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Victory Monday update from Tony Sparano

The players were off today but the coaches were working and this is what coach Tony Sparano's view of his team is 24 hours after the 30-25 victory over the Jets.

First, after getting the game ball for his two kickoff return touchdowns against New York, it seems unlikely Ted Ginn Jr. will be getting added special team duties as Miami's punt returner anytime soon.

"Right now I'm thinking we'll leave it the way I have it and coach the heck out of it," Sparano said before adding that punt returner Davone Bess, who had a fumble on Sunday, "can't make bad decisions" on his returns.

I think this is a mistake. Ginn played only 22 snaps Sunday and, while he remains limited in what he can do as a receiver, he does have special and elite skills as a return man. So why not use those skills more?

It might be easy to forget that in college, Ginn returned both punts and kickoffs and was actually more explosive on punts. He returned 64 punts for a 14.1 yard average at The Ohio State University and six of those were for TDs. He only returned two kickoffs for TDs.

Ginn actually returned 9 percent of his punts for touchdowns while returning 5 percent of his kickoffs for touchdowns. But hey, Miami's coaching staff is insistent that isn't going to happen right now.

Of course, they were insistent on not letting Ginn return kickoffs until Patrick Cobbs blew out his knee.

Sparano didn't say whether Ginn gets his starting WR job job anytime soon, but did say there were two pass plays against New York on which Ginn got behind the defender and quarterback Chad Henne was unable to get him the ball.

On other subjects:

Sparano said he attempted the two-point conversion when the team was up 11 in the fourth quarter because, "I was trying to take a scenario out of play in that the only scenario that could beat us was two touchdowns."

In other words, Sparano wanted a 13-point lead so that the Jets could not tie with a touchdown, a two-point conversion and a field goal or win with one touchdown and two field goals. Obviously Miami failed on it's bid for the conversion.

This season in the NFL two-point conversions are successful approximately 30 percent of the time.

On the subject of Miami's two rookie cornerbacks, both of whom will be under much scrutiny this week with Tom Brady and Co. on the schedule, Sparano was generally pleased with Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"Both picked different points to play well," the coach said. "Both had bumps and that's what's going to happen."

Although they combined for a total of 162 plays, Sparano said the cornerbacks had no mental errors. There were, however, technical errors that numbered in the single digits between the two that need to be cleaned up.

By way of a player update, Sparano said rookie receiver Patrick Turner's "had a couple of good, solid weeks of practice right now and he's getting better and better. I would say sooner or later we'll see him."


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I like Arrellious Benn too and he will be available. his numbers suck right now because Juice Williams sucks as a qb

Roddy White not the man

FYI: Chambers has scored 52 receiving touchdowns in his career, one less than Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco and Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne for the most in the 2001 NFL Draft class. Chambers has scored a touchdown every 9.1 catches, the best ratio in his draft class. Sounds productive enough for me.

NJ, You caught it, LOL


Thats all fine and good but this is a what have you done for me lately league.

Benn has question marks. speed being among them . My guy is ilb rolando mclain. Can you say patrick willis !

Carlito, Roddy should have been called for the pushoff on Greer

I agree with NJ.Miami definately needs to address the ILB position next year!


You said you played safety and you call sub 4.5 4o speed a question mark. LOL

Dolfan4life: agree! I think chambers has two/three good years left and he could be an asset to our offense.

I like Rolando McClain too but man, they can't ignore this pass offense.

Of the non first round WRs, I like Gilyard of the Bearcats. He's making big plays whenever I watch Cincy. But he has a bit of a checkered past.


I cant even see sub 4.5 40yd fast. LOL

You guys need to forget about Chambers. No one will pick him up unless they have a primary reciever go down to season ending injury.

We dont have a primary reciever!

Chambers has been highly inconsistent his entire career. We already have recievers like that. Why would we want to cut a more productive player to add another one?

Man, someone needs to find these 2 teams a kicker. Can't even kick in a dome.


Believe me you dont want Chambers to become your primary reciever either. Nad news, real bad news.

You are right, I prbably dont want him and I wasnt a fan when he was here but he is still better than what we have now. C'mon the offense this past week was horrible! How much worst can he be?

Dying breed , benn has been clocked at 4.59. that's about 4.6. You call that fast for a wr ? LMFAO ! That's his main knock.


Dont know where you get that info but everything I've read say sub 4.5

Wow. This chambers thing is funny. 1 Miami needs a wr. Nobody else is cutting it. 2 like everyone else has said he can't do no worse 3. For all of u who say he sucks. Lol. Let me guess your the guys who think t.o is good. How's he doin in buffalo?

We don't have a primary "go to" receiver. Chambers is a veteran, young receivers can learn a couple of things from him as we squeeze out whatever he has left


I haven't heard these speed concerns with Benn either. Not saying you're wrong, just that where I've been researching, it isn't stated as a knock. And when I watch Illinois, he looks speedy. But that's with crappy Big 10 football, hard to tell on tv.

Plus , i don't like wr's from the big ten. There's not exactly great offense played there. LOL !

Yeah , like the TO that leads the NFL in dropped passes. LMFAO ! NO THANKS !

NJ, Read this article

First I know this article says his production has fallen off but thats due to the fact that qb Juice Williams has sucked so badly this season and they run so much.

