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Today's Dolphins rooting for undefeated Saints

The Dolphins family, which stretches from the old-timers such as Don Shula to, um, the old-timers like Bill Parcells and Dan Henning, normally shares a common bond to which they stick like Super Glue: Everyone wants today's Dolphins to win. Everyone wants other teams to lose so no one matche the Perfect Dolphins' undefeated mark.

But this weekend that bond is stretched just a tad. While everyone undoubtedly wants the Dolphins to continue winning, there could be a bit of a difference of opinion over the New Orleans vs. New England game. 

Oldtime Dolphins, the crew from the 1972 perfect season, are likely rooting for the Patriots to knock off the 10-0 Saints from the ranks of the unbeatens. Simply, it might be the last game New Orleans is seriously threatened this regular season.

The current Dolphins? They don't have any hesitation telling you they want New Orleans to win, perfection and all that other stuff be darned, because they have their own interests riding on the game.

"We would like New England to lose because obviously it would help our efforts," guard Justin Smiley said earlier this week. "That's what the game's about, two great teams going against each other. It's going to be fun to watch."

I remind Smiley that his desires might clash with those of past Dolphins such as Mercury Morris or other greats that often talk to the team before home games and serve as honorary captains. Those guys understandably want to remain the only team in NFL history to go undefeated.

"We have a ton of respect for the guys who paved the way, don't get me wrong on that," Smiley said. "But this is a new era and a new team and we need some things to happen for us. Those guys went undefeated and won Super Bowls and stuff like that. We're trying to get to the playoffs. I'm sure they'll understand."

Here's an irony everyone will understand if either the Colts or Saints go undefeated.

Unlike the 1985 Dolphins that defeated the Chicago Bears to prevent that team from posting a 19-0 record and surpassing the 17-0 mark of the 1972-73 Dolphins, this 2009 Miami team hasn't quite stepped up to defend the franchise legacy.

This year the Dolphins had a chance to hang an L on both the Saints and the Colts and failed to do so both times.

So if either the Saints or the Colts go undefeated, the old timers can look no further than this year's Miami team to lament what might have been.

And so now I ask you, Dolphins Globe, where your allegiances stand this weekend. You obviously are proud the Dolphins so far are the only NFL team to ever go undefeated. So you obviously want to see New Orleans lose.

You also want your current team to have a chance at sharing the AFC East lead. If the Pats lose to New Orleans this weekend and then lose to Miami at Land Shark Stadium next weekend, Miami is tied for the AFC East lead.

So where are your allegiances this weekend?

(And don't tell me, you want the Saints to win this weekend and then lose a game after that. You ride the fence, you end up speaking with a very squeeky voice, if you know what I mean.) 


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lmao nate the nut!

The dolphins should worry about the bills first. This is not an easy game. If they lose to the bills then it doesn't matter.

i want to make the play offs. once in who knows what could happen. we almost/should have beaten the 2 best teams. got 6 weeks to continue to improve. go saints. the we can end both teams undefeated seasons in the playoffs.

Nate, frickin hilarious. Although I think I'll test the farting perpetual motion machine... It may be just what I was missing! ;)

If the 2009 Dolphins do not just go but win the Superbowl, then no one, I repeat no f'ing one will remember this team. Do you realistically think that this team has a chance?

1972's perfect season has NEVER been duplicated.

Get it?

The dolphins should worry about the bills first. This is not an easy game. If they lose to the bills then it doesn't matter.

Posted by: boulderfinfan

I totally agree. Let's not count our chickens before they hatch (Bills are better than the BUCS who almost beat Fins at home).

As far as another team going undefeated, IT WILL HAPPEN SOME DAY. It's not a matter of "IF" it'll ever happen but "WHEN" it will happen. Die-hard fans need to realize that ALL records are meant to be broken or "tied".


The only thing that could "tarnish" the Fins undefeated season would be a SUPERBOWL OF TWO UNDEFEATED TEAMS. You probably have better odds of getting struck by lightning than that happening.

Fins need to continue winning.

The Bills game needs to be like driving your car after a tune up. Everything runs smoothly. If you have to accelerate (offense), you can without sputtering. If you have to brake (defense), you can without crashing.

Assuming Fins got a good tune up, Fins should get stronger with each game (peaking at the right time even with the injuries).

Nahaniel , Seriously. Enough of your BS. Nobody gives a SH*T. You're being Disrespectful to other bloggers who want to talk dolphins football. Now take your family tree and go screw yourself.

Interesting game. To me, at 47 and a fan since 1970, if the Saints win or lose, it is a win to me. If the Pats win or lose, it is a win to me. I can't lose either way. Having said that...I want to see the Pats lose. I believe the Saints will lose before they reach the superbowl.

