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Vontae Davis has the attitude to be excellent

An NFL employee whose opinion I respect was talking to me about Vontae Davis recently when he put the Dolphins' rookie in perspective by saying the kid is bright, but he's not a deep thinker.

And that is absolutely true.

The Miami cornerback figures things out. But he's not Aristotle, sitting around trying to figure out the existential meaning of junk.

That is the perfect approach for an NFL cornerback.

And that was evident in Davis on Wednesday, the first day he needed to start thinking ahead to this weekend's assignment against the Tampa Bay Bucs, and the last day he should have been thinking about Randy Moss and the New England Patriots.

Don't misunderstand, Davis looked at his game against the Patriots.

He had his ups -- with a jaw-dropping interception in the first quarter and a great second-quarter tackle of Wes Welker for a one-yard loss on a receiver screen. He had his downs -- giving up a 71-yard TD on a crossing route and being flagged for pass interference.

And he did it all while he was healthy and after he was injured. Davis injured his quad early in the game but took a shot to deaden the pain and get back in the game and continue competing against Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

"I look at it like it's the little stuff that needs correction," Davis said. "That's what makes the good players great, when you go back and criticize yourself real hard."

But this is what also can help make a cornerback great: That he doesn't freak about what went wrong. That he doesn't lose confidence or go into a funk after a tough game. That he believes he can man-up with any and all comers, whether it be true or not, play after play after play.

And, yes, Davis has that. 

"I know people are going to catch ball [on me] but my mentality is, 'Can you do it again?' Davis said while I privately jumped with glee at hearing the words. "I don't think they can do it again. And when they do do it, it was because of something I did wrong. That's the mentality you have at this cornerback position."

But it doesn't end there. The mentality, as Davis puts it, also has to include a fierce competitive spirit. Not everyone has it, and you can look at the Dolphins roster to a former first-round pick that has failed to become a fine cornerback because, in part, he isn't driven by that competitive fire.

So you tell me if Davis has the fire after reading this exchange:

Salguero: Are you looking forward to the next time you face Moss?

Davis: "Yes, yes, yes, oh yes."

[BLOG NOTE: Be certain to check back here later today. I'll be updating with the latest from the coordinators, the locker room and coach Tony Sparano. Enjoy the video.]


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I like this secondary better than with Will Allen, I also like Clemons at safety, he covered the deep plays well that Wilson was screwing up a few weeks ago.

First, sick


I was borned and raised in Chicago Illinois. I've followed the fighting Illini forever.
Vontae Davis is the BEST corner to have EVER played there.
He'll be a true shutdown corner....and soon.

Danny Boy,


Clemons right now, today, is a better free safety than Wilson ever will be.

Smith ain't no slouch either. The three starting rookies in our secondary alone makes this our best draft in F'ing years!!!!

Ody on the last blog you said Mando would post this. How did you know?

I have always said it, Will Allen was overrated, and he was paid top dollars because they needed a veteran who knew the system and because they knew that the market for CBs was in high demand. Rex Ryan's previous comments were right on the moment, I don't see him making the pro bowl any time soon. As for Davis, the kid will be money. He and Sean Smith will be one of the best duo in the league very soon. If we could only put a little bit more pressure on the quarterback and eliminate some pressure off our young DBs.

Go fins!!

Funny, by my estimate, Vontea is a deep thinker with the responses he gave you, Armando. I forget which philosopher said thought is of the here and now not what was and been. My interpretation was he told his students to review the past objectively but not to get bog down in the details that it hinders your actions in the present. I wanna say that philosopher was Euclid due to his work Optics is basically forwarding that observation and is the pre courser for Occam's razor. Vontea seems to take every situation and break it down in the simplest of terms to find how to correct them quickly and efficiently. Example, the Wes Welker tackle for a loss. All through the game you can see him make slight adjustments. Not changing his whole approach of defending and coverage every series but improving just positioning and decoding the flow of Bradys' surveying progressions. Vontea has realized as the masters(great thinkers) dictate action according to their will not by their opponents will even if they have superior abilities such as Welker, Brady, and Moss. So yeah, can't wait for a rematch due to he'll have more then one interception next time around with his approach to the game.

Funny, by my estimate, Vontea is a deep thinker with the responses he gave you, Armando. I forget which philosopher said thought is of the here and now not what was and been. My interpretation was he told his students to review the past objectively but not to get bog down in the details that it hinders your actions in the present. I wanna say that philosopher was Euclid due to his work Optics is basically forwarding that observation and is the pre courser for Occam's razor.

Posted by: jesavius | November 12, 2009 at 02:10 AM

Please STFU moron!

Jesavius: You are dealing with largely a HS/CC-educated, blue collar mass here. Beware. Good post, though. If a little pretentious.

