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Wake Miami's most efficient pass rusher

One of the toughest parts about coaching has nothing to do with preparing a player to play. It's recognizing the right time to put a player on the field.

Sometimes coaches hit home runs with that decision. Sometimes they strike out.

"I think that our coaching staff has tried to utilize our personnel to the best of their ability right now." coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "We’ve tried to put the right guys in the right spots so to speak. Every once-in-a-while you miss. That’s not good, if you miss, you have to re-evaluate it and you have to try to make it right. So that’s what we’re doing.”

I hope they are doing it with Cameron Wake.

Because, with all due respect to the Dolphins staff, all I know is when Wake gets the opportunity to rush the passer, he gets to the passer. A lot.

Wake has three sacks this year. That's third on the team. But he's up there with the leaders despite getting about 60-70 percent fewer snaps than those other sack leaders.

In other words, when Wake is in the game to rush the QB, he is more efficient in getting results than the other guys. On Sunday against the Patriots, Wake played in 11 plays, according to Sparano. He had one sack and one pressure.

Compare that to other rushers that got at least twice as many and perhaps almost three times as many pass-rush opportunities and netted zero sacks, and you wonder why not give Wake more chances?

The Dolphins have been trying to improve Wake's run defense. He has other issues Sparano says need to be "cleaned up." But are those issues so troubling that they would keep one of the more efficient pass rushers on the team off the field when the team needs to pressure the QB?

I know Joey Porter and Jason Taylor are still better all-around players than Wake. They are more complete at this stage. But Wake is becoming more efficient as a pass rusher than Porter, certainly.

Give him more chances to make plays doing the thing he does best -- rushing the quarterback.

More chances might just equal more sacks. And wouldn't that be good?


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Don Shula had the intestinal fortitude to sit or get rid of players who hurt the team. Tony Sparano does not.....apparently. Where is Patrick Turner? As for Mr. Porter, there's nothing worse than an empty cart. All talk; no action.

Easy, look at a Jet fan, you can find on at a truck stop with his mouth full...

And how can you put Classy and

wets in the same space???

Sparano has lost the team. No amount of line-up juggling will bring it back.

Our schedule is about to get easy compared to earlier this year. Can we expect to see all these wagoners, back here raving about coaching after the next 3 or 4 wins?

You can count on it Roman!!

Well everyone. I'm out...

For all you Jet Trollers, just remember....It could be worse. You could be on a jet blog with a whole bunch of other Morons.....

GO FINS!!!!!

Of course they'll have diffrent names, but they'll be back. Why do you think they hang around here?

How many jets fans did it take to build a new stadium? None! The jets don't have a stadium! Haha

Are you guys here every Monday?


You guys are fun

Sgt major those were different times back then Shula had creative freedoms not like today too many Chiefs not enough Indians, do you think the tuna is gonna let T S make adecisionon firing personnel all alone?

When ever there is a need to insult a Jetdouche we will be there...

roman loves to have fun w/men

jets 4-3
dead fissh 2-5


Do you know why jets fans love green so much? It's from sticking all those pickles up their as$es

Dead fish, time to go beddy, mommie needs you to go beddy-by so she can get plowed in the rear(DP) so she can make the rent this month.

Don't forget your binkie!

I'm just MAD! And feel lime hurting a Pattys fan

Mange I would love to beat the Sh*t out of you do you live in the MIA?

I've been saying Wake should get more snaps since week 1. He was unblockable in the pre-season.

Doesn't seem like the 3-4 is working very well.

Sparano said his team’s lack of a pass rush was not the reason Miami lost to the Patriots Sunday. What kind of a load of crap is that? Is the dude blind? He sounds more and more like Wanny these days.

Crap, crap, crap.

How about you DEAD FISH do you feel like a Good fight do you live in the MIA?

AMEN!!! I have also been saying put Wake in if he does well when they do put him in it is the same mistake as keeping Ginn from returning kicks and look at what happened when he did put him in. This season is lost becuse of poor coaching and personel choices.

Kick the sh*t out em KD!

Just look up Wake on Youtube this man is a Sack machine! I cannot believe that our coaching staff is so wrong about this guy. It just upsets me.

Porters outta here during the offseason. Fins using Porter as human sacrifice until Wake has one more full season in the weight room.

I wanna punch some one in the taint!!!!

Almost leaving a bar in Hialeah biatchs

I love my Phins, including our wr's. But i am rational, and a realist.They are ovvver achievers.

We need impact players at that position.

Let Ted Ginn rush the passer. If he's as good as dropping passers as he is at dropping passes, we may be on to something.

A rational person would never have a username like "shaggy"

FlogTheDolphin would love to slap your tain with my Salchica!

