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Chris Johnson punks Ted Ginn Jr.

Just got off a conference call with Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson. Johnson, who once ran a 4.24 time in the 2008 Indianapolis Combine, is obviously quite fast.

And that speed leads to a lot of conversations.

And the conversation today involved questions about how he'd do in a match race against Ted Ginn Jr., Miami's resident speed merchant.

"That's not even a legitimate question," Johnson responded.

Allllllrightie then. How would you do in a match race against track star Usain Bolt, Johnson was asked.

"That's a better question," he said.

Johnson then told the story of being at a pool party on South Beach in the offseason and several Dolphins, including Joey Porter and Ginn were present. He said Ginn and him got to talking about a race and Ginn actually challenged him to a race.

Johnson was apparently all in. To hear him tell it, he told Ginn to meet him on Ocean Drive and they'd run right there, right then.

"I showed up," Johnson said. "But he didn't."

[Update: Ginn talked in the locker room and confirmed the story is true. But he had no desire to get into a tit for tat with Johnson.

"It's nothing that relates to football," Ginn said. "That right now is not really my main agenda. I just want to go out and play football. It's not like I play defense and he play offense or he play defense and I play offense. We both on the same side of the ball. It's not a benefactor to me at all. I just want to talk about, you know, something else than that."

The best man may win. It's all up to the man upstairs. I know he's pretty fast and I'm fast and it would be good for both of us to run one day. But until that happens, I don't think this week is the week to really go into details about it."

Aside from it seeming as though Ginn had insurance on his mind before his interview, -- thus the inappropriate use of the word benefactor -- he did exactly as the Dolphins wanted him to do. He didn't stir any controversy that might motivate an opposing player. So that's that.]

Newswise today, Reggie Torbor (hamstring) did not practice. Jake Grove (ankle) practiced full for the first time since he suffered the high ankle sprain against Carolina Nov. 19. Grove worked primarily with the second unit.

Joey Porter (right knee) and Vernon Carey (back) were limited in practice.

For the Titans, Vince Young (hamstring), Keith Bulluck (non injury), Kevin Mawae (back), David Thornton (shoulder), Tony Brown (knee), and Eric Bakhtiara (concussion) did not practice. Nate Washington (ankle) was limited.

I asked coach Tony Sparano if any college has asked permission to interview any of his assistants for a job. This based on speculation the Virginia Cavaliers are targetting Miami oustide linebacker coach Jim Reid as a defensive coordinator candidate.

"No," Sparano said, before explaining now is the time for coaches to concentrate on winning games for the Miami Dolphins.

I'm told this doesn't necessarily eliminate Reid from a possible move to Virginia. It does mean he will not interview for anything prior to the end of the NFL season.

By the way as I reported on my twitter earlier today, the Dolphins cut Nevin McCaskill from the practice squad and added OL Ray Feinga, formerly of BYU.

Check back soon, I'll have more updates as news happens. 


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i wanna hear ginns side of the story!

How nice to be able to blog again. Go Ginn, let's have a race on the side of the field and get Johnson ass! Downfield, hope ginn has a great day

Sorry to say it but my money wouldn't be with Ginn...CJ is FAST!

Go ginn

Teddy by a few

This is so silly. Look, Chris Johnson is a FAST football player. Ted Ginn, Jr. is a FAST track athlete playing football. On the football field, I take CJ all day, on the track, that's what Ginn is designed for, so no doubt Ginn would beat CJ in a race (unless it's down a sideline).

Teddy is fast enough for me. He's got three crucial TDs verse the jets this year using that speed.

Nothing unusual. Ted Ginn is a coward

Ginn would beat CJ in a race (unless it's down a sideline).

Posted by: DC Finatic |

I think you mean middle of the field..he wouldnt be able to run in a straight line.


It would be a very interesting race, but CJ showed up on Ginn's turf (South Beach) and Dinn does not show up....WOW!!!

It doesn't matter how fast he is if he can't catch.

Sounds like a load of crap to me Indiana! Let's hear teddys side of the story. Trash talk that's all, hey Mando can you get us Ginn's retort?

I think johnson is full of SHYT !

Not a legitimate question? Then goes on to tell a "story"? Wow.

It very well could be a load of crap, but if it is true I can officially call Dinn a &U$$Y. I don't think Porter would of allowed Ginn to not show up and would of drug Ginn to Ocean Drive...

Johnson runs a 4.25 in the 40 and Ginn runs in the 4.3's so Johnson is a bit faster

Since Ginn doesn't play defense I don't really care who is quicker or faster.
I would like to see Johnson's 40 yd time after Starks and Torbor knock him on his arse for 4 quarters.

Word in NFL is Johnson is the fastest running back so maybe Ginn is half a step faster. Unfortunately for us there is no question which one is the real football player. Hope we can stop him and beat the titans that is all that matters.

