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Vontae Davis has the attitude to be excellent

An NFL employee whose opinion I respect was talking to me about Vontae Davis recently when he put the Dolphins' rookie in perspective by saying the kid is bright, but he's not a deep thinker.

And that is absolutely true.

The Miami cornerback figures things out. But he's not Aristotle, sitting around trying to figure out the existential meaning of junk.

That is the perfect approach for an NFL cornerback.

And that was evident in Davis on Wednesday, the first day he needed to start thinking ahead to this weekend's assignment against the Tampa Bay Bucs, and the last day he should have been thinking about Randy Moss and the New England Patriots.

Don't misunderstand, Davis looked at his game against the Patriots.

He had his ups -- with a jaw-dropping interception in the first quarter and a great second-quarter tackle of Wes Welker for a one-yard loss on a receiver screen. He had his downs -- giving up a 71-yard TD on a crossing route and being flagged for pass interference.

And he did it all while he was healthy and after he was injured. Davis injured his quad early in the game but took a shot to deaden the pain and get back in the game and continue competing against Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

"I look at it like it's the little stuff that needs correction," Davis said. "That's what makes the good players great, when you go back and criticize yourself real hard."

But this is what also can help make a cornerback great: That he doesn't freak about what went wrong. That he doesn't lose confidence or go into a funk after a tough game. That he believes he can man-up with any and all comers, whether it be true or not, play after play after play.

And, yes, Davis has that. 

"I know people are going to catch ball [on me] but my mentality is, 'Can you do it again?' Davis said while I privately jumped with glee at hearing the words. "I don't think they can do it again. And when they do do it, it was because of something I did wrong. That's the mentality you have at this cornerback position."

But it doesn't end there. The mentality, as Davis puts it, also has to include a fierce competitive spirit. Not everyone has it, and you can look at the Dolphins roster to a former first-round pick that has failed to become a fine cornerback because, in part, he isn't driven by that competitive fire.

So you tell me if Davis has the fire after reading this exchange:

Salguero: Are you looking forward to the next time you face Moss?

Davis: "Yes, yes, yes, oh yes."

[BLOG NOTE: Be certain to check back here later today. I'll be updating with the latest from the coordinators, the locker room and coach Tony Sparano. Enjoy the video.]


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Beware! One of our regular posters here caught in one of his many lies was busted on Sun Sentinel.

Here's the copy and paste of it:

hey dreamweaver u seem to piss off alot of people...

Unlike Joe W , i was a big fan of the Vontae davis pick and actually predicted miami would draft him. Well vontae continues to make me look good ( PAT PAT ). When it's all said and done , vontae will be the better all around CB than sean smith. In fact , look for Vontae at a pro bowl near you. :) Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | November 04, 2009 at 01:01 PM

WHP. Thanks. 13kvfins , i'd stay away from Michael johnson and Perhaps v .davis. They're great athletes but lack football instincts , desire and production. They're not tuna good traits. Boom or bust. That's not a gamble you want at 25.
Posted by: nj phin fan | March 26, 2009 at 11:21 PM

Posted by: john | November 06, 2009 at 08:23 PM

http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_seasonticket/2009/04/miami-dolphins-guess-the-new-players.html april 22,2009

Your argument that you say you predicted VD was actually a argument if Butler would be a 1st or 2nd rounder.
NJPHIN fan- there is a free computer web program to can check all your past web blog posts in seconds, so be careful in your lies.

Hmmm.......One post stating he predicted how good Vontae would become. Then right below to stay away from picking Vontae.


Or should we say credibility challenged idiot?

Or just good old fashioned liar!

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Armando can check the blog himself and see what a liar you are. All he has to do is go over to the sun sentinel and look it up under the title:

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Marc -

You are a complete idiot! When did Moss get these stats: "151 Yds and 2 TD's to Moss" - Quote from Marc

Get your facts right!

Indiana...Let's split hairs. 147 YDS! That's completely atrocious! Idiot? LOL...

As for Jersey and that terrible waste of life that posts under 20 names, that POS is the reason I left this blog for some time.

Jersey, best advice, as painful as it is...Ignore them. Not like any of us know you, we don't really care about your reputation. You're just a screenname, that just happens to have america's aS2 hole in it ;)

VD: One good play for every three bad ones. The problem is the bad ones go for big yardage.

Every business should have the p.r. person this guy has. I don't see it except, like politics, if a person makes a mistake in the person he votes for he must protect his emotional investment irrationally.

The Dolphins have made this mistake for decades. Marino was a great passer but a poor quarterback and team leader but Huizinga and Shula kept him in there even when Damon Huard was winning more games and against Jimmy Johnson's opinion. They haven't had a consistent quarterback since Huard. They kept the has-beens, Marino and Shula as a shadow coach and haven't had a good team since. Sports writers, being co-conspirators, are clueless as they have their own agenda.

The investment was in Shula and Marino not in Huard and Johnson. Like most investors they refused to admit they were wrong and paid dearly - look at the empty stands.

Marc , thanks for the advise . I'm going to try and do that , ok marc with your screename that just happens to also have america's aS2 HOLE in it ! With a little madden in it of course. :)

Why was i included with the menace ?

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I use to get upset with Vontae. It wasn't until I realized he's the only one being physical with the likes of people like Moss.

I will accept his penalties because the WR would probably have more without them. One penalty probably saves us 30 or 40 yards in YAC. Vontae let's them know he comes to play.

I meant the state of NJ being America's as#...But, if the show fits ;) I wasn't including you, but, you are battling with it...I tried, in vain...

Marc , i got you . so is the state of florida with all us down there . LOL ! JK! By the way do you mean " if the shoe fits " ?

Damn,this is bad

about you being an a.s-s...

Vontae is the only good back.he is the olny one that can cover and stay with his man.wilson needs to go along with Jason Allen and Ted ginn.as long as it is vontae vs Bryant I am happy.bell needs a little bit more practice.Ronnie brown is awsome right now.Ricky needs to practice for about 2 days more. Cobbs has not played yet.white is good.Henne needs to work with our te,wr,and our fb.the way we are is bad.wilson bye.ginn bye.thigpen cannot go in yet.Wilson for someone on st.louis.ginn 4 a slice of pizza.with garlic.hartline should be the star wr.

Hartline the Star WR......... What are you Smoking!?

I like the young guys I just wish they had more time to develope before being tossed to the wolves. They will be shutdown corners by next season.

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