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Turner not likely vs. Bucs; other stuff

Thursday is coordinators day around Dolphins camp so here are the things that stood out for me from press conferences with both men.

Defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni admits outside linebacker Cameron Wake is Miami's most efficient pass-rusher. When he rushes, he typically applies pressure.

But the problem that continues to keep him off the field is the fact he's not a complete outside linebacker. He's not good in coverage. He's not good against the run. So the Dolphins are limited to using him in just some obvious passing situations where he's going to be attacking the QB.

"The number of snaps he will end up with at the end of the game is going to be predicated on the number of times they're in personnel or down and distance that dictates he's going to be in the game," Pasqualoni said. "He's still working hard and doing a good job with the transition of being a true outside linebacker. His special quality is clearly rushing the passer so as those opportunities present themselves, then he'll get snaps.

"But he's still in the transition of becoming that all-around guy that sometimes keeps him out of a snap or two. that's the only reason."

Another player in transition is rookie receiver Patrick Turner. In listening to offensive coordinator Dan Henning, I believe we got another layer peeled back on the mystery of why Turner doesn't or hasn't played: He struggles to get off the line of scrimmage.

"One of the things that happen coming out of college is there's a lot of free access in the secondary in college because of the way they play defense," Henning said. "They don't have many pure cornerbacks. In this league they're going to get after you, they're going to press you and those rookie receivers have to get used to working against that type of coverage as opposed to what they saw in college."

One can deduce from this that Turner probably will not be active against Tampa Bay. Their defense is run by former Dolphins defensive coordinator Jim Bates. Bates has his cornerbacks playing press coverage almost 100 percent of the time.

Henning, meanwhile, was asked if he's comfortable including Turner in his top four rotation. 

"First of all he's not in the top 4 rotation," Henning said. "If we were comfortable with him, he'd be there."


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I guess they know what they are doing. Patrick Turner will get his chance soon.

NJ who is MISTY? I don't get it.

You mean to tell me the did not notice this on film before the trough away the 87th pick in this years draft?

Yeah, they know what they are doing. Can't you guys tell? 3-5 baby, yeah!

Even without seeing him, I think we shot and missed with Turner...I think he will get in there and we will all see he isn't that good....bad hands, bad route running and no speed....the only upgrade at WR we will see will be in the off season...hopefully via free agency...although Wilford wasn't any good either. ....the one weak link in the big three is the inabillity to find a top WR.

How bad must Turner be if he can't crack the top 4 of this group?

"First of all he's not in the top 4 rotation," Henning said. "If we were comfortable with him, he'd be there."

nuff said!

Finally, a clear explanation. A lot of us surmised, but it's nice to get it straight from the Coordinators.

Turner will be ready soon have faith. Tuna drafted Austin in Dallas. The kid couldn't break the starting line up. Then Williams got hurt and a star was born.

I Know that Turner can be just as good. Give him time and a chance.

What did you want Henning to say? He can't throw the 4 WR's under the bus.

I don't want them to SAY anything...I want them to win!

However, last year, Matt Roth was a complete linebacker after being yanked from the D-line.

You mean to tell me the did not notice this on film before the trough away the 87th pick in this years draft?

Posted by: brad | November 12, 2009 at 01:57 PM

They drafted him to develop him - they had no expectation that he'd be ready to go on day one...

This Guy is 6'5 220 lbs And he cant get of the Jams BS . They need to play this kid and Put Ginn on Special Teams .

Hopfully he wont be a 5 year developmental player like a certain guy with alligator arms...And to NJ the plumber, malls pay good now a days...LOL..

Another horrible draft by Ireland on picking wideouts. How many were taken this year who you notice on ESPN that are contributing right away and doing well?
So many it's scary. Look at last years draft, they had the first pick in the second round and not ONE wideout had been taken. That means everyone was avalibile and they missed on everyone.
Johhny Knox, Hakkem Nicks, Jerimy Maclin, DeShauwn Jackson, Kenny Britt, Mike Williams, etc.....


