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Wake Miami's most efficient pass rusher

One of the toughest parts about coaching has nothing to do with preparing a player to play. It's recognizing the right time to put a player on the field.

Sometimes coaches hit home runs with that decision. Sometimes they strike out.

"I think that our coaching staff has tried to utilize our personnel to the best of their ability right now." coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "We’ve tried to put the right guys in the right spots so to speak. Every once-in-a-while you miss. That’s not good, if you miss, you have to re-evaluate it and you have to try to make it right. So that’s what we’re doing.”

I hope they are doing it with Cameron Wake.

Because, with all due respect to the Dolphins staff, all I know is when Wake gets the opportunity to rush the passer, he gets to the passer. A lot.

Wake has three sacks this year. That's third on the team. But he's up there with the leaders despite getting about 60-70 percent fewer snaps than those other sack leaders.

In other words, when Wake is in the game to rush the QB, he is more efficient in getting results than the other guys. On Sunday against the Patriots, Wake played in 11 plays, according to Sparano. He had one sack and one pressure.

Compare that to other rushers that got at least twice as many and perhaps almost three times as many pass-rush opportunities and netted zero sacks, and you wonder why not give Wake more chances?

The Dolphins have been trying to improve Wake's run defense. He has other issues Sparano says need to be "cleaned up." But are those issues so troubling that they would keep one of the more efficient pass rushers on the team off the field when the team needs to pressure the QB?

I know Joey Porter and Jason Taylor are still better all-around players than Wake. They are more complete at this stage. But Wake is becoming more efficient as a pass rusher than Porter, certainly.

Give him more chances to make plays doing the thing he does best -- rushing the quarterback.

More chances might just equal more sacks. And wouldn't that be good?


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You're right Po. I should save it for the Jet trash! We're all on the same team here. Point taken and you made it well. You have humbled me sir :)

OH NO DIZ! The name that shall not be spoken. Culpepper, yikes! What a disaster.

HOLY SMOKE.........Po your the first I've ever seen to get NY to even take seriously!!! GOOD JOB!!!!

Jdiz, LOL. That's because he came at me intelligently and made very good points! I may be hard headed by I will always agree with common sense.

LOL yeah that was a disaster!!! But you're right we have to trust in the TUNA!!!

To quote Hootie & The Blowfish,"Dolphins make me cry" But there the only team for me.


OK who thinks J. Allen did good yesterday. I think he did decent, but for him to be a former first round pick ........................................he's still a sad story!!!

Keep Allen arount for depth and special teams but dont pay him to much.


We need to tune in next Sunday night when the Pats take on the Colts everyone has to pull for the Colts!!!

I don't happen to hate Nick Saban. I think he is a great coach. He coaches guys up. He was horrible at NFL personnel decisions. Jason Allen is in his last season so whatever he gives us is a plus. As long as he don't take time away from Davis, Smith or Clemons I could care less if he plays or not.

PO its too late J. Allen is making a nice salary sitting the BENCH!! Sad ............just SAD D@MN Nick Satan


I thought Nick was a stand up coach but IMHO he's Nick Satan and will forever be in my book!! Along with run with my tail between my legs Bobby Petrino who left the Falcons the same way!!!! NO RESPECT for those type of coaches!!

We need Indy to lose at least once; there should be only one undefeated team...

That being said, hope Brady tears another ACL.

We just don't need them to lose to the Pats!!!

is not good when the fans start to put question coaches in a high volume of requests

Gotta make a run!! I'm taking up Ricky's old habit so he won't !!! Be back in a sec!!

I hear you J Dizz, both of them just weren't cut out for the NFL. They are both great coaches regardless. Look what Saban is doing at BAMA and Petrino has Arkansas setting all kinds of passng records.

I don't understand why they thought they were good with our wide receivers. Look at all the goodteams,colston,wayne,moss,johnson,fitzgerald,even V. JACKSON( WHO WE SHOULD GET) are all bigger, faster and when challenged come down with the ball. We are close. Indy game Ginn drops the winning TD, New orleans down by 6 need to drive Ginn drops the ball again.Yesterday again. He's not the only one but that one major issue that needed to be addressed. So not til the 4th round do we make an effort for change . No trade for edwards or anyone to address this glaring need.
saftey is the other area but they get a pass on that one for effort with free agent and draft. Clemons will be good. Cameron Wake is really good and needs more opportunities. Hopefully we won't trade him to chicago ..lol

How about putting all 3 of them on the field at the same time and let the offense figure out how the need to block.

I was impressed with the Dolphins play this year. There has been some major screw ups, but our guys are young.
We have been in every game. The scores aren't stupid. We are still in the game in the 4th quarter.
As for Wake getting juked, it was just something he didn't expect and took the wrong angle. And that punter was a fast little mother. Wake dove for his legs (dumb) and couldn't recover.
Joey Porter has not done much this year. They are blocking him out on every play. JT has at least had a couple of good game.
We all recognize Ginns problems, and the coaching staff has given him too many plays. He can't catch anything over his head.
We thought Fasano was going to be good again this year. Not. He is barely OK.
The O line is having some adjustment problems. It will get better.
Another problem is ball velocity. There would be a huge adjustment for the receivers. The ball is coming fast and heavy. Much different than Pennington's flutter balls.