Vontae's going to be a good one. For the first time in years, I was psyched when I heard the commissioner announce the Dolphins first round pick. I liked the Jake pick, but there was no surprise there as they had already signed him before the draft.

I've never heard Randy Moss talk to anyone like he talked to Vontae after that game. I think that says something about the kid's potential.

Philosophers are lazy people who sit around all day thinking about what they should be doing and then coming up with a cool way to say I am taking a break.
Vontae on Moss was a good call by Sparano. It shows the coaching staff had confidence. Smith is going to work out great as well.
Get Turner in there, because it is balls to the wall tent, hell bent for leather and time to let it all hang out.
Sit Porter and rotate Wake and Roth.

I was not here for a-mans last post but lets get real.Turner has not lived up to the coaching standard?The coaching sucks,and at this point in the season who is he to say it has not lived up?Has he made great coaching calls?I question his ability to make the right call on the team he brings to the game.Turner him loose!

Scott & Anderson Madison & Surtain , lets hope that Davis & Smith can rise to the top of the list of great Dolphin DBs.

Smith and Davis are going to be really good...I like them playing together.I also like the way Clemons has been playing...if all three of these studs work out then we had a great draft.Miami better make sure they keep all of them in Miami...we gotta start keeping good players around and pay the money.

I hope Turner gets to play soon...he needs a chance.

We need to give Ronnie the ball more...please give him a great contract already...DAMN Ha

It feels so good to have a break in our schedule...we still have to focus and get the WIN

Much love Phin Fans...wish I was going to the game!!! I will hold it down for us Dolphin fans in California...GO PHINS

I had never thought about Occam's razor having an influence over CB mentality but you're right. Sweet post.

mrmikejohnson said-I've never heard Randy Moss talk to anyone like he talked to Vontae after that game. I think that says something about the kid's potential.

Mike, can you elaborate on this, dont know what you are referring to but Im interested in hearing what Moss said?

Armando, I think you have a man crush on Vontae Davis. But that's okay, I have a man crush on my following heroes:

1) Jimmy Stewart
2) Bobby Orr
3) Don Shula
4) Ronald Reagan
5) Cuban Menace.

Pat-London, Mike was referring to the comment that Moss made to Davis after the game. It went something like, "You made a great effort. Keep working hard and you will be a great player." Something along those lines.

Pat he told Davis that he will be good and to keep working hard.

Now we just need Ronde Barber to tell Pat Turner the same comment

This game coming up will tell alot about my FINS. They need to win by 20 or better. they need a high proformance from the O and our D needs to shut them down.

I like the secondary when Cam Wake and JT are pass rushing with Starks inside.

Parcells rules!http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/6102/the-day-parcells-handled-secret-ops-for-the-army

Vontae davis is the nxt sam madison!!

vontae is a hitter sammy was just a cover corner vontae is the complete package

Pat - London

After the game Moss sought out to find Davis and told him how well of a job he did. He mentioned he is on his way out of the league (retirement in a fwe years-ish) and Davis is just entering. He compimented him for Daivs' play against him which goes to show how good Davis is. A hall of fame WR telling a ROOKIE how good he is in their first matchup against each other shows a very good sign.

I think Parcells hit it out of the park with Vontae and Sean Smith. They will be superstars for a long time back there, but it'll take this year for them to really get comfortable. I think they'll both really breakout next year and show how good they are. Same with Henne. I've seen posts on this blog saying Henne's not good enough and we need a better QB, I have no clue what those people are talking about. Henne is 3-2 as a starter (better than Pennington was at the start of the season), he has poise in the pocket, a rocket arm, good leader, fierce competitor, I mean, everything you'd want in a young QB. The ONLY thing Henne doesn't have (besides experience) is a receiver core to make him look good. His best receivers are Camarillo and Bess, who are good #2 and #3 receivers, but no #1. If Parcells EVER gets Henne someone like an Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald, I think Henne becomes a stud QB real quick.

Vontae Davis is going to be the next Vontae Davis. This guys already in the stars, and a very unique player .................

Our secondary will b our strength for the next 6 yrs with our 3 rookies selected!! WERE ONLY A FEW PLAYERS AWAY and I'm excited about the future of this team!!!

DC Finatic and Robbyhenz - boths tatements are very true, but yet we still get some BUMS on here disliking what Miami has done and doing. How anyone bashes Heene is crazy. I think he has done great with what he has. We will have solid OL, DB's, QB for years to come. We need 1-2 solid WR's to compliment our good 2-tier receivers we currently have, solid pass catching tight end and a little upgrade in the LB, DL area and we are MAJOR team to reckon with.

Good stuff as always Mando.

We be writing about Vontae soon because we like to do what you do.


One thing about Parcells is he has not missed on any of his first rounders so far in Miami. That could not be said for Nick or Cam.

Some kids might have taken the easy way out and not taken the shot to go back in there. But Davis did it and still played a high level.

I like this kid too, Armando.