Gotta agree with Tom. A pretty crappy draft when it came to picking WR's.
We've turned into the Rich Kotite Jets. LOL

The many holes that dave(No nuts Wannstadt, Nick(Satan)Saban and Cam(savant)Camron left was incredible, it looks to me like they want to shore up the O-line(Last year and this year) Work on the secondary(This year) and more then likely they'll shore up the receivers in the upcoming draft.. Rome was not built in a day..

so the top four wr rotation is better than turner, that really doesn't install alot of confidence in me that this guy is going to be one of those wes welker, lance moore type of players. Did our scouts for the dolphins fall asleep at the field when this guy was participating in mini camp drills at the nfl combine????...seems to me from what i'm hearing now is not only is turner not ready,but miami may have regretted going after him when they did.

Brad, how would they see on film how he works against something they don't do in college? If the reason he has to work on it is that he hadn't seen it before, it stands to reason that there isn't much film of him doing it.

Ireland has done an A+ job taking a roster that was a complete joke and making it very competitive very quickly (including a division championship in 1 year). But you cant fix every problem in two years.

The past few regimes did a horrific job personnel-wise. When you spend the ninth pick of the draft on a WR and he isnt even one of your top 3 WRs in his third year, you are going to have issues at the position. It's not Ireland's fault that the past 3 regimes filled the roster with old, sucky players.

superPHIN, Wes Welker was undrafted, then cut, before signing with the Dolphins. Not every WR is a starter from Day 1.

Turner may never be a player, but you can't tell that based on the fact he hasn't dressed through 8 weeks of his rookie year.

superPHIN, Welker went undrafted and then was cut before signing with the Dolphins. It's not like every WR is a stud from Day 1.

Turner may never turn out to be a player, but you can't detemine that based on the fact he hasn't dressed through 8 weeks of his rookie year.

We should have picked Chris instead of Jake Long

The last two drafts were the worst in a long time

McCown was a terrible signing because we all new that Pennington was going to be available later that year

Wilford was a terrible signing because already we were loaded with veterans’ tall receivers

We all wanted Henne to start after we lost the first threes games last season, but no the Fins stayed with Pennington. Now they need to make up for their mistake of and play Turner right away

They should have cut Ginn after he dropped so many balls, because for the last 30 years we always had the best returner in the NFL that could take it to the house at any time

Why are The Fins so hardheaded refusing to bring overpaid veteran like the JETS, always using the excuse that “They will take playing time from the rookies”? Could it be that in a couple of years all of our rookies will mature together and we will have hell of team?

Nah, they don’t have a clue!

we don't need patrick turner becoming another wonderful developmental wr experiment like others in the past, If he's not capable of getting on the field and performing than i don't know what miami is using him for. Growing pains r learned on the field as well as proving to the team u belong there, u cant do that by sitting on the sidelines and taking pointers from coaches and reps in practice squads. GET HIM ON THE FIELD!!!

2 years ago;
1-tuna was home happy and working in tv
2-the dolphins were a joke for 10 years running .
3-all teams were sure to get a win against the worst the team in the nfl .
4-fans were figting among themselves like dogs ;
football blogs were comedy central .

then came tuna and co
1-in 2 years the tur around is 2/3 complete .
2-dolphins is the future pats in the making .


I assume you are joking, but in case you are not: Chris Long has 5 sacks in 2 years. He's just am avergae (if that) NFL player, and Jake Long went to the pro bowl as a rookie. If you think Chris Long is better, you dont deserve to be posting on an NFL blog.

the turn around

Ass monkey shut your trap

I think Bill P will leave us before it's done and with a bad taste in our mouth

killer ,are you still in jail w/your daddy

Wow same issue as E.Wilford & B.London... now Turner

Although Smiley is one of the best players on the team his injury issues continue into year 2.

Wilson, still doesn't have a clue...
Groves is not dominating one-on-one blocks with nose tackles, he has a history of injuries as well.

Unless things turn around quickly,... Ireland and the personnel dept has some questions to answer.

Sorry Fake GM I can't help it if you can't understand Sarcasm.

