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Wake Miami's most efficient pass rusher

One of the toughest parts about coaching has nothing to do with preparing a player to play. It's recognizing the right time to put a player on the field.

Sometimes coaches hit home runs with that decision. Sometimes they strike out.

"I think that our coaching staff has tried to utilize our personnel to the best of their ability right now." coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "We’ve tried to put the right guys in the right spots so to speak. Every once-in-a-while you miss. That’s not good, if you miss, you have to re-evaluate it and you have to try to make it right. So that’s what we’re doing.”

I hope they are doing it with Cameron Wake.

Because, with all due respect to the Dolphins staff, all I know is when Wake gets the opportunity to rush the passer, he gets to the passer. A lot.

Wake has three sacks this year. That's third on the team. But he's up there with the leaders despite getting about 60-70 percent fewer snaps than those other sack leaders.

In other words, when Wake is in the game to rush the QB, he is more efficient in getting results than the other guys. On Sunday against the Patriots, Wake played in 11 plays, according to Sparano. He had one sack and one pressure.

Compare that to other rushers that got at least twice as many and perhaps almost three times as many pass-rush opportunities and netted zero sacks, and you wonder why not give Wake more chances?

The Dolphins have been trying to improve Wake's run defense. He has other issues Sparano says need to be "cleaned up." But are those issues so troubling that they would keep one of the more efficient pass rushers on the team off the field when the team needs to pressure the QB?

I know Joey Porter and Jason Taylor are still better all-around players than Wake. They are more complete at this stage. But Wake is becoming more efficient as a pass rusher than Porter, certainly.

Give him more chances to make plays doing the thing he does best -- rushing the quarterback.

More chances might just equal more sacks. And wouldn't that be good?


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C'mon WAKE up!

agreed..but in the mean time Lets Go Heat!

I'm with you Armando. Let him gain experience-will help him become better.

I was saying this a couple of weeks ago. He should be getting more playing time than Porter. Joey talks a lot but Wake is actually making plays.

last seasson it did not matter who's feelings you hurt now it seems the coaching staff is afraid to make the right call let the kids play it wiil only help in the long run especially Henne let the boy air it out.

I've said it once and will say it again. When he got jukes by the Jets punter on the first fake in the Monday night game...he blew it. Proved a liability

Take a look a the two tackles that wake beat for his 4 sacks.. certainly not the cream of the crop.


Agreed, If you watch Wake he very fast and have crazy ability to get to qb like it nothing.

Agreed. What a perfect game to play Wake? The Pats chuck and duck all the time. Yeah the Pats ran it some, but the Pats win with the pass. A sack or strip could have changed the game.

He needs to play more.

Wake, Roth and JT should be the OLB's next year. Porter's salary needs to be cut loose.

I guess they thought Ted Ginn couldn't run back kicks either...

LOL how can you say Porter is better than wake? Have you seen Porters stats this year? He is sucking big time this year. A waste of a spot. Bench him for awhile.

With the lack of playing time Wake is getting it makes me wonder about Turners lack of playing time; maybe they should be getting the chance to step up. We cant do a whole lot worse than the WR and LB corps we have now.

I wonder if they are just holding on to talent knowing that the team is going nowhere this year. So they are keeping players in the shadows that will be great later? Haha i know its just wishful thinking but who knows with this team.

BTW,Porter is not all that great against the run anyway...

I will eat Sporano's soul if he doesn't whip this team into shape! I pay for F'in Sunday Ticket to watch these mother f's dink and dunk and wildcat and stinkin option their way down the field for a whole quarter. Which is great if you can have a time consuming drive when you need it, not because that is the only way you can score. How did we have longer pass plays last year with the noodle arm throwing with the same rag tag bunch of receivers? That is the question to ask!

There's a big picture here that isn't being discussed. Wake can surely rush the passer, we've all seen that and it's undeniable. So what's the proposal here? Every time he's on the field he has to rush the passer, that's what people are suggesting here right? Because he still sucks at run defense as we've all witnessed. How does a linebacker get burnt on a run by a kicker?! And he's even worse in pass coverage. So what everyone is saying is we should put Wake out on the field more so that the opposing team knows EXACTLY what he's going to do and adjusts for the Wake blitz. How is that going to help his development? If I were the opposing team I would just run a screen to his side of the field every time he's out there because he won't be covering it he'll be too busy pinning his ears back and leaving that side wide open. Or I would simply put a tackle and a RB on him (double team). I could (and have been known to) go on and on because there's a lot more to the"he gets to the qb so he should be playing all of the time" theory.

agreed...thought the same thing sunday..put him in!!!

I recall JT having a reputation as being "not great against the run"...Of course, that was a 4-3, he was a DE and we had Zach to clean up anyone's mess...

I saw the same situation with Bell a few years ago. He was sitting on the bench while less talented and/or motivated players were starting ahead of him. That's not saying either Porter or Taylor are dragging but Wake is a few years younger than those two and his pass rushing skills make him special. Put him in a 3-man rotation.

