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Victory Monday update from Tony Sparano

The players were off today but the coaches were working and this is what coach Tony Sparano's view of his team is 24 hours after the 30-25 victory over the Jets.

First, after getting the game ball for his two kickoff return touchdowns against New York, it seems unlikely Ted Ginn Jr. will be getting added special team duties as Miami's punt returner anytime soon.

"Right now I'm thinking we'll leave it the way I have it and coach the heck out of it," Sparano said before adding that punt returner Davone Bess, who had a fumble on Sunday, "can't make bad decisions" on his returns.

I think this is a mistake. Ginn played only 22 snaps Sunday and, while he remains limited in what he can do as a receiver, he does have special and elite skills as a return man. So why not use those skills more?

It might be easy to forget that in college, Ginn returned both punts and kickoffs and was actually more explosive on punts. He returned 64 punts for a 14.1 yard average at The Ohio State University and six of those were for TDs. He only returned two kickoffs for TDs.

Ginn actually returned 9 percent of his punts for touchdowns while returning 5 percent of his kickoffs for touchdowns. But hey, Miami's coaching staff is insistent that isn't going to happen right now.

Of course, they were insistent on not letting Ginn return kickoffs until Patrick Cobbs blew out his knee.

Sparano didn't say whether Ginn gets his starting WR job job anytime soon, but did say there were two pass plays against New York on which Ginn got behind the defender and quarterback Chad Henne was unable to get him the ball.

On other subjects:

Sparano said he attempted the two-point conversion when the team was up 11 in the fourth quarter because, "I was trying to take a scenario out of play in that the only scenario that could beat us was two touchdowns."

In other words, Sparano wanted a 13-point lead so that the Jets could not tie with a touchdown, a two-point conversion and a field goal or win with one touchdown and two field goals. Obviously Miami failed on it's bid for the conversion.

This season in the NFL two-point conversions are successful approximately 30 percent of the time.

On the subject of Miami's two rookie cornerbacks, both of whom will be under much scrutiny this week with Tom Brady and Co. on the schedule, Sparano was generally pleased with Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"Both picked different points to play well," the coach said. "Both had bumps and that's what's going to happen."

Although they combined for a total of 162 plays, Sparano said the cornerbacks had no mental errors. There were, however, technical errors that numbered in the single digits between the two that need to be cleaned up.

By way of a player update, Sparano said rookie receiver Patrick Turner's "had a couple of good, solid weeks of practice right now and he's getting better and better. I would say sooner or later we'll see him."


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2 of the current receivers won’t be on the roster by regular season next year.

Bet on it...

CHAMBERS is a good investment for the right deal for this year only, there's no reason to think miami would lose out on anything by at least not givin him an opportunity to at least help turner become a productive red zone target and hartline to become a more Established Reciever for this organization, HELL PPL we're 3-4, any help we get at WR is good help.

we should take a look at chambers and how abot ted ginn!!

ok the price for CC is 2.25 M ....don't think this dog is gonna hunt

I'm not going to cut on the ownership, the F.O., or the Coach. The job these guys have done here, top tp bottom, has been heads up. Period.
I will say the Clemons over Wilson move is a no brainer. Wilson has "topped off" talent wise. I 've been harping on Clemon's starting since the day we drafted him. I don't care how many sacks he got, we need a free safety that can support the run and cover. Clemons can do both better than Wilson.

For everyone looking at Chris chambers stats remember the chargers have vincent Jackson and antonio gates both who get a lot of balls thrown to them. If chambers comes back he would be the go to guy I believe he's still reliable why not try him one more time? We took jt after trading him and he's making plays I believe chambers would be motivated and he can help ginn grow.

maybe at 1.25 M and a early 7th, does not seem like it will happen for us

You're taking reps from the rooks; AKA the future for the now…
Sounds like something the Jets would do.
And for the record, I don’t think it will make a difference either way.
Our 1st round pick will probably be a receiver.

odin.....yea....same as i thought....this was planned

Chambers will cost 2 miilion for the rest of this season.
If they're going to use Ginn on deep routes, keep an extra blocker in to give Henne a lillte time to set it up. He should also be used on a reverse. Seems Bess is starting to lose his concentration through the end of the play. Hope he finds a quick cure.

On Monday Night Countdown Berman just said Miami or Baltimore would put in a claim on Chambers.
Harricane, Berman said 2.25 mil as well.
I'm not sure how that works. Is that number negotiable?

Pick up Chris Chambers

not going into an uncapped year...hence why we didnt go after big $$$ guys before the deadline.

and parcells does not draft WR in the 1st round..... and we don't need an expensive QB so I'd do the deal with a late late pick

doubt they will spend a first round pick on a receiver bryant will be gone long before that and i dont see anyone in college is a number one right now, but it really puzzles me why pat turner cant get on the field is he not that good. dont think hartline is the answer beleive or no the best we have is ted ginn ,,, take a look at chris im sure he will sign for the min


I don't think we have to give San Diego any kind of compensation if we claim him off the wire.
I'm just wondering if the contract total is negotiable?

ms cubano.....will U pitch in I have a $1,000 to start the bet

Sounds like you got the inside track harricane...