Have any of you played football or coached football, hel any sport at that. You have to prove your self at practice, give it 110% in practice. If not coaches dont notice you and the bad habits you have in practice, will follow you in the game. They are working with him and i know he is working hard. We will see him when he is ready, be patient. Stop being such negative fans. We have holes, but so does every team. On NFL Replay they play the best games of the week. Out if 8 games we have been on 5. We are in every game with alot of new faces on this team this year(whether rookies or veterans). What does that say about our coaching staff and or guys? We are almost there, it takes team to develop the speed of the game. It takes time between a quarterback and receiver(especially if QB throws that much harder). It takes time to learn systems and communication with each other. We are almost there, we are getting better each week. Yes we have losses and I do think we need to go 4 or 5 wide in 2:00 drills. But I still support my team and always will. There is a upside to this organization now, not like before. I will be at the game Sunday cheering for my team to get a good solid W.

How are you going to gain any game experience if you don't play ? When men first went up to the moon , nobody has any prior experience .


I re-read your post and now I see the sarcasm. Sorry for the childish response... Now I look like the fool

I'm a big fan of 5 wide. Throw Turner in the mix and if he can't cut it throw him to the curve. At this point we are searching for answers but this thing is going to take time. We should have a good thing or a great thing going in about two more years. A stud WR,TE and a young stud DT will make the mix gel better.

well u go ahead and CHEER away CKep, but those 4 or 5 wr spreads don't do a thing if recievers cant make cathes when it counts, these guys arent paid the $$$ they get by watching game film and taking advice from coaches while watching others earn their paycheck every week so u'll excuse me if i find it more concerning that a player we have expectations or at least some of is doing nothing more than filling up a roster spot!!!

This team was built to win the 70's......run the ball down the defense's throat....throw the ball 12-15 times per game.......30 years later, it's a recipe for losing in the current NFL

There are always going to be injury issues. We were so freaking lucky last year in more ways then one its silly. Part of guys like Smiley get hurt has to do with their technique. Many younger players just breaking the starting line-up do so at the peril of their bodies. They over leverage, they use to much back and not enough legs.Richmond Webb, likely the best guard to ever play in Miami had strained backs in 4 season out of his first 5. He played through most games but sat out a few. Keith Simms, was one of the best pass blockers ever in the NFL... ask him to run block and he was clueless. Why... who TFK's...?
The people Miami have in place are solid. I have seen much worse and they have done well. This group of coaches and the management are using the developmental method of building this club rather then the Free Agent method. I am very glad of that. I am uncertain why some are so high on FA's. Those FA players are not Magical... all they are is rookies who were developed by other clubs who have been sold off for that teams future. Guys like TO, Fitzgerald and Austin all started the same place. And nearly all had to grow up and learn to play to break through and start. Arm chair Coaches are legendary in Miami. Thing that bothers me the most is the lack of memory here. We have seen this team plummet from the elite teams to skid row from 1999 until 2007. Most of it because of coaches and managers giving away our picks like candy. Free agency is only a tool to fill holes and pick up proven talent when absolutely needed. But when you do that way it cost the team huge cash, and 75% of the matches fail in the first year. Bring in a guy who is young and talented... the way Shula did in the good days and the way teams like Pittsburgh and New Orleans do now. You build him up and teach his YOUR way. I liked it much better when a knew every name on a team. The only changes came from the odd trade and through the draft. Build a team that way... the way that Tuna and Tony are... they are winners for years... not just a season or so like you see with some clubs. In one year out another. Its getting better and will have its ups and downs... but the pay off will all be worth it.

u should email tony sparono and dan henning that exact same message.....THEY DIDN'T GET THAT MEMO!

But then again that recipe would be succussful enough for us if those 12-15 plays passing would be for 20 yrds or more and they were productive enough to control the clock and we had a better than average pass defense!!!


Something smells fishy!

Go Phins!

Fake GM no problem you and I live and die Aqua and Orange

Turners not ready?

GINN is NOT ready - Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYSxJgjjJFc

Wish we still had Jim Bates.

We're so desperate for a good WR that we're dying with curiosity over a guy who still can't crack the league's worst WR roster. Just because he's big and tall and made some plays in college doesn't mean jack in the NFL. Can you say Wilford?

