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Today's Dolphins rooting for undefeated Saints

The Dolphins family, which stretches from the old-timers such as Don Shula to, um, the old-timers like Bill Parcells and Dan Henning, normally shares a common bond to which they stick like Super Glue: Everyone wants today's Dolphins to win. Everyone wants other teams to lose so no one matche the Perfect Dolphins' undefeated mark.

But this weekend that bond is stretched just a tad. While everyone undoubtedly wants the Dolphins to continue winning, there could be a bit of a difference of opinion over the New Orleans vs. New England game. 

Oldtime Dolphins, the crew from the 1972 perfect season, are likely rooting for the Patriots to knock off the 10-0 Saints from the ranks of the unbeatens. Simply, it might be the last game New Orleans is seriously threatened this regular season.

The current Dolphins? They don't have any hesitation telling you they want New Orleans to win, perfection and all that other stuff be darned, because they have their own interests riding on the game.

"We would like New England to lose because obviously it would help our efforts," guard Justin Smiley said earlier this week. "That's what the game's about, two great teams going against each other. It's going to be fun to watch."

I remind Smiley that his desires might clash with those of past Dolphins such as Mercury Morris or other greats that often talk to the team before home games and serve as honorary captains. Those guys understandably want to remain the only team in NFL history to go undefeated.

"We have a ton of respect for the guys who paved the way, don't get me wrong on that," Smiley said. "But this is a new era and a new team and we need some things to happen for us. Those guys went undefeated and won Super Bowls and stuff like that. We're trying to get to the playoffs. I'm sure they'll understand."

Here's an irony everyone will understand if either the Colts or Saints go undefeated.

Unlike the 1985 Dolphins that defeated the Chicago Bears to prevent that team from posting a 19-0 record and surpassing the 17-0 mark of the 1972-73 Dolphins, this 2009 Miami team hasn't quite stepped up to defend the franchise legacy.

This year the Dolphins had a chance to hang an L on both the Saints and the Colts and failed to do so both times.

So if either the Saints or the Colts go undefeated, the old timers can look no further than this year's Miami team to lament what might have been.

And so now I ask you, Dolphins Globe, where your allegiances stand this weekend. You obviously are proud the Dolphins so far are the only NFL team to ever go undefeated. So you obviously want to see New Orleans lose.

You also want your current team to have a chance at sharing the AFC East lead. If the Pats lose to New Orleans this weekend and then lose to Miami at Land Shark Stadium next weekend, Miami is tied for the AFC East lead.

So where are your allegiances this weekend?

(And don't tell me, you want the Saints to win this weekend and then lose a game after that. You ride the fence, you end up speaking with a very squeeky voice, if you know what I mean.) 


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This undefeated thing doesn't matter that much to me anymore. I want the Patriots to lose so that Miami can tie them for the division lead with a win the following week. Football fans live in the moment - not 37 years ago. New Orleans and Indy will stumble somewhere along the way. Neither one will go undefeated.

I was 15 in 72 and that season was one of awesome things I have ever experienced , right up there with banging teenage hotties. Sorry Mando I do want it both ways so respect your'e elders sonny!!!

I hear ya carlito. Saints will not make it to the big game. Pats must lose. We must win.


Yes, Go Dolphins!!!!

Run Ricky Run!

Oh yeah. My guess is Ricky for 150 yrds. Props to Hilliard and Polite. Bess for big day too. Miami should not struggle in this game.this is Ginn next chance for punt return. Someone earlier said this is good game to let P white play. I agree. Let him out.

Saints win! Fins win! I hate the Pat's and those stinkin' Jets!

Go Fins!!!!!! Another 3td week from Ricky!

Miami 24 Buffalo 13

28- 13 Fins win!

I'm rooting for the Saints, without hesitation. I was born in 1975, so I've never seen a Dolphins championship in my lifetime, and 1972 is less important to me than it is to many Dolphins fans.

Honestly, though, the Dolphins most likely chances for a playoff berth are going to be via the wild card. A Pats win this week certainly wouldn't be the end of the world. But still - Go Saints! I will only root for the Pats if they're playing against a wild card competitor.

