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Chad Pennington: Plan is to play again

Quarterback Chad Pennington has been missed this season. There is no question about that.

Even if you are big Chad Henne fan and realize that the transition to Henne was necessary, you have to realize the Dolphins have not gotten the type of quarterback play this year they enjoyed last year.

That's not a knock on Henne, it's just that his 10 TDs and 12 INTs and 59.3 completion percentage and 73.8 QB rating don't compare favorably to the 19 TDs and 7 INTs with a 67.4 completion percentage and 97.4 QB rating Pennington posted last season.

Even folks that expected Henne's stronger arm to deliver more long passes has to concede that Pennington had a 7.7 yard per attempt average while Henne's has delivered 6.43 yards per attempt. Henne's longest completion this year is 67 yards. Pennington's longest completion in 2008 was 80 yards.

So the statistics say Pennington played better for the Dolphins even as reality states the change from one QB to the next would have become necessary eventually had Pennington not suffered a dislocated shoulder Sept. 27.

Now it is Henne's team for the foreseeable future.

But a couple of questions remain about Pennington.

First, is he going to play again after undergoing a third surgery on his throwing shoulder?

In this interview conducted with WSAZ-3 in Huntington, W. Va., Pennington seems very optimistic about continuing his pro career.

"My plan is certainly to play again in the NFL," Pennington says at one point.

He is proceeding with his rehabilitation and hopes to have full range of motion of his throwing arm by Jan. 1. Then he'll begin his routine breakneck offseason training regimen and "get ready to try out for some teams and throw for teams," says Pennington, who is an unrestricted free agent past this season.

Pennington is ready to move on if he has to. But he doesn't discount the possibility of returning to the Dolphins, which obviously means he doesn't discount coming back as a backup, because he knows the starting job is already filled.

(No, there will be no competition next year if Pennington comes back. The job belongs to Henne. So don't bother posting those comments as they are not based on reality.)

I think having Pennington as a backup would be great. He's experienced. He's a leader. He's a team player and plays his role -- whatever that is -- perfectly.

The issue I have is that the Dolphins don't seem to be making the most of his abilities now. I know I earlier this season, I agreed with coach Tony Sparano about not having Pennington on the sidelines. It is a Dolphins commandment or something that injured players, those on IR, aren't allowed to travel or be on the sideline with teammates. Most don't even attend the games at all.

But I think the time has come to make the exception with Pennington.

Look, Henne has had a couple of games now where he's basically melted down in a very quick and ugly span.

The Buffalo game was one such incident. Tennessee was another.

My belief is it would benefit Henne to have Pennington calming him down, talking him through his progressions and reads. I think it would only help to add that resource that neither QB coach David Lee nor offensive coordinator Dan Henning can provide because neither have been on the field, rushed by large, angry men anytime lately.

Having Pennington talk to Henne and pour confidence and logic and right-thinking into him at a time the game is going bonkers might be a help.

The idea was considered and rejected by Sparano earlier. At a time when the Dolphins are calling for all hands on deck as they push for a playoff berth, maybe it's time to reconsider.

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As far as the QB competition, I say make Henne earn his job. I like Henne and think he is our future; however, the best man plays. And far as those stats you pointed out relative to Pennington starting as opposed to Henne......two different seasons and two different circumstances, So those don't matter.
NFL teams that are mediocre make this mistake......they stop trying to get better at each position because a guy has a good season. The Dolphins are in no position right now to not try to get better at each position. That's right, each position!!!! YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH GOOD PLAYERS. So I say if he is healthy, re-sign Pennington or sign another guy to push Henne and let them compete. If Henne is the better man, then he will win.
I want Henne to win, but don't give it to him, make him earn it. 10tds 12ints does not get you anything in this league.

Pennington should be on the sidelines now. This should be a no doubter.

Mando I agree about Penn on the sidelines to help henne. --kind of like having a horse walk another to the starting gate. As I see it the fins biggest strength is also their biggest liability and that is flexibility. Henning makes up for it a bit but they have a ways to go. Like where are the fake punts? Why don't they ever have Pat White catch a pass? By the way they released Nate at the start of the year? And who pays for the gibril Wilson flop?

sparoano is stupid not to let pennington on he sidelines to help henne marino had a vertan backup on the sidelines to talk to but I guess that's the difference between shula and sparano.

crowder still sucks

Absolutely. I hate to question the Sparano genius, but I don't see why Chad needs to be banished.

However, I read something a while back that made me think Chad would rather be home with children watching on TV. It didn't say that explicitly, but that was the impression I came away with in that article.

