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Wake Miami's most efficient pass rusher

One of the toughest parts about coaching has nothing to do with preparing a player to play. It's recognizing the right time to put a player on the field.

Sometimes coaches hit home runs with that decision. Sometimes they strike out.

"I think that our coaching staff has tried to utilize our personnel to the best of their ability right now." coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "We’ve tried to put the right guys in the right spots so to speak. Every once-in-a-while you miss. That’s not good, if you miss, you have to re-evaluate it and you have to try to make it right. So that’s what we’re doing.”

I hope they are doing it with Cameron Wake.

Because, with all due respect to the Dolphins staff, all I know is when Wake gets the opportunity to rush the passer, he gets to the passer. A lot.

Wake has three sacks this year. That's third on the team. But he's up there with the leaders despite getting about 60-70 percent fewer snaps than those other sack leaders.

In other words, when Wake is in the game to rush the QB, he is more efficient in getting results than the other guys. On Sunday against the Patriots, Wake played in 11 plays, according to Sparano. He had one sack and one pressure.

Compare that to other rushers that got at least twice as many and perhaps almost three times as many pass-rush opportunities and netted zero sacks, and you wonder why not give Wake more chances?

The Dolphins have been trying to improve Wake's run defense. He has other issues Sparano says need to be "cleaned up." But are those issues so troubling that they would keep one of the more efficient pass rushers on the team off the field when the team needs to pressure the QB?

I know Joey Porter and Jason Taylor are still better all-around players than Wake. They are more complete at this stage. But Wake is becoming more efficient as a pass rusher than Porter, certainly.

Give him more chances to make plays doing the thing he does best -- rushing the quarterback.

More chances might just equal more sacks. And wouldn't that be good?


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damn cuban parcell must be stuck in rush hour trafic if its 30 miles from davie to coral gables. lol or the dolphins headquarter must have move to Pompano

graham not going to the nba b/c he would have went this year if he was good enough. he has the chance to be the next gates but basetball is not in the cards i dont think. the money is better in the nba plus he would ride the bench vs. being a stud TE in the nfl with a lil more seasoning. he run well,jumps great,has excellent hands, and should be an excellent route runner from his bball days from cutting on the court

I Think it's like 25 to 30 miles, not sure though....check out the distance on the web, unable to do it on my phone..

> why do folks always call people idiots and say they know nothing about football if they disagree with something someone posts?

How can you complain when you give yourself the 'name' (po' white trash) ???

Carlito, You out there??? You still bummed about the Pats Game???

Porter couldn't carry Wakes bags. Put Wake in. Why do you think they named an island after him you morons you.

im mad still too b/c we should have put sean smith or jason allen(i know but) on randy moss with safety help and man'd up cross the board. we had 11 defenders, 5 should have been rushing the passer,2 on moss and the other 4 man'd up with vonte on wes welker. bruce smith got all his sacks vs. dan marino as a DE same as taylor vs. brady. i guess brady knew sunday would be a cake walk with taylor playing OLB, JT would have to rush every pass play at OLB to be effective and he cant do that if he's dropping back in coverage. of jason 100+ sacks 6 might have come as a OLB that not who he is


Yes. I am sad from last Dolphins game. All the disappointing losses from all year pile up on this one.

It always amazes me that people who call themselves true fans can bash every decision the team makes. I am not one to say the coaches are perfect. No coach is, but they have been right much more often then they have been wrong. Keep in mind they see the players day in and day out. They seem them on good days and bad days, when they are tired, unhappy, challenged, and excelling. I think they are better qualified to make the coaching decisions then I am.

Yes, I can sit back and second guess most decisions, some with good logic, but really, isn't second guessing so much easier?

This staff has had only 2 offseasons to overcome a team totally devoid of talent. If you really believed we were good enough to win consistently against playoff caliber teams then you were not paying attention to last years playoff loss.

We now have some really good young players, and some with good future potential. It takes time to acquire 53 talented players when you only have the chance to choose 12-15 (Including free agency) a year and the odds say most of those will never work out.

The list of teams that rarely ever compete in this league is long. We are not among them. (Lions, Bills, Chiefs, Rams, etc.) That to me is progress over where we were just two seasons ago.

We may never win a championship with this group, but hopefully we can compete for one within the next few seasons. Sit back and enjoy the ride instead of nitpicking a team that is obviously still several players away from where they need to be. You sound like a bunch of losers yourselves.

Fire Ginn, fire Porter, fire Sporano fire ...blah...blah...blah...It's a joke.

Support your team and ride through the tough times. They are doing everything they can to rebuild this team. Porter and Ginn will be gone soon enough. The team sees what you see and much more. To use a recent quote, this is not their first rodeo.

Look how menace asks for carlito "are you out there" then carlito responds later. How sick to see him still trying to make this work. LMFAO@ both menace and carlito

I am not cuban menace, Armando has confirmed this. One person ask question and the other one answer, this is how a conversation go.

Get over it, talk football. Go Dolphins.

Monkey sounds strangely like a certain plumber hailing from the Jersey area... LOL, Pathetic

Did you see the bucs Josh Freeman looking like a good qb against the packers? I hope the Dolphins defense is ready and doesn't think this is a bye week.

Carlito, Ten bucks sez thats NJ.. You know i bet he has a 44 magnum, you know what they say about people with a small penis, they have to compensate with a big gun...its truly sad...