And if either the Saints or Colts go undefeated, then the Dolphins can blame themselves, as those were the two most painful defeats - 'shoulda-been-wins' - of the year.

Prediction. Colts won't go undefeated in the regular season. Saints, if they go undefeated in the regular season will lose in the playoffs/Super Bowl. So don't sweat it. Down with the Pats!

Don't get worked up about either of these teams going undefeated in the regular season. They will still have to win 3 tough games to match the 72 Fins. Just ask the Pats about that.




Aloco whats wrong with you? Leave my name out of this.

You are not fooling anyone and your posts have been very disturbing this week.


most of the posts this week were fake ALOCO not me .

The Cuban is at it again .talking to himself .nj must be right .

LMAO @ the carlito's . One in the same.

the plumber is right about the cuban aka carlito.

Cuban, you're a constitutional scholar who puts Laurence Tribe to shame.

While I would like to see a 28th amendment to the constitution (the "Dodsworth Amendment") permitting the foreign born to become President, I honestly think I can do more good for my new country by posting on Armando's blog. As they say, first you have to win hearts and change the culture. Then the policies will follow.

So you see, wherever there are Soiled Bottoms, you will find Nathaniel Dodsworth there to clean up the messes.

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ALoco, while I enjoy the old Broadway show tunes and frequently exhibit a fastidious streak, I am firmly entrenched in the heterosexual camp. The only males I ever make out with are dogs. I can't help it. There's nothing so beautiful, noble or wonderful as a nice doggie.

As to a mistress, we'll just have to leave that to my fertile imagination, for it is an absolute fact that I have been faithful to my wife during our entire marriage. But as the discredited, disgraceful, ex-President Carter once famously said, "I have lusted in my heart."

Which is to say that, in fantasy, I have carried on affairs (often torrid, often sordid, often wonderful) with the following women during my marriage:

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F nathaniel and his BS , did anybody see my 9 iron.

Screw nathaniel and BS. Anybody see my 9 iron ?

I find it hilarious that people are questioning other peoples loyalties to the Dolphins saying they would never root for the Pats beacuse they couldn't root for a division rival, when just last week you were all rooting for the MOST HATED Jets. I love my team, but they need to man up and make their own destiny, not be the Pats frickin sloppy seconds charity case. Man UP and Win Baby..starting with the Bills this week

sorry to disappoint but I am not Cuban or the other Carlito.

NJ = Aloco

There is no question here! I want the Saints to win this weekend and have no problem with the Colts beating the Texans. The Dolphins have a chance to make the playoffs this year *IF* they take care of business and they have a chance to win the division *IF* the Saints beat the Pats.

While I would prefer the 72 Dolphins remain the only undefeated team, it would not be the end of the world for the colts for saints to join this club. I could not handle a scumbag organization like the Patsies with Belicheat and girly-man Brady making joining that club, but the Colts and Saints have more class than the Patsies.

" but the Colts and Saints have more class than the Patsies."

Posted by: redrum | November 28, 2009 at 10:43 PM

Well, I think your words should put an end to this debate. If anyone can do it SECOND then it might as well be the Colts or Saints. That means a Patsie loss in my book.

Sorry Mando but you CAN have it both ways: Saints, Colts and Fins win. On to next week to get the jib done vs Pats.

MAtter of fact thats how we did it last year...we won..it may have been ugly but we won...and at the end we controlled our destiny and it was the Pats on the outside looking in...rooting for the jets so that they could back into the playoffs. Playoffs is on us...we lost our opportunity...twice... to protect our legacy...Go Pats and Houston!

Hey mscuba I agree on to next week, but home fans need to get loud when Brady about to snap the ball, and our D needs to put put pressure on him that is the key to beating the Patsies. VA fin fan here, did I mention I hate the Pats?


How much do you hate the pats? Do you hate the name Gopats?