So, even if Tony says okay, maybe Chad would rather not. Anyone ask Chad P. his opinion about that yet?

I take back what I said about Gibril but I don't feel comfortable with him as a deep cover guy.

Let's not forget to thank the Chargers for puttin a woopin on the Titans.Thank you Chargers!!!!

Yup I agree, Armando. I still can't beleive how much I love Chad Pennigton considering his lineage. He's a great leader and a great football player. He is a guy that stays in-house, buys into team thinking, and respects chain of command: truley of a Bill Parcells mold. I like sparanos thinking about keeping IR players off the sideline - you don't want your players hearing more than one voice in the game: coach. But Chad is essentially a coach. He was a coach on the field to this young team last year and I think it's safe to say they learned a lot of what they know about NFL football from Pennington. He won't be a source of static noise distorting the coaches voice - their respective voices will harmonize and affect the players positively. This will give them more focus on the situation at hand, and the game plan as a whole. I think Chad P. has a calming effect on our team, and would be a better 12th man than our sometimes-impatient fans.

There's no given positions in this sport. Chad Henne has been a manager at best, but I still wouldn't give him the keys to the city. He's still throwing too many ill-advised interceptions that have proven to be most taxing and I still don't understand why he doesn't tuck the ball and go when ther's nothing available down field. I believe it's called fear, but I'm just think out loud. I think Chad Pennington should be allowed on the sideline and furthermore, the dolphins should re-sign him next year. You still have Pat White and Thigpen who both can run with the ball as well as throw it. In this game, either you can play at this level or you can't. I hate people that make excuses for a quarterback like Chad Henne. It's not like he's new to the game of football, so please stop calling him inexperienced. He stares down receivers, that's bad. Either he'll stop doing it or he'll be a mediocre Jay Fiedler because that's who I compare him to now. Now CP, minus the arm strength, can read a defense as god as the best in the NFL. So in the end, let them all compete for positioning on this team. Competetion usually brings out the best and the worst in all.

The solution is pretty simple: make Pennington an assistant quarterbacks coach right now and get him on the sideline w/out violating the rule against injured players being there.

First , if you brought back Penny , then one of white or Thigpen has to go . You Can't Carry 4 qbs. Penny has showed in the past including last years Baltimore playoff game that he can only bring a team so far. If he wants to come back as a coach Fine , if not time to move on. To compare henne to fielder is straight out ASININE !

I am not sold on Henne-He throws as if our receivers are 8 feet tall. He only has 'the fastball', and as a result, he has missed many easy thows. I know its in vogue and justified to bash Ginn-but the vital one's he has missed have all been too high-that's on Henne-not Ginn.
Also, why are all of his successful passes been where the quarterback throws them where the reciver must dive, or is at the sideline, where ther is no possibility of run after the catch.
Also, remeber Ron Wolf drafted a quarterback every year + got good trades for them.

I AGREE... I Pennington already helps Henne out with film for the following week, Why can't he be at the game and help him during a game?? A great experienced game manager QB on the sidelines to help Henne out is an AWESOME IDEA.. Why haven't they done it already???


Well said Mando. I felt the same way about allowing Pennington on the sidelines when it was brought up a few weeks ago. Too bad Sparano couldn't see the way to make an exception for the 'team captain' no less.
Middle of the season - OK, let Henne get his ears wet. But, the playoff hunt when a steady hand is so, so critical? Different story - "All hands on deck."

Completely agree Mando.

Pennington needs to be on the sideline then he needs resigning and then hopefully Pat White can somehow be released cus that was a complete waste of a 2nd rounder.


Completely agree Mando.

Pennington needs to be on the sideline then he needs resigning and then hopefully Pat White can somehow be released cus that was a complete waste of a 2nd rounder.


I know it won't happen but trade White and bring Penninton back. He's simply more valuable.

But Parcells won't do that....has to cover up a bad pic.


I agree that Pennington can be super beneficial in coaching Henne. I'm hoping he decides to stay as a QB coach or have a similar role just because he does know the position better than a lot of QB's in the league. But, as for play, all I know is that the Dolphins season was fin at 0-3...when Pennington started. Henne's 7-4. And has one more loss than Pennington in the 3 games he played than Henne in the 11 games he's started. I'm high on Henne and feel he's the right guy. He still needs to learn, (he needs to learn to go through all of his reads) but he's come in and played well enough for the Dolphins to still have a shot at the playoffs after strating 0-3.

I just want to see more; more from Henne expanding the field and taking the right chances and more from the play calling, those that fit Henne's arm. I feel like the team is doing things because they still have a chance instead of taking chances on plays a team like the Chargers are calling for Rivers. Let the offense rip. Streak Ginn down deep and let Henne do the rest. Just take a few chances now and then.

