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Chad Pennington: Plan is to play again

Quarterback Chad Pennington has been missed this season. There is no question about that.

Even if you are big Chad Henne fan and realize that the transition to Henne was necessary, you have to realize the Dolphins have not gotten the type of quarterback play this year they enjoyed last year.

That's not a knock on Henne, it's just that his 10 TDs and 12 INTs and 59.3 completion percentage and 73.8 QB rating don't compare favorably to the 19 TDs and 7 INTs with a 67.4 completion percentage and 97.4 QB rating Pennington posted last season.

Even folks that expected Henne's stronger arm to deliver more long passes has to concede that Pennington had a 7.7 yard per attempt average while Henne's has delivered 6.43 yards per attempt. Henne's longest completion this year is 67 yards. Pennington's longest completion in 2008 was 80 yards.

So the statistics say Pennington played better for the Dolphins even as reality states the change from one QB to the next would have become necessary eventually had Pennington not suffered a dislocated shoulder Sept. 27.

Now it is Henne's team for the foreseeable future.

But a couple of questions remain about Pennington.

First, is he going to play again after undergoing a third surgery on his throwing shoulder?

In this interview conducted with WSAZ-3 in Huntington, W. Va., Pennington seems very optimistic about continuing his pro career.

"My plan is certainly to play again in the NFL," Pennington says at one point.

He is proceeding with his rehabilitation and hopes to have full range of motion of his throwing arm by Jan. 1. Then he'll begin his routine breakneck offseason training regimen and "get ready to try out for some teams and throw for teams," says Pennington, who is an unrestricted free agent past this season.

Pennington is ready to move on if he has to. But he doesn't discount the possibility of returning to the Dolphins, which obviously means he doesn't discount coming back as a backup, because he knows the starting job is already filled.

(No, there will be no competition next year if Pennington comes back. The job belongs to Henne. So don't bother posting those comments as they are not based on reality.)

I think having Pennington as a backup would be great. He's experienced. He's a leader. He's a team player and plays his role -- whatever that is -- perfectly.

The issue I have is that the Dolphins don't seem to be making the most of his abilities now. I know I earlier this season, I agreed with coach Tony Sparano about not having Pennington on the sidelines. It is a Dolphins commandment or something that injured players, those on IR, aren't allowed to travel or be on the sideline with teammates. Most don't even attend the games at all.

But I think the time has come to make the exception with Pennington.

Look, Henne has had a couple of games now where he's basically melted down in a very quick and ugly span.

The Buffalo game was one such incident. Tennessee was another.

My belief is it would benefit Henne to have Pennington calming him down, talking him through his progressions and reads. I think it would only help to add that resource that neither QB coach David Lee nor offensive coordinator Dan Henning can provide because neither have been on the field, rushed by large, angry men anytime lately.

Having Pennington talk to Henne and pour confidence and logic and right-thinking into him at a time the game is going bonkers might be a help.

The idea was considered and rejected by Sparano earlier. At a time when the Dolphins are calling for all hands on deck as they push for a playoff berth, maybe it's time to reconsider.

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I understand as a fan exactly where you're coming from but at present I also view us as one of the mediocres. The eveidence doesnt lie. Its just my personal preference is to have the best draft position possible so that we have the best opportunity to field the strongest team possible in 2010.

All joking aside, do you really see anything wrong with that?

All joking aside???? Honestly your argument sounds like a joke to me.
You want to lose out so we can have a better draft pick? WTF?
You so like a quitter, you want to surrender, simply put A LOSER.
It's just not in my nature. When my clips empty, my gun becomes a hammer. Never say die BEACH!!!!

Aloco . i love you too. How was you christmas, Did you spend it with your Family ? LOL . Feliz navidad !

You don't build on a foundation of "winning" by having your team lose for a better draft pick...Football is a game of momentum, even if the Fins don't get into the playoffs they certainly want to go into the offseason fired up and feeling good about themselves, and beating Houston and Pittsburg would certainly make them feel good about next year..

Hey "my-eyes-have been-plucked-out",

The cliffs still have no mercy just because you cant see. If you're depending on NJ to be your seeing eye dog then you both are screwed.

Take that how you want but its just good looking out. Oh I'm sorry, your eyes have been plucked out havent they? Still you're much better off with the white walking cane than the NJ seeing eye b i t c h. LOL

Well at least you have her(NJ) in a harness that way you both go down together. LOL


Odin, I hear that Dying breed is in the village 20 miles north of you.......Happy hunting...


if you notice that 9-7 team has quick strike ability( Boldin and Fitzgerald. You have that anything is possible.

We have 3 dilenmas preventing that:

1. We dont have quick strike scoring ability.
2. We dont consistently prevent quick strike scoring.
3. We only have no road victories over a team presently over 500.

All 3 of these are vital assette in the "anything can happen" prognosis. Is more like we're at the what probably will most likely happen end of that prognosis and thats another one and done.


Very nice assessment! LOL



Thats true....But you never know, just to say lose and get a higher pick is nuts, i mean between # 14 thru 22 is not a big differance, not only that if the fish want to move up for a certain guy there's always ways to do it, I say play all out......

