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Victory Monday update from Tony Sparano

The players were off today but the coaches were working and this is what coach Tony Sparano's view of his team is 24 hours after the 30-25 victory over the Jets.

First, after getting the game ball for his two kickoff return touchdowns against New York, it seems unlikely Ted Ginn Jr. will be getting added special team duties as Miami's punt returner anytime soon.

"Right now I'm thinking we'll leave it the way I have it and coach the heck out of it," Sparano said before adding that punt returner Davone Bess, who had a fumble on Sunday, "can't make bad decisions" on his returns.

I think this is a mistake. Ginn played only 22 snaps Sunday and, while he remains limited in what he can do as a receiver, he does have special and elite skills as a return man. So why not use those skills more?

It might be easy to forget that in college, Ginn returned both punts and kickoffs and was actually more explosive on punts. He returned 64 punts for a 14.1 yard average at The Ohio State University and six of those were for TDs. He only returned two kickoffs for TDs.

Ginn actually returned 9 percent of his punts for touchdowns while returning 5 percent of his kickoffs for touchdowns. But hey, Miami's coaching staff is insistent that isn't going to happen right now.

Of course, they were insistent on not letting Ginn return kickoffs until Patrick Cobbs blew out his knee.

Sparano didn't say whether Ginn gets his starting WR job job anytime soon, but did say there were two pass plays against New York on which Ginn got behind the defender and quarterback Chad Henne was unable to get him the ball.

On other subjects:

Sparano said he attempted the two-point conversion when the team was up 11 in the fourth quarter because, "I was trying to take a scenario out of play in that the only scenario that could beat us was two touchdowns."

In other words, Sparano wanted a 13-point lead so that the Jets could not tie with a touchdown, a two-point conversion and a field goal or win with one touchdown and two field goals. Obviously Miami failed on it's bid for the conversion.

This season in the NFL two-point conversions are successful approximately 30 percent of the time.

On the subject of Miami's two rookie cornerbacks, both of whom will be under much scrutiny this week with Tom Brady and Co. on the schedule, Sparano was generally pleased with Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"Both picked different points to play well," the coach said. "Both had bumps and that's what's going to happen."

Although they combined for a total of 162 plays, Sparano said the cornerbacks had no mental errors. There were, however, technical errors that numbered in the single digits between the two that need to be cleaned up.

By way of a player update, Sparano said rookie receiver Patrick Turner's "had a couple of good, solid weeks of practice right now and he's getting better and better. I would say sooner or later we'll see him."


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I'd love to add Chambers right now. He'd be our best wr right now.

The only question that counts with Chambers is, is he better than what we have now? He's obviously not a long term solution, but that misses the point.

Hey everybody, Chris Chambers just got released by the Chargers either today or late last night. He is currently going through waivers. I think the Fins should bring him in and at least give him a few practices to see if there's anything left.

A) It's not like we're even close to set at the position.

B) He has a lot of experience he can share with our young guys

C) If there is anything in the tank, I think our staff might be able to coax it out of him

D) Jason Taylor did it and you can see how well that's working so far.

E) Or we could try Ginn at WR again. Nah-just kidding!!

Come on Tuna, go get him and see if there's anything left to salvage from a once decent #2 quality wideout.


YES BIGD, hes better than what we have now!!!

superPHIN, I'm with you. Was just trying to clarify it, since some folks are worried about who to cut. That answer's easy enough. It would be one of the special teams guys (obviously not Ginn).

Sparano needs to bench Jason Taylor and Joey Porter. yeah, JT got a td... but off of a fumble created by Soliai.

Those two aren't getting any pressure on the QB.

Finally they figure out how to use Ginn!!! Ginn is Electricity that is better utilized in situations! That is how Ohio State used him. Let him return PUNTS in addition to KR'S! Ginn has suffered in his time in Miami because they have'nt had a quarterback that could get him the ball deep! If you put Ginn with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady!...he would be Dynamic! Hopefully, Henne can develop into the quarterback that can get him the deep ball...Because that is what Ginn does best.

BidD, if it was up to me cutting someone for chambers, it would be bess.