Is this even really news? I mean I know it might add intrigue to a game in some people/players' minds, but the fact of the matter is that Johnson is 10 times or more the player that Ginn is or ever will be.

Ginn may need this type of thing to 'fire him up' while Johnson already has the fire on gameday.

More important than speed, Chris Johnson is a much better and more complete football player than Ginn will ever be... In that case Johnson is right, Ginn doesn't deserve to be in the conversation...

P.S. Johnson is from Florida, so naturally he must be faster ;)

Johnson's sucess comes from great blocking schemes and warp speed.
The guy has great vision and some "nifty" moves, but he aint no Barry Sanders.

My question is: How do WE defense this guy? Load the box all day? Put a spy on him?



Solai the Sumo needs to sit on him, he will leave the game and not return, he will be seeing pineapples...


Jokes aside, the Dolphins have been good at stopping elite backs so far this year

I hate to say it, but Johnson would beat Ginn.

Google or youtube them. Johnson reaches top speed in about a step and a half.
Ginn on the other hand needs about 3 to 4.

I'm not worried about Solia. I think he can hold his own against Kevin Mawae.
Besides, if you look at film on Johnson, they rarely if ever run him between the tackles.
They try and disguise it with misdirections and off tackle traps.
It's been extremely effective so far. So again, any ideas on how we should try to defense this guy?

Cant wait for Starks to knock out this loud mouth punk. Who does he think he is... Ted would smoke him... not even close. This kid has too much time on his hands. Sounds like the "all talk no action wets"... pathetic

This is completly off topic but does anyone know what Kory Sheets ran in the 40? He's pretty fast

Kory Sheets Scouting Report - 2009 NFL Draft ProspectMar 20, 2009 ... Kory Sheets is having a tremendous off season. He was fantastic at the NFL Combine, where he ran a blazing 4.47 second 40 yard dash. ...

A player from a 6-7 team talking smack?

Cj is held under 100 yards Sunday
Ginn gets 2-3 TDs Sunday
Dolphins smoke Titans 42-3
Titans owner shoots the bird to his own team

Take that to the bank.

Redrum for prez

From Jeff Fisher's Monday press conf:

I think it’s fair to say, without being disrespectful to the Rams, I think the Miami Dolphins are a little bit better than the team we played yesterday.

Jeff? A little bit? WTF!!!!
No wonder Rex Ryan's daddy blew your shyt out.

I hope Ginn smacks him in the mouth before the game. Do a JP on his butt! But what would be better is let the talking get done on the field. Tedd for 200 yards in receiving and 3 td's. That would be something to see.

But what would be better is let the talking get done on the field. Tedd for 200 yards in receiving and 3 td's. That would be something to see.

Posted by: klndry | December 16, 2009 at 02:38 PM

I share the sentiment. I'd rather have Ricky getting 200 yds and 3 TD's.
This way Johnson has to do all his talking from the sideline.
Ricky is the best way to defend Johnson and the Titans running game.

Ginn has two great attributes of any great WR. He can get behind the defense with his speed (jets game 1) and he's got the talent to make things happen when he has the ball (jets game 2, 2 returns).

He has what it takes to be very good.

we need another WR threat to take pressure off Ginn.


Now if he could only catch...

Tisk tisk tisk.

I will take CJ's word over Ginn's regardless. Ginn is a coward and perfectly illustrates what a complete and utter DOUCHE BAG CAm Moron was. Ginn is garbage. I wouldn't pay a nickle to watch him do anything.

What a stupid conversation, article and a couple of stupid players. A race doesn't matter in football unless you have the ball in your hands. The only place it matters is on the field and they are not going to be on the field at the same time. Put it this way, if they get in the open , nobody on the defense is going to catch either one of them them. Clearly Johnson's body of work surpasses Ginn's. But the fact of the matter is Johnson was on the bench in the 2nd half of the loss to the Ravens (with his helmet on and hoodie raincoat drawn up over his helmet all by himself - nobody near him). Thats when it matters - not on South Beach.

If the finished line were disguised as an out of bounds marker, no questions about it Ginn would win "hands down" just like he attempts to catch most passes.

Depending on who we can pick up during the off season, I would consider keeping Ginn on the roster.
I'm picturing him as a return specialist/emergency(4th or 5th)WR. Even this scenario would hinge on him growing a pair big enough to return punts.

Man I waited two F%#*Ing weeks for this app to update. It wouldn't let me talk. Feels good to be back!! Go Fins!

Armando, Do you realize talk like this could ruin the trade of Ginn for Johnson? :)
O.K., on a serious note here, it would be a good idea to tackle Johnson and keep him from breaking free. All trash talk aside, this is one of the best backs in the league. Swiping at him will not get the job done.