Dying Buffoon breed. The only FILTH on here is a man who posts as HEIL HITLER and DEADFISH and goes on to say the dolphins stink like fish. Aloco assesment is VERY NICE when it pertains to you. There's nothing more to say about You YOU'RE A F'N FRAUD !!!!

Dying(please do already),

You're just showing your ignorance, for real. Talk about my eyes if you want, but please, for everyone here, shut your mouth and open your ears. You might actually learn something(i doubt it though).
You obviously don't know football, so you resort to trying a battle of wits. Your ill equipped, outgunned and over matched there too.
If you were smart enough to play chess(and I'm sure your not) you would know it's OK to sacrifice a pawn for a bishop or a Queen.
If you knew anything about football(and it's obvious you don't) you DO NOT sacrifice games for draft position.

Once again please turn off your computer, get yourself a big bottle of Bourbon, and go hunt down your next favorite Heifer

Heil Hitler . i mean dying buffoon. One more thing : waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.


I never said tank the season. Im just stating more likely than not, it not in our best interests to make the playoffs. I would like to see us win the final two games. Im just being realistic about our playoff success should we slither in due to the incompetence of other teams.

Also saying not making it gives us a better opportunity to field a even stronger team in 2010. Our core is excellent, I just prefer to see the strongest possible pieces built around it.


Yes dying bread were has that got the lions picking high

Good Point supermike13

Super mike, Good point, Who cares we're you pick....


I would fool's mate you any day. Speaking of outgunned. I would use Alikine's Gun and batter your king's defense into submission any day.

Or maybe I use Ruy Lopez to weaken your Queenside defense. Or maybe we use the 4 knights opening to see who plays it best to dominate the middle?

Or maybe I sacrifice my queen and checkmate you with my knight and bishop. Dou you know which opening can lead to that? Have you ever heard of Anand or Stienz?

You see, have have absolutely no understanding about the game of chess whatsoever. Name the online sight and I'll meet you there ok?


You were implying tanking the season. You're trying to backpedal again.
You're are just wrong and or dumb.
As for draft position Tony Mandarich was a first pick.
Tom Brady was a seventh rounder.
The list goes on and on. As NJ said it's a crapshoot. You're simply wrong(something I'm sure you're used too), get over it.

Nuff said.

PS: To Cuban Menace, NJ and all of you, I hope you had a happy holiday.

PSS: I would stay on longer and rip dying some more, but it's too easy. Besides my favorite Green Eyed Blonde wants some computer time.

I think it's ridiculous not having certain players on the sideline. You miss out when your experience is not on the field, but you should have that extra coaching,if it's only for moral support than anything. The management needs to rethink their strategy! Just my opinion......

Thank you guys. I think this dying bread guy is an idiot.


Picking higher means zilch when your front office is totally incompetent. Have you seen Matt Millen around lately? he's back to commentating on games Isnt he?

The Lions are an exercise in front office futility. We are not even in the same universe as the Lions front office. We are the trifecta, remember?

You see, have have absolutely no understanding about the game of chess whatsoever. Name the online sight and I'll meet you there ok?

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 26, 2009 at 04:11 PM

This could be arranged. It could be fun if you dummy up.

Im very proud of my idiot status here. It means Im doing something right. Coming from some of you its like the highest form of flattery. For that I truly thank you! LOL

Go Fins in 2010>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Man, some people need to grow up here... Acting like a bunch of 14 year olds... Or are they really 14? Get off you mom's computer and get a job or something. Good Lord...


Goto Pogo.com select the chess room and click on masters. Then click on grandmaster and you will find me(RudeKing).


I figured you would punk out! LOL

Whats new? Make a real challenge and cowards do what they do. Run!!! LOL

My real question is to mando...I first off agree completely with the article however what I want to know is how often your blog gets read by players or coaches on the team? Have you asked and had someone answer?

in couple of yr we will forget all about pennington ask san diego river is playing great too.

Seems like everybody would like Chad Hennington for QB. Don't underestimate Parcells in the Draft. He has many more winners than losers. The biggest loss for the Fins this year was Ronnie Brown.

What ever Chad Pennington decides he deserves to be on the winning end...he is a competitier and all around solid guy..I hope he comes back

I think Henne is the future and I would go ahead and play him. If Pennington re-signs w/ us I believe he is the backup. As far as the longest pass goes I hardly think that one play should be mentioned. Pennington flipped a pass to Patrick Cobbs vs Houston last year and he takes this swing pass 80 yards untouched vs the Texans. I mean you or I could have done that.

no room for love no more ,dolphins had love before tuna showed up and the results speaks for themselves ....great failure.since he came things turned around for the better .

get ready of ;

Chad Pennington was so horrible that after starting 2008 0-2 the coaches felt so desperate that they brought back to bonesmoking, BACKDOOR wildcat offense that made all of us look like a h0m0.

If we're bringing back Pennington make sure we bring back Ronnie Brown also we can put up an astounding 300 total yards per game.
You know the production that put us in an 0-3 hole to start the season.