Cocoajoe, 37 that's THIRTY SEVEN years ago the Fins had a great accomplishment and not much since...HELLO!!! Time to live in the future...if this team gets in the playoffs, they gain valuable experience....I don't pay ggod money on season tickets because the Fins won when I was a child, I pay to see THIS team to win!!!

Miami needs to concentrate on winning the NEXT game. Period.

Buffalo is a division foe who beat the jets in week 6 and almost beat the pats in the season opener.

There is no reason to think this game will be easy, considering we are a heck of a lot more banged up now than we were when we faced them at home.

WhoCares, I have taken your comments to heart, and I shall atone.

You see, my family tree IS a cross that I and every other Dodsworth must bear.

Permit me to explain. My family tree is duplicitous through omission. Great-Grandfather Hiram Dodsworth fathered a second son whom I did not mention - Festus Dodsworth - a ladies apparel manufacturer (specializing in bondage corsets). Festus could not make a living in Canada, and settled in Indianapolis, Indiana. Yes, I am not the first Dodsworth to move to the land of E Pluribus Unum.

Festus fathered a daughter, Clementine Dodsworth, who married an Indiana kleptomaniac by the name of Eugene Cameron.

The Camerons welcomed a son into this world on February 6, 1961 - Malcolm "Cam" Cameron. YES! YES! IT'S TRUE! CAM CAMERON IS MY THIRD COUSIN!!! (Or something like that.)

The Dodsworths NEVER mention Cousin Cam! It's an unwritten rule! Mention of his name can result in expulsion from the clan.

Well, I'm not afraid of the truth. And I thank you, Mr. WhoCares, for bringing it out.



Nathaniel , any mention of you being a gentleman and a scholar has gone out the window. You're worse than a 5 year old Kindergarten kid , when you ask/tell them not to something , they do it even more. Enough of your Family Tree BS . Grow The F up !

monkey tree

ALoco, that would be my 2nd cousin, Barnaby Dodsworth, who was imprisoned in 1962 for buggery. Canada was a much less tolerant nation in 1962.

This is a no-brainer for any Dolphins fan. The Saints MUST win!

Saints will get smashed but Minnesota in the playoffs, so I'm not worried about them. I think Indy will loose one here pretty soon too. Injuries seem to be slowing them down.

Did anybody see that biatch , SL*T wife of mine come after me with my golf club ? That biatch made me crash. She tried to kill me.

Anybody see my 9 iron ?

We beat the Bills and
B'more beats Pitt and
SF beats J'ville
Then we are tied for a wild card spot recordwise with 5 games to go and the

Pats, Saints, all of their employees and all of their fans can all go f u@k themselves.

I've been criticized in this post for trying to remind 'Phins nation what it means to be a man:
- A man takes his women whenever he wants, for his own pleasure
- A man says, "Have the dinner on the table at 6", and it is, everyday
- A smokes cigarettes when and where he wants
- A man goes to the beach with a big gut and a cigar
- When a man wants to drink, he drinks
- In a man's house the man makes all financial decisions, without consulting his women, and she never questions him

Chad Henne will continue his lessons on Manliness on the field tomorrow.
Chad Henne will once more hoist his team on his shoulders and carry them, THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR, into the endzone, over and over again.

I hope the Saints win. If the Dolphins do what they are supposed to do, they will beat Indy in the playoffs and the Saints in the Super Bowl.

Ricky is going to beast all over the buffs. Bukakke style

Who cares sound suspiciously like a certain plumber from the tri-state area...

PriceMaster is a male Chauvinist PIG ! That's why he has no women. Just his left and right hand.

Lol at PriceMaster

New Orleans undefeated in regular season. Can't stand the Patriots with that distinction. Then Saints lose in Superbowl--to the Fins!

Mr.Doddsworth, Whats the penalty for buggery in Canada???

your blog shtinks. you never update it

Nathaniel @zz wipe, nobody even knows if this is true about you. You are a liar! bwhhahahahahhahahahhaha

Saints won't go undefeated. It's not in the script!

As we speak someone in Hollywood is trying to sell a studio on the idea of a "Favre - Superbowl Legend" movie.

Don't tell me that the Vikings with Farve winning the Superbowl at 40 and then making it his "final" retirement wouldn't be a great movie (oldest QB to win a Superbowl - another record for Favre, one that won't be broken by either Manning or Brady).

Beat the Pats, New Orleans will be beat some where down the road...

It's a win win for us. I can't root for the Pats...ever. Pats win good for old Dolphins. Saints win good for today's dolphins.

Awwwww, Pricemaster
I'm sorry your 'Man' treats you this way...
That's the problem with guys who have little d;@ks-
always trying to prove something...
(PS-in his head, that's not a cigar in his mouth...)

Definately want the saints to win. N.E. already surpassed the regular season win record. Don't much care about a team that played when I was 3

The penalty for buggery in Canada, Cuban, is taking an azzwipe by XD. (Come to think of it, that is also the definition of buggery.)

