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Wake Miami's most efficient pass rusher

One of the toughest parts about coaching has nothing to do with preparing a player to play. It's recognizing the right time to put a player on the field.

Sometimes coaches hit home runs with that decision. Sometimes they strike out.

"I think that our coaching staff has tried to utilize our personnel to the best of their ability right now." coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "We’ve tried to put the right guys in the right spots so to speak. Every once-in-a-while you miss. That’s not good, if you miss, you have to re-evaluate it and you have to try to make it right. So that’s what we’re doing.”

I hope they are doing it with Cameron Wake.

Because, with all due respect to the Dolphins staff, all I know is when Wake gets the opportunity to rush the passer, he gets to the passer. A lot.

Wake has three sacks this year. That's third on the team. But he's up there with the leaders despite getting about 60-70 percent fewer snaps than those other sack leaders.

In other words, when Wake is in the game to rush the QB, he is more efficient in getting results than the other guys. On Sunday against the Patriots, Wake played in 11 plays, according to Sparano. He had one sack and one pressure.

Compare that to other rushers that got at least twice as many and perhaps almost three times as many pass-rush opportunities and netted zero sacks, and you wonder why not give Wake more chances?

The Dolphins have been trying to improve Wake's run defense. He has other issues Sparano says need to be "cleaned up." But are those issues so troubling that they would keep one of the more efficient pass rushers on the team off the field when the team needs to pressure the QB?

I know Joey Porter and Jason Taylor are still better all-around players than Wake. They are more complete at this stage. But Wake is becoming more efficient as a pass rusher than Porter, certainly.

Give him more chances to make plays doing the thing he does best -- rushing the quarterback.

More chances might just equal more sacks. And wouldn't that be good?


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Dizzle, LMAO, Pats or Cowboys have a wagon seat open.

A bunch of fans love to say what should happen and talk bad about everything, then when we win, they still talk crap, we are dolphins fans and we stay positive throughout the season, there is 16 games not 8. Go Dolphins

PHINFAN FROM BIRTH 73 . Randy moss to vontae davis after the game " i'm heading out of this league and you're coming in. You're going to be a good player. Keep working ". I thought moss wouldn't have nothing nice to say about davis. what was it you told me ? Keep dreaming. Dream come true.

I also agree with dolfan13, we are turning things around to the better, once Henne gets a great WR, watch out NFL

Dizzle...I just realzed you were not talking to me.

the way I see things. We could loose the rest of our games, I would still be happy we beat the NY Pets. Twice!

Band Wagon

That was cool on Moss's part, the man knows talent.

I don't want here of any talk, let's tank the season for a good draft! We must teach these guys to be winners!

Got Ya.

Great game tonight.

when porter runs his mouth, then gets no tackles/sacks. It makes us look no better than the stinkin Jets. At least Moss had some class.

Standley23 I second that notion!!

Oh my goodness we have been rebuilding for 10 years! Please recognise this franchise for what it is, Past its Prime forever. At least the Jets Coach has enough brass to speak his mind instead of spinning for the press. He does what his says. He said he wasn't there to kiss Bills ring and he whopped the patiots. He said he would shut down the wildcat and he did. Wait until his quaterback matures next year and the dolphins will be Ryans B!@#H.

Don't want to tank the season but want to play the rooks as much as possible. See what we got, what we need and get em some experience.


I totally agree , he made us really look bad with his lack of luster plays yesterday!!!

now you are on the jets wagon. Whats next year 49er?

that means jets band wagon....right Jizzle

Jet troll alert!
Jet troll alert!
Jet troll alert!

I think the team will get it, that the fans are obviously upset when the stadium is empty come Sunday.


We heard you the first time you have no more faith!!!!! No need to keep bashing the team for your HIGH EXPECTATIONS of a superbowl not being met in the first season!!

Fake Jets fan trying to stir things up. No Real jets fans left here since we swept them. Besides jets fans don't say "oh my goodness".

LOL........could this be the first "any team that wins fan"

I bet JDizzle is the kind of guy who wakes up Sunday, puts the Fin flags on his car, then takes them off at half time when we are down a coupple points.

3 sweep!