Taint biatch

Ted Ginn has 1 more year. Try and trade him now. Get him the ball, end around, hitch, slant. Feed him the ball and then trade him for a 4th and 5th rounder and use picks for this years draft. This years draft is deep in talent.

Must be a Hialeah thing...

Don't ask don't tell, bro... don't ask don't tell.

Is that like scratch and smell!

Maybe in Hialeah.

So who flogs you?

Ummmm, you do know what "flogging the dolphin" is a term for, no?????

Trade Ginn? I'ld rather trade my balls. Like Ginn, they dont feel pretty useful until thier both gone.

How about we just be smart by getting a #1 and making Ginn our #2/ kick returner. Ginn does have a future in my book, though it clearly isnt as the #1 wr.

As much as I hate to say it, I think Sparano has made at least three huge mistakes that most likely have contributed to at least a few of our losses, and they all have to do with personnel evaluation. They are an indictment on the coaching staff's inability to either accurately identify certain characteristics of players which would make them a better alternative than others that they have chosen to play, or they are indicators that there is perhaps an element of fear so as not to hurt the feelings of the team's more volatile personalities...such as Porter.

And here they are:

1) Turner over any one of several active receivers. That he had as good a pre-season and training camp as he did yet is denied activation due to more mundane reasons such as other options better suited for special teams, in spite his superior height and above-average hands. While virtually every other active receiver on the roster has been dropping passes left and right, at the expense of losing games, it is an amazement that Turner has not been given a chance.

2) Wake over Porter, especially on obvious pass-rushing situations. Porter has under-produced while Wake has gotten almost super-human results on the few plays he has been in. And if they want more pass-rushers on the field at the same time, why not shift Roth inside and have two of the three pass-rushing specialists on the outside with the third shifting to End.

3) And lastly, Clemons over Wilson. Clemons is clearly better at playing the pass, and opposing TEs have torched Wilson, but not so much Clemons, who has the speed of a corner and can hit almost as well as Wilson.

4) Finally, regardless of the fact that the Fins like to build through the draft, a philosophy I agree with by the way, why in the world have they never pulled the trigger even once in a blue moon on a free agent acquisition at receiver, when Roy Williams, Braylon Edwards, Chris Chambers or a handful of other veterans who would be a clear upgrade over our current crop presented themselves on the open market?

With our receivers dropping passes in the most critical times of respective games, and with many of those dropped passes otherwise putting our team in a position to win had they been made, this coaching staff has not identified the right times to break away from their conservative approach and roll the dice.

Blunders on defensive scheming, such as going prevent against New Orleans in the second half when our aggressive scheme in the first half clearly had Brees flustered, were allowed to carry over to the NE game and others in which constant pressure would have served better than the conservative approach. We have been allowing very good opposing QBs way too much time when we have the personnel to create some real havoc if we employed the right aggressive scheme.

As the weeks go by and the losses continue to mount, it may be construed, justifiably or not, that some aspect of evaluation is amiss within our coaching staff, and I believe it is in the talent department.

Hint: Think outside Hialeah...

Don't you know: Porter is one of the leaders and captains!


I got to favorito Pan con salchicha y se acavo el pan

Me no el speak-o Hialeah...


Sometimes I wonder why I even come on this blog????

Oh well, guess I'll mix another Rum and coke and check out the bucs roster and stats.

as a season ticket holder, i demand that cameron wake be assigned as a starting OLB. bench porter and his big mouth.

Cuban Mange were the F are you u bast*rd!!!!!

OE, I think that's what we're all wondering...

Excellent post Magna.

Could wish these other posters would take the time to talk effin' football instead of all this other shiite back and forth. You all know who you are. This blog could be one of the best without all these manginas in here talking anything BUT football.

NY Scott: Just because no-one expected the Fins to win it doesn't mean we can't criticize poor coaching decisions or poor play or poor players. The truth is that this could (not would, just could) have been a win except for those poor decisions/play/players (improper use thereof). We all know this team overachieves. They have heart. It's just a shame to see these coaches mismanage simple stuff like timeouts (using your last timeout on a punt?????). If you don't play the up and comers when you're supposed to still suck a little, when do you develop them?

I both love and hate this blog. A lot of very bright people here mixed in with a loud minority of utter blithering, babbling morons.

Tenemos problemas con nuestra defensa. Pon Porter en su lugar!

read another article saying that the best reciever on this team right now for the phins this year is good old 32 yr old ricky williams.*LMAO* maybe i should have him as a flex play in my deeper leagues at WR in fantasy football. Pass the pipe around there ricky, maybe some of that karma will actually help the designated recievers on this team!




killer dolphin is a great plumber

Who is dying Breed and why does he hate my buddy NJ Phin fan????

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