Mando, you lobbied for the Dolphins to take Hakeem Nicks in the draft. Would you still want Nicks over Vontae?

[Yes, I know Nicks is having a studly year, too.]

Just wondering.

Yep, intelligent football players don't really exist. Intelligent people are smart enough not to play football. Just a bunch of chest thumping, helmet hitting jingos.

Here it is:
The problem with Porter has been that last year he rushed the QB 98% of the time, now they’re asking him to drop off in coverage and letting JT rush on the other side. They’re splitting time between dropping off into coverage and rushing the QB and obviously that’s not working. And he’s not 100% so until he gets 100% put Wake in there, let him rush 100% of the time and let JT drop into coverage and Rush depending on the situation.

When Porter gets 100% healthy let him rotate with Wake and those two guys should be rushing the QB 100% of the time, he and Wake are obviously not good in coverage anyways so why drop them back? Roth should only be brought in to give JT breathers but not try to force him in the lineup. They can also mix it up by Lining up JT on the weak side at times and Wake/Porter on the strong side. They’re not using this great pass rushing talent to they’re greatest advantage.

Yeah a young safety should be drafted to put in the mix with our rookie corners – we can have a lock down secondary group for the future. Our top 3 picks this year were damn good and Vontae has been more impressive then I thought he would be. The Pat White version of the wild cat is finally starting to develop nicely so that’s good too. But after those first three picks, it was an average or below average draft.

But its def. time to see what Turner has – ready or not.

There’s no doubt the first priority in the offseason is paying whatever they have to pay for a B. Marshall type of receiver. Let’s get it done already! (we even knew that this past offseason).

The combination of play calling/bad game management within 2 minutes, key dropped passes and blown coverage at key times on Defense is why we’re 3-5 and not 5-3. That has been the difference.

But yeah Pennington and Allen getting hurt actually turns out to be a positive and gets things moving faster for the future. W. Allen has two or three more years under contract so he will add nice depth when he gets back in the line up next year.

Here’s were we’re good (starting from the best group): 1.) RBs – there’s no better combination in the NFL than Ronnie and Ricky and Polite should start getting some pro bowl type of recognition if we would win more. 2.) OL – this group is damn good at run blocking but has to get a little better protecting the QB. 3.) DL – we need to add a young DT but this group is big and strong. 4.) CBs – Rookies have been just as good or better than people thought and Allen will return to add depth, Jones has made plays at times too. 5.) QB – Henne is developing and White will only get better in his role as he gets more comfortable. That’s the good.

The bad (starting from worst): 1.) WRs – we all know 2.) Safeties – The biggest disappointment has been G. Wilson, I thought this guy was gonna light it up but has allowed way too many big plays, but Bell is tackling machine just needs coverage help too. 3.) LBs – Crowder isn’t consistent and plays dumb at times, a Demarcus Ware type of outside LB would be nice to add to the lineup.

I think Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and Chris Clemons are all gonna be studs. The Dolphins secondary has a bright future. Now the Fins need to find some talented young pass-rushers!

But what about "The Big O's" double-secret anonymous evidence proving that the Fins should never have drafted Vontae, and that Vontae was a bad seed??

And don't forget "The Big O's" lynch mobwhen Vontae was (wrongly) accused in Illinois of the heinous offense of playing his car stereo too loud?

Where'e the apology, WQAM, for trashing Vontae on draft-day!?!

thats one of the best defensive plays on moss i've ever seen, and I've been a big fan of Moss since he was a rookie.

the secondary is set. it'll be shutdown city by next season.

now all we need is some pass rushers.

BTW---that Moss talk to Vontae was a total stroke job---trying to lull Vontae into a false sense of security before rematch. Typical Moss psychological warfare.

Vox Verdad - I disagree

Indiana Dolfan, you hit the nail on the head. A couple of WRs, a catching TE (don't know how Martin is going to bounce back, or if we even resign him), and a DL or LB in the mold of DeMarcus Ware would turn us into a SuperBowl contender immediately! Oh, and this is picky, not a priority, and don't get me wrong, I love Dan Carpenter, but his kickoffs are kinda weak (that's his only downside). I wish we had a kicker that could kick it out of the endzone more than once in a blue moon. If he can work on that, then he'd be a keeper. But if we're gonna be in these close games, we need all the extra yardage we can get, and I'm sick of giving the ball to the offense (especially teams like New England and Indy) on the 40 yard line. We either need a better kickoff guy or better kickoff coverage.

Barring injury Vontae has a legitimate chance to at least become a pro bowl alternate by seasons end. The guy he edges out may be his on team mate Sean Smith.

Would that be a great problem to have!

I know we lack that big play stud #1 wr and it maybe unlikely Turner is it. But how great and further along would our rebuilding be if Turner turned out to be that guy.

Wow, hopefully Turner can proved to be a head "turner". That would be so ironic!