How can we get chris chambers afte they released him is he hurt

on chris chambers....don't forget when he was traded by cammoron...he had just gone to the Pro Bowl.

two...my orange official jersey... has a name

its chambers

for the right price...why not...he was not afraid to "go after the rock"

Signing Chambers would be a big mistake, the guy is donne, finito. Activate Turner and what thevkid can do. Big mistake going for 2, Sparano should have admited they did the wrong math, Being up 12 or 13 is the same thing with 8 minutes left but huge diference up 11. It would be more respectful to admit the error than trying to explain the unexplainable.

only thing is ...what does ireland/parcells know of CC

Signing Chambers would be a big mistake, the guy is donne, finito.

Yea, and people were saying the same thing about braylon edwards and randy moss when he was done in oakland. Funny what a change of scenery does for ones career, now go easy,im not saying chambers will do the same here but he is capable of still being productive with the fins this year.

i disagree and agree with the majority of people here: Yes, Ginn would give us a better chance to break a long punt return but remember, he shys away from contact. Last I checked punt returners run the risk of getting smoked at full speed almost every game. Plus he muffed too many punts at OSU. I agree with the Chambers notion. Would be an upgrade at WR and give us more of a chance to get to the playoffs this year.

Heck, If we were going to bring in a old receiver why didn't we bring in Laveranues Coles?

The Trifecta won't do it...

Tommya, JT has 5.5 sacks in 7 games. It's not the eye-popping numbers from his prime but he is still getting to the quarterback. Easy bud

This regime has done a great job turning this team around in a short time, but leaders lead and this coaching staff is Ill experienced and it shows in the gameplanning and time management. Here's a question for you. What's the upside to uaving a coach who cannot time manage as good as the fans? I'm sure most of us would have never called a Timeout at the end of the first half of that new Orleans game. Plus I'm no genius but I know when you are playing Peyton Manning you do not settle for field goals. I'm merely pointing out that Sparano is responsible for 2 losses, sure refs didn't help against New Orleans but without the td at the end of the first half it's a moot point. Sparano isn't terrible, but just not fit for head coaching yet. I do not settle for mediocrity and nor should any of us who have supported this team for many years. We'd be 5-2 heading to New England if not for poor decision making on our coaches part. We are improving but folks Sparano isn't that great if he is unwilling to let Ginn return punts. Field position is the difference in most NFL games and Ginn can dictate that with his ability to return kicks whether they be punts or kickoffs. I'd love to see someone argue these points effectively.....

For those of you who think it's not a good idea to sign chambers. Obviously don't know nothing about football. All our wr are rookies it doesn't matter how old chambers is he would be a huge upgrade to the dolphins. He's alot better than what we have.




OhiofinFan...trying to talk sense with Tommya, Ziggy or Insamount is a waste of time...Go outside, pick up a rock and talk to it, at least the rock won't say anything stupid

"Obviously don't know nothing about football"

Dude please.

Watched Chambers for a long time....

Not impressed.

Can you say "one good year" and that was a long time ago.

Just saw the chargers realesed Chris Chambers any chance we may get him back??? Have not seen him play lately but he is probably better then anything we have going on at WR now

Dude, chris Is still awesome! His one handed catches make me melt in my damn seat lol

"It's funny that the same issues people had with Chambers in San Diego (not tough enough, doesn't fight for the ball, inconsistent hands) are the same issues Dolphins fans have with Ted Ginn Jr. the receiver, his former protege."


I hear ya,

Go back and read some 2007 blogs....

You'll hear a different song.

They would of sold him of for a 4th!

This blog cracks me up. Half of the people do nothing but put the team down. For starters ginn. He makes mistakes you all crack on him. But when he does good I don't see anyone giving him credit. Miami has a good team. Yes some bad calls and bad plays also refs don't help out none that's for sure but overall. This team can make it to the playoffs we did give the saints and colts a run for thier money. We definatly need a wr with experiance. It's not gonna hurt us to bring back chambers. He is alot better than what we have until hartline , ginn ,bess. Get more snaps.

po white trash,

Chris chambers in miami

2001 7 TDS
2002 3 TDS
2003 11 TDS
2004 7 TDS
2005 11 TDS
2006 4 TDS
...............He's had more than just one good year with miami, and i'll take this kind of production over what our recievers have shown since then.

not true, why was CC a pro-bowler before he was traded... for value . look at JT...CC would love to come back in any role.

bad hands....wow....lacking info my friend

Actually I take that back; they would of traded him for a hand job from a skezzer!

and who reads the sun-satinal

Sure he must be faster and better @ 31.