But getting back to the Dodsworth family, I've left out my favorite cousin - Jehosophat Dodsworth - who recently made news when he exposed the global warming hoax by hacking into the computers of the U.K.-based "Climate Research Unit," and exposing their deliberate falsifying of evidence. It's funny how the mainstream media is downplaying this story. Actually - not funny. Sad, predictable, and pathetic. But so long as there are courageous people like Jehosophat Dodsworth, the truth will eventually shine through.

Heard that XD was busted once for Buffoonery, heard he served 3 weeks in county...

squeak, squeak...

Get a life!

Other notable Dodsworths:

1) Doobie Dodsworth was a beatnik who frequented the same circles as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

2) Hoagy Dodsworth sold Manhattan to the Indians for a song, but he made damn sure it was an Irving Berlin song.

3) Forsythe P. Dodsworth, gigolo to the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown, sailed the Titanic with Ms. Brown when it sank. He was the only passenger who "went down" twice.

4) Slingin' Sammy Dodsworth invented the forward pass.

5) Gatling Dodsworth, who suffered from a chronic case of "the winds," used his handicap as an inspiration to invent the machine gun.

6) XD Dodsworth ate his own poop.

(I made that last one up.)

LOL.....................The Doddsworth family tree is hysterical.What about lee Harvey Doddsworth?

Lee Harvey Dodsworth was the lone gunman in the JFK assassination. He was NOT a patsy. And I could prove it to you if Jack Ruby hadn't shot him in John Wilkes' booth.

Mando, Any truth that Jesus Christ is up for the Notre Dame team??? If there's any one who can resurrect that program it's Mr. Christ...

Flavius Dodsworth gambled for Jesus' garments. He later felt bad about it (as he should have).

Mr. Doddsworth, Word has it you'll be running for the Governor's seat this upcoming election, if you win will you try to change article 2, clause 5 of the constitution and make a run at the Presidency in 2016???

I am thinking after 37 years of misery, I would trade the PEERFECTOS for seeing the beginning of a new dynasty if it meant seeing us win the SB in Miami this year because it would simultaneously mean either NO or INDY did not go true PERFECTO...

What do you think Mando?

My allegiance is with the Dolphins! I'm happy either way

I think we need the Pats to lose. If they do, the fate of the Dolphins will be in their own hands. The 72' Fins will always be remembered wheather they hold the only undefeated season alone or share it with another team who played with as much desire as they did.

Gotta go with a TIE. Two for one

I love the dolphins no matter what era but there is a reason its called past history let it go people the 72 dolphins are one of the greatest teams ever no matter how many teams go undefeated in the future. We need to be one game behind new england going into that rematch lets live for today for god sakes. GO FINS SUNDAY! GO SAINTS MONDAY! now im done

We won't make the playoffs anyway. Go Patriots, and Go Texans. At least we'll still have the undefeated season to hold on to.


Gotta root for the saints guys, if everything plays out right we can take the division lead next week

Let's Go, NO!!!

I have been a fan since 1969 and was at the 'Fins-Giants game @ Yankee Staduim in the monsoon in 1972, so the record is very meaningful to me. However, I think the only professional record that may not be caught is Dimaggio's hitting streak-given the modern game. While I treasure the undefeated season, someday this, too, may fall. The Dolphins' ownership of this will never be deminished and is something we can always hang our hats on. However, deecades have passed since another title, or even a shot at it. I honestly do not think we are at that championship level (YET!) but in today's game of free agents, cash, etc, making the playoff's and developpong a lengthy new history of success is more valuable in overall history. Need the Patsies to lose!!!!!

How about that Tim Tebow today, what a class act. Will go down as one if not the best college football player of all time, whoever drafts him will be fortunate.

A 16-0 regular season by a team that loses in the playoffs would be great. It would diminish the 2007 Patriots and their laughable 16-0 consolation prize. Still, you have to believe that the 17-0 season is in serious jeopardy, if not this year, then at some point in the future. With the way the NFL is nowadays, the elite teams basically play a college schedule where only 2-4 teams have a legitimate chance of beating the top 2-3 teams in the league. The record will fall at some point. Also, with the NFL's interest in protecting their investments, I mean quarterbacks, the game is much easier than it was years ago. Undefeated seemed impossible years ago...not anymore. Put a dress on em.

Oh man,Nate your nuttery knows no bounds.If A-MAN is not gonna post I will read yours,THANKS Well I read em anyway.

If you are real Dolphins fan you must root for Saints for following reasons:

1. Its the F'N Pats!
2. Saints will only be 11-0 if they win
3. Saints still have to play Atlanta, Dallas, and Carolina
4. Saints wont make it to super bowl (lose in playoffs)
5. If New England lose and Dolphins win, The Dolphins are only 1 game out of first place, with great chance vs. Pats next week!!!!!!

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