Jets suck donkey ba11s!


I've worn two different Dolphins jerseys between yesterday and today!! I take a beating at work every monday after we lose just like any other TRUE dolphin fan!!

j dizzy are you seriously tell me that expecting the dolphins to be 4 and 4 after winning the AFC East last year is high expectations? Are you kidding me.

jdizzle. so sorry. ment exdolphinfan4life.

My Bad

Go back to 1969! Jets fan

jdizzle. I know what you mean, Ive been taking a beating on Monday my whole life. Things are about to change though!!!!!

Yes exdolphin.

Did you not see who we had to play these first eight games???? That being said have you looked at our roster???

We're just not there yet!! But if you have no faith left ,who am I to change your mind.

I have had some wonderful Mondays and Tuesdays

Look before 9-11.........the Patriots were GARBAGE!!! It takes time to build a year in year out winner!!!

Keep the faith J dizzle. I like Rex Ryan better as a Coach and I am about to do the unthinkable. I am now pulling for the Jets. Screw this dolphin madness. I will be on the post on Sundays just to piss you die hards of. 25 years of pulling for these bums is enough. Go jets!


This guy is a serious Jet Troller.


yeah seems like more bad ones than good. But its changing and I like what I see.


You could've never been a true Dolphin cause even if we DEFECT we NEVER go to the WETS!!!

One last point to make while your sooo disappointed.

The two games the Pats played before they played Dolphins they had combined scores of 94-7 , we only lost by ten with 3 rookies in the secondary and a young guy at the MOST important position!!!

exdolphanforlife, See ya, dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

Enjoy the cheap beer, salami and body odor...

So you go cheer hard for your CLASSLESS W-E-T-S wets wets wets!!!

The Jets could always use another loser..

The bottom line is JP and JT are just about washed up and our WR's stink! I'm sure BP and Ireland are already looking for some new talent for both positions...

I hate Jet Trollers....

Especially ones that are exdolphinsfansforlife

I just dont understand...everyone knows about the jets!!!

J-E-T-S...Stink Stink Stink (edited for the family bloggler)

Why did the jet fan cross the road?

Because his d1ck was stuck in the chicken.

Jt is not washed up. I think there is a place for him as third down back, the way he was going to be used before Roth had his tampterum or whatever he had. You have to say one thing about Jason Taylor

At least he's not Greedy!

He could have played for a lot more somewhere else.

What is the difference between a Jet fan and a bucket of crap?

The bucket.


There were alot of dolphin fans that were Marino fans. Once he left they just went on to the next hot thing in the NFL. Good riddence! I don't want any of these people representing are beloved team.

Amen Stanley


exdolphinfanforlife must have a REALLLLLYYYY hi IQ. Hes a band wagnor, and is not happy with the dolphins. So now hes a Jet fan. Does he realize he just left a team that Swept the team he went to his year.


Get'em Po

What do you get when you cross a jet fan with a hover vacuum cleaner?

Go to your local truck stop with a five dollar bill an you’ll find out..

NYScott...We'll re-visit this blog in 2 years when Merling and langford and Henne are in the same place that Murphy and Parmalee are...I'd say a coaching staff that took Ginn off kicks and STILL has him off punts for 1.5 seasons is not utilizing the available talent they have to the fullest. I think that's safe to say. Would it be no suprise that they bench Wake. Pat Turner could potentially be a great WR. maybe he's shelved because the staff doesn't think he can block. They seem like bonehead's to me!

Jet Troller alert!!!

Jet Troller alert!!!

Jet Troller alert!!!

When the season started the Nfl said about the jets " oh what a treasure!" and the Dolphins said, "ya let's burry them!"

I thought Pat white looked like a scared rabbit. he ran like one too...He was was very effective with his version of the "wild rabbit". give him some more reps....

Do you know what a female jets fan says for birth control? Get off me daddy you're crushing my cigarettes!

Po White Trash,how can aguy named trash attack the classy jet fans ? sad time

How did the Jet fan find his sister in the woods??????.......Pretty Hot.


Ok, here is the biggest Joke of them all....

After just being swept....

Rex Ryan gets to the press conference and says....

Our Team was better than the dolphins....


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