What is Bill gonna do with our 1st?

Agree with Mando, let ted return punts too, and focus on that. As far a Chambers, Pick him up!!

PO .... I'd say at this point a NT something defense or a ILB...makes more $$ sense then Safety for sure

gonna watch the saints ?

ILB I Like, move Crowder back outside. Saftey, not so sure. Would have to be a stud.

Po White Trash,

I'm not sure what Parcell's will do with the no 1 pick.
Myself, I would take a Blue Chip true NT or ILB if available. If not OLB for sure!!!!

What!!?? No video link of the Jets going down sunday on the blog! I can never get enough of seeing the Yankees, jets or duke losing!

Soliai will get the chance to start soon.

Again NT would have to be a stud to use the 1st on em.

I want a Calvin Johnson or a Andre Johnson.

Po White Trash

I agree Solia is coming along. I think Fergie will play another year as well.

That's why I said a true blue chip NT.

Game time!!!!

the best nt in the draft if he declares would be cody and trust me he would last long on the

I want a ANQUAN BOLDIN, OR A PERCY HARVIN, AND HEY MAYBE A LARRY FITSGERALD too, but i'll take a chris chambers right now.

LMAO @ the chambers posts. The man has a whopping 9 rec in sd offense ! He's 2 steps slower and old. Bring back duper, clayton and nat moore while were at it. LOL !

he would have that many if rivers wasnt looking for him


They have been roasting me alive here, I remember when Chambers was here and they hated em.

Or maybe if he was never open

He was notorious for being afraid to go over the middle. And not making the big play when needed.

And we have such a potent offense in ginn, bess, cammarillo, hartline, and fasano leading the charge, yea ur right, CHAmbers wouldn't be an upgrade at all for this team....*lol*

Po white trash , chambers is garbage ! He didn't do shyt in sd offense , what is going to do in miami's . LMFAO ! I'm hearing the redskins are getting him.

Why everybody going so crazy for to have another reciever that can't catch who is much older than our other receivers who cant catch.

Whoever said get rid of Bess to sign Chambers is a true nincompoop. Bess has had ball control issues lately, but this guy set the record for receptions for a rookie undrafted wr. Bess is a young player with lots of potential.

I would rather lose with what we got and get a better pick next year than take reps from the rooks and MAYBE get one more win.

Nice lick on Brees.

carlito from golfito, LMFAO!

I liked Chris Chambers when he was here, but now he is just old and cant catch. He would be a waste of a roster spot that could be used for young player.

CARLITO ( LOL ) , well said . Remember ireland saying we won't sign players that inpede younger players develepment ? This would inpede hartline , turner and bess.


Marc the Magical Madden Man is leading the pack, lol!

Watching these great TEs make me want to puke!

Ted Ginn won the game for the Dolphins. Ted Ginn had a performance for the ages for the Dolphins. All who bash Ginn are trolls and Dolphin haters.

Everyone is missing the big picture here on why Sprano went for two.....because he knew the Defense couldn't hold back the Jets Offense!!! Think about it. Our D in the second half sucked, except for the TD by JT. They could not stop them, Sprano knew he had to get as many points on the board as he could. THAT's the reason for the going for 2.

Ginn did great with those kick returns, but... Putting him at punt return is a completely different thing when you have to make a quick desicion with a defender running full speed at you as your trying to make the catch.... Still to scared to get hit for a punt returner in my opinion, good call on sparonos part

I wouldn't sweat the defensive performance in the second half. The Dolphins D was on the field for almost the whole second half after those 2 kick return and 1 fumble return for td. The guys were probably gassed and thats the reason the Jets were moving the ball so well. They held when in counted and were dominating through the end of the 3rd quarter.

so many idiot fans.so little chambers .
the nurse loves chambers
the plumber hates chambers
the soap man hates the coach
carlito loves evey one
pro white gold ,the only one makes sense .



Chris chambers has been let go by the chargers let's pick him up again. He can catch and is fast.

Dolphins will be on NFL Network's NFL Replay, Tuesday at 8 p.m


Actually Chambers is slow and cant catch. This why he was cut. He is also old.

I have a feeling Ginn may have went to the coach and told him he is not comfortable doing punt returns...I mean it's just speculation on my part but it seems Coach Sprano is pretty quick to dismiss that idea....thoughts?????


Missed ya ALoco.


Put him on punts it is all about field position. He can get at least 20 or 30 yards each time that would help.

She did pretty good on kick returns yesterday

Solai the Sumo!

Hahah, 72 in December


Actually, he isn't old (31). It's the fact that he hasn't been productive the whole time in an offense that never runs the ball is what scares me.

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