So who's starting the "fire the coach petition" that seems to come out every year? Heard the same thing here in NY about Coughlin, then he won a superbowl,and now he's a genius. Sparano has been the coach for a full year and a half now and the teams not winning so it has to be his fault according to the ignorant Dolphin fans. Never mind the complete overhaul of the roster just last season. Never mind the obvious lack of a wideout. Never mind the obvious lack of experience in the secondary. Never mind the 4 year building plan we all bought into when the trifecta took over. That's all out the window now because people are apparantly idiots with an incredibly short attention span. Now it's alllllllll coaches fault. It HAS to be because nevermind all of the facts, we need one person to blame! Get your pitch forks out people! Lets run Sparano out of town and start over from scratch again with a whole new coaching staff and all new playbooks! That's the best way to help the development of young players which the Dolphins have in abundance! YES, constant turnover is the way to go! And when the new coach comes in and can't produce a winner in one year we'll run him out of town too! Because that's what we do! We know more about football than Bill Parcelss could ever hope to know! Idiots.

Porter was always awful against the run and now is awful getting to the qb. If hes injured put wake in. Btw when was the last turnover that been forced by our linebackers on a non qb? Seems like we cough up quite a few fumbles these days but cant force any. Where are all the big hitters? We tackle like pansies!

I have been saying and commenting on WAKE for over a month now. Wake had 3 sacks against Buffalo, a forced fumble and numerous pressures and since then we have never see him beyond a few plays. PORTER meantime is invisible on the field. No sacks, one pressure and no tackles. PORTER is good at only running his mouth.

Again, WAKE is the most prolific passer this team has. He cannot be any worse against the run than PORTER. Make him a starter NOW!

This has to be the most IDIOTIC coaching staff ever.

Jared, because "old noodle arm" is a savy veteran and Henne is a first year starter. That's why there was more passing. It's just me right? Am I the only one who understands the simplest of concepts in here? Is this the freaking kindergarten dolphins blog or what.


I agree , but there are ways to work around his bad run defense.

his presence alone is going to command that double team you're speaking of which frees up LB's they have to make that tackle

I think when he is in the Dolphins should be in a Hybrid 4-3 keeping JT and JP on the field with Wake in his three point stance! They need to switch up the look!!

Most of all we never need to have G.Wilson and Y.Bell on the feild at the same time cause when we do we got two SS of the feild and this is why offense's keeping "blowing the top off"

Overall the team is headed in the right direction we're just not there yet!! And the season isn't over , we just don't control our destiny anymore. We need other teams to breakdown during this second half of the season.

If Ted Ginn makes that catch we're having a different conversation today.

If Ted Ginn makes that catch we're having a different conversation today.

Our pash rush is not good this year at all. The Porter and Taylor combo isn't cutting it. I saw like everyone else that Wake got juked bad by a punter but it was one play. He didn't break down correctly and has never played standing up. He is a working progress but since the Buffalo game I felt he should be getting more reps. With another loss and/or mathmatically out of the playoffs not just realistically like now the coaching staff should let him loose.....

The reason Ginn drops balls is because he is afraid out there. He is afraid to get hit and a make mistake. He is a liability and has cost us too many times this year.....

Everybody needs to give Henne a break. He is a first year starter and has a 3-2 record. He had a few drops yesterday and look what he has to work with. A slow tight end, and a bunch of young mediocre talent at wide receiver. Camarillo is an excellent possession guy but his talent will never be fully realized until we get a game breaker next to him which is going to acquire via draft, FA, or trade....

BTW Ronnie Brown is OVER RATED! He is a good back but thats it. He is not great. He has an injury history and I can see him not being resigned this off season. He has never reached the potential of his draft status and he is 27 already. I wouldn't care if we went in another direction and drafted a kid this year. Parcells has an excellent track record drafting RBs with later draft picks Curtis Martin, Marion Barber....

No more "Fins Up". The new motto should be "Wake Up"

If Ted Ginn makes that catch we're having a different conversation today.

The sarcasm is a little thick around here, and why do folks always call people idiots and say they know nothing about football if they disagree with something someone posts?

The Patriots are a much better team with two pro bowl receivers and Tom f***ing Brady and we still went to the wire with them having two rookie CBs, rookie safety,and a first year QB.

The Patriots are a much better team with two pro bowl receivers and Tom f***ing Brady and we still went to the wire with them having two rookie CBs, rookie safety,and a first year QB.

Amen NYScott!!!!!

Nevermind the big picture people, nothing to see here. The shy is falling, the sky is falling!

The arguement that wake isnt ready is B.S. If they can put f'n pat white in the game on 4th down then wake should be in there too!! Our backers suck! Sit Porter and start Wake.

shy is falling? lol


For the record; Tony Sparano is good up and coming coach, Henne is a good up and coming QB. IMHO I am great full for the leadership we have in Miami, but this is not Stalinist Russia and people have the right to question some of the issues the dolphins are facing this year. Sorry some folks take issue with that but last time a checked that is what these blogs are all about.