Dear Mr. NYScott

" I call people idiots when they say idiotic things and act like idiots in general."

I call people idiots when they (have there own thoughts and ideas)say (things I believe to be completely wrong)Idiotic things and act like idiots in general.(because my thoughts and opinions are vastly superior)

Edited for your enjoyment(not for spelling and grammar)

Soiled :)

Please post a list of unrestricted FA receivers available after this season. Yes I know this will change with extensions and all, but please post a list. This might start some dialogue about who would be the best fit for this team.

Thanks in advance.

Miami Dolphins 1st round picks from both 2006 and 2007 were used on players only good for special teams... yikes

Carlito, you put your finger on it.

Live by the draft die by the draft.

Make you sick, but We are getting a little better at it here lately.

We must have faifth in the Trifecta. NYScott...please explain it to them again.

Go Fins.

Does anyone know where we stand within the draft picture for 2010? Do you think Tim Tebow is a good fit for Miami?

Millions of us can't be wrong when it comes to the team needs! Some of us maybe, but not all of us. Especially the ones that are here on this blog on a daily basis. Drafting players from college is one thing, but for the fans that watch this product year after year, it easy to see are weeknesses. I just hope that this management listens to it's fan base just once and prove us right or wrong. Send help soon!

Can't believe we would draft a QB after we just picked up Pat White; I was shocked when we made that pick. Luv Tebow but what I would give for a great WR or ILB.

NO. we have a solid QB. How would Brady look if everyone on his team dropped every throw screwing up his rating, causing them to loose games. Henne is getting better. You cant complete a pass if no one ever catches it!

Not with two second round picks already invested in QB's!!!

Man. that guy Roman, sure knows his stuff.

Thanks Roman

man I can't wait for Ricky to retire I got some killer for him!!! Putting one in the air for you Rick !!!

I know but white can be traded and I think Tebow would bring that sense of winningness to this team. When it comes down to it when he is Captain losing is not an option, I agree we need some WR but we can buy them as free agents.

Anyone gave a good link for MNF?


I grew up in Kendall. Having a lot of Cuban friends. With all due respect to them, and all the other cubans.. I have to ask.....Everyone who lives in Miami, don't you get tired of going to publix and not being able to order a pound of ham at the Deli in English???????!!!!????????

Do you guys think we will smoke the Bucs this weekend?

Top Free Agent that should be at the TOP of our list should be WR V.Jackson, but its a wet dream to even think the chargers would let him go!! They love the Franchise Tag!!

Tebow? No way! Why do we need him. We are fine at qb. What about the Texas WR? He's a 6th year college player so he's probably little more matue than most in the draft. Next we need a stud LB and a great safety. Don't forget a free agent stud at WR

People, I know just about everyone here wants Wake to play.... but what about the sitution at the Publix Deli?

Are you talking about the publix by Kendall country club?

WR ILB & FS, in that order, We better beat the bucs or we got issues...

Ok the season is not over, it begins on Sunday, look at this picture. The patriots play the colts, jets and new Orleans, they could go 0 and 3, we play the buds, Carolina and the bills, if our WR catch the ball we could be 3 and 0, and tied for first with pats and jets and control of destiny, now that would be great,

How do you say pound of ham in spanish?

I agree we lose to the Bucs , we are REALLY IN TROUBLE!!!

I used to go to the one on bird rd and 117th Ave.

Lets go Coral Park Rams!

The definition of insanity is to repeat the same action over and over again expecting a different result. This coaching staff has defendend Randy Moss the same way three times now, and I will bet good money they will do it again. Our offensive, and Defensive Coordinators are a joke. They are putting together college game plans for NFL teams. Tony Sparano is a good guy but clearly out of his league in this NFL. Good Coaches get the most out of their personnel. Bill Belechic has a loaded offense yes, but lost his entire superbowl defense with the exception of Wilfork, and managed to kick Miami's but up and down the field. If your Recievers can't get free up field you send them on slants or across the middle or even short comeback or out routes. If there are nine in the box against your running game you put 4 recievers in to spread the offense and let your quaterback work. You put in running back screen plays or you check down to your running back for a quick 4 yards and maybe more. For Goodness sake the wildcat is a joke! There were many opportunities for designed quaterback draw plays with Chad Henne. Oh by the way offensive coordinator. Quaterbacks need rythm. You don't pull them out of the game for the wildcat once they start completing difficult passes and figuring out defenses! Idiots! Idiots!

Our WRs catch the ball???

That is as funny as our TEs catching the ball.

Libre de jamon de

Oye...Quitter (exdolphinforlife). get over it. Believe it or not, our coaches know more than you. I bet you have a great Madden record though. Your right. I vote this guy takes Parcells job!

Exdolphin for life for President


Thanks for your point of view!! Be sure to stay off the Wagon when it starts rolling up hill!!

Sizzle I agree

Looks like some one gets to eat some ham in south FL...



Didnt mean to be a jerk....

I apologize.

(did not get what you ment with wagon thing)

We are still rebuilding four year plan remember, the dolphins are good but not great,a #1 receiver and linebacker in the draft will help, they are moving in the right direction nice to see for a change it been a long wait.

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