Why use a 3rd. round pick to get a guy who is not in ready to the NFL? Another Foul play against Ireland, ( the others,) 4th. round last year- release this season-,second round this year-we don't need another quaterback at least early in the draft-,and fifth round TE release in mid season this year).

The money they paid for Wilson, could have been used toward a quality WR in free agency. The cash they paid for Grove could have gone to a real pass rushing end. Pat Whites pick was a joke on us. He will never get enough touches to make that difference which one of the foremention WR's could have made. HOW MANY SEASONS BEFORE SPARANO RUNS OUT OF EXCUSES. 11-5 WAS AMAZING, BUT WHERE IS THE PROGRESSION ?

bottom line is we need at lease two wr next yr bad? we have had two draft the first one was really good. second one we mis on lot of good player still good draft. 2010 wr ss lb nt te

The offensive and defensive lines need upgrading when they were supposed to be the strength of this team. There is no playmaking WR for the first time in years for this franchise. The brain trust (Parcells/Ireland) don't appear to be a very good when it comes to free agents. The coaching decisions from player evaluation to playcalling are odd to say the least. I'm just trying to find something, anything, to look forward to in 2010 and beyond.

This may not be a easy game.bucs are sort of good.Bryant will be hard for our backs.I would have vontae davis on him.get rid of ginn.put in hartline.after what he did last week hurt.very bad.so very bad.dolphins have a bad defensive back exept for vontae.so......PRACTICE!!!!!!!! What happened last week was not good

Sparano should just stick Turner in there and see what happens.....they already proved they don't know jack about the WR position by staying with what they have instead of tradeing for Boldin or Marshall. Ginn is a coward and Bess is just not physical enough. Camarilo would be nice if he had some speed. Put TURNER IN!!! can't hurt

the sparono/turner situation has the faint hint of the fisher/young situation in tennessee, only when they finally accepted their season was at a loss did fisher allow vince young to play and they've actually played pretty well since. Sure hope tony's not trying to pull the same kind of trick out of the hat that fisher did. Coaches can be so stubborn!!!


I understand you're using sarcasm, but. . . we didn't lose the first three games last year - We lost the first two. Game #3 was in Foxboro, and I think we all remembered what happened there!!

You whiners are all stupid. They build from the inside out. Receivers are last. We knew this would be a 3 or 4 year project from 1-15. Enjoy the process. Henne is still growing. We're only on year 2. O Line still needs some development/gell time. Secondary looks great for future. Stop being babies and have fun!

If you have a receiver that has trouble getting off the line in bump/run coverage, why don't you do something crazy like putting him in motion? How about a bunch formation? Or,if you can get away with it, try some sort of "legal" pick type play? Run Bess/Cam/Hart underneath. I think NE does this with Welker and Moss every now and then with success. Run play action and send Ginn on a fly pattern. The Play action should draw up the LB's a bit, the FS might shift over to Ginn's side. Do you think this might get Turner off the line and open some space over the middle? The only problem is that none of this will make any of these WR's actually be able to catch the ball. This not rocket science. These guys came up with the "WildCat" and they can't figure out how to get a 6'5"WR out in to a little space?

The coordinators need to be replaced. The top 4 receivers currently in rotation are not good enough to start on other NFL teams. Rotate Hartline, Cam, Turner, and Bess. We need a big guy in there for Red Zone offense and because the tight ends are not envolved enough. They can't catch either. Let's see how Turner produces. If there is still no production then you have your answers for free agency in the off season along with the draft. The coaches talk about how they are happy with the rotation they have but they don't have anything to compliment the running game. They should all be fired.

The only reason we are critical of our team is because we are dedicated to its success. I die with them on the field. The last decade has been tough for all of us. We wouldn't complain if we didn't care.

Go Fins!

We want Patrick Turner! He can not be getting off the line any worse than any of the other receivers at this time! Prove me wrong! We want to see Patrick Turner! I have more doubt about our "on the field" coaches than I do Patrick Turner. Again, prove me wrong!

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