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Victory Monday update from Tony Sparano

The players were off today but the coaches were working and this is what coach Tony Sparano's view of his team is 24 hours after the 30-25 victory over the Jets.

First, after getting the game ball for his two kickoff return touchdowns against New York, it seems unlikely Ted Ginn Jr. will be getting added special team duties as Miami's punt returner anytime soon.

"Right now I'm thinking we'll leave it the way I have it and coach the heck out of it," Sparano said before adding that punt returner Davone Bess, who had a fumble on Sunday, "can't make bad decisions" on his returns.

I think this is a mistake. Ginn played only 22 snaps Sunday and, while he remains limited in what he can do as a receiver, he does have special and elite skills as a return man. So why not use those skills more?

It might be easy to forget that in college, Ginn returned both punts and kickoffs and was actually more explosive on punts. He returned 64 punts for a 14.1 yard average at The Ohio State University and six of those were for TDs. He only returned two kickoffs for TDs.

Ginn actually returned 9 percent of his punts for touchdowns while returning 5 percent of his kickoffs for touchdowns. But hey, Miami's coaching staff is insistent that isn't going to happen right now.

Of course, they were insistent on not letting Ginn return kickoffs until Patrick Cobbs blew out his knee.

Sparano didn't say whether Ginn gets his starting WR job job anytime soon, but did say there were two pass plays against New York on which Ginn got behind the defender and quarterback Chad Henne was unable to get him the ball.

On other subjects:

Sparano said he attempted the two-point conversion when the team was up 11 in the fourth quarter because, "I was trying to take a scenario out of play in that the only scenario that could beat us was two touchdowns."

In other words, Sparano wanted a 13-point lead so that the Jets could not tie with a touchdown, a two-point conversion and a field goal or win with one touchdown and two field goals. Obviously Miami failed on it's bid for the conversion.

This season in the NFL two-point conversions are successful approximately 30 percent of the time.

On the subject of Miami's two rookie cornerbacks, both of whom will be under much scrutiny this week with Tom Brady and Co. on the schedule, Sparano was generally pleased with Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"Both picked different points to play well," the coach said. "Both had bumps and that's what's going to happen."

Although they combined for a total of 162 plays, Sparano said the cornerbacks had no mental errors. There were, however, technical errors that numbered in the single digits between the two that need to be cleaned up.

By way of a player update, Sparano said rookie receiver Patrick Turner's "had a couple of good, solid weeks of practice right now and he's getting better and better. I would say sooner or later we'll see him."


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31 is old for receiver

Well we have some work to do if we are going to savage this season.

This is not someone like T.O., Art Monk, or Jerry Rice at 31, we are talking about career average receiver 3 years ago that is finished at 31.

Who can we get? Who is out there? Or do we just wait for the draft?



Carlito, man, glad someone gets it.


Paz is a troll...he should take his signed cam Cameron ravens hat off and see the big picture. True ginn is a jet killer and I hate the jets .... But he has killed us as a Wr in the saints and colts game. Those would be bigtime wins for us


Dude you gotta stop!

My side hurts!


I monk fish rocks!


I knew you wouldn't want us to sign Chambers.
The price is too high, end of story.
Just the same, unfortunately, RIGHT NOW, he's better than anything we've got on this roster.

Just saying......

I agree it would give us a good player and dirt cheap too. I do remember he made some great catches for us when he was here.

Odinseye , did you see roth playing ILB ? Wasn't he Great ? LMAO !

Lol retirement center. I guess aloco and po are right. Were better off with a collage group. This is the NFL. Both of u need to start paying attention to games. And chambers stats ain't gonna be good if rivers doesn't look for him. Dumb$$ss

We had AJ Burnett up here for 3 years and I was shocked Girardi would put him out there on 3 days rest. I mean, this is a guy that wouldn't pitch if his hair was cut wrong, let alone battle through any fatigue whatsoever.

Since the Blue Jays bought this lemon from the Marlins, did anyone feel the same. AJ has great stuff but no heart. He's no CC Sabathia or Jack Morris, that's for sure

Well if we don't pick em up guess the SB is out of the ? this year.


Yeah, Ha Ha!!!!

I did see him make some plays stuffing the run from his OLB spot though.

PS: Touch'e

beisbol is so boring

MARK, this is a dolphin blog. Go to mlb.com. :)

Everyone one will know by 4:00 p.m

Ginn return punts, yes.


Armando brought it up again, not me.

I just wondered if the injury to Crowder changed your OPINION at all.

Picking up Chambers is definitely in the realm of possibility.


Meant to say Touche' as in "nice shot".

Odinseye , i knew you would get a kick out of that. Roth had i assist and was around a few other plays . What do expect after a long layoff ? He's just NOT a ILB. LOL ! :)


NO, such a tough team. Fins looked tougher! Atl looks weaker than when we played them. Tough NO defense that we scored 34 on!

Odinseye , armando doesn't always know what he's talking about , I on the other hand ...... ? LOL !


I agree, but who told you guys Henne and Clemons would be starting early on this year?

Sorry guys, I just don't care about those Yankees and that douche Burnett.

Anyway, Chambers wil not be coming to Miami. Would you cut Camarillo for him? Because that's what it really means, Camarillo would have to go to make room for Chambers.

The Falcons are so overrated. I think Miami is better and has come along better. Despite the records. Still don't know how the Dolphins came out so flat against them. Should ahve flattened them.