Carlito = aloco = cuban menace = jackzzz

Nathaniel go on keep posting your family tree BS, no one cares except for the menace. Grow up SIR. You are an @zz wipe like someone else said. You are soooo hard up for the menace, it is pathetic. He could commit murder and you would still honor. You are a total buffoon.

Ace I don't much care for anyone named GOpats hitting up our blog spreading their filth talk about Brady or Bellecheat!

Mr gold's is right. Nathaniel even called his boyfriend the menace a scholar . 2 jackazzz ! They deserve each other.

H8dpats, Right on!

What is your prediction for the fins game?

To Gold's and Killer Dolphins,

If liking Cuban Menace is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

My prediction for tomorrows game is fins 28 Bills 16

let's take care of the Bills first..

go fins!!!

AWWWWW . isn't that sweet. Ace i predict that the menace and nathaniel will be at the steps of city hall in boston mass. on monday.

Hey do you guys think since Tigers old lady put a 9 iron through the back of his escalade, if Brady cheated on Gizelle would she shove a football up his as$ ?

that biotch also scratched my face.

They sure tried to cover that story up, I guess nobodys perfect, that is if they get caught!

H8dpats my guess is Fins 21 Bills 16.

Hey Killer dont trash on the menace or else Aloco will eat something off of your stomach.LOL

aloco , also known as the menace eats off his own stomach. He also eats monkey meat.

OH ! , we are going to get caught alright. That biotch blabbered on the 911 call. It's on tape.

72 dolphins played a weak schedule .375 if I remember.They squeeked by in two or three regular season games and almost lost to the Browns and Steelers in the playoffs.Morrall was pressed to duty but Griese saved the season by coming on at halftime at Pitt.They were LUCKY.If another team goes unbeaten it will not be a shock.It will happen.

Ok guys I am out. Go phins

me think killer dolphin is nj

I want the Dolphins to beat the Bills and take the season series. Before we can talk about playing for the lead or dvision, the Fins need to win the "winneable" games. And tomorrow is a winneable game-still not sure Fins can or will do it with injuries, etc.

Also, it's one thing to go undefeated in a season but to go undefeated and win a championship. That's something only the Miami Dolphins and no other team can claim thus far.
And I hope that record is never broken but I fear it will be in time.

Saying all that, I just can't root for NE. Saints/Colts may lose eventually and for their sakes they'd better hope that is the case because that one game they may be destined to lose could be in the playoffs.

the best posts on this blog do belong to mr NATHANIEL.the worst belong to KILLER DOLPHINS .the most humors are CARLITO'S .

GM everyone! Mando needs to update blog already. It's Gameday!!! Go Fish. Run Ricky Ruuuunn!!!! Can any one agree? I saw Ricky within 10 feet one day. He is a monster. Now I know at full speed, you don't wanna be the first to get hit.

Miami Tools to Win: tell Ricky there is some Sticky Yicky under goalpost. And then when he gets it he must share with Hilliard and Polite. Just like that, Fins Win!!!


Jake Grove out, Smiley not playing... Hopefully Berger-Henne can not have critical miscues on the snaps

Berger is in his 5th yr and finally getting his first start. I'm sure it'll workout. They practice plenty. Get R Did!!!

I could never root for the patriots I hate those f,ers

Great story and interesting view, but at 48 years old, I can't stop cheering for the perfect team. One of the best days of my life recently was the Giants winning the SB.

Run Ricky Run

Henne the Hero

Here is a true story for you. I have Ben Rothlesburger in Fantasy football. With Rothlesburger out, I actually have to start my backup qb in FF today...

Would anybody care to take guess who my backup qb is?

Ricky is going to beast all over the buffs...straight bukakke style

/The The The The Dolphin yeah who that 17 and 0, who that Yeah !7 and 0 Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
who dat. The The The The The Dolphins., Bob Bob, Larry and Larry and Paul and Mercury Oh and Don--- yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Chad, who vote is that, the chad is missing, Chad pennnnnnnnnnnnninton is our Star, I like to finish in the playoffs or more, And Chad has and will bting us there. Henne is very good Too. But Chad is our star.

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