Po white, I call people idiots when they say idiotic things and act like idiots in general. There are SO MANY obvious reasons why we are losing games to superior teams that we ALL KNEW WE WOULD LOSE TO yet people are in here freaking out as if we were on our way to the superbowl. The writer of this blog even said in the beginning of the season that the phins were going no where this season! We all knew it and the reasons were SO obvious yet people are in here crying like babies and looking to blame someone for something we all KNEW was going to happen! Is that not idiotic?

I here you guys riding Wake about being juked by the punter and not doing so well against the run I understand that really I do...but Porter played against a rookie who had only played 9 snaps all season up to that point...Porter had NO TACKLES AND NO SACKS!!!..Porter's time has come and gone and its killin us to let him play that many snaps with such little production...Let Wake play and play until he gets it... we will need him next season for sure because Porter sure will not be any better next year!!!


NYScott you make a good point about the big picture. I think it's great to believe in your team but reality is we have good young talent that can develop into great young talent. Jake Long, Donald Thomas, Henne, Davone Bess, Kendall Langford, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Phillip Merling, Cam Wake, C. Clemons have all either either started for us or played a contributing role and are first or second year guys. Did you clowns actually see us playing in the Super Bowl? I get excited just to see young guys making plays and getting better. Football is about the big picture and that is getting each game, and each season. Remember 1-15?

NO don't make them remeber the dreadful 1-15 hell most of them weren't even here for that!!!

Porter is still trying to mend on the field and no one wants to listen to the mouth if they bench him. He hasn't played well so replacing him with Wake should light a fire under his as... I am more concerned with Ginn he comes off his break , takes four steps and never goes up for the ball. At the last second he throws up his hands and the ball skips off his fingertips. He will never be a great receiver!

Look the season isn't even over!!!! We just no longer control our destiny!!! All FAIR WEATHER's best jump ship NOW!!!!

jdizzle you're right and there's always ways to plan around the problems. I'm just more trusting in what the coach and BP see in practice every day and if they say he's not ready who am I to second guess that ya know? I sit on my couch and watch the games with a beer in my hand so sometimes I just like to defer to the people who actually do this 16 hours a day 7 days a week. I'll question things that are obvious like why is Henne being given non shotgun plays on 3rd and long when the defense is blitzing extra guys? That just makes him have to take more steps backwards before he gets set and is able to read the defense. By the time he trys to set up sopmeone is in his face. Now that's incredibly stupid if you ask me but it's something I can see with my own two eyes. What I can't see is Wake in the bubble practicing and how he does against the run and pass compared to our other LBs. So I can't judge that part of it without having the full story. That's all I'm saying with that but I understand your opinion. I just can't for the life of me figure out how we can sit here and discuss these things as if Parcells and Sparano don't see it but we do. It just seems so crazy to me.

Cause we're all GM's and VP's of football operations..........LOL

We should win the next two games and then we go to buffalo. We need to win every game. In reality, we need guys to step up.

I think people are looking for another miracle, and not looking at the big picture!!!
Thats why you see the panic mode around here. You know how it goes, me and you go back to the Daunte Culpepper days!!

NYScott, understood, but I like to save that type of vitriol for all the Jetscum that troll these blogs, not Dolfans, no matter how ill informed or clueless they might be(or I might be). They are passionate about something they love and there in nothing wrong with that.

However your points are extreamly valid.....

Po you're right. People have just as much a right to question things as I do in questioning their logic behind it. When something doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense. People can spin things any way they want but when they start calling our coaches idiots and calling Parcells stupid because they haven't built a contender in two offseasons, after a complete overhaul of the system, staff, and players AND after being told straight out that this would take at least 4 years I take offense to the pure stupidity. Think about it man. C'mon already. When that 4th year hits which is 2011, and there not a contender, or they're still making dumb mistakes and dropping balls, I'll be the first one in here bashing the coaching staff. But this second guessing EVERY LITTLE THING that happens to this rebuilding team is really starting to drive me nuts and I definitely have the right to voice my displeasure in the fans as much as they have the right to voice their displeasure in the coaching staff. Sorry if I've offended you in any way.

Like the Henne in a shotgun Idea; if only our WRs could catch.

I see the negative comments on Jake Long a lot. I think he is a good player. Sure he has bad days. He got his a** kicked in Atlanta but he is a second year player and for what it's worth he did make a Pro Bowl last year. He has been solid if not stellar in just about every other game I can think of. He is an awesome run blocker and honestly I see him becoming an All Pro. I see myself as a realistic person so no sure what all the bust talk is all about. He will continue to get better technique against speed rushers and be the best tackle Miami has ever had when he is done.

Really its just one WR we need to catch!!!! He's the only one who can get behind the defense not gonna call any names!! LOL

NYScott no offense at all and I agree 100% with your last post.

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