"Turner, the head turner"!


Also Armando,

When first coming to your blog I though that you were the crappiest writer on earth.

After continuous observations Ive discovered its almost completely opposite. You indeed are very good at what you do.

You dictate the action and are almost always in control. A very important assett in the "sales game". You definitely control how you want your audience to feel.

Its very evident when you intentional post blogs which will make the natives restless, then comeback with flurries giving them that feel good. You, not the audience, are always in control.

Do you have hits and misses? Certainly, we all do. But as I've often observed, your hits far outweigh your misses. Even when I dont agree, but thats what great journalisms all about right!

DC Finatic - I always think that on every kickoff. The ball is always landing around the 10 yard line-ish. An average 20 yard return or so and they get the ball always at the 30 or better. That cannot hapen. Look what the Pats did against Ted Ginn--kicked it into the seats. They even did that after having an offsides on a kickoff and had to re-kick. Other than the few thigns we need to address we are very close to great SB contendors...just not this year. Maybe next year and definately in 2 years. Next year we will make the playoffs, but favorites is a slight stretch and not out of the question.


"I forget which philosopher said thought is of the here and now not what was and been. My interpretation was he told his students to review the past objectively but not to get bog down in the details that it hinders your actions in the present. I wanna say that philosopher was Euclid due to his work Optics is basically forwarding that observation and is the pre courser for Occam's razor".

Posted by: jesavius | November 12, 2009 at 02:10 AM

How wonderful, Jesavius fancy's himself as an intellectual but most likely has difficulty tying his shoe laces or deducing if a door needs to be pushed or pulled in order to open it.

Dr. Orvis Nordstrom; Editor at large, Mensa Research Journal, American Mensa Chapter


OH MY GOD ! LMFAOROTF ! @ MISTY xoxoxoxoxoxox

As I've stated before, contrary to many fans wishes. The trifecta is not in this thing to chase champions. They have indisputably shown they are in it to become the leader of the pack.

The loss to NE really stung, because we were so close, but I am going to remember that play for a long time. Here is the 1st round draft pick, who had to hear about all kinds of"character issues" concerns because of an isolated incident, who then went to camp and was seemingly out shined by a fellow rookie taken 1 round later, targeted on the first series by the best QB/WR combo in the last decade, and then he goes and makes that play.

That was the moment where I started looking forward to opposing QBs dropping back topass rather than grimacing like the first several games. These guys are outplaying people with 6-10 more years experience and still have a ton on upside.

Anyone critical of this draft needs to consider the possibility that the Trifecta may have locked down the secondary for the next 6-8 years, and that is a big accomplishment.

Only a couple difference NJ,I live in a 2 bedroom town house in Brooklyn, have no kids(thank god)and make about 52 thousand a year, keep your plumbing job dealing with doo-doo bro, but quit hating.... your better then that bro...

Posted by: cuban menace | November 10, 2009 at 11:33 AM


Whats this is so funny? Please tell me, I want to lmao too! Who is misty?

Didnt Vontae outscore Chad Pennington on the wonderlic test? I remember reading something to that nature.

If so, with all of the athletic tools this kid has it really shouldnt come as a big surprise to any of us the early success he's having.

Brains and brawns can become and god awful lethal combination.

The only thing that pisses me off about that clip is after the interception Gabril Wilson had a chance to lay a licken on Moss and didnt take it. Thought he was a hitter.

IMO, the trifecta pushed the right button with this kid.

Although very good in college, Vontae seemed to be contented with just being athletically superior to his counter-parts alone.

The trifecta has taught him he has a greatness button. The kid is just now barely scratching the surface in finding ways to use it.

To the rest of the NFL:

Officially consider yourselves thoroughly forewarned!

Cuban Menace , please tell all of us , what job pays you 52 thousand a year to sit in mommy's basement and and post on this blog 24/7 and act like a complete idiot with your multiple personalties and talk with another buffoon with multiple personalites until 3 in the morning. LMAO ! Please fill us in so we all can get in on this job , F'N LIAR. LMFAO !

I absolutely love this! Teams going away from Smith to get Davis. Is this the beginning of "the pick your poison" era for opposing team's passing games?

Once we get a young dominant NT, at least one high impact ILB who fills the stat sheets in all areas, and a pass rush demon OLB. This D will have the potential to become the greatest in Fin history.

Surpassing even the No-names of the 70's super bowl era. So exciting to see that great a potential unfolding before our very eyes!

WOW...The kid has 2 INT's and he's annoited a pro-bowler? All I've seen all year is him and Smith gettin' their ankles broke and burned. 151 Yds and 2 TD's to Moss is hardly what I'd consider a good job...I've seen flashes from both of them, but, last time I checked we have one of the worst secondaries in the league. I can't say that this isn't a direct result from who's playing there...Or, can I?

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