You have to remember I'm the idiot that predicted we would sweep the entire AFC East this year.

Dolphins are playing with house money this Sunday. Nobody expects them to win but if they do, they go from a borderline playoff team to a way better shot for the 5th or 6th seed.

Mark in Toronto

I agree Chambers aint coming to Miami.

Cutting Camarillo isn't the issue. Not that I would do it, but we could cut an OL or DL. Jones or Culver. Even our fourth ILB.

i don't recall you saying miami will sweep the afc east , but it ain't happening. They will split with the pats. As for henne ? alot of people including me said it would happen if penny got hurt and wilson will start next week. clemons was included in some packages. This was a wake up for wilson. i love clemons and he will eventually be the full time starter.

Are you serious? This team doesn't even dress 5 wide receivers, they wouldn't cut the last guy on the depth chart at any other position to make room for "satellite players"

Thus, it isn't happening.

Mark , right on. Miami will never do that. Last ol or dl , culver or jones ? Hell no !

Ah Mark,

Thats why I said I wouldn't do it. My point is if the trifecta feels they can make an upgrade anywhere on the roster, they wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger. They would have plenty of options.

Thus cutting Camarillo isn't the issue.

Would you even cut Nate Jones for him? He's the nickel corner and has made more plays in the last two weeks than Chambers has made in the last 3 years.


When I predicted the sweep Armando called me on it and posted the year that we last did it.

When we beat the Patsies in Foxboro, we'll be past the halfway point. We would have to beat them again at home and then Buffalo.

It aint over till it's over.

And as I'm watching the analysts gush over Matt Ryan, I don't even think he's the best young qb in the game.

That is undoubtedly Joe Flacco. He has Baltimore in the top 10 in passing offense with a pedestrian group of players at the skill positions.

Mark in Toronto

I myself wouldn't cut Jones or Culver for Chambers.

It's just a pity the guys better than any WR on our roster right now.

Agreed, this receiver group is even worse than last years based on performance.

Still think the Dolphins would draft Gresham or Anthony McCoy of USC over a wide receiver if the draft was held today.

Are defense in the first have of games blitzes a lot more and we are very successful against good teams doing this but in the second have of games they become a lot more conservative with there blitz especially on 3rd and long. I wonder if Armando can have an answer for me or even tell me if my assesment is right.


I could see the trifecta being tempted if there was a top tier wr available in the first round.
However, I still just can't see them doing it. They'll be after a true no 1, for sure, but not in the first round.

I guess it all depends where they're drafting. NJ laughs when I tell him the Dolphins will be drafting 20+ in the first round. If that happens, the odds of them picking up a WR increase. If they flunk out and pick in the top 12 to 15, I can't see them passing on Taylor Mays or Carlos Dunlap even if the next Jerry Rice is on the board.

By the way, there is no Michael Crabtree in this draft, but lots of value at the position in the second half of the first round at the position.

I want the Gerbil to hit Brady like he hit sanchito

Carlito, wasn't that hit on Sanchez great? Both of his hits were.

I thought Sanchez was going to throw up his weiner.

Somehow Wilson would get flagged for hitting Brady like that. People get flags for hurrying Brady this year.

no one has spoken much about hennes ball management skills since he became starter, particularly during the jets game....while he had pedestrian numbers, he did not force the action and while the o basically was stuffed ny nyets d, henne never really seemed to lose his compusure...took sacks instead of forcing throws for ints...very penny like and mature....sanchez has way too many mistakes already under his belt and seems to be less cool under pressure.....back to henne...i think he also knows the pesestrian-ness of his receivers, therefore he is learning not to put balls up for grabs.

ps chatted up marty schottenheimer yesterday at smelly jets stadium and he likes sanchez hands dwon over henne.....which leads me to belive henne is destined for Canton....anything schottenheimer says, run the other way!! beat the cheats!!

Taylor mays is so overrated and that's why he's dropping on all the draft boards. I'll pass on him.

Marty also thought he was going to win the Super Bowl with Steve Bono as his qb. He also preferred Phillip Rivers to Drew Brees. They're both good but many people wouldn't rate Rivers ahead of Brees.

NJ, agreed on Taylor Mays. I never see him make a play. Same with Carlos Dunlap. But they will be rated highly because of their freakish physical dimensions.

The Fins won by 5. If they go for the PAT they are up by 6. If the Jets had scored a touchdown at the end and won by 1 would you then say they should have gone for 2? I have had some issues with the game management at times, but come on. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. You win some and you lose some and that's the way it goes. On another subject, I'm not really sure how Chambers fits in here at this time. The other question is who do you cut? I hope Turner puts it together soon they need him badly. Oh well, start ripping.

Thank god , the trifecta doesn't draft on just physical dimensions, remember jason allen. 6-1 210 safety with 4.39 speed who had no production .

I need another Roddy White Td for fantasy football

Just heard on espn ginn and turner traded to broncos for brandon marshall!!!!!!!

Jason Allen was Saban's fault. He recruited him while at LSU and played against him. he should have known what he was getting.

Anyway, don't care for Mays or Dunlap. My favourite player for the Dolphins would be WR Arrelious Benn of Illinois. I know he won't be the pick though.

Roddy White the Man!

Dying breed , wake up ! You're dreaming, LOL

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