Ginn can talk it. But can't walk it. Or in this case run it. He be outta here come janjuary.

I think we see if we can get at least a 7th rounder for Ginn. That way we dump that 9th overall rookie contract for him plus have a small chance of finding a late rd acorn.

We cant outright cut him because teams would wait for him to clear waivers, sign him for peanuts, and we'll still be on the hook for the final year of his 9th overall salary. For now he's still useful as a k/o returner, specialty plays on offense, and limited time as a 4th wr.

His speed, versatility, and what could be a difficult task of unloading the final two yrs of his 9th overall contract based on his pure ability as a reciever is what saves him from being cut outright. Because as I mentioned earlier, if cut other teams will just wait until he clears waivers, we'll be on the hook for remaining guaranteed money owed, and someone will sign him for peanuts.

JP better hold the edge!

What does any of this have to do with football? Honestly, who cares who is faster? They both are very quick athletes...

Perspective, trade for Ginn nearly impossible. Remember he still has at least a few more years remaining on a 9th overall contract. No one wants to pick up that contract based on his performance as a wr thus far.

My friends Rollo, Pooky and Santos are faster than both of them!

They did a beer run at the AM/PM Mini Mart and all three were clocked at 37mph by the radar gun. They were running in saggy pants, ghetto loafers and each carrying a case of Malt Liquor. Pooky jumped an 8ft wall and didn't lose stride.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Johnson!

Cuz the Mighty Dolphins "D" Got Sumpin Fo Ya!

Go Phins!

The real question is , who would win in a race , me with my banana or carlito and his monkey butt !

Aloco, I am in much better shape than someone who sit around all day eating meatball with provolone.

"We both on the same side of the ball. It's not a benefactor to me at all."

Oh.....another great learner & speaker produced by the hallowed institution of Ohio State.

By the way:

Main Entry: ben·e·fac·tor
Pronunciation: \ˈbe-nə-ˌfak-tər\
Function: noun
Date: 15th century

: one that confers a benefit; especially : one that makes a gift or bequest

Besides Ginn has to run with the whole family...kind like a relay!

All wearing like fuschia colered matching t-shirts that say Team Ginn on em.

Johnson would have him for breakfast like BAGINN & Eggs!

Go Phins!

Damn! Thats BS!

Pool Party and I wasn't invited!

I know...they thought i was gonna get all Tiger with the women...Drink all the Cuvasier and Chrystal...I don't need them fools...I gotta job! Sheeeeit

Go Phins!

App is goofing out on me

Ya'll crakin as crackers is CRAZY!!!!

Carlito , i will wipe your monkey butt stuffed with banana all over the track !

Some observations:

1) Where I come from, people say "pop." Now, I'm living in a place where they say "soda." I believe "pop" is a better word.

2) What's the difference between a golf ball and a car? Tiger Woods can drive a golf ball 400 yards.

3) To me, the 3 most powerful war movies of all-time are: 1) "All Quite On The Western Front" (1930); 2) "Paths of Glory"; 3) "Saving Private Ryan."

4) The most gifted actor I've ever seen in a single role is Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker in "All In The Family." The most gifted actor I've ever seen in multiple roles (who always seemed to play himself) is Spencer Tracy. The most gifted character actor I've ever seen is ... well, how can you pin it down to just one - Fredric March, Charles Laughton, Peter O'Toole, Peter Finch...

5) There is a fine line between a woman sounding soft, seductive and feminine, and sounding stupid and annoying like Marilyn Monroe.

6) Okay, Ted Ginn has made a few good catches the last two weeks. But such are the low expectations of him that we elevate the mediocre to above average, and above average to great. Reading Armando's post, not only is Ginn a terrible receiver, but a coward to boot.

7) I know very little about Noel Coward.

LOL Mando...why you trying to start trouble?

Chris Johson didn't punk Ginn. Shameron punked us all back in the 2007 draft.

Im sure this has been said already, but I REALLY hope this motivates Ginn to "CATCH THE BALL" and "RUN WITH IT!!!!!!!!"

Kory Sheets Scouting Report - 2009 NFL Draft ProspectMar 20, 2009 ... Kory Sheets is having a tremendous off season. He was fantastic at the NFL Combine, where he ran a blazing 4.47 second 40 yard dash. ...

Posted by: odinseye | December 16, 2009 at 02:15 PM


BLAZING! Let's see here. 4.47 seconds rounded to the nearest 10th is 4.5 seconds. 4.5 seconds rounded to the nearest whole number is 5 seconds.

A 5 second 40 is definitely NOT blazing. More like grazing in NFL speed.

OverseasFan, your rounding methods are incorrect (to be charitable) and criminal (to be frank).

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