For CH to become an effective leader of the team CP cant be on the sideline. I agree with the one leader philosophy. CP on the sideline equals too many cooks in the kitchen.

One time at a bar in Mpls, I got really drunk and took the last remaining fat chick from Wisconsin back to her hotel room.The next morning when I got up to go to work,I couldn't find my underwear underneath the sheets,so I let her keep them as a souvenier.I found out weeks later that she tied them to her antenna and all of her Packer fan friends made fun of her for supporting the Browns.

I'm not kidding either.

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Jacques....did you ever seen the french fight for any thing before they surrender unlike the vickings who were Butchers ?

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I don't think Henne needs Pennington to calm him down or help with his progressions and reads. Henne's always calm. Henne's had almost two full seasons of OTAs, training camps, practices, and games (both watching and playing). There's nothing Pennnington's going to tell him on the sideline that his coaches can't. Pennington does help him prepare for games.

Tom Brady wasn't on the sidelines when Cassell was starting last year. You could make the same argument there (that Brady could have helped Cassell). Obviously, NFL coaches think it's more of a distraction than a help. Notice that there hasn't been a lot of Pennington talk this year. Everyone's focused on Henne. Maybe it would have been different if Pennington were hovering around in games.

The Dolphins are Henne's team now, for better or worse.

Gators Urban Meyer just stepped down. Teabow's leaving. Something about that player coach relationship is very unusual. Im talking a box of Fruity Pebbles unusual.

Someone needs to check into that. This seems to cross the proverbial line when it comes to "man love."

I loved what CP has done for us. But we must move on, without him. Thigpen is a good backup. And Pwhite is not being used right. At the beginning he did say He is a QB. Not RB or WR. But it does seem like qb is not for him in the NFL. Parcells needs to step in, put em at wr or wildcat run/pass plays with him catching the passes. If not, cut him. Goodluck trying to trade.Miami play book is not for him.

Coach Sparano should mae an exception on Pennington being on the sideline while he's injured.. The QB is a whole different animal and needs someone to guide him that has been in thse battles; who's better than Pennington to be giving Henne tips during a game.

Urban Meyer has a health issue you stupid MORON !!!!

Urban Meyer has a health issue you stupid MORON !!!!

Posted by: You're an Idiot !! | December 26, 2009 at 08:05 PM

Wow! Living proof Fruity Pebbles does come in the individual single sized serving box.

Yabba-Dabba Doooooooooo!!! LOL

Alright guys, I'm going out on a lemb here. But the night before the game, here it is.. Fins Win 41-23. never tell Taylor,porter,crowder,wake,Anderson. That we can't beat the texans. 2sacks for JT.1for Wake.and Porter, well let's hope porter is a threat. Phins best day thus far!!!

According to media reports just hours after the SEC championship game Meyer checked himself into a local hospital complaining of chest pains. He was diagnosed as dehydrated, held overnight and released. Doesnt sound like a health issue to me.

More like with his grey area man love for Teabow the guys suffering from a broken heart. For he knows after that game he only gets Teabow in the locker room showers just one more time and its over.

This is all really weird and I wouldnt be shocked to see future substantiated media reports stating either Teabow or Meyer are official mambers of the fruity pebbles club. I hope it isnt true neither. LOL

First learn how to spell tebow before you open your big , Homophobe Mouth. You sure know alot about fruity pebbles. You sound like you you doubt you're Sexuality. Yaba daba doo ? You sure sound like a fruity Pebble.

Because of our shotty over the top safety play we're already down 7-3. I give us 3pts because the odds makers always give the home team 3.

That means before a down's ever played presently the score is Texans 7 Fins 3. Also because the Texans do have a very good D, if we have to go 10-12 plays 70-80yds to score td's we'll score 2 tds at most.

So if our D doesnt give us the short field at least 3-4 time during the game we score 17pts at best. I can also see our D giving up at least 2 more tds also to the Titans quick strike offense which we've been so vulnerable to all season long.

Final score= Titans 24-27pts Fins 17. Just being realistic, as unpopular as that seems.

First learn how to spell tebow before you open your big , Homophobe Mouth. You sure know alot about fruity pebbles. You sound like you you doubt you're Sexuality. Yaba daba doo ? You sure sound like a fruity Pebble.

Posted by: Urban Meyer | December 26, 2009 at 08:33 PM

LMAO@YOU, learn to spell? Trying re-reading your post. LOL

Hey Ueban Meyer phony, maybe you'ld do better if you had a box of Crayons instead of a keyboard! ROTFLMAO@YOU..............

Totally agree that exception should be made to allow Pennington on the sideline.....he'd help like Don Strock helped Danny---what the D's doing; what throws would succeed, what the d-backs are up to, etc.

Make it so!

Since you're not Urban Meyer I call you Ueban Meyer. The "e" is for evasive. Still ROTFLMAO@You............

So you do admit you're a fruity pepple and a Homophobe . That's all you out of that post ? That was your comeback ? Spelling ?


How's your mother doing?

Nice try ! . Not Nj. just a long time gator fan. Guess again. How many gator fans are on this blog ?

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