I don't think that is NJ, and I not worried about if he compensating for anything. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

talk dolphins football people

Menace probably looks like that @ss hole Ft. Hood killer. Bald pathetic fool living in his small one bedroom apt, no wife, no kids loser. Enough with you

look how menace says it is NJ and carlito says it is not. SIIIIIIIIICCCCCKKKK

Spot on sapo....

I agree wake is a diamond in the ruff he will be a elite pass rusher for us one day if developed the right way

If we lose to the bucs I will hang myself cuase no way should we lose

Only a couple difference NJ,I live in a 2 bedroom town house in Brooklyn, have no kids(thank god)and make about 52 thousand a year, keep your plumbing job dealing with doo-doo bro, but quit hating.... your better then that bro...

mike you make good points but at the same time,this regime has got to be kidding itself if they think we scare any team in the league with the wide-outs we continue to throw at teams they are decent at best and slow as hell(except ginn).outside of ginn all of them bring the same thing to the table and thats poss. recievers and they way they drop passes i wouldnt call them that. i guess noodle arm had soft catchable passes were henne has to much zip. the wilcat is less effective b/c ronnie rarely gives the ball to rickie any more, maybe b/c the staff dont run him the way they should,not to mention no passing game or the threat of one to back-up defenses. for to long they(staff) kept sugar-coating the team WR and its clear that they cant be happy with them b/c im not and if they are then they are only hurting the team.i like boldin but i wouldn't have trade for him either but i would have went after brandon marshall quick fast and in a hurry. plus this is the reason for the blogs for ppl like us to vent and talk about what go on or not going on with the team. last year we didnt beat ourself this year we lost at least 3 games b/c we play scared and that on the play-callers not the players but if a player(JOEY) is not performing sit his ass down and play the one who gives you max effort(WAKE). i'd rather die trying than die not trying

shows once again what i've been saying. This coaching staff does not make intelligent decisions. they do not put their players in position to make plays. wake should play more on passing downs and let taylor, and roth handle the running downs. porter like wake should be situational pass rushers. this would save porter who i think is still hindered by his hamstring. also when they throw screens, please throw it to players that can hit homeruns. screens should be thrown to brown, williams, and ginn. not bess,camarillo,or fasano. they will not take it to the house. yes ginn cause he has a chance to score with blockers setting up in front of him on the outside.also it would be nice to see more slants and crossing routes towards the middle of the field. this way you can get more picks on cornerbacks which will help your receivers get open.attack the middle because everybody knows all the dolphins do is run out routes and curls towards the sideline.

im just wondering-if i smoke weed on a bullshiz 9 to 5 i'll get fired,but if you pro athlete you still get chance after chance to make millions. why is that???? someone with great answer respond please


Venting is one thing, calling for players to be fired on a team still rebuilding is kind of silly. Vent about poor clock management, vent about why Joey Porter has not been productive (age, and the offenses paying extra attention to him) Vent about anything you like. But, do it in a logical - intelligent - non-combative way.

Anyway, I made my points, anything further will just be redundant.

Agreed re Wake, put him in there.

And re his run defense, how else is the guy gonna get better unless he plays snaps. Who's says he will not improve in that area with more experience? Porter is not known as a big run stopper anyway, so how much do you really lose there?

i agree with what u are saying mike, but some just do it in a different way than you or i might

I guess in a nutshell, I am asking for some patience. There is a path for LONG term success. Everyone sees a little progress and they want to go back to the quick fix approach. The same approach Shula tried in his latter years, and the same approach that most of his successors failed with as well.

Keeping, and acquiring extra draft picks helps ensure that the numbers work more in your favor. It is sound logic, and allows you to gamble from time to time on a guy like Pat White.

Sending draft choices to other teams for players hurts the salary cap and future success of your team in most cases. (New England a notable exception) We are closer then we have been since early in this decade.

It is obvious Parcells has a well thought out plan. In their first draft they focused on the offensive and defensive lines, last year it was CB and WR. Some of these players are keepers, others may prove to be just average. I would expect LB, WR, TE, and S to be focused on over the next few drafts. Might even consider a young RB somewhere along the way. Time will tell, but we need patience.

To those throwing Ginn under the bus. Did you happen to notice Hartline dropping an easy catch on third and ten on the last drive against the Pats Sunday?? Just thought I'd mention it.

I think we all got spoiled last year going to the playoffs. Ya it was great, but we are going in the right direction. look how close we were in the games we lost this year. I think the head coach will get better, he seams to be very football smart at his press conferences. And Ted Ginn, Well I hate to Knock a guy, (BUT) if we can keep him on the roster just for kickoffs than that should be it. Sorry, he don't fight for the ball, he falls when he sees his shadow, he had a chance to block down field for pat on that 33 yard run that could have been a touchdown but didn't. Oh did i mention he can't (won't) catch either!

Wake is a natural pure pass rusher and should be starting!

I wanna see what Turner has and it should be against the Bucs, we threw Davis, Smith, and Clemens in the fire, lets see if Turner responds to the pressure or not. We have to find out if he is worth keeping on the roster or was a waste of a pick. Put him in the game throw him the ball and see if he comes down with it. I am tired of watching balls thrown right on the money and it landing on the ground because WRs can not catch.

I would love to see turner out there, maybe another Oronde Gadsen!!!

Iv'e been saying this for weeks. they need to put Wake in more. This guy is a QB head hunter. I think this would be a better dual Wake and Jason Taylor. Porter should be traded off. In two games he's been dominated by rookies. And talking about Wake haveing a problem stopping the run. Hey Hello Joey Porter 0 sacks 0 tackles and did jason taylor play?

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