While I love Penne and his experience, he can't throw long or strong, which makes him a passing liability.

Henne has the arm strength but not the experience. He needs to learn more and be better at reading defenses. Also, I think he has a problem with accuracy and touch. I see alot of passes wide esp. to the sidelines.

Seems simple enough to me. You make a rule and it applies to everyone . Make an exception even if it might be beneficial for the time being ,then a decision has to be made canceling any benefit of the exception. Good sound coaching if you ask me.

As far as next year is concerned , I would think the Dolphins " open competition " policy would decide who the starting quarterback would be. And quite possibly , although unlikely , a different one depending on the team they face that particular week.

unfortunately Penny is not going to go through a strenuous offseason rehab to be anyones backup next season. however, would love to have him part of the mix somehow.

LMFAO @ westerfin. Open competition next year to decide the he QB ? Change QB'S every week depending on the particular team miami plays that week ???? Really ?? Are you kidding me ? Glad you're not running the Dolphins. :}

Penny is not going to go through all the rehab again just to hold a clipboard. Sadly, I think he will go someone else like Minnesota, Denver or perhaps Buffalo. I'll never forget his contribution to helping us get out of the cellar.

Thanks Chad!

Patrick . the first part of your post was spot on. As for the 2nd part . Miami simply doesn't have the weapons that San Diego has to OPEN IT UP and TAKE CHANCES DOWN FIELD.

Pennington was a stop-gap. Fins have 3 young qb's. CP is in the twighlights of his nfl carrer. So why would you cut a much younger qb when CP's career is only a season or two from being over. This I cant comprehend.


You know better than trying to throw the Henne-Penny stats out there.
Penny with last years team had no injuries to speak of. They were not starting youngsters and rookies and they played a relatively easy 1-15 schedule.
Penny started out the nfl's toughest schedule this year and went 0-3. That's the most important stat. Just for the record, in those three games he was 51 of 74 413 yds 68.90% 5.58 ypa 21 lg 1td 2int 6 sacked 32yds 76 rtg.
Factor in the level of competition, extrapolate these numbers, and admit Henne has actually outplayed Penny.
Besides, if Henne had pulled off the victory last week after being down 24-6, your blog headline would be mentioning Pro-Bowl considerations.

I love Penny and appreciate the unprecedented season, but he played his last game as a Dolphin.

Pennington wants to start and play but it depends how his rehabe turns out. I think if he doesn't get the start to henne because even though pennington had a better season henne is a rookie and will get better he will retire or change team because he wants to start


Only way I see CP starting for anyone is if another team drafting a qb #1 needs a 1yr buffer to allow the qb to learn instead of throwing him right into the fire.

We've already made a very heavy investment into a #2 qb with the 2nd rd pick of White. After making such a heavy handed investment I seriously doubt Cp has a future here.

Another negative side to keeping CP as a backup is as soon as Henne throws a couple picks Finfans will clamor for CP. Then when CP isnt playing well they'll again clamor for Henne.

So instead of the WoodStrock situation of the late 70's very early 80's. We would have the HennPenny era which means if we dont have one qb, we dont have any.

2a.Pennington 2b.Teebow

Anybody that thinks making the playoffs isn't important because we'll go one and done is ignorant.
What about morale? Confidence?
If we miss the playoffs it will be because of a late season meltdown, despite battling back from all kinds of adversity.

Not the best way to start one of the most important offseasons in years.

So one and done to me beats losing out the rest of the way at home.


As far as opening the offense up I see the solution in this years offseason. Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin. He's young, now emerging as a dominant threat, and best of all was drafted by the Parcells regime.

Another great free agent who could solve our cover safety problems(Gebril Wilson)is Packers cover safety Nick Collins. He presently has 6 picks, he's still young(26-27), and he played his college ball in the state of Florida. So I think this may give us a great chance of reselling him on the fact of how badly he really misses that winter sunshine.

Add these two great offseason acquisitions to a really nice draft and I love our chances to at least reach the afc championship game in the 2010 post season.


If we make the playoff its more due to the lowering of the playoffs due to mediocrity than accomplishment. If that gives you a "woody" so will STD's!

I equate making this year's playoffs as being at the club and striking out with all the pretty girls. Waiting around until the club closes and being in competition with 10 other guys for that last drunk off her a ss ugly chick. Who doesnt look so ugly now that all the foxes are gone and you're hard up for a piece of anything! LOL


If we make the playoff its more due to the lowering of the playoffs due to mediocrity than accomplishment. If that gives you a "woody" so will STD's!

