963), when they were a TERRIBLE expansion club, in tabulating the Cowboys' or Tom Landry's overall record.)

The 1972 perfect season IS the Dolphins' legacy (along with those great Super Bowl teams). If the current Dolphins want the AFC East title, then TAKE IT! If we win the remaining 6 games (including against the Patriots), then all we need is one more Patriots loss this season, and first place is ours. Is 6 consecutive victories alot to ask for? It sure as hell is! But that's what happens when you dig yourself a hole of 0-3 to begin the season. But if we do win 6 in a row, including against the Patriots, then we're really not a flash in the pan. We really would be a LEGITIMATE Super Bowl contender - a la the 2000 Ravens or the 2005 Steelers, who got hot at the right time of the year and, while not dominant during the regular season, were unbeatable in the playoffs. (Plus if we win our final 6, it's likely we'll get one of the two Wild Card spots.)

To paraphrase the great Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg: "The world will little remember what the 2009 Miami Dolphins did, but it can NEVER FORGET what the 1972 Dolphins did! It is for us, the living, to remain dedicated to that principal for which the 1972 Dolphins gave the full measure of their devotion - that the Perfect Season of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the face of the earth."


Apropos of nothing, I wish to repaste the Dodsworth Family Tree:

Hiram (1876-1946) and Guinevere Dodsworth (nee Pumblechook) (1881-1952) had 1 child - Potsdam Dodsworth.

Potsdam Dodsworth (1905-1991) married Prudence Dodsworth (nee Shuttlesworth) (1906-1973). They had 1 child - Montague Dodsworth.

Montague Dodsworth (1932-2008) married Elmira Dodsworth (nee Terwilliger) (1936 - ). They had 1 child - Nathaniel Dodsworth.

Nathaniel Dodsworth (1967 - ) married Clarissa Dodsworth (nee Winterbourne) (1964 - ). They have two children - Rose of Sharon Dodsworth (1991 - ) and Veronique Dodsworth (1993 - ).

If Miami lose Sunday, then I choose saints to lose. And ofcourse Houston over indi. My guess is texans beat colts Sunday. Colts are suspect. I love my Fins till death but I'm not convinced on this yr. We must win out and Miami still trying to discover who they are. (and it's wk12) I pray we win and pats lose for now. Pay attention vs buffalo, this is a team we SHOULD win againts easy. If we struggle than were done. I'm not fooling myself anymore. I'm just excepting the truth and letting hope go... That's if we lose! This game is very important to study all around performance.

Go saints they won't win the super bowl they will lose in the playoffs even if they go 16-0

Does anybody really think our undefeated record will never be broken? Really...?

You people rooting for NE are losers, no real Dolphins fan wants NE to win this week.

A tie in the Saints vs Pats game would do the trick! Just tryin to have it both ways. Go Phins!!!

I threw up a little in my mouth seeing "Dolphin fans" writing "Go Pats"! I don't care if we were mathematically eliminated from playoffs already, you never root for the hated Pats or jets(unless it helps your playoff chances). Principles people!

I would like to see NO win (because I dont think they can go undefeated the rest of the way) but I don't think it matters much as far as Miami catching NE this year. Here is the reason I say that. As long as our coaches allow NE to pick the match ups between their WRs and our DBs Miami has no chance to beat the Patties.... I don't think our coaching staff gives the Fins the best chance to win by refusing to move around our DBs to get the match-up that works for us. It seems way to often we have Nate Jones covering Welker or Moss.

No way. No how. I hate New England. Have had tickets since 1969 i've seen almost everything the Fins have ever done. Not sure how it will play out but there are two things I do know. I hate the Jets and I hate the Patriots, Go Saints kick their Efen butts

I've been a passionate Dolfan since Joe Auer made our very first touchdown and I love the fact that we are still the only team to go undefeated through the entire season but, I could never under any circumstance root for the Pats to win a game. Go New Orleans.


Nobody gives a rat's @zz about your family tree, you self centered concieted piece of garbage

I have to admit that as much as I respect the 72' Dolphins for what they accomplished I don't really care about the record anymore. Records are meant to be broken and the one in question was set 37 years ago when I was only 2 months old. Besides, no one will ever truly match up to what the 72 Dolphins did for a bunch of reasons. Just a couple off the top of my head would be that the Dolphins didn't play a home game that season during the playoffs and I believe they even went into Pittsburgh for the championship game (?) and won there. Also the rules have changed dramatically to where the offensive players are protected like babies so it's a lot easier to score. Anyway, don't care about the 72'record and we need to stop clinging on to that as our only claim to fame. I hope the Saints beat the Cheatriots and in turn help the Dolphins to defend their division title. We need to stop looking into the past and start concerning ourselves with the present and future of this franchise. Lastly, the Phins still need to beat Buffalo tomorrow and I'm afraid too many people are looking past the game. Lets pray they don't suffer an upset.

First off, it should be Dolphin Planet NOT Dolphin Globe - that just sounds better.

Second, the Perfect Season is the gold standard that we share with no one. I want to keep it that way. I am by no way shape or form a Pats fan BUT they need to win this game.

Third, while I appreicate and respect the way this season's team is playing (with a lot of heart) in my mind they will go down giving the franchise a black eye by NOT defeating these two undefeated teams when they had the chance.

Mando, I can understand why people would stress another team going undefeated. But look at it like this, the Dolphins this year will only be remembered if we make the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl. The 72 phins will always be remembered and live on in the hearts and minds of football fans as the first team to go all the way. Therefore I want new orleans to smash the patriots and demoralize them so we can smash them also when we play them at home, therefore establishing a strong presence in our division. Remember, for a team to go undefeated like the dolphins in 72 they must also win their playoff game and the superbowl- what a sweet situation should they have toface off against this years phins in the big game to determine that outcome. Go Saints!

Undefeated record WILL never be broken..tied at best




XD, you've inspired me to expound more on my family's biography.

My great grandfather, Hiram Dodsworth, made a fortune in Canadian nickel mining, and donated half his fortune to the Dodsworth Home for Wayward Girls in Sudbury, Ontario. Unfortunately, like Charlie Chaplin, ol' Hiram had a taste for the young'uns, and his proclivities ensured that the Dodsworth Home for Wayward Girls was always full and always "active."

No more reputable was my grandfather, Potsdam, who squandered vast sums of the family fortune on his pipe dream of using the flatulence of Alberta cattle to power turbines. Grampa Potsie died penniless in an insane asylum in Lethbridge, Alberta, still dreaming of the day when cattle farts could power a perpetual motion machine.

My father, Montague, replenished the family fortune and returned the Dodsworth name to good standing by entering the publishing business and serializing Penthouse Forum letters. It was Monty who induced in me a lifelong love for the Dolphins when he showed me a 1974 handwritten letter to Penthouse Forum from "Bob G., QB" which detailed Mr. Griese's obsession with Spanish women, tacos and 3-ways with Keith Jackson.

I, myself, have made the great leap from Canada to the United States, determined to ensure that the Dodsworth name is renowned on both sides of the border. I have quite the legacy to live up to. It is a daunting task, yet I shall persevere.

Saints lose please

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