Po white trash - where do u get your info. Where ever you get it leave it there.

i'll take mando, david J and manny any day over the mullet wrapper salty-satinal

Just trying to give you geniuses a little perspective; The first big f-up he makes you’ll be calling the head coach an idiot for bringing him back!

SO,Randy Moss is 32, and he can still make plays and he isn't at all the demon reciever he used to be,yet he can get open, catch, and be productive in an offense.

Can we sign the Chris Chambers from 2005?

Heard all this crap before, so you get to read my crap, choke on it. :)

u r trash as in trash ny style verbal crap spitter

Good idea Mark, glad some one gets it.

Moss = Chambers, LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for making my point Einstein!

mark....that Chris Chambers

as in # 84 who went to the Pro Bowl his last full year with the Dolphins

Smooth, you must be referring to your nutz!

C Chambers 2009 9 receptions, 1 Td for 122 total yards...2008 33 receptions 5 TDs 462 yards...5:11 210 pds 31 years old..Enough said...he's an older Hartline who's stats make Ted Ginn look like a superstar...No Thank You

harricane, middleschool wants it b i t c h boy back. The 7th grade girls must love you.

i wasn't comparing the two to each other EINSTEIN, i was simply stating that both r beyond their prime and can still be productive in a offense.

Fair enough....

Not here to pick fights.

Don’t like the tone of some of these gentlemen.

Well,if we had an antonio gates and vincent jackson on our team, sure i wouldn't give a lot of looks to chris chambers either, But we don't, and that much is very true!!

If the price and length of the contract are right, I would bring back Chambers. He's definitely not any worse than what we're working with, probably better.
This would help Ginn immensely. Right now every opponet lines up their best CB on Ginn. With Chambers here, one or the other would be matched up against the opponets no 2 CB. I like that scenario better than any other we have at the present time.
Chambers is not the "answer", but for this year he could help.
Ginn was absolutely killer against the Jets. He actually looked possessed. Even though I've always believed he was never a true no 1 WR, I got to give the guy credit. He's my Hero of the week.

Chambers was never that great when he was in Miami. He would never make the big play when needed. He padded his stats when games were already over and defenses were playing soft. Let's look forward, not go back to what didn't work in the past.

very good points Odin.... guy has hands and ballz

and we can't afford Jackson


my memory of chambers was much different....hated to see him go

I have got to ask this question and I hope someone can answer it.

Why do the Dolphins struggle on defence when it is 3rd and 10 or more? It is so frustrating to see them do well on 1st and 2nd down only to give up big yardage on 3rd down over and over again.

can u imagine a henne chambers gameplan...

mike...secondary needs development...same as this time last year then sold R Hill. big mistake.

when smith davis and clemons gel....lights out. bell still has ballz

Ok, I'm sure the Fins will take a look at Chambers but honestly, I would be very surprised if they sign him...

Sign chambers for one yr! Just do it!! His name says alot.

yea as they overspent on J-Po and the williams nasty girls

no money left....for an un-capped year, cause the players union wont sign any time soon

Chris chambers would open up the field for bess or Greg, I think it would be great to get him now, with the right coach he would do great

This is why Armando is correct like the rest who say he needs to return punts. Bess has been returning punts for 2 years now, and how many touchdowns has he had. 0..not even close. How many TDs did Ted Ginn have as a TD in the 1 year he did it? 1. He did fine on punts his 1st year, had a good average and on November 18 2007 took it to the house on Philly from like the 13. He broke more punts for Tds in college than he did kick offs. That is just sad that Sparano is too stuborn to once again see what an asset he has in front of him. Its mind boggling.

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