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 26, 2009 at 02:47 PM

So everybody is lowering their standards to give us a chance? All the coaches and players on all those teams aren't really trying to accomplish anything? Just a pay check to them right.
I try not to engage retards here, but I think you're suffering from long term brain damage. Obviuosly brought on by an undiagnosed STD.
YOUR woody's killing you dyingdork

I say sign Pennington and trade him.

Concerning the playoffs, dont know about the rest of you guys, but I have no interest in watching my team make nice with the last remaining fat ugly drunk chick. After the club closes. That's just too nasty! LOL

I like Pennington but once the Ravens showed how you beat him in the playoffs last season he was ineffective in the first 3 games this year.

Put 8 or 9 in the box and make Chad P go deep - ain't gonna happen. At least Henne gets the ball down field and he is learning on the job.

I just hope he learns to win the big games - which he didn't do at Meechagin!


Just like your screenames sake, something really is ODD-IN-YourEye. Obvious you can see how the mediocrity of the teams fighting for the final playoff spot has definitely lowered the playoff bar and in reallity is just a competition to see who'll be the first one and done.

I see you indeed are the type of guy who waits around until club's end for the drunk fat ugly nasty girl with the other 10 losers! At least you have a chance to get a piece right? LOL

Concerning the playoffs, dont know about the rest of you guys, but I have no interest in watching my team make nice with the last remaining fat ugly drunk chick. After the club closes. That's just too nasty! LOL

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 26, 2009 at 03:01 PM

I love analogies but you really showed your hand on this one. Now your trying back pedal. Don't be ashamed, just accept who you are and how you operate.
Look at it this way. If you ever do land a Hottie, all those fat nasties you've done will only make her seem that much better.


Odinseye and NJ,

Did you two hold hands on the way to the clinic for your STD shots? Wow, you both seem to be quite the pair. Odinseye humps and you wave the pom poms. LOL




Unlike you I always had a hot girlfriend and at least 2-3 hot booty calls. So even if I didnt land a new hotty that night, I always had better alternatives. I could teach you good b i t c h game for a small fee loser. LOL


I really have nothing else to say to you. Like your mother you're way to easy. Either way it like shooting fish in a barrel for a guy. The evidence of your existence is proof enough of that. LOL


Just like your screenames sake, something really is ODD-IN-YourEye.


Obvious you can see how the mediocrity of the teams fighting for the final playoff spot has definitely lowered the playoff bar and in reallity is just a competition to see who'll be the first one and done.

Sure. But why is it necessary to explain to a dolt, that beating out the mediocre teams is better than losing to them? What part of that don't you get?

I see you indeed are the type of guy who waits around until club's end for the drunk fat ugly nasty girl with the other 10 losers! At least you have a chance to get a piece right? LOL

I'm a retired musician. By virtue of that I was truly been blessed when it came to cheap hotties and retarded overindulgence.
However, I will admit to having my share of more "trying times". Alcohol helped overcome ugly. Fats on it's own!!!!

Heil hitler or dead fish ( the fish stink like dead fish ) or dying buffoon or whatever your name is for that day. You can dish it out but you can't take it . You're a f'n Crybaby and a Fraud !! . WAAAAAAH !!!. Now you suck on your easy mommy's teeet for some milk. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH !! WAAAAAAAAAAAh !!!

FRAUD !!!!


I understand as a fan exactly where you're coming from but at present I also view us as one of the mediocres. The eveidence doesnt lie. Its just my personal preference is to have the best draft position possible so that we have the best opportunity to field the strongest team possible in 2010.

All joking aside, do you really see anything wrong with that?


Make up all the stories you want. You showed your hand already. You were sitting there in mom and dad's basement all alone and you went there.
It's pretty obvious that that's your M.O.
This past week alone you've proven you're a fraud, a racist, and a bigot.
So be all you can be from mommy and daddy's basement you troll-LMFAO!!!!

Odinseye . the draft is a crapshoot. You can can easily get a bust picking higher in the draft. So to wish for or hope to lose out and not make the playoffs to get a higher draft position is ASININE !!!!

I see the fat drunk ugly chick's screaming for all the attention now that she thinks all the hotties are gone(NJPhinFan). LOL

LMFAO @ ODINSEYE. That's what i'm talking about !!!!

the proof that NJ PHIN is a dirty person ....he couldn't wait for 24 hours passed christmas to start HIS FILTH GOING .

Dying breed, I remember a certain team located in the desert that had a 9 and 7 record and they advanced to the super bowl... just saying that anything could happen in the play-offs....


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