35.2 – receiving yards per game for Illinois wide receiver Arrellious Benn. A preseason All-Big Ten pick, Benn’s productivity has been in a nosedive in ’09. He’s caught only 13 passes through the first five games for 176 yards and has yet to get in the end zone. A season ago Benn caught 67 passes for 1,055 yards and had five 100-yard receiving games, including a 7-catch, 130-yard, one-touchdown performance in the 55-13 win over Indiana. Benn is a 6’2” and 220 pounder with sub-4.5 speed in the 40. He’s projected to be a first or second-round NFL Draft pick when he does declare, potentially as early as next spring.


If we got him in the 2nd as the article says may be possible, he would be an absolute steal.

NJ, Chambers was from the Big 10.

Well, I'm sure the Trifecta will pick a good player. I would just would like this offense to wake up.


You havent researched him at all, your biased because he's from the Big10. ROTHLMFAO@NJ!!

How could the ref call that roddy white td a catch? he's 3 ft away from the play. these refs suck sanchez' weiners


I do get a strange feeling we'll make a play for Boldin or Marshall in free agency. Its what my guts telling me.

Dying breed , nfl draft scout , one of the best in the business has him running as high as 4.59 and as low as 4.50. anybody can throw sub 4.50 in a article andut be safe. He's good but not that good. he would be top 10.

Dying breed , yeah i'm biased of the big ten but i played on a big ten school . That makes sense ? LMFAO !


The Cardinal all pro reciever Larry Fitzgerald's even slower, but heit hasnt hurt him. It game speed and knowing how to sell your routes thats most important.

Dying breed , believe me , i know more about the draft than you can believe.

Is Marshall a free agent after this year?

Mark , chambers is from the big ten. BINGO , exactly my point.


Ginn's sub 4.4 speed and rarely gets open. LOL

Ted ginn , big ten ! BINGO ! EXACTLY MY POINT ! Oh My GOD ! LMFAO !


I like you but you come across like a guy who can never believe he's wrong. Nobodys right all the time. Scouts are more knowledgeable than any of us and look how often they get it wrong. No offense intended.

Say what you want about Chambers now but he was a good receiver. Can't take that away from him.

David Boston was from the big ten and for a couple of years, he was as good as there was.

But you're right, there have been a lot of busts too.

Plus Ive watched video of Benn dragging a defensive end 6 yds into the endzone. I gave you the link which Im sure you blew off.

Hey NJ,

Where was Paul Warfield the greatest wr we ever had from? LMAO!!!

Ohio State, Bammm!!!!!! Big10 rest my case!!!!ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!


Paul Warfield was from Ohio ST, Big10 bust country. NJ gets quiet when he's wrong.

Dying breed , benn's strength is his biggest asset. Look , i have nothing against benn but you're obviously biased. You love him and admitted it. I'm a neutral observer. That's it . don't get mad :(

NJ, you forget Warfield's from the big10 dont you?

Dying breed , what the fuch are you talking about , paul warfield? You're bringing up guys from 100 years ago MY GOD ! . Now you're embarrassing yourself. Wrong ? NOT . Quiet ? not. You getting made because i said something about your favorite player is plain stupid. LMFAO !


IM not biased when it comes to Benn. I did research and he looks like he may be the best available when it comes to our turn to pick. I just think we will pick somewhere in the middle of the pack and he maybe the best of the rest after Dez White is off the board.

Dez White is my guy but I know we dont have much of a prayer of getting him unless we tank the rest of the season. NOT!!!

NJ, what do you think about Derrick Morgan or Greg Hardy? I mean, if they aren't drafting WR, which I can see given they spent 2 picks there this year, I would really love to see them add a young pass rusher. I like Hardy more than Morgan. I question Morgan's stamina.

I also think drafting an ILB a bit of waste given they are very solid against the run already. The guys there are doing a good enough job to get them one more year.

Paul warfield ? PAUL WARFIELD ! MY GOD , i'm still LMFAO !

There you go NJ having a temper tantrum because your wrong. If anyone doesnt believe what I said google Warfield and see for your self.

NJ, it wasnt 100yrs ago and your statement was "all" big10 wr are bust. I like you NJ but your proving yourself to be a "King Baby" ROTFLMAO@ You...........

BD, agree with you on Benn though. If what I see is accurate, he looks like he could be just the tonic.

Just don't see them going WR this year though. They blew their wad last year - effectively or not - that's not the point.

Mark , i love hardy . that would be a solid pick. i also like george selvie late 1st early 2nd.

dying breed , i'm not wrong and you know it. POT MEET KETTLE ! I'm not bad , i'm lmfao. PAUL WARFIELD ! LMFAO !

Let me see Mario Manningham isnt that bad, neither was Terry Glenn, Braylon Edwards didnt do that bad in 2 games against the Jets.....WE dont have to go all the way back to Warfield to find decent big10wr's. Oh and might not want to forget Chris Carter played for Ohio ST too.

Who your dady now NJ ROTFLMFAO@YOU

Wow ! . all of them sure are in the hall of fame , aren't they ?. manningham has proven nothing , edwards the underacheiver had one good year and has been traded , and glenn was decent. Keep proving my point.

Who's YOUR DADDY , DUDE , you're embarressing yourself. Stop it ! LMFAO !


Here's the 2008 highlight link of Benn I gave to NJ and he never watched. Towards the end you'll clearly see him drag a defensive line 6yds into the enzone for a td.

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