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Turner not likely vs. Bucs; other stuff

Thursday is coordinators day around Dolphins camp so here are the things that stood out for me from press conferences with both men.

Defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni admits outside linebacker Cameron Wake is Miami's most efficient pass-rusher. When he rushes, he typically applies pressure.

But the problem that continues to keep him off the field is the fact he's not a complete outside linebacker. He's not good in coverage. He's not good against the run. So the Dolphins are limited to using him in just some obvious passing situations where he's going to be attacking the QB.

"The number of snaps he will end up with at the end of the game is going to be predicated on the number of times they're in personnel or down and distance that dictates he's going to be in the game," Pasqualoni said. "He's still working hard and doing a good job with the transition of being a true outside linebacker. His special quality is clearly rushing the passer so as those opportunities present themselves, then he'll get snaps.

"But he's still in the transition of becoming that all-around guy that sometimes keeps him out of a snap or two. that's the only reason."

Another player in transition is rookie receiver Patrick Turner. In listening to offensive coordinator Dan Henning, I believe we got another layer peeled back on the mystery of why Turner doesn't or hasn't played: He struggles to get off the line of scrimmage.

"One of the things that happen coming out of college is there's a lot of free access in the secondary in college because of the way they play defense," Henning said. "They don't have many pure cornerbacks. In this league they're going to get after you, they're going to press you and those rookie receivers have to get used to working against that type of coverage as opposed to what they saw in college."

One can deduce from this that Turner probably will not be active against Tampa Bay. Their defense is run by former Dolphins defensive coordinator Jim Bates. Bates has his cornerbacks playing press coverage almost 100 percent of the time.

Henning, meanwhile, was asked if he's comfortable including Turner in his top four rotation. 

"First of all he's not in the top 4 rotation," Henning said. "If we were comfortable with him, he'd be there."


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I don't buy the excuse that the kid can't get off the line, put him in the slot then, nobody presses the slot guy. This ain't nuclear physics if it were maybe we should Fourier Transform Henning out to the woodshed then.

If this kids hands are even one iota better than Ginn, then he has value on this team!

Ginn can't get off the line of scrimmage either, but at least maybe Turner can catch the ball.

I have a sneaking feeling the Tuna is gone after this year - if I recall, it takes him 3 years to rebuild a championship team so if he stay's another year that would be to the Fins benefit. I like most of what he's done, how can you not love Sparano after the bunch since Shula? Sparano is smart and knows football but he is a rookie head coach so he's made a few mistakes but he will get better with the team. In my opinion the reason for the lack of injuries last year was the conditioning program - compared to Cam it was pretty tough. I think Cam had the team sitting in recliners smoking cigars and watching films most of the day. I am surprised at the injuries this year given what I just said but this is a rough sport and people will get hurt. I just want them to get away from the Wild Pat (that turned out to be a good choice) and play conventional football throwing one or two gadget plays in here and there. Other teams are now hip to the wild cat.

If you have a receiver that has trouble getting off the line in bump/run coverage, why don't you do something crazy like putting him in motion? How about a bunch formation? Or,if you can get away with it, try some sort of "legal" pick type play? Run Bess/Cam/Hart underneath. I think NE does this with Welker and Moss every now and then with success. Run play action and send Ginn on a fly pattern. The Play action should draw up the LB's a bit, the FS might shift over to Ginn's side. Do you think this might get Turner off the line and open some space over the middle? The only problem is that none of this will make any of these WR's actually be able to catch the ball. This not rocket science. These guys came up with the "WildCat" and they can't figure out how to get a 6'5"WR out in to a little space?
Posted by: CSONKA72 | November 13, 2009 at 05:40 AM

Czonka72 you, like myself, have revealed the problems with the Dolphins. No creativity in their play-designing to utilize the strengths of the players that we have, the weaknesses of the other team, and the entire field.

Same old vanilla plays 99% of the time. The Dolphins must be the easiest team in the NFL for defensive coordinators to game plan against. And thats with the ADDITIONAL TIME put in to defend the Wildcat and now the WildPat. 1 day on the conventional offense, 2 days on the Wildcat and WildPat and take the rest of the week off.

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